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Instant Downloads

It's now possible to get your photos instantly from R&R, as soon as you've checked out. No more waiting for emails!

How do I know if a file I'm buying will be "instant" or not?

Simple. Shots that are available instantly are marked as "Instant Buy" and will be clearly highlighted with a banner across the top-right corner of the image. The rest are marked as "Order Now".

Are you saying that only some photographer's shots are instant?

Correct. Some simply don't have the bandwidth on their home internet connection to take advantage of this feature. A typical upload of 1,000 photos could easily be over 10GB in size, so sadly this option isn't available on everyone's shots.

Additionally, some photographers prefer to manually edit every photo they sell, and don't want to send out "unedited" copies of the shots.

Does that mean I'll be buying an unedited photo?

There's no easy answer to that unfortunately. Well, there is; "Sometimes".

A lot of photographers edit their photos in a bulk capacity before they upload. Some don't. Some meticulously and individually edit each shot before uploading. And for some photographers it varies from week to week.

Photographers have the option to send out a second version of a photo when they process the order. But they certainly don't have to, and some will feel their uploaded shot is already of a decent quality without editing. So you might receive an unedited photo immediately from the site, and an edited one in your inbox some time later.

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