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DateEvent Venue Mike KULP David VAN WART Spread Victor
30th Aug 20202020 Mid Atlantic Super Series Enduro #2Mountain Creek, NJ21:45.0021:19.002%David VAN WART
2nd Aug 20202020 Mid Atlantic Super Series Enduro #1Blue Mountain, PA19:13.0019:07.000.5%David VAN WART
11th Aug 20192019 Mid Atlantic Super Series Enduro #5 - King of the MountainMountain Creek, NJ21:02.0021:32.002.4%Mike KULP
26th Aug 20182018 Maxxis ESC Enduro #8Mountain Creek, NJ24:05.0023:23.003%David VAN WART
22nd Apr 20182018 Maxxis ESC Enduro #1Glen Park, PA16:15.0015:44.003.3%David VAN WART
24th Sep 20172017 Vittoria ESC Enduro #8Killington, VT40:01.0040:01.000%Mike KULP
3rd Sep 20172017 Vittoria ESC Enduro #7Blue Mountain, PA24:26.0024:27.000.1%Mike KULP
25th Jun 20172017 Vittoria ESC Enduro #4Blue Mountain, PA23:34.0023:57.001.6%Mike KULP
23rd Apr 20172017 Vittoria ESC Enduro #1Glen Park, PA16:30.0015:42.005.1%David VAN WART
18th Sep 20162016 Triple Crown Eastern Enduro #1Mountain Creek, NJ14:53.0015:23.003.4%Mike KULP
4th Oct 20152015 Triple Crown Eastern Enduro #2 - King of the Mountain EnduroMountain Creek, NJ25:39.0025:03.002.4%David VAN WART
4h07:23.004h05:38.00David VAN WART
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