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DateEvent Venue Anthony DUNNE Ross ENNIS Spread Victor
10th Mar 20242024 The GAP DH League #1Glencullen Adventure Park1:25.661:30.755.9%Anthony DUNNE
10th Sep 20232023 IDMS #3Bree, Co. Wexford1:40.041:38.052%Ross ENNIS
6th Aug 20232023 IDMS #2Shronaboy, Killarney, Co. Kerry2:02.882:04.901.6%Anthony DUNNE
23rd Jul 2023IDMS - Irish DH National Champs '23Glencullen Adventure Park2:10.352:09.490.7%Ross ENNIS
28th May 20232023 IDMS #1Carrick, Co. Wicklow2:12.112:02.158.2%Ross ENNIS
3rd Apr 20222022 IDMS #1Rostrevor, Co. Down2:24.472:20.253%Ross ENNIS
26th Sep 2021IDMS - Irish DH National Champs '21Carrick, Co. Wicklow2:27.742:33.363.8%Anthony DUNNE
8th Mar 20202020 The GAP Spring Series #2Glencullen Adventure Park1:44.001:46.182.1%Anthony DUNNE
27th Oct 20192019 The GAP DH League #4Glencullen Adventure Park1:39.781:44.714.9%Anthony DUNNE
8th Sep 20192019 Vitus Irish Gravity Enduro #5 (EWS Qualifier)Carrick, Co. Wicklow15:00.0814:58.870.1%Ross ENNIS
21st Apr 20192019 Vitus Irish Gravity Enduro #1Ballinastoe Woods, Co. Wicklow22:16.0922:58.763.2%Anthony DUNNE
14th Apr 20192019 IDMS #1Carrick, Co. Wicklow2:03.602:03.600%Anthony DUNNE
23rd Sep 20182018 IDMS #6BP Ireland, Fairymount Farm, Co. Tipperary1:14.891:17.012.8%Anthony DUNNE
9th Sep 20182018 Irish Gravity Enduro #4Carrick, Co. Wicklow16:20.1116:30.571.1%Anthony DUNNE
26th Aug 2018Gravity Enduro Ireland - Irish Enduro National Champs '18Djouce, Co. Wicklow18:32.8219:51.977.1%Anthony DUNNE
19th Aug 20182018 IDMS #5Rostrevor, Co. Down2:11.982:11.570.3%Ross ENNIS
5th Aug 20182018 Irish Gravity Enduro #3Ballyhoura Woods, Co. Limerick18:10.2818:20.761%Anthony DUNNE
20th May 20182018 Irish Gravity Enduro #2 (EWS Qualifier)Mt Leinster, Co. Wexford11:59.7212:47.756.7%Anthony DUNNE
22nd Apr 20182018 Irish Gravity Enduro #1Ballinastoe Woods, Co. Wicklow26:49.8525:43.384.3%Ross ENNIS
20th Aug 2017Gravity Enduro Ireland - Irish Enduro National Champs '17Carrick, Co. Wicklow17:07.4919:21.0313%Anthony DUNNE
22nd Jul 2017IDMS - Irish DH National Champs '17Rostrevor, Co. Down3:51.563:16.0818.1%Ross ENNIS
23rd Apr 20172017 Irish Gravity Enduro #1Ballinastoe Woods, Co. Wicklow21:51.6723:14.146.3%Anthony DUNNE
4th Sep 20162016 Irish Gravity Enduro #4Djouce, Co. Wicklow15:44.2118:07.0315.1%Anthony DUNNE
14th Aug 20162016 IDMS #3Bree, Co. Wexford1:45.031:54.569.1%Anthony DUNNE
17th Jul 2016IDMS - Irish DH National Champs '16Carrick, Co. Wicklow2:42.122:58.8310.3%Anthony DUNNE
10th Apr 20162016 Irish Gravity Enduro #1Three Rock Mountain, Dublin18:23.8819:30.976.1%Anthony DUNNE
Anthony DUNNE
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