I don't like to beg, no-one does. But COVID-19 has hit my business in a way that I'd never considered, with essentially ZERO events happening anywhere in the world at the moment. You may or may not know that R&R is a one-man-band (this is me), not a nameless (faceless!) corporation. I work long hours to keep the site up to date and running smoothly, everything you see is the result of my work and my work alone!

Like many outdoor-based businesses, every year October to March is a quiet time where my income drops massively, but normally the April boom saves me... not this year!

R&R does not make a lot of money at the best of times, and this... well, this is not the best of times!

Your donation would be hugely appreciated, even small amounts add up and make a difference.

Don't you qualify for a government grant?

Absolutely, but it only covers up to 80% of profits, not turnover, and as such still leaves me heavily out of pocket when you consider software subscriptions, monthly server costs and other outgoings.

But, er, my income has been hit as well...

Obviously only donate if you feel financially able to. Some businesses are booming, some are unaffected. If you've lost your income or, worse, your job,then you have my utmost sympathies and please don't donate!

How can I make a donation?

PayPal make this process very simple; you don't even need an account these days. Click the button below to make a donation - any amount. All major debit/credit cards accepted:


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