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Organisers' schedules are constantly changing. I'm trying to keep on top of it, but a lot of information here will be out of date. If you want to help, please let me know when something's wrong, especially if there's an event that IS happening that I've missed. Thank you.


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DateEvent Venue Competitors
12th Dec 20212021 HSBC UK | CX National Trophy Series #5Cyclopark-
5th Dec 20212021 GNR Enduro #10 - The Final Nutcracker EnduroColdwater Mountain, AL-
4th Dec 20212021 Trail Party Texas Gravity Enduro Series #4Spider Mountain, TX-
26th Nov 20212021 Trans Tasmania Enduro #5TBA-
25th Nov 20212021 Trans Tasmania Enduro #4TBA-
24th Nov 20212021 Trans Tasmania Enduro #3TBA-
23rd Nov 20212021 Trans Tasmania Enduro #2TBA-
22nd Nov 20212021 Trans Tasmania Enduro #1TBA-
21st Nov 20212021 HSBC UK | CX National Trophy Series #4Herrington Country Park, Sunderland-
14th Nov 2021Southridge USA - Southridge Annual Challenge DHFontana, CA-
14th Nov 20212021 GNR Enduro #9 - Buster the Beast EnduroMonte Sano, AL-
14th Nov 20212021 Soggy Bottom Winter Series XC #3Newnham Park-
13th Nov 2021Southridge USA - Southridge Annual Challenge EnduroFontana, CA-
13th Nov 20212021 Trail Party Texas Gravity Enduro Series #3Reveille Peak Ranch, TX-
7th Nov 20212021 WA Gravity Enduro #10Evedon Lakeside Retreat, WA-
31st Oct 2021Edge Cycles - DH eventEdge Cycles-
30th Oct 2021Muckmedden - Fair City Enduro (EWS Qualifier)Perth-
24th Oct 2021


Northern Downhill - Descendent Enduro


Kielder Forest




24th Oct 2021ACC - Asian Continental Champs '21Mandalay-
24th Oct 20212021 Hot Trail #6Homberg-
24th Oct 20212021 Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup #4TBA-
24th Oct 20212021 HSBC UK | CX National Trophy Series #3Falkirk-
24th Oct 20212021 Maxxis ESC Intense DH #10Mountain Creek, NJ-
23rd Oct 20212021 Mid Lancs BMX Summer #8Coppull BMX-
23rd Oct 20212021 Trail Party Texas Gravity Enduro Series #2Sansom Park, Fort Worth, TX-
17th Oct 2021BikeVA.com - Creature From Carvins Cove XCCarvins Cove, VA-
17th Oct 20212021 Ohio FUNduro #6Great Seal State Park, OH-
17th Oct 20212021 WA State Series #6Nannup, WA-
17th Oct 20212021 Pedalhounds Enduro #5Canada Heights-
17th Oct 20212021 Welsh Enduro #5Foel Gasnach-
17th Oct 20212021 Haibike Mini Enduro #4TBA-
17th Oct 20212021 Norco Canadian Enduro Series presented by SMITH #3 & Norco Canadian Enduro ChampionshipWhistler, BC-
17th Oct 20212021 YES! NW #3Hood River, OR-
17th Oct 20212021 Maxxis ESC Enduro #11Mountain Creek, NJ-
16th Oct 2021BikeVA.com - Creature From Carvins Cove EnduroCarvins Cove, VA-
16th Oct 20212021 Mid Lancs BMX Summer #7Coppull BMX-
16th Oct 20212021 Cascadia Dirt Cup #5 - Post Canyon EnduroHood River, ORCANCELLED
10th Oct 20212021 WA Gravity Enduro #9Nannup, WA-
10th Oct 20212021 Mid Atlantic Super Series Enduro #6 - Fall EnduroGlen Park, PA-
10th Oct 20212021 Southern Enduro Series #5Triscombe-
10th Oct 20212021 HSBC UK | DH National Series #4Antur Stiniog-
10th Oct 20212021 Aberdeenshire Enduro Series #3Scolty Hill-
10th Oct 20212021 Forest of Dean Summer #2Forest of Dean-
10th Oct 20212021 Soggy Bottom Winter Series XC #2Newnham Park-
10th Oct 20212021 HSBC UK | CX National Trophy Series #2Westmorland County Showground-
9th Oct 2021Sturdy Dirty - Sturdy Dirty Women's EnduroTiger Mountain, WA-
5th Oct 20212021 Spring Mountain TNR #6Spring Mountain, PA-
3rd Oct 2021South West Enduro - Grogley EnduroGrogley Woods, Bodmin-
3rd Oct 2021NRB Events - Birdshall Blast 2Birdshall estate-
3rd Oct 2021Pedalhounds - Berkshire Turbo E-MTB EnduroLand of Nod, Headley Down-
3rd Oct 20212021 Maxxis ESC Intense DH #9Powder Ridge, CT-
3rd Oct 20212021 GNR Enduro #8 - Nuthugger EnduroOak Mountain State Park, AL-
3rd Oct 20212021 SloEnduro Series #6Grožnjan-
3rd Oct 20212021 California Enduro Series #5Mt Ashland, OR-
3rd Oct 2021


2021 Hot Trail #5






3rd Oct 20212021 Ohio FUNduro #5Horns Hill Park, OH-
3rd Oct 20212021 SDA #3Glenshee-
3rd Oct 20212021 Grassroots Enduro Series #3Keeper Hill, Co. Tipperary-
3rd Oct 20212021 Pearce Cycles #3Hopton-
2nd Oct 20212021 Enduro World Series - Vittoria #9Glentress-
2nd Oct 20212021 Trail Party Gravity Stage Racing #5Angel Fire, NM-
2nd Oct 20212021 Cascadia Dirt Cup #4 - North Slope EnduroNorth Slope, Olympia, WA-
2nd Oct 2021


2021 Maxxis ESC Enduro #10 - Outbound Lighting Night Enduro


Powder Ridge, CT




30th Sep 20212021 South Region BMX #7TBA-
30th Sep 20212021 South Region BMX #6TBA-
30th Sep 20212021 Enduro World Series-E #4Glentress-
26th Sep 2021EWS - Trophy of NationsFinale Ligure-
26th Sep 20212021 Maxxis ESC Enduro #9 (EWS Qualifier)Jiminy Peak, MA-
26th Sep 20212021 Maxxis ESC Intense DH #8Jiminy Peak, MA-
26th Sep 20212021 BC Cup #7Coast Gravity Park, BC-
26th Sep 20212021 Mid Atlantic Super Series Enduro #5 - Steel City EnduroBethlehem, PA-
26th Sep 20212021 Manx Mud #5Isle of Man-
26th Sep 20212021 iXS Downhill Cup #5Willingen-
26th Sep 20212021 Welsh Enduro #4Llangollen-
26th Sep 20212021 Hot Trail #4Bike Park St. Luc-
26th Sep 20212021 Ohio FUNduro #4The Wilds, OH-
26th Sep 20212021 Southern Enduro Series #4Milland-
26th Sep 20212021 Pro GRT #3 - The Fox US Open of MTBBig Bear Lake, CA-
26th Sep 20212021 Enduro World Series-E #3Finale Ligure-
26th Sep 20212021 HSBC UK | DH National Series #3Caersws-
26th Sep 20212021 iXS Rookies Cup #3Schöneck/Vogtland-
26th Sep 2021


2021 Norco Canadian Enduro Series presented by SMITH #2


Sun Peaks, BC




25th Sep 20212021 Trans Madeira Autumn #5Madeira-
25th Sep 20212021 Trail Party Texas Gravity Enduro Series #1Flat Creek, TX-
24th Sep 20212021 Trans Madeira Autumn #4Madeira-
23rd Sep 20212021 Trans Madeira Autumn #3Madeira-
22nd Sep 20212021 Trans Madeira Autumn #2Madeira-
21st Sep 20212021 Trans Madeira Autumn #1Madeira-
19th Sep 2021Midlands Regional BMX - BMX Midland Champs Perry Barr BMX248
19th Sep 20212021 Enduro World Series - Bluegrass #8 p/b VittoriaFinale Ligure-
19th Sep 2021Ard Rock - Ard Moors Enduro Lord Stones Country Park745
19th Sep 20212021 Trail Trophy Series #4Bischofsmais-
19th Sep 20212021 BR4R #4 Crowborough (The Bull Track)90
19th Sep 20212021 iXS Downhill Cup #4 Winterberg505
19th Sep 20212021 Tweedlove Triple Crown #3 - Pirelli Tenduro Innerleithen399
19th Sep 20212021 Haibike Mini Enduro #3 Machynlleth297
19th Sep 20212021 Grassroots Enduro Series #2 Cahir, Co. Tipperary188
19th Sep 20212021 HSBC UK | CX National Trophy Series #1 Moorways Leisure Centre, Derbyshire711
19th Sep 20212021 Forest of Dean Summer #1 Forest of Dean165
18th Sep 2021Tweedlove - Tweedlove Frog Bikes Short CircuitInnerleithen-

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