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Date RaceVenueCompetitors
25th Mar 20182018 Onza Tyres Mini DH #3 photo_libraryForest of Dean206
25th Mar 20182018 Portugal Cup #3 photo_libraryLousã219
25th Mar 20182018 KMC Winter Training Series #6Fontana, CA147
25th Mar 2018Crankworx - Rotorua DHRotorua174
25th Mar 2018Tweedlove - Whyte Vallelujah photo_libraryGlentress510
31st Mar 20182018 Welsh Enduro #1 photo_libraryFoel Gasnach186
31st Mar 20182018 Downhill Southeast #1Trials Training Centre, TN61
1st Apr 20182018 Borders Mini DH #1 photo_libraryInnerleithen131
1st Apr 20182018 Polygon Grassroots Enduro Series #1 photo_libraryThe Nagles, Co. Cork165
1st Apr 20182018 Haibike Welsh Gravity Enduro #2 photo_libraryAfan213
1st Apr 20182018 Enduro World Series #2 photo_libraryManizales423
1st Apr 20182018 Island Cup - Enduro #1 - Bear Mountain EnduroBear Mountain, BC-
1st Apr 2018CaerswsDH - UpliftCaersws-
7th Apr 20182018 Fox Rollercoaster #2Thredbo, NSW320
8th Apr 20182018 HSBC UK National Downhill Series #1 photo_libraryCwmcarn310
8th Apr 20182018 Vitus First Tracks Enduro Cup #1 photo_libraryCastlewellan, Co. Down203
8th Apr 20182018 4Fun Enduro Series #2Trieste-
8th Apr 20182018 Scottish XC #2 photo_libraryDalbeattie156
8th Apr 20182018 WA Gravity Enduro #2Linga Longa Bike Park, WA291
8th Apr 20182018 Gorrick Saddle Skedaddle XC #2 photo_libraryArea 51146
8th Apr 2018UCI - European Continental Champs '18Lousã168
8th Apr 2018Southridge USA - Fontana City NationalFontana, CA132
8th Apr 2018Rocky Trail Entertainment - RedAss NSW State ChampsThredbo, NSW156
14th Apr 20182018 North East XC MTB Series #1Hetton Lyons Country Park-
15th Apr 20182018 iXS European Cup #1Maribor392
15th Apr 20182018 NW Cup #1 photo_library videocam
(2018 Pro GRT, Round 2)
Port Angeles, WA507
15th Apr 20182018 CORC DH #1Isaacs, ACT-
15th Apr 20182018 Transition Bikes Southern Enduro Series #1 photo_libraryQueen Elizabeth Country Park249
15th Apr 20182018 SDA #1 photo_libraryAe Forest169
15th Apr 20182018 Inside Line SA Series #1 (Secret Co...)Fox Creek, SA150
15th Apr 20182018 POC Scottish Enduro Series #1 photo_libraryLaggan Wolftrax313
15th Apr 20182018 Manx Enduro Series #1 photo_library videocamIsle of Man46
15th Apr 20182018 NSDynamics SEQ DH #1Kandanga, QLD132
15th Apr 20182018 Midlands XC #1Swynnerton Old Park317
15th Apr 20182018 WA State Series #2Nannup, WA99
15th Apr 20182018 IDMS #2Mt Hillary, Co. CorkCANCELLED
15th Apr 20182018 South West XC #2Bush Farm-
15th Apr 20182018 3rd Coast Enduro #2Coldwater Mountain, AL-
15th Apr 20182018 Hope PMBA Enduro #2 photo_libraryGrizedale Forest321
15th Apr 20182018 Mud Sweat & Gears XC - Eastern #3 photo_libraryLee Valley355
15th Apr 20182017/18 Woodland Riders winter #5Gawton55
15th Apr 2018Northern Downhill - Kielder TTKielder ForestCANCELLED
19th Apr 2018BUCS - DH Student Champs '18 photo_libraryBikePark Wales234
21st Apr 20182018 SORCA Tantalus Trail Series #1Squamish, BC51
21st Apr 20182018 BC Enduro #1Kamloops, BC-
21st Apr 20182018 Cascadia Dirt Cup #1 - Chuckanut Enduro 2018 photo_library videocamBellingham, WA301
21st Apr 20182018 European 4x/dual #1 (dual) [Silver] photo_library videocam
(2018 European 4x/dual Amateur, Round 1 (dual) [Silver])
21st Apr 20182018 Vertigo Bikes Ride More DH #3Queenstown Bike Park33
21st Apr 2018Cyclefest - Battle of Sky Hill photo_libraryIsle of Man97
21st Apr 2018Dirty Reiver - Dirty Reiver photo_libraryKielder Forest738
21st Apr 2018Adrenaline Uplift - Uplift photo_libraryInnerleithen-
22nd Apr 20182018 Maxxis ESC Enduro #1 photo_library videocamGlen Park, PA289
22nd Apr 20182018 Forest of Dean Summer #1 photo_library videocamForest of Dean158
22nd Apr 20182018 Cannondale Enduro Tour #1Raon-l'Etape355
22nd Apr 20182018 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup DH #1 photo_libraryLošinj218
22nd Apr 20182018 Irish Gravity Enduro #1 photo_libraryBallinastoe Woods, Co. Wicklow322
22nd Apr 20182018 Borders Mini DH #2 photo_libraryAe Forest117
22nd Apr 20182018 British Cycling MTB XC #2 photo_libraryDalby Forest435
22nd Apr 20182017/18 Dark Bee Honey Series #2Mount Edgcumbe58
22nd Apr 20182018 HSBC Schwalbe British 4x #2 photo_libraryHarthill92
22nd Apr 20182018 Island Cup - Enduro #2 - Hammerfest EnduroArrowsmith, Vancouver-
22nd Apr 2018Gorrick - Scott Gravity Trail Enduro photo_libraryArea 51132
22nd Apr 2018Descend Hamsterley - Uplift photo_libraryHamsterley-
22nd Apr 2018Racers Guild Racing - Winter Classic (Little Br...) photo_libraryStile Cop115
26th Apr 20182018 NSMBA FWS #1Mount Fromme, BC205
28th Apr 20182018 Midlands XC #2 photo_libraryParkwood Springs341
28th Apr 2018No Fuss Events - 10 under the Ben photo_libraryFort William430
28th Apr 2018Highland Perthshire Cycling - Dunkeld Enduro photo_libraryDunkeld186
28th Apr 2018Sea to Sky - Pemberton EnduroPemberton, BC134
29th Apr 20182018 WV Enduro Series #1Timberline Resort, WV121
29th Apr 20182018 QLD Enduro Series #1Garapine, QLD-
29th Apr 20182018 Welsh MTB XC #1Pembrey Country Park-
29th Apr 20182018 RedAss NSW DH Series #1Ourimbah, NSW129
29th Apr 20182018 Southern XC #1Checkendon360
29th Apr 20182018 UK Gravity Enduro #1 photo_libraryInnerleithen233
29th Apr 20182018 Polygon Grassroots Enduro Series #2 photo_libraryBP Ireland, Fairymount Farm, Co. Tipperary193
29th Apr 20182018 Gravity Events UK DH #2 photo_libraryMoelfre141
29th Apr 20182018 Downhill Southeast #2 - Massanutten YEE-HA!Massanutten, VA184
29th Apr 20182018 Scottish XC #3 photo_libraryCathkin Braes Country Park172
29th Apr 20182018 Pedalhounds Enduro #3 photo_libraryEast Meon227
29th Apr 20182018 Portugal Cup #4Ribeira De Pena129
29th Apr 20182017/18 Go-ride DH #5417 Project-
30th Apr 20182018 Scott Enduro Series #1Riva del Garda-
1st May 20182018 SORCA Tantalus Trail Series #2Squamish, BC29
5th May 20182018 Scott Enduro Cup #1Moab, UT226
5th May 20182018 SloEnduo Series #2Dobrna-
5th May 2018UCI - European Continental Champs '19Lousã-
5th May 2018Steel City - Steel City DH photo_libraryGreno Woods272
6th May 20182018 Root 1 #1 photo_library videocamTidworth196
6th May 20182018 Mountain Man Challenge #1Dog River 44 Trails, OR80
6th May 20182018 Maxxis ESC DH #1 photo_libraryPlattekill, NY107
6th May 20182018 Maxxis ESC Enduro #2 photo_library videocamPlattekill, NY145
6th May 20182018 NSDynamics SEQ DH #2Toowoomba, QLD131
6th May 20182018 Haibike Mini Enduro #2 photo_libraryForest of Dean261
6th May 20182018 North East XC MTB Series #2Thorneyford Farm-
6th May 20182018 NW Cup #2 photo_libraryPort Angeles, WA419
6th May 20182018 European 4x/dual #2 [Silver] photo_library
(2018 German 4x Cup, Round 1)
(2018 European 4x/dual Amateur, Round 2 [Silver])
6th May 20182018 WA Gravity Enduro #3Goat Farm, WA279
6th May 20182018 Hope PMBA Enduro #3 photo_libraryGraythwaite301
6th May 20182018 Borders Mini DH #3 photo_libraryHamsterley82

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