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DateEvent Venue Competitors
8th May 20212021 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup XC Short Track #1Bikepark Albstadt-
2nd May 20212021 British Cycling MTB XC #2TBA-
2nd May 20212021 Big Mountain Enduro #1Ironton, MO-
25th Apr 20212021 Mercedes-Benz UCI World Cup DH #1Maribor-
25th Apr 20212021 Cal State DH #1Woodward West, CA-
18th Apr 20212021 British Cycling MTB XC #1TBA-
18th Apr 20212021 HSBC UK National Downhill Series #1Antur Stiniog-
11th Apr 20212021 Southern Enduro Series #1Milland-
28th Mar 20212020/21 Tas Gravity Enduro #5Blue Derby, TAS-
28th Mar 20212021 Tweedlove Triple Crown #1 - VallelujahGlentress-
21st Mar 20212021 Southridge Winter DH Series #6Fontana, CA-
20th Mar 20212021 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #6Fontana, CA-
14th Mar 2021Downhill Mike - DVO Reaper Madness DHBootleg Canyon, NV-
14th Mar 2021MTBA - Australian DH National Champs '21Maydena Bike Park, TAS-
14th Mar 20212021 Southern Enduro Mashup #1Twisted Oaks Bike Park-
13th Mar 2021Downhill Mike - DVO Reaper Madness EnduroBootleg Canyon, NV-
7th Mar 20212021 Southridge Winter DH Series #5Fontana, CA-
6th Mar 20212021 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #5Fontana, CA-
5th Mar 20212021 Trans NZ Enduro #6TBA-
4th Mar 20212021 Trans NZ Enduro #5TBA-
3rd Mar 20212021 Trans NZ Enduro #4TBA-
2nd Mar 20212021 Trans NZ Enduro #3TBA-
1st Mar 20212021 Trans NZ Enduro #2TBA-
28th Feb 2021MTBNZ - New Zealand DH National Champs '21Christchurch Adventure Park-
28th Feb 20212020/21 Tas Gravity Enduro #4Hobart, TAS-
28th Feb 20212021 Trans NZ Enduro #1TBA-
21st Feb 20212021 Southridge Winter DH Series #4Fontana, CA-
20th Feb 20212021 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #4Fontana, CA-
20th Feb 20212020/21 Giant 2W Gravity Enduro #3Rotorua-
14th Feb 2021Downhill Mike - DVO Mob in Mojave DHBootleg Canyon, NV-
14th Feb 20212021 NZ National DH #4Coronet Peak, Queenstown-
13th Feb 2021Downhill Mike - DVO Mob in Mojave EnduroBootleg Canyon, NV-
7th Feb 20212021 NZ National DH #3Jentree MTB-
7th Feb 20212021 Southridge Winter DH Series #3Fontana, CA-
7th Feb 20212020/21 Tas Gravity Enduro #3Wild Mersey, TAS-
6th Feb 20212021 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #3Fontana, CA-
30th Jan 20212021 NZ National DH #2Dome Valley, Auckland-
26th Jan 2021Western Australia Gravity Enduro - DreamTeam EnduroLinga Longa Bike Park, WA-
26th Jan 2021Western Australia Gravity Enduro - Dream TeamLinga Longa Bike Park, WA-
24th Jan 20212020/21 Brass Monkeys XC Enduro #3TBACANCELLED
24th Jan 20212021 Southridge Winter DH Series #2Fontana, CA-
24th Jan 20212021 NZ National DH #1440 Bike Park-
23rd Jan 20212021 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #2Fontana, CA-
17th Jan 2021Downhill Mike - DVO Nevada State Champs DHBootleg Canyon, NV-
16th Jan 2021Downhill Mike - DVO Nevada State Champs EnduroBootleg Canyon, NV-
10th Jan 2021British Cycling - UK CX National Champs '21South of England Event Centre, Crawley-
10th Jan 20212021 Southridge Winter DH Series #1Fontana, CA-
9th Jan 2021Downhill Mike - DVO Blue Diamond EnduroBootleg Canyon, NV-
9th Jan 20212021 Southridge Winter Enduro Series #1Fontana, CA-
3rd Jan 20212020/21 Brass Monkeys XC Enduro #2TBACANCELLED
2nd Jan 2021Descend Hamsterley - Ride/uplift photo_libraryHamsterley-

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