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Hooper Hoohaa at Tidworth

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Male: Elite  Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Run 2 Best run Diff
1st122Lewis RANGER MB Cyclery57.192s11:36.743657.192s1-
2nd119Ben DEAKIN FOCUS / MUCOFF57.211s2     57.211s2-
3rd72Ben JONES (sen1) 58.403s31:21.562558.403s3-
4th124Aaron GORDON MB Cyclery1:00.94141:03.94911:00.9414-
5th132Josh TURNER 1:01.50351:08.45721:01.5035-
6th123Oli GRAY LIOS Bikes1:01.97361:14.35941:01.9736-
7th121Laurie TENNANT Reverse / Team Mitchell Cycles1:37.76271:09.19531:09.1957-

Male: U13  Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Run 2 Best run Diff
1st8Jake SMITH (juv1) Banshee / Bike Bros1:01.89111:18.03531:01.8911-
2nd201Harry CARR 1:03.11721:11.48811:03.1172-
3rd10Max GRAY LIOS Bikes1:05.55931:21.05141:05.5593-
4th11Reed DARLEY OiOi / zombie riders1:06.68341:11.75021:06.6834-
5th9Jay HOLT-DAVIES 1:07.5325     1:07.5325-
6th5George KEEN VPACE1:10.78561:31.97371:10.7856-
7th14Xavi WATTS HKT1:15.0277     1:15.0277-
8th12Sean COATES 1:15.09481:36.49281:15.0948-
9th126Austin TROWBRIDGE 1:19.35691:25.71151:19.3569-
10th2Bruce OLIVER MB Cyclery1:35.102101:27.63761:27.63710-
11th3Bryce MASON 1:46.125121:37.03591:37.03511-
12th4Elliot HAIGH 1:37.60911     1:37.60912-
13th202Isaac LEACH TMC - Team Mitchell Cycles1:52.719135:51.070101:52.71913-

Male: 13-14  Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Run 2 Best run Diff
1st25Charlie WOODLAND 1:03.23011:15.26521:03.2301-
2nd26Cooper MORGE 1:03.9772     1:03.9772-
3rd24Barnaby TUCKER Bournemouth BMX Club1:06.16831:22.53151:06.1683-
4th39Seth PETTIFER 1:07.71141:20.67241:07.7114-
5th32James TROWBRIDGE 1:07.98551:10.66411:07.9855-
6th125Ed CARLESS 1:11.98861:25.19161:11.9886-
7th36Oliver MARSTON 1:14.1257     1:14.1257-
8th38Patrick MARTELL 1:16.14881:15.63731:15.6378-
9th203Robin SHARP 1:27.61791:30.71571:27.6179-
10th31Jake PAUL 1:31.086101:40.03991:31.08610-
11th33Konstantin LINDE 1:34.28911     1:34.28911-
12th34Liam PLATTEN 1:40.766131:38.24681:38.24612-
13th28Fin ADAMS 1:38.75812     1:38.75813-
14th29Harry ROGERS (juv) 1:57.57414     1:57.57414-
15th30Jack LIVERSEDGE 2:13.27715     2:13.27715-

Male: 15-16  Finish spread

19 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Run 2 Best run Diff
1st55Raif FURMENGER melon1:01.78911:04.35211:01.7891-
2nd48Joey SMITH BlkeShredSchool1:02.89521:32.187131:02.8952-
3rd45Casper BRADLEY Guard House / melon1:04.22231:12.53521:04.2223-
4th58Theo GRIFFIN Melon Optics / unite co1:04.91441:20.59481:04.9144-
5th127L. ROZE 1:06.38351:14.05561:06.3835-
6th49Maxwell BAILEY B1ke ShredSchool / Surrey Hills1:08.27361:30.539111:08.2736-
7th56Ryan CLARK (u18) 1:09.20771:13.65651:09.2077-
8th43Bert DUNNE 1:09.29781:12.58231:09.2978-
9th57Saxon JAMES-SMITH 1:09.77091:17.03171:09.7709-
10th51Oli OVERTON 1:09.859101:45.132151:09.85910-
11th53Patrick COATES (u18) 1:13.261111:26.32091:13.26111-
12th52Ollie ADAMS 1:17.746131:13.53941:13.53912-
13th54Luc HOCKNELL Non stoppable free nders1:16.129121:31.675121:16.12913-
14th46Dylan WOODS 1:20.81614     1:20.81614-
15th40Adam BERRY 137 RACING1:22.782151:27.325101:22.78215-
16th41Alex BYRNE (yth) 1:23.35216     1:23.35216-
17th50Oliver CHAPMAN (u16) 1:24.01617     1:24.01617-
18th44Brandon HARRIS 1:27.00018     1:27.00018-
19th47James ROGERS (yth) 1:44.656191:33.703141:33.70319-

Male: 17-18  Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Run 2 Best run Diff
1st60Deron HARBISON Dirt Riders Rhythm and Bikes1:01.07411:17.43831:01.0741-
2nd62Harvey WILKINSON Wheelie Bike Shop1:02.73521:06.02421:02.7352-
3rd63Henry JOHNSTON (jun) Pudz factory racing1:04.09033:59.89991:04.0903-
4th66Reuben MUSSON 1:07.20351:05.22711:05.2274-
5th68Tor RICHARDSON steel is real1:06.7114     1:06.7115-
6th61Freddie KNIGHT Wheelie Bike Shop1:10.13361:31.87561:10.1336-
7th69Valentino JONES Wheelie Bike Shop1:14.36872:40.67281:14.3687-
8th64Mason CORNICK PFR1:14.64881:21.86741:14.6488-
9th59Adam BLEAZARD 1:18.8249     1:18.8249-
10th67Tom COTTRELL 1:22.410101:31.23551:22.41010-
11th65Maximilian STANNERS 1:24.949111:35.32471:24.94911-

Male: 19-29  Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Run 2 Best run Diff
1st77Fred HUNT Falmouth Cycles1:00.53111:13.10921:00.5311-
2nd80Jesse HOLMES I love goth girls racing1:04.77721:18.79351:04.7772-
3rd76Finlay GEANEY AT&T GB1:05.88331:18.34441:05.8833-
4th82Joe ADAMS 1:08.62541:57.200111:08.6254-
5th85Joshua FOSTER (UK) UWECC1:21.438121:09.12511:09.1255-
6th74Connor JOCELYN Big bobble hat / dustyrutters ride1:12.82151:17.32031:12.8216-
7th81Jesse LAWSON 1:14.55061:40.51991:14.5507-
8th79Jack CLARKE (sen) 1:14.8947     1:14.8948-
9th91Sam EADSFORTH 1:17.82881:39.36781:17.8289-
10th129Emils JANSONS 1:19.62197:13.707121:19.62110-
11th92Tom HUMPHRIES 1:20.567101:42.789101:20.56711-
12th83Joe PARRY UWECC1:20.8051135:46.820131:20.80512-
13th87Louie DAVIDSON (sen) Suvernchalk1:25.08213     1:25.08213-
14th71Anthony SCOTT-CONATY FFBM1:32.461151:26.69561:26.69514-
15th89Mitchell JOCELYN 1:30.407141:31.71571:30.40715-

Male: 30-39  Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Run 2 Best run Diff
1st99Micky BOSWELL 1:00.09811:07.56711:00.0981-
2nd101Ross HAMMOND 1:01.39021:40.61361:01.3902-
3rd95Ben MARKS MB Cyclery1:04.36831:19.84431:04.3683-
4th98Matthew DEWEY 1:09.43841:38.57051:09.4384-
5th100Peter LONG (mas) Mud, Sweat & Gears1:12.69951:19.61021:12.6995-
6th94Ben PURGAVIE 1:19.69161:42.93771:19.6916-
7th96Greg RUDDLE TF Tuned1:21.72371:23.04741:21.7237-
8th23Logan FOSKETT 2:02.2308     2:02.2308-

Male: 40+  Finish spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Run 2 Best run Diff
1st120Ben LEACH TMC - Team Mitchell Cycles58.781s11:07.714258.781s1-
2nd105Adrian PAUL 1:01.89121:06.76611:01.8912-
3rd112Giles AUSTING Pivot1:02.69931:14.92531:02.6993-
4th104Adam DEWEY www.designmodel.co.uk go to site1:12.03942:04.320121:12.0394-
5th111David DEWEY Dewey Building1:16.88351:34.90341:16.8835-
6th115Joby HOLFORD 1:17.40261:51.42691:17.4026-
7th107Andrew HOBBS Pudders Plodders1:17.77071:35.96851:17.7707-
8th114Ian MARKS Pudders Plodders1:19.02382:04.906131:19.0238-
9th118Simon WILLIAMS (vet2) Pudders Plodders1:20.94691:39.53961:20.9469-
10th128M. ROZE 1:21.30110     1:21.30110-
11th110Dan HUMPHRIES 1:21.590112:31.270141:21.59011-
12th130Jason CHAPMAN 1:21.609121:45.04381:21.60912-
13th116Malcolm ATKINS 1:23.051132:00.762111:23.05113-
14th109Colin ADAMS (vet1) 1:25.930141:54.964101:25.93014-
15th113Ian BRISTOW SQUIDSQUADDH1:28.024151:39.62571:28.02415-
16th108Christopher CHIPPING Fairwairp Syndicate1:44.082163:02.199151:44.08216-



Female: U19  Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Run 2 Best run Diff
1st16Imogen RABANI Bike Bros1:20.9111     1:20.9111-
2nd15Sienna PAUL 1:24.51521:30.65711:24.5152-

Female: 19-29  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Run 2 Best run Diff
1st20Rhiannon GUNNER Cannondale1:08.84011:24.96831:08.8401-
2nd18Mary LYNES TLD cycles1:09.80121:23.15221:09.8012-
3rd19Patsy CAINES UWECC1:13.48031:20.51911:13.4803-
4th21Sinead WEBB 1:37.6914     1:37.6914-

Female: 30+

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Run 2 Best run Diff
1st22Francie ARTHUR MB Cyclery / Yeti1:09.64111:19.30911:09.6411-

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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