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PosName Run 1 Diff
1stZach ROMAN (east) 1:55.351-
2ndJ. Shane O'SHURA 1:59.1623.81s
3rdWill MYERS 2:08.33312.98s
4thColby BARTH 2:10.20414.85s
5thRidge LARICK 2:14.24518.89s
6thSebastian WALLACH 2:15.51620.16s
7thRomeu ALCAIDE 2:18.26722.91s
8thJason BECKLEY 2:21.54826.19s
9thAlex MYERS 2:22.73927.38s
10thAustin KRATZ 2:25.581030.23s
11thAddison MORRONE 2:28.091132.74s
12thFritz ISAAC 2:30.481235.13s
13thJosh FIESEHER 2:32.491337.14s
14thPete YACK 2:33.431438.08s
15thTim COLLINS 2:34.131538.78s
16thAmar MOHAMMED 2:38.731643.38s
17thLandon LEINBACH 2:38.971743.62s
18thScott MECHLER 2:45.341849.99s
19thEthan HENSINGER 2:45.711950.36s
20thLiam MCGUNNIGLE 2:48.322052.97s
21stLucas SELB 2:51.122155.77s
22ndElliott HURD 2:52.632257.28s
23rdRyan KRATZ 2:53.182357.83s
24thNils LOPEZ 2:54.182458.83s
25thJonathan WOLFF 2:58.82251:03.47
26thChris KRAYNAK 3:01.23261:05.88
27thEvan RIDINGTON 3:01.53271:06.18
28thCaleb MERIDITH 3:03.86281:08.51
29thBrandon FOY 3:16.38291:21.03
30thCole SHORTER 4:01.50302:06.15
31stDavid BUTLER 4:50.50312:55.15
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