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PosName Run 1 Diff
1stJ. Shane O'SHURA 1:59.791-
2ndZach ROMAN (east) 2:01.1521.36s
3rdAustin LUCAS 2:06.7836.99s
4thCurtis FANTI 2:07.1747.38s
5thLars TRIBUS 2:07.9358.14s
6thJon GABOR 2:08.3868.59s
7thColby BARTH 2:09.2579.46s
8thAustin KRATZ 2:11.65811.86s
9thJames MILLER (east1) 2:13.36913.57s
10thNils LOPEZ 2:13.681013.89s
11thTyler SMITH (PA) 2:13.881114.09s
12thPete YACK 2:17.081217.29s
13thAddison MORRONE 2:19.151319.36s
14thCurtis MILLER 2:19.601419.81s
15thJohn WOLFF 2:25.971526.18s
16thLuis ERASO 2:26.051626.26s
17thIan MCCURDY 2:26.911727.12s
18thTim COLLINS 2:27.141827.35s
19thEric THORELL 2:27.511927.72s
20thScott MECHLER 2:28.522028.73s
21stClayton JELKE 2:30.412130.62s
22ndLiam MCGUNNIGLE 2:32.832233.04s
23rdBrandon FOY 2:35.922336.13s
24thLucas SELB 2:39.232439.44s
25thAndrew HALL (30+) 2:40.642540.85s
26thEvan YEAGER 2:41.102641.31s
27thRyan KRATZ 2:41.592741.80s
28thRyan JOHNSON (TNR) 2:43.082843.29s
29thQuinn MCGUNNIGLE 2:47.462947.67s
30thAndrew HALEY 2:48.973049.18s
31stChris KRAYNAK 2:52.473152.68s
32ndMichael SIMONITSCH 2:53.863254.07s
33rdJason HEME 3:34.44331:34.65
34thGabriel NELSON 4:52.16342:52.37
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