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Male: U14 race U14  Lap chart Spread

21 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors PPV Rider Laps Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Lap 4 Lap 5 Spread Total time Diff
1st763Noah SMITH (u16) GKR Racing56:1626:0216:0216:0716:0913.9%30:3713:24
2nd164Thomas ALLEN (yth) Sotonia CC56:1416:1236:0426:0716:1533.0%30:5323:40
3rd805Alarik KNOX Verulam - reallymoving.com go to site56:2436:0526:1236:1846:2455.2%31:2534:11
4th807Lucas LILLISTONE Avid Sport56:3456:1946:1746:1736:1126.2%31:3944:26
5th173Sam GENAZZINI Solent Pirates Youth CC56:2846:3456:3876:3066:3762.6%32:4755:34
6th166Sammy BAKER Palmer Park VeloYES56:5476:4976:2156:2156:2348.7%32:4965:35
7th801Lenz HARING Peckham Challengers BMX Club56:5476:3666:3666:59107:35714.9%34:4177:27
8th192Thomas WILKS Sotonia CC46:5366:5186:4786:417     3.0%27:138-1LAP
9th170Harry COOPER (u15) Palmer Park VeloYES47:06126:5496:5196:428     6.0%27:349-1LAP
10th933Henry BARKER Welwyn Wheelers CC47:04116:57117:07106:529     3.6%28:0110-1LAP
11th799Thomas BENNETT (yth) Palmer Park VeloYES47:03107:11127:12117:0111     2.6%28:2711-1LAP
12th806Xavier LEE Palmer Park VeloYES47:11146:56107:12117:1412     4.3%28:3512-1LAP
13th165Myles ASTON Solent Pirates Youth CC47:59177:28137:20147:2314     8.9%30:1113-1LAP
14th188Jos ROBSON Sotonia CC47:37157:32147:42157:3516     2.2%30:2714-1LAP
15th182Harry MORAN Palmer Park VeloYES47:51167:33157:51177:5317     4.4%31:0915-1LAP
16th800Lewis CLAYDONFOLLEY 48:29187:46167:49167:2213     15.2%31:2716-1LAP
17th928Reuben BAKER Banbury star47:081310:11197:16137:2915     42.8%32:0417-1LAP
18th802Max JENKINS Solent Pirates Youth CC48:29188:25178:43188:3918     3.6%34:1618-1LAP
19th172Finley FREEMAN Palmer Park VeloYES39:22209:36189:3419          2.5%28:3319-2LAP
191Connor WARWICK-BROWN Didcot Phoenix CC29:522110:2320               5.2%     DNF
810Jack WRIGHT Hillingdon Slipstreamers17:029                    n/a     DNF



Female: U14 race U14  Lap chart Spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors PPV Rider Laps Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Lap 4 Spread Total time Diff
1st797Katie ALLSOP Rotor RT46:5816:5617:0816:5712.9%28:001-
2nd208Isla PATTINSON Solent Pirates Youth CC47:1027:0627:1227:1321.6%28:42241s
3rd205Georgia LOVETT Palmer Park VeloYES47:1537:2937:4447:4046.7%30:1032:09
4th206Eva MAR-MOLINERO Solent Pirates Youth CC47:5947:4647:3937:4954.4%31:1443:13
5th212Isla WATSON (juv) Solent Pirates Youth CC48:1067:5767:5557:2739.6%31:2953:29
6th203Sophie JACOBS Solent Pirates Youth CC48:0457:5358:0668:0662.7%32:1064:09

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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