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Male: Superclass

4 competitors found

Male: Expert: U7

9 competitors found

° Riders racing out of category

Male: Expert: 7-8

22 competitors found

Male: Expert: 9-10

39 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1st181James BIBBY Mid Lancs BMX1113111st
2nd292Jacob ANDERSON (u10) Brixton2316222nd
3rd6Joe ROOKE Bideford BMX2114143rd
4th666Joey TOMKINS Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club3429234th
5th611Marcus MULLEN Preston Pirates2114115th
6th7Harley BOWLER Derby1113146th
7th202Louis SWALES Birmingham12710437th
8th01Benny JACKSON Manchester2338228th
9th606Archie BELL (CGR) Cheshire Ghostriders BMX122525
10th104Teddy JONES Birmingham2531035
11th663Hugo DEIGHTON Doncaster BMX Racing412737
12th280Reuben STANWORTH Leicester Hornets324937
13th423Sebastian HEWITT Nottingham Outlaws1541036
14th7XArchie COLLINS Birmingham3341048
15th642Huwie HALL Birmingham4421046
16th006Arlo STEIMETZ Bristol5621348
17th7.1Percy LARGE Nuneaton545146
18th462Archie NADIN Nottingham Outlaws32385
19th01XEthan SHORE Birmingham373135
20th844Frankie GRINSELL Birmingham575176
21st426Rex BEASLEY Birmingham536145
22nd241Ronnie WOOD Birmingham545146
23rd267Connor HEMPHILL Blackpool424105
24th294Noah FORD Braintree BMX Racing Club763166
25th885Blake BROTH Birmingham435127
26th210Ted HARVEY Blackpool874198
27th055Dawson SCOTT Doncaster BMX Racing645157
28th836Arthur CLAYDON Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club657187
29th956Harry TAYLOR Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club656178
30th404Oscar RENNISON Birmingham866208
31st216Theo DAVIES Mid Lancs BMX467177
32nd266Archie OWEN Birmingham756188
33rd586Henry BALLANTYNE Blackpool68721
34th538Harvey SIMPSON T.N.T.77620
35th556Arlo CAMPBELL-LAKIN Birmingham78823
36th889Jenson DONE Birmingham87823
37th899Sam KNIGHT (u11) Birmingham78823
38th601Izaac JONES Cheshire Ghostriders BMX86721
39th029Jake MORLEY (u11) Derby68822

Male: Expert: 11-12

37 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1stE4Coby WRAYFORD Decoy1113111st
2ndE3Harry DONALD Birmingham2226212nd
3rd19Ned GUPPY Decoy1113133rd
4th6Isaac SHORE BirminghamDNF1211224th
5th187Evan BARTLEY 1214125th
6th2Ethan RODGERS Birmingham2136336th
7thW8Harry BAILEY Cheshire Ghostriders BMX1315147th
8th7Oliver TYERS (BTREE) Braintree BMX Racing Club2125248th
9th13Elvis LAWRENCE Runnymede Rockets144935
10th258James MILLER (u13) Andover3251046
11th192Nate HAMILTON North East3341025
12th992Jack PERKINS (u11) Derby233846
13th1XLottie BROWN Bideford BMX4521138
14th9Harry TYERS Braintree BMX Racing Club333937
15th21Thomas HONEYWILL Decoy3641347
16th053James Joseph Roy PIPE Braintree BMX Racing Club6561748
17th025Oliver ARNOLD Torbay BMX Racing Club42396
18th25Logan YOUNG Knightwood546155
19th156Ronnie HOUGHTON Birmingham641115
20th337Ethan HOWELL Nottingham Outlaws436136
21st26Clayton LEAT Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club454135
22nd1.1Dylan SPENCE Nottingham Outlaws557175
23rd091Reuben HALL PATTERSON Cheshire Ghostriders BMX664166
24th062Marcel BIEDA Derby465156
25th236Max MCNULTY Nottingham Outlaws775197
26th132Daniel NAYMAN Wrekin Riders766198
27th141Charlie CRAIG (u13) Manchester343107
28th075Gabriel TOWNSEND Bournemouth547167
29th11.1Camiri BROOKS-FYFIELD Birmingham756187
30th347Noah BUTTERY Cheshire Ghostriders BMX675188
31st918Thomas PALMER (u13) Preston Pirates575178
32nd4Joshua SYLVESTER Bournemouth2226DNF
33rd191Billy HARRISON Birmingham57820
34th14George REDDIN Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club76720
35th401Ruben PRATT Birmingham78722
36th442Elliot STRAWFORD Redditch Premiers67821
37th173Louie KUCHARIK Derby88723

Male: Expert: 13-14

33 competitors found

Male: Expert: 15-16

28 competitors found

Male: 30-39

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 1F
1st8George GERRARD ° Mid Lancs BMXExpert: 17-2931151st
2nd8.4Kenny PHILLIPS ° Cheshire Ghostriders BMXExpert: 17-2912142nd
3rd38Luke MORRIS ° Milton Keynes BMX Racing ClubExpert: 17-2943293rd
4th3.1Brett DOVE ° Doncaster BMX RacingExpert: 17-2924284th
5th16Kolby ELLIS ° Bideford BMXExpert: 17-2911355th
6th27Luke DAVIES-HAYES ° Mid Lancs BMXExpert: 17-29523106th
7th353Sebastian HAMBLING ° IpswichExpert: 17-29254117th
8th42Steven MCCLEW 334108th
9th888Joshua AIHE ° BirminghamExpert: 17-2944DNS15

° Riders racing out of category

Male: Cruiser: U17

14 competitors found

Male: Super Cruiser: 17+

8 competitors found

° Riders racing out of category



Female: Superclass

4 competitors found

Female: Expert: 9-10

11 competitors found

Female: Expert: 11-12

7 competitors found

Female: Expert: 13-14

8 competitors found

Female: Expert: 15+

4 competitors found

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