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Male: Elite  Finish spread

23 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st23Toby MEEK 2:51.7522:46.551-
2nd10Charles MURRAY 2:55.4432:51.0524.50s
3rd22Kieran BENNETT 2:57.2152:52.4835.93s
4th9Guy JOHNSTON 3:02.21122:56.4749.92s
5th13Calum BOOTH 2:58.8072:58.04511.49s
6th2Sam GALE 2:57.2762:58.35611.80s
7th16Hamish MCLEOD 3:03.00132:59.48712.93s
8th18Shaun BARCLAY 3:03.23143:00.10813.55s
9th20Bryn DICKERSON 3:05.25153:00.35913.80s
10th29Carson RAYNER 3:01.98113:02.271015.72s
11th6Tuhoto-Ariki PENE 2:57.1843:03.061116.51s
12th21Cameron CLEMETT 3:41.33203:04.701218.15s
13th26Gareth BURGESS 3:13.35173:05.311318.76s
14th19Liam BARCLAY 3:10.93163:07.931421.38s
15th28Caelab DRUMMOND 3:22.23193:08.791522.24s
16th31Jesse CSEH 4:11.19223:09.201622.65s
17th5Sam BLENKINSOP 3:00.35103:12.131725.58s
18th24Will AGNEW 3:54.16213:17.041830.49s
19th25John LAWS 3:00.1993:23.591937.04s
20th15Daniel SELF 3:00.0583:24.842038.29s
17Riley ADLAM            DNF
1Finn HAWKESBY-BROWNE 2:48.781     
14Ben BLEWITT 3:16.2518     

Male: Open  Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st133Elliot HOWE 3:12.2833:08.101-
2nd132George HARVEY 3:09.9523:12.0523.95s
3rd130Isaac HOLMAN 3:06.8313:12.2034.10s
4th131Matthew LUSCOMBE       3:15.4247.32s
5th139Jack GALE 3:16.0353:16.1358.03s
6th142Jonty HARTE-SEIDL 3:14.9243:18.50610.40s
7th27Dylan ANDERSON 3:25.2363:25.00716.90s
8th141Zak KNIGHT 3:41.0793:30.32822.22s
9th140Astin GIBBINS 3:29.4573:30.43922.33s
10th135Dylan WILMSHURST 4:20.47103:33.951025.85s
11th134Oliver KING 3:36.6783:43.221135.12s

Male: U15  Finish spread

18 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st70Camden RUTHERFURD 3:08.7313:09.201-
2nd71Lewis LAIRD 3:15.7523:16.2927.09s
3rd72Luca ARTHUR 5:57.98183:16.6637.46s
4th73Cole HULSEBOSCH 3:25.6233:21.86412.66s
5th77Morgan LEE 3:35.7943:30.37521.17s
6th79Matthew MCFARLANE 3:42.3863:31.06621.86s
7th78Arthur FARRELL 3:43.6773:32.86723.66s
8th89Thomas LEE 3:40.7053:36.75827.55s
9th86Mason HURFORD 3:46.3883:37.67928.47s
10th80Charlie LEITIS 3:47.6593:46.821037.62s
11th82Jude MALHAM 4:06.38123:54.581145.38s
12th92Harry SUMMERS 4:00.83103:55.041245.84s
13th74Arnaud MACKENZIE 4:01.80113:55.751346.55s
14th81Baxter FLORANCE 4:07.58134:07.081457.88s
15th88Tennyson WIFFIN 4:25.29144:21.53151:12.33
16th91Dylan PATCHETT 5:09.25165:09.92162:00.72
17th87Mathew DERMOTT 5:27.58175:28.65172:19.45
18th90Archie DUNCAN 4:35.95155:39.80182:30.60

Male: U17  Finish spread

23 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st100Oli CLARK 2:48.0812:45.721-
2nd102Tyler WAITE 2:55.1522:49.9424.22s
3rd103Jack COLLINS 2:59.5152:56.88311.16s
4th104Hugo ARTHUR 2:56.7542:58.85413.13s
5th106Charlie WIFFIN 3:09.5473:05.75520.03s
6th107Matti MCGREGOR 3:12.3783:09.17623.45s
6th112Oliver ELLIOTT 5:24.93213:09.17623.45s
8th111Mitchel TURNER 3:15.48113:10.44824.72s
9th113Harper FORD 3:14.9093:11.77926.05s
10th110Lenny BROWNE 3:14.95103:13.461027.74s
11th127Jett TIMBRELL 3:41.68163:19.421133.70s
12th108Josh LEE 3:21.83123:20.101234.38s
13th114Joel SALTER QUINN 3:25.92143:25.901340.18s
14th115Joel NISSEN 3:44.18173:29.711443.99s
15th121Oscar BAILEY 3:41.62153:38.421552.70s
16th116Brook RUTHERFURD 4:56.50203:44.591658.87s
17th119Braithan BAILEY 4:44.14193:50.50171:04.78
18th124Oliver BLAIR 3:59.35183:50.80181:05.08
19th122Erik CASSELS-BROWN 7:10.70233:58.96191:13.24
20th123Sam DUNNETT 3:01.4065:41.73202:56.01
21st117Sterling STEVENS-MCNAB 5:52.282213:47.452111:01.73
101Rory MEEK 2:56.593     
118Fletcher MATTHEWS 3:25.3313     

Male: U19  Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st50Luke WAYMAN       DNF2:56.391-
2nd56Nate WASHER 3:15.2382:58.3121.92s
3rd136Oliver JABLONSKI 3:18.6892:59.4133.02s
4th51Joe MILLINGTON 3:22.19113:02.0845.69s
5th57Ty MUIRHEAD 3:05.0333:02.2955.90s
6th54Josh BONNAR 2:59.8813:03.0366.64s
7th64Seth BUCKLEY 3:20.38103:04.4878.09s
8th55Ryan HASTINGS 3:03.4023:05.1788.78s
9th52Oli NICHOLLS 3:06.5043:06.2599.86s
10th65Arje BEVERIDGE 3:12.9553:16.871020.48s
10th60Will GOLDSBURY 3:14.4263:16.871020.48s
12th59Mark ROUSE 3:28.02133:30.831234.44s
13th61Blake FISHER 3:25.89123:43.721347.33s
14th63William SAVAGE 3:14.4476:30.25143:33.86
15th58Angus FERGUSON 3:41.93147:06.20154:09.81

Male: 30-39  Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st143Ricardo MUNOZ 3:16.0013:13.911-
2nd144Tim HALL 3:31.5023:30.30216.39s
3rd145Beaudene MANGIN-OLDHAM 4:31.7534:34.5831:20.67

Male: 40-49  Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st146Jeremy BURKE 3:25.5013:21.681-
2nd147Nicholas SUTCLIFFE 3:29.4324:27.6321:05.95
3rd148Rob MOORE 5:04.6034:54.6831:33.00

Male: 50+  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st43Toby SUMMERS 3:42.1813:30.621-
2nd46Geoff MIRFIN 3:56.5223:58.43227.81s
3rd45Daniel BURGESS 4:37.7334:31.0431:00.42
4th44Andrew BULL 5:00.7045:06.0341:35.41



Female: Elite  Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st41Jenna HASTINGS 3:24.8213:23.631-
2nd42Kalani MUIRHEAD 3:32.9023:31.9028.27s

Female: Open  Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st32Holly CARTWRIGHT 5:20.6014:53.871-
2nd33Jessica OSBORNE 6:13.9525:19.23225.36s

Female: U15  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st66Capella MARTIN 4:10.9514:02.601-
2nd69Kiera VLAAR 4:40.8344:35.15232.55s
3rd68Emi SUMMERS 4:26.1135:11.8831:09.28
67Millie WAITE 4:17.332     

Female: U17  Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st93Eliana HULSEBOSCH 3:24.3813:22.561-
2nd96Kate HASTINGS 3:40.6023:37.21214.65s
3rd94Roisin MCGUINNESS 3:43.2133:48.75326.19s
4th97Josie WAYMAN 3:55.2043:51.83429.27s
95Bellah BIRCHALL 3:56.825     

Female: U19  Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st35Sacha EARNEST 3:38.2213:29.151-
2nd38Leah SMITH 3:52.6223:51.15222.00s
3rd37Maddy SINCLAIR 4:59.7535:02.5231:33.37

Female: 50+

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st150Melanie BLOMFIELD (50+) 4:28.3714:35.001-
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