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Male: U13  Spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Best run Diff
1st105Reid SIMPSON 1:33.1511:44.665     1:33.151-
2nd109Millar DAVIDSON MCD1:37.4421:37.801     1:37.4424.29s
3rd108Rich RAE 1:38.1631:38.663     1:38.1635.01s
4th107Ty SIMPSON 1:38.4441:38.602     1:38.4445.29s
5th106Edward JONES (u13) Cycle Factory1:50.2151:39.854     1:39.8556.70s
6th111Arthwr THOMAS Northern Outlaws2:03.9072:00.606     2:00.60627.45s
7th112Freddie MCATHEY-BRANSKEY Hamsterley Trailblazers2:01.0062:00.897     2:00.89727.74s
8th110Xavi FOX-COOPER Bruntwood Park BMX Club2:15.7092:10.258     2:10.25837.10s
9th114Charliebob CRAIG Smileys Flight Club2:11.5482:14.069     2:11.54938.39s
10th113Layne GODDARD Manchester BMX Club2:39.15102:37.4510     2:37.45101:04.30

Male: 13-14  Spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Best run Diff
1st87Ollie CARNE 1:33.1411:32.651     1:32.651-
2nd88Ruari YOUNIE 20Twenty Bike Shop Banchory1:37.9421:35.902     1:35.9023.25s
3rd101Henry RAYNER 1:41.8031:39.153     1:39.1536.50s
4th90Thomas JENKINS (juv) Peddlers1:43.6061:41.664     1:41.6649.01s
5th93Bobby FOX-COOPER Bruntwood Park BMX Club1:42.4551:42.255     1:42.2559.60s
6th92Charlie DOWSON 1:42.2941:44.508     1:42.2969.64s
7th96Alfie BARDEN 1:45.7571:43.106     1:43.10710.45s
8th99Angus JONES 1:46.2091:43.667     1:43.66811.01s
9th89Leo RANSOM Team Ransom1:46.0581:44.649     1:44.64911.99s
10th91Jack UNWIN 1:57.46121:48.1910     1:48.191015.54s
11th102Ben NICHOLSON 1:50.75111:48.8511     1:48.851116.20s
12th94Adam VINES 1:49.19101:49.2512     1:49.191216.54s
13th97Ryan AMBLER Manchester Trail Blazers2:03.00142:00.6413     2:00.641327.99s
14th95Flynn LONGHURST 2:12.29152:01.3514     2:01.351428.70s
15th104Alfie MCATHEY-BRANSKEY Hamsterley Trailblazers2:02.60132:02.5515     2:02.551529.90s
16th98Ben DAVIS (juv) 2:12.90162:07.0416     2:07.041634.39s

Male: 15-16  Spread

19 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Best run Diff
1st65Jonathon MORLEY Northern Downhill1:24.6911:24.401     1:24.401-
2nd66Josh WOOD (yth) 1:26.5521:26.402     1:26.4022.00s
3rd68Haydn FLETCHER Spectre screws1:29.3031:28.753     1:28.7534.35s
4th71Rocco BRANT 1:31.0041:30.504     1:30.5046.10s
5th67Kyle HIGGINS AeBikeShop1:32.4961:30.615     1:30.6156.21s
6th72Tyler ANDERSON Northern Outlaws1:31.9551:30.906     1:30.9066.50s
7th73Jack JENKINS (yth) Peddlers1:34.81121:31.047     1:31.0476.64s
8th86Harry GAMBLE (yth) 1:32.7971:31.608     1:31.6087.20s
9th83Noah KILLEEN 1:33.2591:31.759     1:31.7597.35s
10th69Finn DURKIN 1:33.0681:32.0410     1:32.04107.64s
11th74James NEWTON-WATERTON 1:36.50151:32.9111     1:32.91118.51s
12th75Zach STAINTHORPE 1:34.50101:33.2512     1:33.25128.85s
13th82Liam INGLE 1:34.5010          1:34.501310.10s
14th76Ez GARFORTH 1:35.90131:36.0413     1:35.901411.50s
15th80Adam STOUT 1:36.00141:40.6616     1:36.001511.60s
16th77Thomas KIRK Trailcoach1:37.59161:36.5614     1:36.561612.16s
17th85Seth WRAY 1:41.14171:39.1515     1:39.151714.75s
18th78Euan ROBINSON 1:47.25181:46.1617     1:46.161821.76s
19th81Tom BURGHOPE 1:54.56191:47.4418     1:47.441923.04s

Male: 17-18  Spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Best run Diff
1st60Oscar HAKES Cliff Pratt Racing1:28.6021:27.501     1:27.501-
2nd52Jack KOZLOWSKI Borders Mountain Bike RT1:28.3111:28.312     1:28.3120.81s
3rd50Seth BARNETT 1:29.4031:28.403     1:28.4030.90s
4th51Ramsay DALGLIESH 1:30.6551:29.064     1:29.0641.56s
5th62Jay LAUDER 1:30.0541:30.565     1:30.0552.55s
6th59Jacob BELL Northern Outlaws1:33.9061:32.606     1:32.6065.10s
7th54Toby SHILLABEER 1:34.6071:32.957     1:32.9575.45s
8th58Dan CHAFER 1:35.65101:34.268     1:34.2686.76s
9th53Jason PURVES 1:35.3581:34.399     1:34.3996.89s
10th56Joe BURGHOPE Bandit Racing1:35.5191:41.2510     1:35.51108.01s
11th55Kyle STABLER Kingdom Bikes1:36.60111:43.5913     1:36.60119.10s
12th61Aleksy JAKUBCZAK 1:41.66121:42.7012     1:41.661214.16s
13th64Filip FIRMANTY Tin Donkey Riders1:43.59131:42.4511     1:42.451314.95s
14th63Jack NORSWORTHY 2:09.55141:44.5914     1:44.591417.09s

Male: 19+  Spread

37 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Best run Diff
1st6Luke MUMFORD 1:21.0921:19.912     1:19.9111.66s
2nd3Lewis CARR (elt) 1:22.5651:21.153     1:21.1522.90s
3rd4Tom ROSS 1:22.4131:21.254     1:21.2533.00s
4th2Adam BIGGINS Schwalbe Tyres1:23.0461:21.405     1:21.4043.15s
5th10Harvey SLACK Platinum MTB Racing1:23.3571:22.006     1:22.0053.75s
6th1Scott MEARS Cyclefix / Santa Cruz1:22.4641:22.397     1:22.3964.14s
7th42Michael TAIT Scott Sports UK1:25.6981:24.818     1:24.8176.56s
8th11Theo COATES 1:28.4091:26.359     1:26.3588.10s
9th5Lee MCIVER (sen) Platinum MTB Racing1:30.00121:28.3610     1:28.36910.11s
10th7Tom KELLY (mas) 1:29.31101:29.2111     1:29.211010.96s
11th12Grant SEDITAS 1:29.35111:30.5014     1:29.351111.10s
12th14Mike NEWBOULD 3:48.65371:29.6512     1:29.651211.40s
13th8Adam BURNSIDE 1:31.00131:30.2113     1:30.211311.96s
14th16Peter THOMPSON (mas) 1:31.46141:30.8515     1:30.851412.60s
15th9Zac HUBERY 1:35.50231:31.2516     1:31.251513.00s
16th18Ethan KING Buzz Cycles1:32.20151:33.1919     1:32.201613.95s
17th13Danny CARNE 1:32.29161:32.9418     1:32.291714.04s
18th37Robby JOHNSTON (u21) 1:33.81171:32.7517     1:32.751814.50s
19th19James WILSON (sen1) 1:34.36191:33.4620     1:33.461915.21s
20th38Fergus LODER Bike Bothy Pitfichie1:33.89181:33.8921     1:33.892015.64s
21st23Chris BRANT 1:34.70211:34.5622     1:34.562116.31s
22nd17Oliver SMITH (mas) 1:34.66201:35.3123     1:34.662216.41s
23rd24Tom WHIPHAM Tin Donkey Riders1:35.35221:36.0028     1:35.352317.10s
24th21Jordan NUTTER Nutter TV1:35.76251:35.4124     1:35.412417.16s
25th27Kenneth CLARKIN 1:36.06261:35.4625     1:35.462517.21s
26th15Michael TURNBULL 1:35.64241:35.5026     1:35.502617.25s
27th20Louis HOGG 1:47.44331:35.7527     1:35.752717.50s
28th25David THOMPSON (mas2) 1:37.15271:37.7529     1:37.152818.90s
29th35Nicholas HETHERINGTON 1:37.81285:15.1536     1:37.812919.56s
30th22Ricky MAWER 1:39.10301:38.0030     1:38.003019.75s
31st41Arron MCGREGOR Northern Outlaws1:38.26291:39.6632     1:38.263120.01s
32nd40Niall MCCALLUM 1:41.04311:38.5631     1:38.563220.31s
33rd30Alex BARKER (sen) 1:49.96361:40.4533     1:40.453322.20s
34th29Craig EVANS (mas) 1:46.50321:42.9034     1:42.903424.65s
35th36David JOHNSTON (sen) 1:48.20341:43.6535     1:43.653525.40s
36th34Harry FISHER Dad's Bank Racing1:48.5135          1:48.513630.26s
-Danny HART (elt) 1:20.0411:18.5611:18.251     N/C



Female: Open  Spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Best run Diff
1st45Katie MELVILLE 1:38.4111:39.301     1:38.411-
2nd44Hollie VAYRO 1:42.3121:42.152     1:42.1523.74s
3rd46Macie MCCARTHY Descend Hamsterley1:44.5031:43.093     1:43.0934.68s
4th47Hollie ALDERSON West Highland Wheelers1:52.3541:52.104     1:52.10413.69s
5th48Skye SIMPSON JONES 1:55.8151:54.755     1:54.75516.34s
6th49Evie WILKIE 2:20.7962:19.756     2:19.75641.34s

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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