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16+ courseU16/U14/U12 course

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Male: 16+ course Expert  Lap chart Finish spread

21 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Laps Lap 1 Lap 2 Spread Total time Diff
1st67Robert MCKENNA Bray Wheelers244:20144:2310.1%1h28:441-
2nd122Dominik DRWAL 244:53246:2023.2%1h31:1322:29
3rd249Conor VERBRUGGEN 245:41446:2331.5%1h32:0433:20
4th50Jaroslaw KINAL Kondycja.net.team go to site245:25347:1344.0%1h32:3843:54
5th42P.J. HYNES Cuchulainn CC246:24549:0685.8%1h35:3056:46
6th153Oisin MCAVOCK 247:18648:5063.2%1h36:0867:24
7th151Padraig MARREY Western Lakes Cycling Club247:31748:3752.3%1h36:0977:25
8th149Anthony HAMMOND Castlebar cc248:29948:5570.9%1h37:2488:40
9th246Harry ROCHFORD Orwell Wheelers247:41851:52118.8%1h39:33910:49
10th148David DOWDALL Off Grid (Galway)248:471051:20105.2%1h40:071011:23
11th23Marcus DAVIES Mad249:531150:5892.2%1h40:511112:07
12th154Brian O DONNELL West Coast Wheelers249:541252:05124.4%1h42:001213:16
13th9Paul BIRCHALL VergeSportPiCycles250:571452:57133.9%1h43:551315:11
14th150Jason LEAVY GMTB254:041655:01141.8%1h49:061420:22
15th133Keith MORRIS Clonmel MTB Club254:181757:28165.8%1h51:471523:03
16th19Brendan COAKLEY Over The Hill CC255:411857:00152.4%1h52:421623:58
17th30Ciaran FARRELL (exp) 255:43191h00:32178.6%1h56:161727:32
152Neil MARTIN Off Grid (Galway)249:5412     n/a     DNF
143Enda BAKER Breffni Wheelers253:5315     n/a     DNF
31Colm FARRELL Navan Road Club21h05:3520     n/a     DNF
110Richard CHAPMAN Limerick Cycling Club21h08:0321     n/a     DNF

Male: 16+ course U18  Finish spread

2 competitors found

Male: 16+ course Novice  Finish spread

26 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Laps Lap 1 Diff
1st1044Michal METLICKA Limerick Mountain Bike Club148:341-
2nd1032Jonathan HUDSON 150:0221:28
3rd1019Justin DOHERTY Dunloy CC150:0331:29
4th1122Jack CONNOR northwestmtb150:0441:30
5th1113Rob JENNINGS Lucan Cycling Club150:4752:13
6th1062Anthony WATKINS 152:4864:14
7th1014Kevin CRONIN Bree Racing153:0674:32
8th1024Glenn FINNEGAN Cuchulainn CC154:4686:12
9th1067Pio O'REGAN 155:3497:00
10th1116Oran GUERIN GMTB156:38108:04
11th1040Martin MCINERNEY 156:58118:24
12th1025Sean FOLEY 156:59128:25
13th1400Unknown RIDER (M) 157:04138:30
14th1398Unknown RIDER (M) 159:111410:37
15th1112Philip EVANS 159:111410:37
16th1013Billy COSGRAVE 159:121610:38
17th1093Eoin O SULLIVAN West Clare cycling club11h00:011711:27
18th1123Rory CONNOR NWMTB11h01:101812:36
19th1065Barry CROSSE 11h01:591913:25
20th1034Tamas KOVACS Mad11h05:312016:57
21st1054Gregor PIOREK Limerick Mountain Bike Club11h06:332117:59
22nd1118Trevor QUINN GMTB11h21:472233:13
23rd1114Derek JENNINGS Lucan11h30:102341:36
24th1038Don MCCALLUM 11h31:092442:35
25th1117Emmet GARDNER GMTB11h38:242549:50
1119P.J. MC TAVISH Western Lakes Cycling Club     

Male: 16+ course E-bike  Lap chart Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Laps Lap 1 Lap 2 Spread Total time Diff
1st1507Mark MCQUAID Republic of Bike239:13139:2410.5%1h18:381-
2nd1521Xavier ARNOLD MMBC240:06240:0620.0%1h20:1321:35
3rd1512Troy POWER GAP MTB240:20440:5731.5%1h21:1732:39
4th1549Ben CONDRON Republic of Bike240:18341:0241.8%1h21:2042:42
5th1503Robert FOLEY 246:54645:3153.0%1h32:25513:47
6th1513Karl THOMAS Republic of Bike243:11555:32728.6%1h38:43620:05
7th1520Conor WARD Orbea250:35752:5864.7%1h43:33724:55



Female: 16+ course Expert  Lap chart Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Laps Lap 1 Lap 2 Spread Total time Diff
1st501Joanna BULA Team Worc255:00155:1910.6%1h50:201-
2nd502Rachel CINNSEALACH Mad21h12:0121h16:4026.5%2h28:42238:22

Female: 16+ course U18

1 competitor found

Female: 16+ course Novice  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Laps Lap 1 Diff
1st2022Elizabeth HASTINGS 11h01:301-
2nd2007Aine MAC CARTHY Sorrento CC11h05:1323:43
3rd2019Michelle JORDAN Mad11h07:2335:53
4th2020Amii CLEARY 11h10:2148:51
5th2016Julia OSZLANYI Off Grid (Galway)11h27:40526:10
6th2008Joanne MCCALLUM 11h38:21636:51
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