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2021 Trestle Gravity Series round 2 - Air Downhill, Winter Park, CO

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Course: Five Points > Lower Rainmaker

Male: Pro  Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st653Petr HANÁK 3:28.3641-
2nd1323Dillon LEMARR 3:31.16522.801s
3rd1288Derek ANDERSON 3:33.66935.305s
4th1316Jake INGRAM 3:33.86245.498s
5th1289Harrison BRITT 3:35.67457.310s
6th646Carson WHITE 3:36.80668.442s
7th1219Eric YOON 3:37.46979.105s
8th1214Adrian GALAMBA 3:41.239812.875s
9th1277Josh CARTWRIGHT 3:47.005918.641s
10th1315Wesley HODGE 3:48.1361019.772s
11th640Chaice SODERSTROM 3:49.0861120.722s
12th1220Joshua SMITH (u35) 4:40.472121:12.108
611Ryan BOYLE      

Male: Amateur: 19-29  Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st1317Andrew KURTCHI 3:37.9101-
2nd1300John PYRON (CO) 3:38.10320.193s
3rd609Bradford LOWERY 3:43.22635.316s
4th1234Travis POOLE (west) 3:44.50946.599s
5th1319Will SMITH 3:45.70957.799s
6th1320Joseph SOUKUP 3:50.281612.371s
7th1322Matt JONES (u30) 3:51.359713.449s
8th1285Ayden FAIRFIELD 3:52.520814.610s
9th1324Steve WARD (nov) 3:53.939916.029s
10th613Parker GARNER 3:54.0601016.150s
11th1229Ryan BATMAN 3:57.3871119.477s
12th1264Taylor ROBERTS 3:59.0891221.179s
13th1258Cole DECROW 3:59.6721321.762s
14th630Jimmy HICKEY 4:06.8571428.947s
15th635Adam ASDEL 4:07.3441529.434s

Male: U11  Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st628Cooper OEFLEIN 4:05.0601-
2nd1254Alpine LEONARD 4:17.660212.600s
3rd1218Wyatt JACOBSON 4:26.710321.650s
4th1184Gavin GRAY 4:30.300425.240s
5th1312Henri VAN NOORDENBURG 4:33.300528.240s
6th1263Sterling MANN 4:33.880628.820s
7th1281Grafton MERRIAM 4:39.310734.250s
8th1292Owen YAKE 4:41.350836.290s
9th1294Dax MACOMBER 4:48.870943.810s
10th1287Lucas SCHMIDT 5:02.2101057.150s
11th1313Rudi VAN NOORDENBURG 5:19.540111:14.480

Male: 11-14  Finish spread

32 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st1275Jamison LEE 3:55.2661-
2nd1276Ryan DUBEY 4:04.30629.040s
3rd624Jackson MCPHERSON 4:04.55539.289s
4th614Hayden MEZEY 4:04.60349.337s
5th1299Cameron WHITE 4:06.158510.892s
6th1270Noah DIPPENAAR 4:07.657612.391s
7th603Amato HALENDA 4:07.801712.535s
8th1239Rowan RENZELMAN 4:09.510814.244s
9th1268Lukas SMITH (u16) 4:11.843916.577s
10th1242Sam SCHMIDT 4:12.6991017.433s
11th644Dacio PINA 4:14.5621119.296s
12th632Liam RICHARDSON 4:16.8471221.581s
13th1185Owen MOUM 4:18.1041322.838s
14th1221Aaron AKENS 4:21.0151425.749s
15th1203Finn SHAW 4:21.4061526.140s
16th1301Grady ORTIZ 4:21.4681626.202s
17th1196Brendan MARCINKOWSKI 4:23.2481727.982s
18th1216Nolan BAUCOM 4:24.1271828.861s
19th1308Taylor COLN 4:25.2931930.027s
20th1311Tucker TURNER 4:26.1912030.925s
21st619Stephen DOMINGUEZ 4:27.6052132.339s
22nd1187Ethan ROHWEDER 4:28.4332233.167s
23rd1199Brandon CORNACCHIONE 4:29.8552334.589s
24th1233Jack SPANO 4:31.3392436.073s
25th1266Finn CHAIYAVET 4:31.6152536.349s
26th1309Benjamin LUTHER 4:32.7492637.483s
27th1295Robby CONNER 4:43.0542747.788s
28th1200Connor OATES 4:43.0722847.806s
29th1198Austin CORNACCHIONE 4:46.9212951.655s
30th1243Ollie REYNOLDS 4:54.3073059.041s
602Jack BROWN (u19)      
1278Owen SLATER      

Male: 15-18  Finish spread

38 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st601David CONNERS 3:42.0031-
2nd616Jackson GOODWIN 3:43.24521.242s
3rd606Keegan COLE 3:44.60432.601s
4th642Aiden ROWELL 3:44.84342.840s
5th612Eric WEERS 3:44.90752.904s
6th604Michael BOCK 3:45.75463.751s
7th627Cooper SILVERSTEIN 3:46.69974.696s
8th626Jack LEONI 3:46.72784.724s
9th1190Mitchell LUNT 3:48.47496.471s
10th1224Trevor COPPOCK 3:48.569106.566s
11th633Casen DOBBS 3:49.467117.464s
12th1225Ben TRADER 3:52.9131210.910s
13th610Tyler TEAFORD 3:54.0491312.046s
14th1240Aiden RENZELMAN 3:56.9511414.948s
15th1181Max DARLING 3:58.3191516.316s
16th636Kyle ROSZELL 3:59.9121617.909s
17th651Ben GOODMAN 4:00.1401718.137s
18th1283Levi STEWART 4:00.1671818.164s
19th634Jordan ZIEMBA 4:00.2381918.235s
20th647Cameron KICK 4:01.3132019.310s
21st1186Colton ROHWEDER 4:01.4632119.460s
22nd1223Ty SISNEROS 4:02.1072220.104s
23rd1241James LAMBORNE 4:05.1502323.147s
24th1318Samuel MILNER 4:06.3362424.333s
25th1202Ryan MULLEN (pro) 4:06.7512524.748s
26th1282Byam LOVELL 4:07.1162625.113s
27th645Adam LOVELL 4:08.7392726.736s
28th1272Alan MEDVED 4:09.0502827.047s
29th1222Wyatt HUSTON 4:11.5482929.545s
30th639Jonathan SABIN 4:12.9873030.984s
31st1279Eli LOVE 4:13.2963131.293s
32nd643Parker LOVELL 4:19.3733237.370s
33rd1273Coy WATSON 4:22.2523340.249s
34th629Tyler SWEARENGIN 4:41.1193459.116s
35th618Zhandor SHANNON-FROLICH 7:16.754353:34.751
622Marcus RICHARDSON      
648Dietrich SCHROEDER      
649Mitchell SCHROEDER °      

° Rider racing out of category

Male: 30-39  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st1280Collin KUNES 3:43.7931-
2nd641Kelly BROWN 3:46.49622.703s
3rd1298Steve MONDEK 3:49.44235.649s
4th1293Tyler HOLM 3:50.42046.627s
5th1271Robert TURK 4:11.689527.896s
1307Billy PARKER      

Male: 40-49  Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st1183Ryan PIKE 3:51.9361-
2nd608Jeff HARTSOUGH 3:54.06622.130s
3rd652Chris BIANCO 3:56.03934.103s
4th615David MÁRQUEZ 3:58.89746.961s
5th1261Trent DECROW 3:59.05957.123s
6th1305Jason MEZEY 4:03.510611.574s
7th1297Eric DENNIS 4:05.524713.588s
8th1245Dirk SHAW 4:15.603823.667s
1182Zachary MORRIS      
1291Alex WEBB      

Male: 50+  Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st1290Johnnie KAVANAUGH 3:52.7051-
2nd1208Jamson HENDLER 3:55.75723.052s
3rd1257Claude FRANK 3:57.95135.246s
4th1302Paul MCELROY 3:58.01345.308s
5th1284Forrest REYNOLDS 3:59.39956.694s
6th1256Don FRITTS 3:59.41266.707s
7th1269Jeremy SMITH (west2) 4:06.746714.041s



Female: Pro  Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st623Janelle SOUKUP 3:53.1501-
2nd1260Lindsay KARGE 4:04.403211.253s
3rd1274Sarah TEY ATWELL 4:04.443311.293s
4th1265Amy SHEPARD 4:05.304412.154s
5th1314Celia FERGUSON 4:05.845512.695s
6th1304Stephanie LEONARD 4:05.890612.740s
7th1286Kim GODFREY 4:15.628722.478s
8th1251Meghan MCDONOUGH 4:20.824827.674s

Female: Amateur: 19+  Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st1259Kelsey WISINSKI 4:02.7071-
2nd1267Caitlin HAYS 4:19.834217.127s

Female: U11  Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st1204Macey CAZIER 6:06.9901-
1262Robyn LLOYD      

Female: 11-14  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st1296Tatum MARSH 4:20.1471-
2nd1310Maddie HASER 4:36.679216.532s
3rd620Carolynn DOMINGUEZ 4:39.217319.070s
4th1321Ashlyn SULLIVAN 4:54.460434.313s

Female: 15-18  Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st631Maddie MOXLEY 4:04.9261-
2nd1303Corinthia CRAWFORD 4:06.81921.893s
3rd607Ainslee COLE 4:12.46437.538s
617Jacey READ      
625Ashley SEGER      

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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