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Male: Superclass

11 competitors found

Male: U7

8 competitors found

Male: 7yrs

18 competitors found

Male: 8yrs

33 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1st239Charlie DOWSING Crucial BMX / Nottingham Outlaws3216111
2nd118Seth KUCHARIK Derby2136242
3rd029Jack HAINES Nuneaton2338233
4th386Hendrix HINES Runnymede Rockets1214124
5th109Jack BELTON Decoy3126125
6th312Oakley LEWIS-FIELD Andover1157336
7th846Malachi SMITH Hayes Hawks54413347
8th01Ethan SHORE Birmingham / Birmingham NRT1113118
9th725Jack KITCHING Fluent Bicycle Motocross / Mid Lancs BMX121425
10th984Rex FORD Braintree BMX Racing Club342926
11th591Joseph DEWIS Gosport131535
12th307Max MOSS Braintree BMX Racing Club5461546
13th047Aston John LEE Cumbernauld Centurions225947
14th811Chester GROCOCK Cheshire Ghostriders BMX / Smiley's flight club432947
15th008Arthur DONALDSON Decoy / Green Machine TRiBE612938
16th440Teddy JEFFERY Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club / Technique453124DNF
17th527Luca CHALK Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Bideford BMX433105
18th254Rocco WESTWOOD Derby / DVIDE UK274135
19th023Oliver HAWKER T.N.T.227115
20th148Felix CHAMBERS Brixton334105
21st391Olly BIRD Cheshire Ghostriders BMX45DNF166
22nd334Seb STAINES Derby565166
23rd308Jack GRIGGS Cheshire Ghostriders BMX / Smiley's flight club455146
24th590Hugo BALLANTYNE Blackpool554146
25th505Rhylee TAYLOR DAY Ipswich / SAS RT653147
26th866George KELHAM T.N.T.644147
27th818Zachary JONES Brixton / JumpClub S&M Source542117
28th232George SPENCER Decoy366157
29th263William ARNOLD Cornwall BMX Racing Club765188
30th161Elliot WHALLEY Cumbernauld Centurions766198
31st014Theodore DONTAS Royston Rockets BMX Racing Club667198
33rd812Teddy HARRADINE Royston Rockets BMX Racing ClubDNSDNSDNS26

Male: 9yrs

41 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1st666Joey TOMKINS Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution1225211
2nd561Jack DEVINE Preston Pirates / Sorted Racegear2316122
3rd01Benny JACKSON Fluent Bicycle Motocross / Manchester1113123
4th304Finlay MUNRO Preston Pirates1113114
5th784Aston KIGHTLY Braintree BMX Racing Club1113235
6th104Teddy JONES Birmingham3227346
7th423Sebastian HEWITT Nottingham Outlaws / Team Creation Cycles1236247
8th426Rex BEASLEY Birmingham / Clark & Kent / Staystrong2114238
9th951Kylan GORDON North East212536
10th193Lucas TEWOLDE Peckham Challengers4531237
11th938Preston NEWMARSH-POW Redditch Premiers142735
12th847Finley PALMER Bournemouth / Team Mind7311147
13th041Wilson EATON Derby3531146
14th006Arlo STEIMETZ Bristol224815
15th952Jamie ROBERTSON (u11) Cumbernauld Centurions4251148
16th298Clayton SOUTHART Ipswich / SAS RT6341348
17th836Arthur CLAYDON Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club353115
18th087Oliver RICHES (u11) Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club / Green Machine TRiBE644145
19th159Beau MORRIS Andover / Team AIR515115
20th267Connor HEMPHILL Blackpool443115
21st663Hugo DEIGHTON Doncaster BMX Racing / DVIDE UK23276
22nd008Neel GRANDANS Brixton335116
23rd601Izaac JONES Cheshire Ghostriders BMX / Smiley's flight club542116
24th241Ronnie WOOD Birmingham24396
25th506Ollie WARNER Moto1 365 RT / T.N.T.32497
26th146Jack SWALES (u11) Fast Signatures BMX Team / Gosport536147
27th728Kye WATERHOUSE Bristol445137
28th000Ollie TODD Peterborough Phantoms454137
29th397Otto PARR Bournemouth365148
30th787Joseph MCEVOY Derby / DVIDE UK754168
31st278Thomas HENNING Preston Pirates756188
32nd956Harry TAYLOR (u11) Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club475168
33rd481Thomas BARNARD Norwich Flyers BMX Racing Club66618
34th456Alfie HART Cornwall BMX Racing Club66618
35th182Josiah BURGE Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club / Green Machine TRiBE57618
36th144Jacob SQUIRES Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club / MICKS PIX BMX TEAM57618
37th908Samuel SNELL Decoy56718
38th522Seth RITCHIE Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club66719
39th970Ollie THORNE Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club / MICKS PIX BMX TEAM76720
40th937Joshua COATES Decoy67720
41st335Vinni-Joe BUTT Bideford BMX77721

Male: 10yrs

46 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1st2James BIBBY Fluent Bicycle Motocross / Manchester1113111
2nd975Layton HARDING Bournemouth / Sorted Racegear1326322
3rd4Leo ROWLANDS Bruntwood Park5128133
4th3Isaac SMITH Preston Pirates / Rabracing1135324
5thE5Itai JAMERA Crucial BMX / Derby1214135
6th8Adrian GAILITIS Moto1 365 RT / T.N.T.1416246
7th6Joe ROOKE Bideford BMX / Clark & Kent / Staystrong2248217
8th10Zach EVERLY Derby / Hashtag 59223724DNF
9th7Harley BOWLER Derby / Team Creation Cycles412725
10th9Ronnie PAIN Bexhill Bike Park / JumpClub S&M Source111315
11th21Huwie HALL Birmingham2261046
12th12Marcus MULLEN Preston Pirates223736
13th14Harry SWALES Fast Signatures BMX Team / Gosport5321047
14th460Seth BYRNE Decoy / Green Machine TRiBE342947
15th606Archie BELL (CGR) Cheshire Ghostriders BMX341848
16th17Sam RICHES Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club / Green Machine TRiBE214738
17th25Arthwr THOMAS Manchester454135
18th16Ahkyn BRAZIER Club Cyclopark433105
19th108Lucas BELTON Decoy353115
20th35Alberts ALEIDZANS Bournemouth354125
21st18Lucas MOSS Preston Pirates742136
22nd26Bram HEAVER Andover / Team AIR565166
23rd38Jett THOMPSON Gosport336126
24th32Zach WORTHINGTON Preston Pirates365146
25th396Louis CHEFFEY Bournemouth / Team Mind454137
26th37Callum GOOSTREY Cheshire Ghostriders BMX / Smiley's flight club726157
27th27Percy LARGE Nuneaton / Ti-Go665177
28th34Theo DAVIES Mid Lancs BMX845177
29th30Noah BAGWELL Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution443118
30th881Finley MURPHY Nuneaton566178
31st29Emile CHALLENGER Brixton4318DNF
32nd878Otis MURPHY Nuneaton23510DNF
33rd48Xander FLINT Bruntwood Park55717
34th711Harrison DOE Decoy67518
35th688Alexander OSORIO FALCONES Peckham Challengers87419
36th49Deacon CHILDS Royston Rockets BMX Racing Club76619
37th19Leon WAITE Mid Lancs BMX66719
38th39Billy CHEESEMAN Gosport58720
39th516Max LIVINGSTONE Gosport75820
40th640Lucas GOMEZ SANZ Runnymede Rockets77721
41st51Thomas ALLEN (u13) Club Cyclopark / Retro Racing BMX68721
42nd225Logan WATERHOUSE Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club67821
43rd905Lucas LAURIE Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club68DNF21
44th42Henry BALLANTYNE Blackpool88622
45th43Jasper KIMBER Gosport77822
46th324Max BOJANG Brixton87823

Male: 11yrs

52 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1stE6Freddie PARKINSON Preston Pirates / ProStart BMX1146121
2nd52XKurts STORKIS 1113142
3rd9Harry TYERS Braintree BMX Racing Club4116423
4th3Charlie WILLCOCKS Bournemouth / Team Mind2215114
5th5Frankie GRIFFIN Fluent Bicycle Motocross / Preston Pirates1124135
6th15James MILLER (u13) Andover / Team AIR1315246
7th4Josh SYLVESTER Bournemouth1315337
8th2Ethan RODGERS Birmingham / Team Meybo UK111321DNF
9th20Dylan SPENCE Nottingham Outlaws / Team Bunneys331727
10th6Oscar CHAMBERS (u13) Brixton222625
11th337Ethan HOWELL Nottingham Outlaws / Team Creation Cycles232746
12th728Ethan CROOKES-MARTIN Runnymede Rockets234938
13th23Hunter MALYON Brixton5231036
14th17Thomas PALMER (u13) Preston Pirates5441347
15th13Zane WILLIAMS Peckham Challengers322735
16th32Oscar WALDING Nuneaton223748
17th31Adam ARNOLD (u13) Braintree BMX Racing Club344115
18th992Jack PERKINS (12) Derby / DVIDE UK442105
19th141Charlie CRAIG (u13) Manchester / Smiley's flight club433105
20th8Oliver ARNOLD Smiley's flight club / Torbay BMX Racing Club118105
21st38Harley REID (bmx) BMX United / Gosport653146
22nd22Sullivan COLLIS Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club454136
23rd14Colby WILLIAMS Peckham Challengers327126
24th59Henry POTTS Bruntwood Park445136
25th11Thomas HONEYWILL Decoy / Green Machine TRiBE21257
26th60James Joseph Roy PIPE Braintree BMX Racing Club553137
27th332Roland ELS Nuneaton452117
28th40Stanley FARMER T.N.T.244107
29th29Otto BOWDEN Mid Lancs BMX32388
30th36George REDDIN Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club / Technique735158
31st10Clayton LEAT Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club / Smiley's flight club653148
32nd16Bence Tibor KISS Peckham Challengers346138
33rd35Xavi FOX-COOPER Bruntwood Park64515
34th52Harry HOLMES (BTREE) Braintree BMX Racing Club55515
35th521Evan DAVEY Cornwall BMX Racing Club37515
36th41Hayden CARTWRIGHT Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution66416
37th47Jamie TERBLANCHE Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club56617
38th46Ralph BAKER Nuneaton56617
39th236Max MCNULTY Nottingham Outlaws47617
40th578Laurence BOJANG Brixton76518
41st401Ralph SOWERBY Decoy56718
42nd54Samuel DOLAN Bruntwood Park76619
43rd39Bodhi MARKLEY Concept Meybo UK / Knightwood67619
44th173Louie KUCHARIK Derby67619
45th50Oakley HOLLOWAY Decoy / Green Machine TRiBE75719
46th63Alex BOUGHTON Club Cyclopark / Retro Racing BMX87520
47th48Jude HOUGH Preston Pirates / ProStart BMX86721
48th228Noah GARDNER Club Cyclopark77721
49th49Jawdan AJIBADE Brixton68721
50th51Riley BUTT Bideford BMX78722
51st076Gilmour GREEN Andover / Rustynut Racing77822
52nd142Joey DEMIR Peckham Challengers88824

Male: 12yrs

53 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1stE4Coby WRAYFORD Clark & Kent / Decoy / Staystrong1124121
2ndE3Harry DONALD Birmingham2327212
3rd7Oliver TYERS (BTREE) Braintree BMX Racing Club1135233
4th6Ned GUPPY Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club1214144
5thW6Senshu FLUKES Bath BMX / DC Cycles3115125
6th14Elvis LAWRENCE DC Cycles / Runnymede Rockets1124236
7th8James COTTRELL BMX Widow Photography / Preston Pirates65112247
8th1Ti D-S Factory Supercross / Peckham Challengers1113118
9th5Isaac SHORE Birmingham / Birmingham NRT2281235
10th9Ronnie RICHARDS Fast Signatures BMX Team / Gosport313748
11th11Toby LYNCH Mid Lancs BMX314836
12th938Freddie RICHARDSON Braintree BMX Racing Club231647
13th23Ben MILLINGTON Royston Rockets BMX Racing Club4241036
14th19Eli LAMB Fast Signatures BMX Team / Gosport22374DNF
15th13Robin MATERN ALONSO Peckham Challengers323845
16thW8Harry BAILEY Cheshire Ghostriders BMX / Smiley's flight club23163DNF
17th622Maxwell LAWRENCE Braintree BMX Racing Club343105
18thW5Amelia EVERLY Derby / Hashtag 59443115
19th16Nate HAMILTON North East42175
20th20Thomas WESTMORE Runnymede Rockets33285
21st15Oscar JEWELL Andover / Team AIR24286
22nd31A.J. MOORE Peckham Challengers364136
23rd098Adam STEPHENSON Barnesbury CC635146
24th35Blake ALLISON Ipswich446146
25th26Pepe LOPEZ T.N.T.554147
26th18Newton HINDLEY Andover / Team AIR525127
27th920Heath OSBORNE Birmingham235107
28th17Todd SMITH-NOTMAN North East15397
29th39Edward MILLER Preston Pirates452118
30th741Chrystiano GOODMAN Peckham Challengers434118
31st46Milo WELLER Bruntwood Park172108
32nd211Daniel KOLODZIEJ 544138
33rd27Alfie SIMM Preston Pirates / Rebel Racing BMX56415
34th081Dylan SLATTER Hayes Hawks55515
35th275Owen MILLER Burnham54615
36th551Samuel ROLLISON Bexhill Bike Park / JumpClub S&M Source46616
37th24Nathaniel EAMES Preston Pirates / Rebel Racing BMX66517
38th59Ted YOUNG Runnymede Rockets67518
39th51Reuben HALL PATTERSON Cheshire Ghostriders BMX / Smiley's flight club84618
40th579Thomas O'BRIEN (bmx) Preston Pirates75618
41st54Zac CHILDS Royston Rockets BMX Racing Club66618
42nd062Marcel BIEDA Derby56718
43rd22Brodie GEDDES Cumbernauld Centurions68519
44th57Morgan PALMER Andover / Team AIR77620
45th253Cooper WESTWOOD Derby / DVIDE UK85720
46th48Liam BURN Birmingham76720
47th56Caiden THOMPSON Peterborough Phantoms77721
48th191Billy HARRISON Birmingham68721
49th995Harry MACFARLANE (u14) Peterborough Phantoms78722
50th55Jacob ELLIS (u14) Peterborough Phantoms77822
51st60Braden DUFFY Royston Rockets BMX Racing Club77822
52nd52Lewis LINSCOTT Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club / MICKS PIX BMX TEAM88723
53rd53Noah KLEIN Peckham Challengers87823

Male: 13yrs

51 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1st1Ben LARKINS Gosport / Pure Bicycles1113111
2nd3Kai BOWEN Clark & Kent / Peckham Challengers / Staystrong1113122
3rdW8Heath THOMAS Braintree BMX Racing Club / Thrill Factory UK1214113
4thW4Luke WILLCOCKS Bournemouth / Halo Wheels BMX RT1113124
5th7Amos GUPPY Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club2316235
6th5Lucas SEALEY Preston Pirates / Rabracing1135346
7th12Lucas OSBORNE Birmingham / Birmingham NRT1247247
8th18Harvey TOMLINSON Merton Saints2428238
9th20Enzo SHAW Club Cyclopark323846
10th22Harrison SCHOFIELD DC Cycles / T.N.T.212525
11thW3Emie SEWARD Blackpool / Hardknox Byke Coaching222645
12th23Tate KITSON Hayes Hawks / Moto1 365 RT22373DNF
13thW4XElisha JAMERA Crucial BMX / Derby543123DNF
14th889Eden BOONE Norwich Flyers BMX Racing Club124737
15th13Freddie ENTWISTLE Birmingham2541146
16th14Jenson HUNT Cardiff BMX Racing Club / Crucial BMX4361348
17th26Oliver SIM Mid Lancs BMX43185
18th200Jack DAVEY (u16) Cornwall BMX Racing Club31265
19th9Alex DUNKLEY North East / Odum327125
20th32Logan WIDDOWSON Nottingham Outlaws / Team Bunneys643135
21st17Benjamin ROUGH Hayes Hawks732126
22nd701Mason GROVES Knowsley335116
23rd53Nataniel TONSKI Peckham Challengers633126
24th21Davi TIMMA Derby452116
25th497Oliver JAMES (u15) Bradford Bandits BMX Racing Club554147
26th29Eric MCSWITY Manchester / MCR245117
27th24Ted SPENCER Peckham Challengers344117
28th36Jack WALFORD Manchester / MCR543127
29th16Freddie FRANKLIN Cardiff BMX Racing Club / Rustynut Racing472138
30th10Felix LOPEZ T.N.T.31158
31st31Sunny REID BMX United / Gosport464148
32nd27XLouis AVERY Decoy536148
33rd536Thomas MARSH KBMX-UK / Knowsley65415
34th205Rufus COUSINEAU Bournemouth46515
35th46Olly TERBLANCHE Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution36615
36th727William CHAPLIN Cheshire Ghostriders BMX / Smiley's flight club65516
37th48Max SURRIDGE Redditch Premiers55616
38th37Eli PRICE Peckham Challengers46616
39th49Salvador MORGAN Peckham Challengers57517
40th30Olly KIRBY Decoy / Green Machine TRiBEREL4519
41st858Dylan POWELL (u15) Nuneaton77519
42nd34Chase BARNARD Birmingham / Clark & Kent / Staystrong75719
43rd40Freddie GATTESCO Runnymede Rockets66719
44th38Euan BEAT Manchester77620
45th661Alfie ANDREWS Nottingham Outlaws76720
46th430Teddy HEADLEY Peckham Challengers78621
47th332Sonny HOWELL Nottingham Outlaws / Team Creation Cycles86721
48th65Toby STURGESS Knightwood67821
49th27Cooper MCCRUM BMX Widow Photography / Cumbernauld Centurions5DNSDNS24
50th193XMalakai LLOYD IpswichDNSDNSDNS28
50th62Oliver WOOD (u14) Bexhill Bike Park / JumpClub S&M SourceDNSDNSDNS28

Male: 14yrs

39 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1stW6James CLITHEROE Hardknox Byke Coaching / Mid Lancs BMX1113111
2nd3Finley HOUGH Preston Pirates / ProStart BMX1113112
3rd8Fynn PHILLIPS Bournemouth2114223
4th13Caden DONE Blackpool2215134
5th6Eli SMITH Preston Pirates / Rabracing4228235
6th7Noah EVERLY Derby / Hashtag 591247346
7th4Mason LANG Fluent Bicycle Motocross / Mid Lancs BMX23DNS15247
8th12Cody COKER Hayes Hawks / Retro Racing BMX3126128
9th11Oscar LYNCH Mid Lancs BMX113525
10th33Zachary TIER Bexhill Bike Park / JumpClub S&M Source2451146
11th28Joe PENTON-VOAK Bristol3251038
12th9Oliver COPPING Cardiff BMX Racing Club / Crucial BMX64DNF1846
13th16Finlay COLLIS Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club233837
14th15Freddie DUDMAN Concept Meybo UK / Runnymede Rockets6411147
15th38Jono HARRADINE Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution4561548
16th17Jack BAILEY (u16) Decoy / Rustynut Racing123635
17th30Cameron COX (bmx) Hayes Hawks33285
18th845George CHAPMAN (bmx) Decoy462125
19th27Kemi COOKE North East / Odum555155
20th21Quentin O'BRIEN Derby33285
21st14Henry RAYNER North East / Odum453126
22nd611Finnian BRADY Derby664166
23rd220Kai BLANE Andover / Team AIR557176
24th614Joe NUNN Decoy566176
25th34Sean BROWN Birmingham765187
26th51Zade FLINT Bruntwood Park646167
27th35Bradley DAVISON Runnymede Rockets473147
28th36Ollie COTTAM Manchester / MCR774187
29th24Nathan BARATA Hayes Hawks334108
30th011Shea JORDAN Birmingham556168
31st32Louis PINDER Torbay BMX Racing Club675188
32nd22Lucas WEBSTER Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club544138
33rd637Harvey HAYES Hayes Hawks86620
34th553Joseph LITTLE Preston Pirates / Rebel Racing BMX77721
35th809Samuel MILLINGTON Royston Rockets BMX Racing Club78722
36th49Alex MACKIE Cheshire Ghostriders BMX / Smiley's flight club77822
37th46Matthew RUSSELL (u16) North East88723
38th43Zack AVERY Decoy88824
39th53Kaydn KEMP Cardiff BMX Racing Club / ProStart BMX88824

Male: 15yrs

49 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1st2Jared HILL Norwich Flyers BMX Racing Club / Pure Bicycles1113111
2nd5Henry EYRE Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Decoy1315132
3rd7Max CLARE Derby / Team Meybo UK1113113
4th14Zac TWITCHEN Bournemouth / Team Mind1124144
5th9Flynn DRELINCOURT Manchester / Sorted Racegear33612235
6th8Elliot BROOKE Preston Pirates / Rabracing3216226
7th13Josh WILLIAMS (u17) Preston Pirates / Rebel Racing BMX2114227
8th10Jay-Teale SIMPSON-DAVIES JumpClub S&M Source / Peckham ChallengersDNF2211348
9th18Hugo MOON Runnymede Rockets122525
10th17Jayden GREEN Blackpool124748
11th12Thomas MILLAR Braintree BMX Racing Club / Moto1 365 RT312636
12th11Curtis COPELAND Birmingham / Birmingham NRT412737
13th26Samuel HAMBLING Ipswich / SAS RT224847
14th35Myles WILDBORE Crucial BMX / Derby211435
15th25Zach REEVES Derby324946
16th65Callum DAVID Braintree BMX Racing Club4331048
17th21Corey MCKIE Manchester543125
18th27Ellis BERRY (u17) Mid Lancs BMX643135
19th39Dominic HINES Royston Rockets BMX Racing Club463135
20th42Romeo CAPPAI Bexhill Bike Park / JumpClub S&M Source355135
21st217Jack CLARKE (u17) Ipswich255126
22nd32Zak CHAPMAN Manchester / MCR24286
23rd404Donncha O'HAGAN 453126
24th37Max BURGESS (u17) Bruntwood Park325106
25th51Malachi PRICE Peckham Challengers634137
26th305Alfie PENNY Bideford BMX246127
27th41Aidan TREW Braintree BMX Racing Club / SAS RT561127
28th312Alfie FRYER Burnham532107
29th331Oliver SLINN Hayes Hawks154108
30th242Hayden STONE Royston Rockets BMX Racing Club434118
31st49Alfie THOMPSON Peterborough Phantoms444128
32nd20Jayden FAWCETT Hardknox Byke Coaching / Manchester24398
33rd44Rhodri JONES (u17) Cardiff BMX Racing Club / Rustynut Racing55515
34th50Jayden TUDOR Cheshire Ghostriders BMX / Smiley's flight club46515
35th31Niall O'CONNELL BMX Widow Photography / Preston Pirates54615
36th52Tommy HADDLETON Andover / Team AIR37616
37th33Joseph BAMFORD Bruntwood Park63DNF16
38th563Oakley HOOPER Decoy / MICKS PIX BMX TEAM77317
39th47Joseph WATSON Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution75517
40th267Daniel HENRY Birmingham65617
41st43Jensen LEDGERWOOD-BARR Smiley's flight club / Torbay BMX Racing Club56617
42nd204William FRIEND T.N.T.67518
43rd617Benjamin LLOYD Gosport66719
44th59Callum HEATH (u17) Redditch Premiers57719
45th171Dylan BARLOW Runnymede Rockets77620
46th923Elliot ALBERT Cornwall BMX Racing Club76720
47th300Cameron MCGRAIL Cumbernauld Centurions77721
48th56Lui-Kye MAPP Royston Rockets BMX Racing ClubRELDNSDNS27
49th838Daine Raymond WADDELL Barnesbury CCDNSDNSDNS27

Male: 16yrs

35 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1stE6XJimmy CRIDDLE ° Crucial BMX / Preston Pirates1113111
2nd11Arne ESSLEMONT Andover / Team AIR2316122
3rd3XXander MAVOLWANE WRIGHT Peckham Challengers / Thrill Factory UK1113133
4th14Danny Jake MONFORTE Peckham Challengers2237234
5th10George GERRARD Fluent Bicycle Motocross / Mid Lancs BMX1214115
6th5Lewis FLETCHER (u19) Moto1 365 RT / T.N.T.1326346
7th18Charlie BIGGER Manchester / MCR32510227
8th13Oskar ALVAREZ Peckham Challengers2147448
9th16Alfie HOLLOWAY Decoy / Green Machine TRiBE131525
10th785Lucas SMITH (MLANC) Hardknox Byke Coaching / Mid Lancs BMX312625
11th9Zak GREENE Derby / Radio Box RT4541347
12th20Kaishu FLUKES Bath BMX / DC Cycles4241048
13th23Max DUDMAN Concept Meybo UK / Runnymede Rockets313738
14th12Lewis LONGLEY ProStart BMX / T.N.T.2351046
15th24Ike DULY Bexhill Bike Park / JumpClub S&M Source422836
16th17Samuel DAY Gosport3431037
17th774Harvey MILLBANK Braintree BMX Racing Club655165
18th7Miller HUGHES Club Cyclopark262105
19th48Ollie O'BRIEN Club Cyclopark443115
20th37Jonathan YEO Braintree BMX Racing Club577195
21st22Dexter GAMBE Peckham Challengers542116
22nd39Theodore PETERKIN Peckham Challengers344116
23rd35Declan CUNNINGHAM Manchester / MCR676196
24th29Joseph MAKEPEACE North East / Pure Bicycles555156
25th42Joshua BALL (u17) Birmingham564157
26th38Cian BROWN KBMX-UK / Knowsley656177
27th30Joshua SIMPSON-JACOBS Peckham Challengers766197
28th36Lamin AKERELE Peckham Challengers456157
29th28Louis TAY EDWARDS Braintree BMX Racing Club533117
30th46Alfie WOON Birmingham7DNF5198
31st31Ethan CHANTLER Blackpool767208
32nd25Danny PATTINSON Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution64DNF17DNS
33rd594Josh SPARROW Nuneaton76720
34th010Jack WEBB (bmx) Ipswich67720
35th419Alexander STOKES Preston Pirates / Rebel Racing BMXDNSDNSDNS27

° Rider racing out of category

Male: 17-18

35 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1st738Callum CHARD-MAPLE Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club2125111
2nd10XFreddie CADMAN CARPENTER Halo Wheels BMX RT / Royston Rockets BMX Racing Club2147332
3rd5Owen PUTLAND Peterborough Phantoms2428323
4th17XLuke MORRIS Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution3317224
5th150Jayden SEWARD Blackpool / Hardknox Byke Coaching1517145
6th16XJude GREEN JumpClub S&M Source / T.N.T.1247246
7th12XJake ADCOCK Gosport / ICE Bikes UK Factory Team1214117
8th239Mickey PORTER Norwich Flyers BMX Racing Club6321143DNF
9th12Kana BUSBRIDGE Club Cyclopark116825
10th32Henry ROWE Braintree BMX Racing Club33DNF1338
11th29Rossi O'BRIEN ICE Bikes UK Factory Team / T.N.T.3251047
12th16Cameron PARRISH Braintree BMX Racing Club / Thrill Factory UK133725
13th26Joseph HARRIS BMX United / Braintree BMX Racing Club315946
14th20XSebastian HAMBLING Ipswich / SAS RT4271337
15th10Kenny PHILLIPS Cheshire Ghostriders BMX / MCR4331016
16th207Flynn AYLMER-CLARKE Gosport5411048
17th6Kolby ELLIS Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Bideford BMX344115
18th13XAlistair GARDNER Bournemouth / Team Mind443115
19th35Taylor SAMPSON Tiverton51175
20th15Ewan THOMSON Braintree BMX Racing Club22595
21st134Thomas GRIEG Preston Pirates753156
22nd138Kendall GRIEG Preston Pirates653146
23rd17Dylan MERRICK Runnymede Rockets / Sorted Racegear254116
24th24Kieran BENEOCHRIST Peckham Challengers444126
25th148Marcel MOORE Norwich Flyers BMX Racing Club662147
26th25Finley LYNCH Andover / Rustynut Racing756187
27th412Kyran PATEL Hayes Hawks662147
28th36Callum DALEY ICE Bikes UK Factory Team / Runnymede Rockets565167
29th39XKeanu SCHAFER-COHEN Hackney / SAS RT565168
30th38XBarney DEVEREUX Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club577198
31st21Finley JACKSON (jun) DVIDE UK / Merton Saints4DNF6178
32nd43Eddie CANNONS Braintree BMX Racing ClubRELDNSDNS27
33rd457Ben DAVEY Moto1 365 RT / T.N.T.DNSDNSDNS27
33rd25XOscar MASSIEU-COWLARD Bournemouth / Team MindDNSDNSDNS27

Male: Junior Men (17-18)

13 competitors found

Male: 19-29

31 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 2F 1F
1st3Adam BRAZIL Bristol / Crucial BMX112411
2nd7Josh MOORE North East211422
3rd6Billy LUCKHURST ° Clark & Kent / Runnymede Rockets / Staystrong321623
4thW8Ryan STACK Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club / Ultimate UK211414
5th13Ben BATES Nottingham Outlaws / Team Bunneys522945
6th01Joshua WALLIS Braintree BMX Racing Club / Halo Wheels BMX RT133736
7th014Finley CLARK Birmingham / Birmingham NRT431847
8th276Tian ISIDORE Peckham Challengers / Pure Bicycles224838
9th4Joshua BUTSON Braintree BMX Racing Club / Pure Bicycles12258
10th763Connor HEDGES Gosport / ProStart BMX334106
11th10Mitch BOMBROFF Bristol344117
12th11XOliver NISCO Runnymede Rockets345127
13th11Harrison PASCOE-WHITE Derby16295
14th9Josh ADAMS (bmx) Cumbernauld Centurions434118
15th5XDan CAY DVIDE UK / North East51396
16th34Theo POPE Bournemouth / Moto1 365 RT443115
17th7XKamil SULEYMAN DC Cycles / Hackney25613
18th18Zak RAMSDEN Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club / Technique85316
19th14Jason DALEY ICE Bikes UK Factory Team / Runnymede Rockets65516
20th4XJoshua IZZARD Halo Wheels BMX RT / Royston Rockets BMX Racing ClubDNF4517
21st18XLuke DAVIES-HAYES Mid Lancs BMX65617
22nd28Callum DAVIS Peckham Challengers56DNF19
23rd24Jacob HICKSON Manchester / MCR67518
24th19George HIGLEY Bexhill Bike Park / JumpClub S&M Source47718
25th40Lewis GILES Runnymede Rockets67619
26th24XFinley RANDLE Redditch Premiers56819
27th22Euan DRAIN Cumbernauld Centurions76720
28th485Jamie O'HARA Cumbernauld Centurions77721
29th27Connor BLYTH DC Cycles / Hayes Hawks78DNS25
30th311George WARNER Army Cycling UnionRELDNSDNS30
31st5T.J. YATES Birmingham / Birmingham NRTDNSDNSDNS30

° Rider racing out of category

Male: 30+

11 competitors found

Male: 40+

13 competitors found

Male: 50+

21 competitors found

Male: Cruiser: 13-14

20 competitors found