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Elite men  Finish spread

31 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st3Joey VEJVODA NSW1:48.5321:44.251-
2nd2Jack MOIR NSWLusty Industries / Monster / Orange1:47.7511:45.9721.72s
3rd8Ben CORY ACTFox suspension / Giant / Maxima Racing Oil / Maxxis / MRP / Onya Bike Civic and Belconnen / Scott Goggles / TLD / Vans footwear1:50.8631:46.0731.82s
4th24Cillian KENNEDY NSWSpecialized Sram truvativ avid rockshox1:50.9241:47.4343.18s
5th26Cody EICHHORN NSW1:52.2871:48.5354.28s
6th4Mark CONLIFFE NSW1:52.1751:48.8964.64s
7th7Brendan MOON NSW1:53.4481:49.0274.77s
8th10Luke ELLISON NT1:54.39121:50.1585.90s
9th9Luke NEWCOMBE 1:52.1861:50.7696.51s
10th33Michael WILLIS NSW1:55.75141:52.19107.94s
11th13Scott GRUNDY NSW1:57.07151:52.65118.40s
12th27Bruce MOIR NSW1:55.19131:54.721210.47s
13th16Doug DUNN NSW1:58.16191:55.191310.94s
14th31Joel RALSTON NSW1:57.91181:55.291411.04s
15th6Nicholas SHIELDS NSW1:53.7491:55.331511.08s
16th14Chris MARTIN NSW1:57.42161:55.381611.13s
17th15Matthew WALKER NSWinstagram @skinMTB1:57.47171:55.521711.27s
18th11Jarrad CONNOLLY NSWerina bikeworx / Trek1:53.94111:58.501814.25s
19th12Bradley JOLLIFFE NSWEdge Cycles2:08.10281:58.511914.26s
20th32Lachlan SKINNER NSW2:03.33211:59.752015.50s
21st18Jayson ROBERTSON 2:04.42232:00.372116.12s
22nd21Josh BISHOP NSWCarve Eye Wear1:58.98202:02.202217.95s
23rd17James WRIGHT NSW2:04.80242:02.612318.36s
24th5Regan ARTHUR NSW1:53.90102:02.632418.38s
25th34Brendan WRIGHT NSW2:04.39222:02.742518.49s
26th35Mason WARD NSW2:09.01292:03.782619.53s
27th25Nathan PARSONS NSW2:06.10252:07.512723.26s
28th22Jake LATHAM NSW2:10.83302:12.592828.34s
29th23Kieran THOMPSON NSW2:07.24272:12.712928.46s
36Nathan SAWLEY NSW2:07.1426

Expert men  Finish spread

22 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st301Zac GREEN NSWGreen Electrical Services / Ju Ju beads / Latex Rubber Stimulators / Team Unicorn1:59.511-
2nd318Tom WILSON NSW2:01.7522.24s
3rd314Jonathon ARCHIBALD NSW2:02.4732.96s
4th316Brock FENWICK NSW2:02.6043.09s
5th304Nathan BELL NSW2:03.6054.09s
6th302Oli LE LIEVRE NSWOLS Gardens2:04.9965.48s
7th324Andrew WHITEMAN NSWGiant Sydney2:06.6477.13s
8th322Cale IRELAND NSW2:09.1789.66s
9th321Wilson HALE NSW2:11.84912.33s
10th306Mikhail CHAI NSWBundaberg Rum2:12.761013.25s
11th317George GEORGOUDIS NSWTankTrail2:12.951113.44s
12th312Jeremy EDWARDS NSW2:13.351213.84s
13th319Sam RUSSELL NSWPUSHIE2:15.591316.08s
14th310Ra CASS 2:18.861419.35s
15th309Luke AGUIRRE NSW2:18.971519.46s
16th305Chris ANDREWS NSW2012 tattoo company2:19.801620.29s
17th308Ben HEFFERAN NSW2:19.941720.43s
18th307Bromley RICHARDS NSWCell Bikes2:23.601824.09s
19th323Nic JONES NSW2:24.081924.57s
20th311Christopher SMEE NSWDarryl Grant Cycles2:30.002030.49s
21st313Dominic HART NSW2:35.182135.67s
315Eric CONLIFFE NSWwww.downhilldistributions.com go to siteDNS

Sport men  Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st701Alastair PATERSON NSW2:10.891-
2nd710Nathan HAMPSON NSWDuncan Hills Coffee / Team Unicorn2:18.2227.33s
3rd712Joel O'REILLY NSW2:19.7938.90s
4th715Martin SEYMOUR NSW2:20.1949.30s
5th717Matthew GILLMER NSW2:24.78513.89s
6th718Joshua HANRAHAN NSW2:30.56619.67s
7th705Stuart CUNNEEN NSWBelrose Bicycles2:31.30720.41s
8th716Nicolas VAN DER MEER NSW2:37.03826.14s
706Damien CAHILL NSWG-Shock / Racin Bacon / Team UnicornDNS
702Leon BARCLAY NSWTeam Unicorn Crankin importsDNS
711Daniel COX NSWDNS

U15 boys  Finish spread

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st802Logan QUINN NSW2:06.101-
2nd801Aidan WYNN NSW2:13.8127.71s
3rd804Joshua CLARK NSW2:17.03310.93s
4th809Sheldon GEORGE 2:19.94413.84s
5th803Harry PARSONS NSW2:22.06515.96s
6th808Alex OAKES NSW2:25.45619.35s
7th814Charlie SINIAWSKI NSW2:29.43723.33s
8th806Jacob MOSSNER NSW2:30.08823.98s
9th805Mitchell WYNN NSW2:33.74927.64s
10th813Shane RICH NSW2:52.491046.39s
11th812Sean VEITCH NSW3:39.95111:33.85
12th807Bogle FINLAY NSW3:58.23121:52.13

U17 boys  Finish spread

35 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st601David MAGGS NSWDeubel Bicycles1:54.531-
2nd621Alec REID NSW1:58.4523.92s
3rd624Patrick HANCOCK NSW1:58.5133.98s
4th641Hamish COWAN NSW1:59.3044.77s
5th606Connor O'DWYER NSWKeith Industries1:59.4754.94s
6th603Josh POLLOCK NSWO.L.S / Track X Clothing2:00.0965.56s
7th617Ryan O'LINN NSW2:00.6876.15s
8th631Benjamin DENGATE ACTBilt Bikes / DH Direct2:01.2786.74s
9th637Fergus COWAN NSW2:01.3896.85s
10th602Timothy KMETYK NSW2:01.83107.30s
11th623Jackson FREW ACT2:02.75118.22s
12th610Jarrod WYNN NSW2:03.38128.85s
13th635Christopher CLARK NSW2:03.62139.09s
14th604Brandon MAXWELL NSW2:04.771410.24s
15th622Tim BLACK ACTBike Techniques Australia / ESI grips2:04.831510.30s
16th608Tom MILLARD NSW2:05.961611.43s
17th614Reid FINNEY NSW2:10.171715.64s
18th636Jayden BISHOP NSWNexgen2:10.931816.40s
19th625Kieran OSBORNE ACT2:11.831917.30s
20th607Brett HORSLEY NSWMum Dad2:12.122017.59s
21st611Connor SURGEONER NSW2:12.552118.02s
22nd613Tobias KERR NSW2:15.642221.11s
23rd643Damon HIGGS NSW2:19.122324.59s
24th645Daniel MCCOMB NSW2:20.062425.53s
25th616Jack PARSONS NSWDSP - Racing2:20.752526.22s
26th634Thomas STEELE-MCLAREN NSW2:25.932631.40s
27th644James HOOKHAM NSWDad and Mum2:28.682734.15s
28th618Riley HOWELL NSW2:31.412836.88s
29th612Hamish MACLENNAN NSWSpocks Spokes Bicycles2:33.592939.06s
30th646Luke WALSH NSW2:37.063042.53s
627Joel SHEEHAN NSWKeith IndustriesDNS
605Liam PARKER NSWMick Dawg RacingDNS

U19 men  Finish spread

36 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st203Joel WILLIS NSWlusty imports / Santa Cruz1:52.5621:50.191-
2nd207Conor BULLARD ACTBilt Bikes1:55.6461:51.8521.66s
3rd202Andrew CRIMMINS NSW1:54.5831:51.9531.76s
4th214Matthew MCCORKELL ACTCycle City / Quattro Consulting / SCV Imports1:55.0241:52.7042.51s
5th215Robert TOWNSEND NSW1:55.7771:53.2253.03s
6th213Daniel MIKIC NSW1:57.98101:54.0463.85s
7th216Lyndon NUGENT NSWbellys bikes. / Spy1:55.3051:54.3274.13s
8th206Geoff WILSON NSW1:59.96121:54.9384.74s
9th237Daniel BENDER NSWSanta Cruz1:57.7881:55.6395.44s
10th212Mitchell SCOTT NSWerina bikeworx1:59.64111:57.13106.94s
11th210Kyle BISHOP NSWDRIFT bikes1:57.9791:57.30117.11s
12th211Stephen MILLS NSWcrankin2:43.44311:57.52127.33s
13th243Zachary APPLETON NSW2:00.31131:59.67139.48s
14th226Ryan HAMMOND NSWStark Industries2:02.19142:00.281410.09s
15th217Kenny MILLS NSWcrankin2:03.71182:00.521510.33s
16th225William COMMENS NSW2:03.31172:00.911610.72s
17th246Nelson KREILIS NSW2:02.90162:02.421712.23s
18th236Aaron HUNT NSW2:02.48152:03.461813.27s
19th241Michael HANRAHAN NSWMICKDAWG RACING PROGRAM / Specialized / thor factory racing2:09.14222:04.961914.77s
20th228Cam FORD NSW2:06.57192:06.422016.23s
21st227Louie VAN DER HECHT NSW2:08.47202:07.712117.52s
22nd218Luke SIMPSON NSW3:07.97322:07.742217.55s
23rd233Saxon MATHER NSWLapierre / Norco / Specialized Bicycles / Trek2:12.96232:07.842317.65s
24th232Geoffrey HARRIS NSW2:08.65212:08.502418.31s
25th245Max CONNOR NSW2:15.05252:09.122518.93s
26th235Angus BEVAN NSW2:15.95262:13.882623.69s
27th231Jordan HIGGS NSW2:17.05272:16.602726.41s
28th242Mitchell HORE NSW2:13.53242:21.712831.52s
29th222Jake MORRISON NSW2:18.67282:29.572939.38s
30th221Ben JAMIESON NSW2:26.89292:31.463041.27s
31st204Liam TOWERS NSWSpearman Cycles Giant Fox1:52.2312:34.813144.62s
244Benjamin BEMAND NSW2:39.1530
247Will ROBERTS NSW3:10.5833
223Scott ROBERTSON NSWKeith IndustriesDNS
224Harrison HUNT NSWDNS
234Jonathon NASH NSWDNS

Master men  Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st512Mark O'DONOHUE NSW2:09.821-
2nd502Stephen ANDREASEN NSW2:09.8420.02s
3rd511Neil DAVIS ACT2:21.42311.60s
4th505Shane MIDDLETON NSW2:23.73413.91s
5th504Chris COLLIER NSW2:25.84516.02s
6th510Geoff WEINERT NSW2:26.73616.91s
7th509Jayson SHELLEY 2:29.18719.36s
8th506Brad THOMPSON NSW2:37.45827.63s

Veteran men  Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st402Rick KEHOE NSW1:59.681-
2nd401David SHARP NSW2:00.0320.35s
3rd408Wayne FROGGATT NSWFSA Gravity Marzocchi SDG Atomlab2:06.4836.80s
4th405David GRUPE NSWJetBlack Cycling2:10.28410.60s
5th404Craig LYONS NSW2:14.20514.52s
6th403Craig FLYNN 2:14.52614.84s
7th409James SANDERS NSW2:32.52732.84s

Super Master men  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st551Michael GREEN (50+) NSWGreen Electrical Services / Ju Ju beads / Latex Rubber Stimulators / Team Unicorn2:12.081-
2nd552Steven BULLARD ACT2:12.6820.60s
3rd553Giles FINNEY NSW2:24.21312.13s
4th554Stephen COLES NSW2:32.88420.80s
5th555Trevor SHONE ACT2:34.30522.22s
6th556Steven HUMPHREYS NSW2:45.34633.26s



Elite women  Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st102Sarah BOOTH NSWAdidas / Kona / Mavic / Maxxis / Pinstripe / RAAF / SRAM2:39.2432:20.881-
2nd103Vanessa THOMPSON NSW2:25.7012:23.1422.26s
3rd106Joanne FOX NSWCell Bikes2:29.6622:23.2432.36s

Expert women

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st901Clare LY NSW2:43.601-

Master women

1 competitor found

17-18 girls  Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st951Kellie WEINERT NSW3:07.421-
2nd952Charlotte KERR NSW3:42.75235.33s
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