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2023 NW Cup round 6 at Port Angeles, WA

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Male: Pro/Cat 1 course Pro  Finish spread

22 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st22Carson EISWALD Bellingham, WA2:42.9512:40.421-
2nd1John RICHARDSON 600116Bellingham, WAFox / Schwalbe / Transition Bikes / WTB2:46.9432:42.292-
3rd9Jacob SMITH (pro) 407417Portland, OR2:48.5042:45.023-
4th12Keith ROBERT Sedro Woolley, WA2:53.5182:49.754-
5th3Dylan BROWN (pro) 458932Carnation, WADVO Suspension / Sweetlines2:52.6562:49.855-
6th7Elijah KRAUSE Bend, ORProject Bike Bend2:53.5392:50.746-
7th21Tobin WALKER 558680Leavenworth, WABell Helmets / DHaRCO / Maxxis / Santa Cruz2:43.8822:51.247-
8th6Wood SKINNER 294580Kennewick, WALooseriders / Revgrips2:55.79102:51.848-
9th2Austin HEMPERLEY 576528Bend, ORPivot / Sagebrush cycles2:52.6672:52.159-
10th11Nikolas CLARKE Carnation, WABikesale.com go to site2:58.02142:52.7610-
11th20Terjai DECKER 614288Whitefish, MTGreat Northern Cycle & Ski3:01.95182:53.3111-
12th10Braydon SHIELDS 632706Yakima, WASporthaus Ski & Bike Shop2:55.84112:53.5012-
13th19Spencer EWING 582498Eugene, ORLife Cycl / Sport Hill / team scraper2:56.91122:54.4713-
14th8Ethan HENSHAW 600422Buckley, WA2:59.88162:55.1414-
15th15Lantz HARRINGTON 574982Steamboat Springs, COSavage Factory Connection2:57.10132:55.6215-
16th5Don BROCKETT 554106Sammamish, WA3:01.03172:59.9416-
17th13Kris CHRISTENSEN 259558Kirkland, WASweetlines3:02.41193:03.0817-
18th16Mitchell SAVARESE 562262Bend, ORCushCore / Deity / Oregrown      DNS3:03.3318-
19th14Kyle HANLEY 269395Bellevue, WA3:07.34203:06.5919-
20th4Coleton BAILEY 571775Hillsboro, OR100% / Shell Bike / Trek / TRP3:17.59213:10.8220-
18Rye LIVINGSTON 498560Bellingham, WAteam scraper2:58.6615     DNF
17Riley PLUMMER 524408Welches, OR2:52.195     DNS

Male: Pro/Cat 1 course Cat 1: 16U  Finish spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st31Bode BURKE 642535Rhododendron, OR2:45.0812:42.441-
1st44Ryder LAWRENCE 531465Menifee, CADVO Suspension / Fox / Intense2:47.8122:42.441-
3rd35Eliot BRAVARD 572497Portland, ORCyclepath PDX Gravity Racing2:52.3332:53.213-
4th33Camron RATKOVIAK 657460Washougal, WADeity / The Urban Wheeler2:58.1962:53.304-
5th37Hayden GRUBB 614435Lake Oswego, ORCDA Bike Co / Chris King / Shimano2:56.9352:53.375-
6th36Grayson PIKE 601083Mount Vernon, WAGalbraith Gravity Racing2:56.5042:54.406-
7th34Elias SAARELA 593985Carnation, WASweetlines3:01.17102:58.157-
8th43Payden SALLIOTTE 614800Medford, ORRogue DeSenders3:02.88112:59.128-
9th30Bentley MOORE 604308North Bend, WASweetlines2:59.1472:59.259-
10th39Kiger HOLMER 614419Bend, ORMt. Bachelor / Sagebrush cycles2:59.5982:59.5810-
11th40Lucas RYALL Mission, BCC4 / Norco Racing3:04.12123:04.6811-
12th45Wyatt DIXON 552397Bainbridge Island, WAGalbraith Gravity Racing3:10.24133:05.8212-
41Max COOPER 513429Reno, NVNorthstar MTB3:00.289     DNF
42Max DURAND 635031Bellingham, WAGGR4:28.3614     DNS
32Bodie MASON 507004Bigfork, MTCrown Gravity      DNF     DNS
38Kenai ROWAN 655726Rhododendron, ORAsian Racing      DNS     DNS

Male: Pro/Cat 1 course Cat 1: 17-18  Finish spread

18 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st58Sam TOOHEY 577620Santa Cruz, CAANOTHER BIKE SHOP / NF2:55.7232:49.221-
2nd61Taylor DUNN 527185Snohomish, WA2:52.7922:50.782-
3rd48Cameron HOESSLE Girdwood, AK2:58.4052:51.093-
4th53Kevin JORGENSEN 613844Lake Stevens, WADeity / Etnies / Fox / Loam Lander / TLD2:52.1112:53.184-
5th62Treyton MASKALY 604543Carson City, NVPyga USA      DNS2:54.955-
6th57Luke CARLON 593873Greenacres, WAChris King / Deity / TLD3:49.14142:55.836-
7th46Boden WHITTICK 655807Santa Cruz, CAWy'East Academy2:59.5862:58.197-
8th50Jagger BUCY 530092Snoqualmie, WAThe Line2:57.2342:58.348-
9th60Talan HEMANS 614571Lake Stevens, WAATLAS / Mission6ix Racing3:07.62102:59.189-
10th56Lucas RICHER 614264Bozeman, MTWy'East Academy3:03.5283:01.1610-
11th49Chris FITZPATRICK 658644Portland, ORThe Urban Wheeler3:08.88123:04.4811-
12th55Logan MOXEY 617494Sheridan, WYSBC Racing3:06.4293:04.7312-
13th59Seth FULLER Bonners Ferry, IDKool-Stop / Savage Factory Connection3:08.62113:08.3813-
14th47Braden DELZER 403733Gresham, OR100% / Arma / GoPro / TLD3:02.6373:10.0414-
15th63Wyatt ROGERS 574532Missoula, MTSavage Factory Connection5:02.08153:10.1715-
16th52John-Michael AJEMIAN 555753Seattle, WA100% / Junk Drawer Racing / TRP3:12.45133:11.9516-
51Joey GULIUZZA 600533Mccall, IDCommencal / Leatt / Outlaw Tribe      DNS     DNS
54Leighton MACDONALD 636610Kalispell, MTCrown Gravity      DNS     DNS

Male: Pro/Cat 1 course Cat 1: 19-29  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st80Wyatt PARSONS 639890Bend, ORTeam ME      2:59.181-
2nd73Ash FIEREK 426160Bellingham, WACrankbrothers / Evil / Industry Nine      3:05.642-
3rd74Caleb FINKLE 649041Kalispell, MTLegacy Bike Park      3:15.063-
4th77Matthew CROFT 614390Pocatello, IDBanshee / Rogue DeSenders      3:29.134-
5th72Aidan SCHUH 627695Missoula, WILegacy / Missoula Bicycle Works      3:39.115-
76Finn MANN Vancouver, BC           DNF
75Connor ARENDT 656761Whitefsih, MTCrown Gravity           DNS
79Ryan FINKLE 653231Kalispell, MTLegacy Bike Park           DNS
78Nathanael TUGMAN 655598Bellingham, WALenny's Bike Shop / NW Gardening           DNS

Male: Pro/Cat 1 course Cat 1: 30-39  Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st85Nathan POWERS 634607Carnation, WAMission6ix Racing / Tim's Bike Shop      3:08.221-
2nd83Kenneth STONE Oakridge, ORCascade / Soldiers on Singletrack      3:08.302-
3rd81Dillon THIGPEN 376911Bellingham, WATransition Bikes      3:10.613-
4th82James GARDNER 524648Port Angeles, WA      3:13.874-
84Nathan CONTENTE 452516Kirkland, WA           DNS

Male: Pro/Cat 1 course Cat 1: 40-49  Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st92Scott KEMP 191554Fall City, WAShock Howse / Sweetlines      2:59.001-
2nd86Brandon HINTZ 636444Seabeck, WALenny's Bike Shop / Mazda of Everett      3:06.392-
3rd93Tony PIERONI 655610Anacortes, WALenny's Bike Shop / NW Gardening      3:06.723-
4th89Justin RUTH 577374Snohomish, WAFasttrack Racing / Fluidride / Schwalbe      3:09.744-
5th91Matthew MACARTNEY 253249Fall City, WASweetlines BKR      3:10.525-
6th90Kiel WRIGHT 660707Glacier, WALenny's Bike Shop      3:11.526-
7th88Daniel KLEIN 636648Redmond, WARide Bicycles / Sweetlines BKR      3:15.627-
87Chris KINERK Olympia, WAFlat 4 A / Loam Lander / Specialized           DNS

Male: Pro/Cat 1 course Cat 1: 50+  Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st95Christiaan BOURDREZ 184070North Bend, WARide Bicycles      3:09.221-
2nd94Brad DELZER 137087Gresham, OROvercooked open casket racing      3:14.982-
3rd96Eric CARLON 6124Greenacres, WABike Hub      3:21.663-



Female: Pro/Cat 1 course Pro  Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st24Julia LOFQVIST TRAUM 599986Issaquah, WANorco / Sweetlines Elite Racing3:12.4913:10.631-
2nd29Sydney HABERMAN 497899Redmond, WANorco / Sweetlines Elite Racing3:19.0623:12.672-
3rd23Ella ERICKSON 528104Hayden, IDCommencal / Deity / Monster / TRP3:21.1933:14.003-
4th25Kerstin HOLSTER 456788Bellingham, WADeity / Specialized3:35.6043:28.294-
5th28Nyla STEPHENS 466433North Bend, WANorco / Sweetlines Elite Racing3:42.3053:33.085-
6th26Leah SMYTH 524848Seattle, WAREVEL RIDER3:46.1263:41.866-
7th27Michelle MACARTNEY 253252Fall City, WASweetlines BKR4:15.6774:00.077-

Female: Pro/Cat 1 course Cat 1: 18U  Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st64Aletha OSTGAARD 555794Selah, WATransition Factory Racing3:07.2513:04.771-
2nd69Josephine AUBIN 577028Bainbridge Island, WA3:16.8243:12.822-
3rd68Hazel DONNELLY 664356Bend, ORCascadia Junior Cycling3:14.2023:12.923-
4th70Kelly SWARENS 599791Bellingham, WAMaxxis / Smith / Transition Bikes3:16.7933:16.534-
5th71Nory KLEIN 554672Redmond, WARide Bicycles / Sweetlines Jr. Racing3:28.6763:22.665-
6th67Claire KUSHNICK 614162Seattle, WAChris King / Sweetlines Elite Racing3:28.3053:25.266-
7th65Amelia MASON 664402Bigfork, MTCrown Gravity3:41.8983:29.807-
8th66Chloe BEAR 639921North Bend, WAChris King / Chromag / Evil3:34.0373:30.618-

Female: Pro/Cat 1 course Cat 1: 19+  Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st98Jenna NORRIS 416511Spokane, WAMagura / Northwest Bicycle      4:07.211-
2nd101Kat SWEET 120909North Bend, WASweetlines      4:08.722-
3rd100Jen ERICKSON 580839Hayden, IDTWO WHEELER      4:12.583-
4th97Beky NICHOLAS 651088Bellingham, WALenny's Bike Shop      4:19.554-
5th99Talia REYNOLDS 644554Seattle, WALennies Bike Shop      4:32.285-

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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