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Gender Both

Elite men  dialpad Finish spread

20 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st60Troy BROSNAN 2:40.0852:31.831-
emoji_events2nd1Craig YATES 2:34.1712:31.9920.16s
emoji_events3rd15Ben TREGOWETH 2:34.4622:33.5731.74s
 4th33Ngari JENKINS 2:39.5542:35.2443.41s
 5th38Darren HOBBY 2:39.3532:36.2854.45s
 6th6Tyson OBST 2:44.0572:37.0365.20s
 7th57Kieran JENKINS 2:41.5762:38.4376.60s
 8th30Leigh GEORGE 2:47.29102:38.8687.03s
 9th17Scott ZECCHIN 2:47.2792:41.3899.55s
 10th40Ben ANDERSON 2:48.40112:42.041010.21s
 11th34Boris FONTANELLA 2:51.99132:42.181110.35s
 12th16Steven GEBERT 2:45.2882:42.191210.36s
 13th28Matt PEARCE 2:51.84122:45.811313.98s
 14th7Todd FOLLAND 7:29.92202:46.981415.15s
 15th41Justin NICHOLAS-SEXTON 2:52.47142:48.131516.30s
 16th18Andrew CLARKE 3:22.42182:48.661616.83s
 17th19Rhys HEARD 2:59.41162:51.741719.91s
 18th21Brendon CREEPER 3:13.47172:57.351825.52s
 19th24Andrew BRETT 2:53.80153:29.021957.19s
 37Angus COOMBE 3:46.6919DNS

Open men  dialpad Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st1990Angus MADDERN 2:45.351-
emoji_events2nd1723Christopher SUMNER 2:53.7528.40s
emoji_events3rd1826Cameron SCHMIDT 3:01.74316.39s
 4th1960Jonathon WILSON 3:04.35419.00s
 5th1958Frank NICHOLSON 3:06.85521.50s
 6th1819Ben MANGAN 3:09.34623.99s
 7th1843Tim WILSON 3:27.55742.20s
 1956David MIERS DNS

Expert: 19+ men  dialpad Finish spread

27 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st114Ryan JEANES 2:38.301-
emoji_events2nd118Jade PHILIPPE 2:42.3824.08s
emoji_events3rd141Tom OYE 2:43.9135.61s
 4th113Kym BOXALL 2:44.7946.49s
 5th142Tyson SCHMIDT 2:45.3957.09s
 6th123Shane PRENTICE 2:45.4467.14s
 7th104Scott CLARKE 2:47.1378.83s
 8th121Kurt BENGER 2:47.3089.00s
 9th127Andrew BRAKER 2:51.75913.45s
 10th140Andrew WOOD 2:52.311014.01s
 11th108Michael MORGAN 2:52.931114.63s
 12th112Samuel HARDIE 2:53.251214.95s
 13th122Ryan LONGE 2:55.181316.88s
 14th131Charlie BOAST 2:56.631418.33s
 15th135Stephen CHATFIELD 2:57.081518.78s
 16th119Joshua FLACK 2:57.461619.16s
 17th134Luke CARRUTHERS 3:02.331724.03s
 18th130Peter KARAS 3:02.371824.07s
 19th125Ben O'NEILL 3:02.541924.24s
 20th111Callum MCCARTNEY 3:03.332025.03s
 21st109Andrew KARAS 3:04.832126.53s
 22nd133Sovann THACH 3:10.752232.45s
 23rd124Brian WOOD 8:42.95236:04.65
 110Paul WAIN DNF
 147Michael HOPPER DNS

U13 boys  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st853Will BADGER 3:29.711-
emoji_events2nd856Drew GARTERY 3:30.5620.85s
emoji_events3rd830Matthew REILLY 3:53.01323.30s
 4th858Matt KELLY (u19) 4:15.66445.95s
 5th855Campbell BYRNE 5:27.7951:58.08
 852Bailey MORSE DNF

U15 boys  dialpad Finish spread

21 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st804Josef NEUBAUER 2:57.091-
emoji_events2nd802Tom ROGERS 2:57.4120.32s
emoji_events3rd821Cameron RYAN (elt) 3:00.4033.31s
 4th807Cameron SCHMIDT 3:00.6643.57s
 5th823Jesse WUNDENBERG 3:03.9256.83s
 6th809Nicholas KRNDIJA 3:05.2768.18s
 7th814Chris MCKENDRICK 3:06.2079.11s
 8th801Kyle PFITZNER 3:06.6389.54s
 9th808Matthew THOMSON 3:08.22911.13s
 10th806Sam HOOPER 3:08.661011.57s
 11th810Bryce WING 3:09.161112.07s
 12th827Sam HOCKEY 3:10.661213.57s
 13th815Sam KEOGH 3:15.691318.60s
 14th812Hamish MACLACHLAN-LESTER 3:18.781421.69s
 15th811James CHAMBERS 3:22.721525.63s
 16th825Liam LAWSON 3:28.571631.48s
 17th829Sam DEMPSTER 3:28.911731.82s
 18th850Simon PIGOT 3:32.951835.86s
 19th822Tim WILSON 3:33.421936.33s
 20th817Matthew BIRD 3:34.752037.66s
 824Phillip BATE DNS

U17 boys  dialpad Finish spread

25 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st704James WILSON 2:40.291-
emoji_events2nd703Grant WOMERSLEY 2:41.3421.05s
emoji_events3rd705Sean HEYWOOD-SMITH 2:43.8033.51s
 4th702Karl VON SANDEN 2:47.1646.87s
 5th707Sullivan FLEMING 2:47.5357.24s
 6th717Jake ADAMS (u30) 2:47.6267.33s
 7th726Angus MADDERN 2:49.4779.18s
 8th708Lachie MORSE 2:50.51810.22s
 9th713Luke FREEMAN 2:52.07911.78s
 10th714Max NIELSEN 2:53.691013.40s
 11th721Ben DIPPEL 2:55.271114.98s
 12th709Tom NORTON-LAHENEY 2:55.431215.14s
 13th711Henry BLAKE 2:56.741316.45s
 14th732Zeph SWAIN 3:00.741420.45s
 15th716Jacob LANNING 3:01.321521.03s
 16th718Darren PINKERTON 3:03.041622.75s
 17th719Jonathon WILSON 3:08.371728.08s
 18th736Woody PEARCE 3:08.821828.53s
 19th727James MILICS 3:13.591933.30s
 20th733Tristan KNOX 3:17.842037.55s
 21st722Harry PENFOLD 3:18.322138.03s
 22nd723Edward WOODS 3:27.222246.93s
 23rd728Aaron PELTTARI 3:52.82231:12.53
 24th720Tom LODGE 3:55.78241:15.49
 725Chris SMITH DNS

U19 men  dialpad Finish spread

27 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st611Connor FEARON 2:34.2522:29.821-
emoji_events2nd601Jack PAYNE 2:38.8332:36.1026.28s
emoji_events3rd616Grant WOMERSLEY 2:40.4042:37.1737.35s
 4th623James WILSON 2:49.6292:39.3049.48s
 5th612Johnathon THOMAS 2:33.0812:40.67510.85s
 6th636Lachie MORSE 2:45.8982:42.71612.89s
 7th608Adam SHEEKEY 3:45.67232:44.31714.49s
 8th604Henry BLAKE 4:42.07252:45.54815.72s
 9th602Tommy ROWE 2:45.5272:45.68915.86s
 10th619Jeffery PURVES 2:44.5552:45.731015.91s
 11th628Tim SINCLAIR 2:51.42102:49.731119.91s
 12th625Ashley DI SILVIO 3:01.47192:50.501220.68s
 12th630Will GILES 4:08.00242:50.501220.68s
 14th626Jak SORRELL 3:01.03172:52.681422.86s
 15th615Luke ADAMS 2:51.91112:58.231528.41s
 16th635Alain HEWETT 3:04.13202:58.511628.69s
 17th620Kieran REINBOTH 2:59.26162:58.771728.95s
 18th638Tom FARMER 2:54.75142:59.581829.76s
 19th614Matthew GIBSON 3:12.45212:59.891930.07s
 20th605Alex FLETCHER 3:01.43183:01.662031.84s
 21st613Isaac THOMAS 2:44.7463:11.922142.10s
 22nd603James SHEPHERD 2:52.17123:13.142243.32s
 23rd644Nick NORTON 2:52.79133:13.832344.01s
 631Sean HEYWOOD-SMITH 2:56.5315DNS
 633Lucas PITT 3:17.7622DNS

Sport: 15+ men  dialpad Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st215Stuart KIRBY 2:55.421-
emoji_events2nd216Shane GRAHAM 2:57.6922.27s
emoji_events3rd212Troy CLIFT 3:02.9637.54s
 4th214Liam MINAGALL 3:04.6449.22s
 5th223Tom MASLIN 3:14.75519.33s
 6th225Sam CAMERON 3:22.81627.39s
 7th211Anthony WRIGHT 3:27.72732.30s
 8th226Michael FEIST 3:30.28834.86s
 213Jordan HOLLAND DNS

Veteran A men  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st418Jade PHILIPPE 2:43.311-
emoji_events2nd421Chris DIMBILL 2:45.6622.35s
emoji_events3rd451Joff MEDDER 2:55.89312.58s
 4th463Russell GOAD 3:26.95443.64s

Veteran B men  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st460Paul WAIN 2:57.251-
emoji_events2nd457Sam COWLEY 3:01.7424.49s
emoji_events3rd461Ben GRAEFE 3:02.0134.76s
 4th454Elton HIBBERD 3:02.2945.04s
 5th467Luke DI SESSA 3:12.31515.06s

Novice men  dialpad Finish spread

22 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st574Raymond ROSS 2:58.121-
emoji_events2nd591Tim ZANKER 3:05.0726.95s
emoji_events3rd590Dylan HEITMANN 3:11.70313.58s
 4th585Cameron BARRY 3:19.79421.67s
 5th584Tom MORRISON 3:20.39522.27s
 6th595Nicholas MAXWELL 3:21.38623.26s
 7th583Callum MORRISON 3:22.48724.36s
 8th596Ben MILLS 3:24.42826.30s
 9th593Chris DE MELLO 3:36.44938.32s
 10th580Tom PHILLIPS 3:38.461040.34s
 11th587Matthew FAULKNER 3:38.811140.69s
 12th592Michael JONES 3:42.591244.47s
 13th588Hugh MAGAREY 3:47.231349.11s
 14th589Harrison PICKARD 3:51.681453.56s
 15th577Lachlan KAHL 3:57.521559.40s
 16th598Hugo WEISSMANN 4:03.86161:05.74
 17th576Edwin VAN DER ENT 4:06.05171:07.93
 18th575Jacquie EYLES 4:18.57181:20.45
 19th582Cyan MCDERMOTT 4:30.38191:32.26
 20th581William GUYTON 5:15.71202:17.59
 21st597Will DESIRA 6:35.38213:37.26

3XC men  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st961Andy MURNANE 2:48.001-
emoji_events2nd992Joff MEDDER 4:54.1222:06.12
 982Adam WOOD DNS

Hardtail: 0-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st953Cameron RYAN (elt) 3:06.021-
emoji_events2nd949Nick NORTON 3:07.2121.19s
emoji_events3rd948Aaron PELTTARI 3:10.2634.24s
 4th935Tom FARMER 3:11.1345.11s
 5th944Hamish ALLAN 3:13.0357.01s
 6th950Tristan KNOX 3:32.14626.12s
 7th941Simon PIGOT 3:46.12740.10s
 8th945John DICKENSON 3:50.47844.45s
 9th933Matthew BIRD 3:50.88944.86s

Hardtail: 19+ men  dialpad Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st909Tom OYE 2:50.761-
emoji_events2nd904Matt PEARCE 3:01.03210.27s
emoji_events3rd915Matt WEST 3:01.06310.30s
 4th914Andrew BRETT 3:05.47414.71s
 5th924Scott HAMILTON 3:06.80516.04s
 6th903Steven GEBERT 3:10.45619.69s
 7th913Ben MANGAN 3:10.51719.75s
 8th921Luke DI SESSA 3:19.44828.68s
 9th906Elton HIBBERD 3:19.66928.90s
 10th912Paul TOMPKINS 3:28.801038.04s
 923Ryan LONGE DNF

40-49 men  dialpad Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st516Andy MURNANE 2:45.821-
emoji_events2nd501Adam WOOD 2:49.1523.33s
emoji_events3rd517Kym BOXALL 2:52.7536.93s
 4th502Aaron SIGGERS 2:56.22410.40s
 5th512Luke SIGGERS 2:58.60512.78s
 6th511Paul NELSON 3:00.61614.79s
 7th503Christopher SUMNER 3:01.60715.78s
 8th519James MAHONEY 3:23.85838.03s
 9th518Paul ECKERT 4:02.5991:16.77

50+ men  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st552David MIERS 3:15.221-
emoji_events2nd551Frank NICHOLSON 3:20.5225.30s



Elite women

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st85Emily HOCKEY 3:03.1913:03.191-

17-18 girls

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Seed Race Diff
emoji_events1st685Molly PAYNE 3:38.861-
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