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Male: Superclass: U19

10 competitors found

Male: Superclass

13 competitors found

Male: Expert: U7

9 competitors found

Male: Expert: 7-8

26 competitors found

Male: Expert: 9-10

34 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1st267Connor HEMPHILL Blackpool1113111
2nd01Joey TOMKINS Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution1124122
3rd304Finlay MUNRO Preston Pirates1113113
4th104Teddy JONES Birmingham2237224
5th885Blake BROTH Birmingham1247335
6th938Preston NEWMARSH-POW Redditch Premiers2136236
7th006Arlo STEIMETZ Bristol2316247
8th787Joseph MCEVOY Derby / DVIDE UK4318448
9th423Sebastian HEWITT Nottingham Outlaws / Team Creation Cycles122535
10th663Hugo DEIGHTON Doncaster BMX Racing / DVIDE UK321615
11th01XEthan SHORE Birmingham / Birmingham NRT332836
12th210Ted HARVEY Blackpool513946
13th426Rex BEASLEY Birmingham / Clark & Kent / Staystrong4341147
14th241Ronnie WOOD Birmingham342947
15th102Freddie-Ray ORLAND Derby242828
16th168Tom GILES North East2531038
17th029Jack HAINES Nuneaton355135
18th715Leo INGHAM Bruntwood Park625135
19th725Jack KITCHING Fluent Bicycle Motocross / Manchester454135
20th409Jacob DENT (bmx) Bruntwood Park574165
21st254Rocco WESTWOOD Derby / DVIDE UK535136
22nd613Tobias GROVES Bradford Bandits BMX Racing Club545146
23rd590Hugo BALLANTYNE Blackpool656176
24th113Ronnie WALLWORK Hardknox Byke Coaching / Mid Lancs BMX455146
25th146Jack SWALES (u11) Fast Signatures BMX Team / Gosport364137
26th601Izaac JONES Mid Lancs BMX / Smiley's flight club746177
27th047Aston John LEE Cumbernauld Centurions666187
28th805Jaxon CHAPMAN DAVIES Preston Pirates677207
29th425Freddie DOCHERTY Blackpool766198
30th334Seb STAINES Derby567188
31st043Alistair KANE Bruntwood Park666188
32nd836Arthur CLAYDON Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club44311REL
33rd527Elliott LAURIE Pendle Panthers77721
34th937Joshua COATES Decoy77721

Male: Expert: 11-12

38 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1stW2Harry DONALD Birmingham1113111
2nd3Ethan RODGERS Birmingham / Team Meybo UK2215112
3rd337Ethan HOWELL Nottingham Outlaws / Team Creation Cycles1113123
4th606Archie BELL (CGR) Cheshire Ghostriders BMX / Crank BMX Coaching36211244
5th12Marcus MULLEN Preston Pirates1326325
6th28Josh JEPSON Manchester2338346
7th992Jack PERKINS (12) Derby / DVIDE UK1225237
8th017Harry TYERS Braintree BMX Racing Club112423REL
9th22Sullivan COLLIS Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club313735
10th141Charlie CRAIG (u13) Manchester / Smiley's flight club2441025
11th3XIsaac SMITH Preston Pirates / Rabracing323846
12th17Thomas PALMER (u13) Preston Pirates323836
13th6Joe ROOKE Bideford BMX / Clark & Kent / Staystrong4651547
14th236Max MCNULTY Nottingham Outlaws6511247
15th4Leo ROWLANDS Bruntwood Park / Concept Meybo UK225918
16th59Henry POTTS Bruntwood Park333948
17th728Ethan CROOKES-MARTIN Runnymede Rockets41275
18thW8Benny JACKSON ° Fluent Bicycle Motocross / Manchester444125
19thE4Jack DEVINE Preston Pirates / Sorted Racegear24175
20th975Layton HARDING Bournemouth / Sorted Racegear554145
21st31Adam ARNOLD (u13) Braintree BMX Racing Club466166
22nd14Harry SWALES Fast Signatures BMX Team / Gosport545146
23rd32Oscar WALDING Nuneaton654156
24th076Gilmour GREEN Andover / Rustynut Racing576186
25th23Oliver TAYLOR (MK) Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution434117
26th155Owen SMART Doncaster BMX Racing675187
27th21Huwie HALL Birmingham535137
28th144Noah BAGWELL Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution746177
29th37Callum GOOSTREY Cheshire Ghostriders BMX676198
30th48Jude HOUGH Preston Pirates / ProStart BMX857208
31st16Ahkyn BRAZIER Club Cyclopark756188
32nd27Zach WORTHINGTON Preston Pirates567188
33rd42Henry BALLANTYNE Blackpool76720
34th34Theo DAVIES Mid Lancs BMX67720
35th27XPercy LARGE Nuneaton / Ti-Go77822
36th279Jacob ASTON Mid Lancs BMX88723
37th055Dawson SCOTT Doncaster BMX Racing78823
38th121Xander FLINT Bruntwood Park88824

° Rider racing out of category

Male: Expert: 13-14

46 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1st2Coby WRAYFORD Clark & Kent / Decoy / Staystrong1135111
2nd5Isaac SHORE Birmingham / Birmingham NRT22REL14222
3rd1.5Elvis LAWRENCE DC Cycles / Runnymede Rockets4318243
4thE7Oliver TYERS (BTREE) Braintree BMX Racing Club2226434
5th12Lucas OSBORNE Birmingham / Birmingham NRT1214115
6th8Ned GUPPY Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club1113126
7th9Alex DUNKLEY North East / Odum43310437
8thW2Ti D-S Factory Supercross / Peckham Challengers111314DNF
9thW4Emie SEWARD Blackpool / Hardknox Byke Coaching2441025
10th18Harvey TOMLINSON Merton Saints114635
11thX13Eden BOONE Norwich Flyers BMX Racing Club4531246
12th701Mason GROVES Knowsley312626
13th26Oliver SIM Mid Lancs BMX5441337
14th29Eric MCSWITY Manchester / MCR222647
15th13Robin MATERN ALONSO Peckham Challengers15283DNF
16th30Olly KIRBY Decoy / Green Machine TRiBE622103DNF
17th674Freddie FRANKLIN Cardiff BMX Racing Club / Rustynut Racing33285
18th39Edward MILLER Preston Pirates534125
19th166Jack WALFORD Fluent Bicycle Motocross / Manchester257145
20thE8Harry BAILEY Mid Lancs BMX / Smiley's flight club433105
21st24Nathaniel EAMES Preston Pirates / Rebel Racing BMX24396
22nd34XChase BARNARD Birmingham / Clark & Kent / Staystrong456156
23rd17Todd SMITH-NOTMAN North East734146
24th1Freddie PARKINSON Preston Pirates / ProStart BMX523106
25th22Brodie GEDDES Cumbernauld Centurions544137
26th66William KNOWLES Bruntwood Park645157
27th27Cooper MCCRUM BMX Widow Photography / Cumbernauld Centurions366157
28th675Dexter BEARUP Doncaster BMX Racing365147
29th21Davi TIMMA Derby655168
30th727William CHAPLIN Mid Lancs BMX / Smiley's flight club465158
31st497Oliver JAMES (u15) Bradford Bandits BMX Racing Club / Fluent Bicycle Motocross34188
32nd10Freddie ENTWISTLE BirminghamREL1112DNF
33rd40Freddie GATTESCO Runnymede Rockets38516
34th920Heath OSBORNE Birmingham / Birmingham NRT55616
35th46Olly TERBLANCHE Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution67518
36th253Cooper WESTWOOD Derby / DVIDE UK67619
37th098Adam STEPHENSON Barnesbury CC66719
38th275Owen MILLER Burnham86620
39th41Layne GODDARD Fluent Bicycle Motocross / Manchester77620
40th52Lewis LINSCOTT Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club / MICKS PIX BMX TEAM76720
41st501Jacob WARN Gosport57820
42nd118Lavell WHYTE Peckham Challengers77721
43rd51Reuben HALL PATTERSON Cheshire Ghostriders BMX77721
44th013Freddie WALLWORK Hardknox Byke Coaching / Mid Lancs BMX88723
45th191Billy HARRISON Birmingham78823
46th717Spencer LENCH Redditch Premiers88824

Male: Expert: 15-16

35 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1stW1James CLITHEROE Birmingham / Hardknox Byke Coaching1113111
2nd11Curtis COPELAND Birmingham / Birmingham NRT3216212
3rd7Zac TWITCHEN Bournemouth / Team Mind1326223
4thE5Finley HOUGH Preston Pirates / ProStart BMX1124124
5th10Jay-Teale SIMPSON-DAVIES JumpClub S&M Source / Peckham Challengers2215245
6th12XThomas MILLAR Braintree BMX Racing Club / Moto1 365 RT2349136
7thW5Heath THOMAS ° Braintree BMX Racing Club / ProStart BMX1225337
8th6XAmos GUPPY Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club1438248
9th12Cody COKER Fluent Bicycle Motocross / Hayes Hawks213635
10th28Reece TOOLE Manchester / MCR213635
11th2Ben LARKINS Gosport / Pure Bicycles411616
12th27XKemi COOKE Doncaster BMX Racing / Odum5341236
13th27Ellis BERRY (u17) Mid Lancs BMX5431247
14th22Lucas WEBSTER Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club3521047
15th25Lewis COLLINS-NIMMO Western Titans6551648
16th32XLouis PINDER Torbay BMX Racing Club5561648
17th29Ted WARWICK Runnymede Rockets325105
18th34Sean BROWN Birmingham / Birmingham NRT632115
19th16Finlay COLLIS Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club464145
20th49Alex MACKIE Dragon Riders / Smiley's flight club676195
21st9Oliver COPPING Cardiff BMX Racing Club / Crucial BMX344116
22nd838Daine Raymond WADDELL Barnesbury CC345126
23rd38Jono HARRADINE Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution446146
24th59Callum HEATH (u17) Redditch Premiers455146
25th51Zade FLINT Bruntwood Park654157
26th495Mati PAWELEC Birmingham566177
27th681Thomas KAY Manchester / MCR565167
28th6Eli SMITH Preston Pirates / Rabracing22157
29th42Jamie HAYWARD Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution677208
30th729William-Alfie HARRISON Manchester / MCR767208
31st030Bodi WRIGHT Pendle Panthers766198
32nd14Henry RAYNER North East / Odum43310DNF
33rd13Caden DONE Blackpool / GT Factory BMX UK7DNSDNS25
34th33Joseph BAMFORD Bruntwood ParkDNFDNSDNS25
35th32Zak CHAPMAN Manchester / MCRDNSDNSDNS27

° Rider racing out of category

Male: Expert: 17-29

19 competitors found

Male: 30+

8 competitors found

Male: Super Cruiser: 15+

30 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 2F 1F
1st9Daniel WILSON (bmx) BMX Widow Photography / Preston Pirates111311
2nd15Luca MANSI Bournemouth131512
3rd17Connor BLYTH Andover / DC Cycles222633
4th8Max HENDERSON-GOODFELLOW BMX United / Runnymede Rockets223744
5th382Martin BROWN (elt) Mid Lancs BMX / Smiley's flight club111325
6th18Matt MCHUGH BMX Widow Photography / Preston Pirates212546
7thW3Fraser WATSON (vet) Cumbernauld Centurions251837
8th5Rocky O'BRIEN Redditch Premiers113528
9th310Harvey FRYER Crank BMX Coaching / Gosport442105
10th22XKyle HILL Norwich Flyers BMX Racing Club / Pure Bicycles32385
11th43Archie LARGE Nuneaton / Ti-Go732126
12th100Callum DALEY ICE Bikes UK Factory Team / Runnymede Rockets425116
13th21Sean BROWN Birmingham / Birmingham NRT33397
14th691Peter BUTLER North East545147
15th860Fintan COCKBURN Bath BMX354128
16thX22Jono HARRADINE Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution434118
17th22Lewis BARNES Birmingham44715
18th10XJay TAYLOR BMX Widow Photography / Cumbernauld Centurions34815
19th257Dylan SEAMAN Hayes Hawks55616
20th937Rhodri JONES (u17) Cardiff BMX Racing Club / Rustynut Racing76417
21st2Darren O'BRIEN Redditch Premiers67417
22nd347Andy GROVES Bradford Bandits BMX Racing Club57517
23rd13Tim DREW Gosport65617
24th19Louis PINDER Torbay BMX Racing Club56617
25th051Jamie HAYWARD Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution77519
26th131Cooper MCCRUM BMX Widow Photography / Cumbernauld Centurions66719
27th353Ryan JONES (bmx) Mid Lancs BMX / Smiley's flight club78621
28th20XChristos CHALKOS Manchester / Pure Bicycles86721
29th981Matt SMART Doncaster BMX Racing68721
30th5XMatt SWALES Army Cycling Union / Gosport87823



Female: Superclass

8 competitors found

Female: Expert: 5-8

7 competitors found

Female: Expert: 9-10

12 competitors found

Female: Expert: 11-12

17 competitors found

Female: Expert: 13-14

7 competitors found

Female: Expert: 15+

17 competitors found

Female: Cruiser: 15+

15 competitors found

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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