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Male: Superclass: U19

9 competitors found

Male: Superclass

13 competitors found

Male: Expert: U7

9 competitors found

Male: Expert: 7-8

27 competitors found

Male: Expert: 9-10

40 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1st267Connor HEMPHILL Blackpool1113111st
2nd304Finlay MUNRO Alans BMX Heritage / Manchester3115122nd
3rd01Joey TOMKINS Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution1214113rd
4th938Preston NEWMARSH-POW Redditch Premiers1135244th
5th102Freddie-Ray ORLAND Derby22610135th
6th241Ronnie WOOD Birmingham55212236th
7th885Blake BROTH Birmingham2327347th
8th617Moray WATSON Cumbernauld Centurions1326228th
9th663Hugo DEIGHTON Doncaster BMX Racing / DVIDE UK321625
10th836Arthur CLAYDON Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club6331235
11th787Joseph MCEVOY Derby / DVIDE UK4241046
12th984Rex FORD Braintree BMX Racing Club232746
13th725Jack KITCHING Fluent Bicycle Motocross / Manchester5631437
14th426Rex BEASLEY Birmingham / Clark & Kent / Staystrong113537
15th118Seth KUCHARIK Derby5251248
16th101Charlie DOWSING Crucial BMX / Nottingham Outlaws241748
17th613Tobias GROVES Bradford Bandits BMX Racing Club554145
18th029Jack HAINES Nuneaton456155
19th210Ted HARVEY Blackpool343105
20th319Edward CORDERY Braintree BMX Racing Club782175
21st254Rocco WESTWOOD Birmingham / DVIDE UK466166
22nd715Leo INGHAM Bruntwood Park344116
23rd409Jacob DENT (bmx) Bruntwood Park484166
24th591XJoseph DEWIS Gosport345126
25th104Teddy JONES Birmingham614117
26th047Aston John LEE Cumbernauld Centurions655167
27th601Izaac JONES Mid Lancs BMX / Smiley's flight club866207
28th425Freddie DOCHERTY Blackpool767207
29th481Thomas BARNARD Norwich Flyers BMX Racing Club857208
30th168Tom GILES North East435128
31st01XEthan SHORE Birmingham / Birmingham NRT24511DNS
32nd411Jake JAMES Decoy / MICKS PIX BMX TEAM77620DNS
33rd590Hugo BALLANTYNE Blackpool66820
34th113Ronnie WALLWORK Hardknox Byke Coaching / Mid Lancs BMX77721
35th805Jaxon CHAPMAN DAVIES Preston Pirates77721
36th043Alistair KANE Bruntwood Park67821
37th811Chester GROCOCK Dragon Riders / Smiley's flight club58821
38th527XLuca CHALK Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club87722
39th334Seb STAINES Derby88824
40th527Elliott LAURIE Pendle Panthers88824

Male: Expert: 11-12

44 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1stW2Harry DONALD Birmingham1113111st
2nd337Ethan HOWELL Nottingham Outlaws / Team Creation Cycles2114112nd
3rd17XJack PERKINS (12) Derby / Team Meybo UK1113123rd
4th22Sullivan COLLIS Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club2136234th
5th3XIsaac SMITH Preston Pirates / Rabracing53412445th
6th11XHarry TYERS Braintree BMX Racing Club1225246th
7th2James BIBBY Manchester / ProStart BMX111312DNF
8th501Dylan SPENCE Nottingham Outlaws / Team Bunneys322723DNF
9th15James MILLER (u13) Andover / GT Factory BMX UK323825
10th28Josh JEPSON Manchester3351145
11th11Thomas HONEYWILL Decoy / Green Machine TRiBE231636
12th728Ethan CROOKES-MARTIN Runnymede Rockets225936
13th17Thomas PALMER (u13) Preston Pirates4421037
14th59Henry POTTS Bruntwood Park4331047
15th12Marcus MULLEN Alans BMX Heritage / Manchester232748
16th606Archie BELL (CGR) Cheshire Ghostriders BMX / Crank BMX Coaching312638
17thE4Jack DEVINE Preston Pirates / Sorted Racegear352105
18th23Oliver TAYLOR (MK) Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution273125
19th6Joe ROOKE Bideford BMX / Clark & Kent / Staystrong644145
20th31Adam ARNOLD (u13) Braintree BMX Racing Club654155
21st236Max MCNULTY Nottingham Outlaws464146
22nd65Jack DAVIES (bmx) Manchester546156
23rd24Ralph SOWERBY Decoy353116
24th144Noah BAGWELL Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution564156
25th975Layton HARDING Bournemouth / GT Factory BMX UK526137
26th030Joe DOUGLASS Norwich Flyers BMX Racing Club436137
27th8Oliver ARNOLD Smiley's flight club / Torbay BMX Racing Club445137
28th4Leo ROWLANDS Bruntwood Park / Concept Meybo UK12147
29th076Gilmour GREEN Andover / Rustynut Racing475168
30th54Samuel DOLAN Bruntwood Park655168
31stW8Benny JACKSON ° Fluent Bicycle Motocross / Manchester744158
32nd141Charlie CRAIG (u13) Manchester / Smiley's flight club1REL313DNF
33rd14Zach EVERLY Derby / Hashtag 5954716
34th386Jaziah WHYTE Peckham Challengers75618
35th27Zach WORTHINGTON Preston Pirates56718
36th32Oscar WALDING Nuneaton68519
37th173Louie KUCHARIK Derby66719
38th37Callum GOOSTREY Cheshire Ghostriders BMX77620
39th48Jude HOUGH Preston Pirates / ProStart BMX85720
40th34Theo DAVIES Mid Lancs BMX76720
41st055Dawson SCOTT Doncaster BMX Racing66820
42nd580Kieran BROWNSON Team Knarly77721
43rd26Bram HEAVER Andover / Team AIR88622
44th42Henry BALLANTYNE Blackpool77822

° Rider racing out of category

Male: Expert: 13-14

50 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1stW1Dominik RÁLIŠ 1113141st
2nd2Coby WRAYFORD Birmingham / Clark & Kent / Staystrong2114112nd
3rd12Lucas OSBORNE Birmingham / Birmingham NRT2248223rd
4th8Ned GUPPY Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club2327224th
5th18Harvey TOMLINSON Merton Saints1135145th
6thE7Oliver TYERS (BTREE) Braintree BMX Racing Club1326436th
7thX13Eden BOONE Norwich Flyers BMX Racing ClubREL1212237th
8thW2Ti D-S Factory Supercross / Peckham Challengers1113118th
9th30Olly KIRBY Decoy / Green Machine TRiBE342945
10th5Isaac SHORE Birmingham / Birmingham NRT225925
11th674Freddie FRANKLIN Cardiff BMX Racing Club / Rustynut Racing5431236
12th17Todd SMITH-NOTMAN North East331736
13th16Nate HAMILTON North East214737
14th29Eric MCSWITY Manchester / MCR213637
15th1.5Elvis LAWRENCE DC Cycles / Runnymede Rockets323848
16th27XAlfie SIMM Preston Pirates / Rebel Racing BMX3561448
17th701Mason GROVES Knowsley13375
18th24Nathaniel EAMES Preston Pirates / Rebel Racing BMX562135
19th497Oliver JAMES (u15) Bradford Bandits BMX Racing Club / Fluent Bicycle Motocross12145
20th7Bradley JAMES Decoy2REL2135
21st13Robin MATERN ALONSO Peckham Challengers446146
22nd11Toby LYNCH Mid Lancs BMX / Sorted Racegear33176
23rd920Heath OSBORNE Birmingham / Birmingham NRT552126
24th22Brodie GEDDES Cumbernauld Centurions453126
25th39Edward MILLER Preston Pirates425117
26th46Olly TERBLANCHE Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution644147
27th501Jacob WARN Gosport744157
28th28XLogan YOUNG DC Cycles / Knightwood463138
29th166Jack WALFORD Fluent Bicycle Motocross / Manchester625138
30th9Alex DUNKLEY North East / Odum4419DNF
31st10Freddie ENTWISTLE Birmingham12710DNF
32ndE8Harry BAILEY Mid Lancs BMX / Smiley's flight club35412REL
33rd27Cooper MCCRUM BMX Widow Photography / Cumbernauld Centurions55515
34th4XLottie BROWN Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Bideford BMX36615
35th191Billy HARRISON Birmingham64616
36th39XOwen MILLER Burnham45716
37th098Adam STEPHENSON Barnesbury CC53816
38th26Oliver SIM Mid Lancs BMX43DNS16
39th253Cooper WESTWOOD Birmingham / DVIDE UK66517
40th717Spencer LENCH Redditch Premiers57517
41st41Layne GODDARD Fluent Bicycle Motocross / Manchester55717
42nd118Lavell WHYTE Peckham Challengers77418
43rd727William CHAPLIN Mid Lancs BMX / Smiley's flight club6DNS419
44th038Hadley HARDING Bournemouth / GT Factory BMX UK77519
45th52Lewis LINSCOTT Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club / MICKS PIX BMX TEAM76619
46th34XChase BARNARD Birmingham / Clark & Kent / Staystrong77620
47th51Reuben HALL PATTERSON Cheshire Ghostriders BMX76720
48th046Riley BINNIE Runnymede Rockets67720
49th607Daniel JOHNSTONE Western Titans68721
50th675Dexter BEARUP Doncaster BMX Racing86REL23

Male: Expert: 15-16

40 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1stW6Kai BOWEN Clark & Kent / Peckham Challengers / Staystrong2226141st
2nd10Jay-Teale SIMPSON-DAVIES JumpClub S&M Source / Peckham Challengers42410232nd
3rd8Elliot BROOKE Preston Pirates / Rabracing42511233rd
4th8XFynn PHILLIPS Bournemouth3216344th
5th12Cody COKER Fluent Bicycle Motocross / Hayes Hawks3317325th
6th11Curtis COPELAND Birmingham / Birmingham NRT2125116th
7thW5Heath THOMAS ° Braintree BMX Racing Club / ProStart BMX2147117th
8thW1James CLITHEROE Birmingham / Hardknox Byke Coaching111342DNF
9th6XAmos GUPPY Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club3621125
10th13Caden DONE Blackpool / GT Factory BMX UK4431135
11th12XThomas MILLAR Braintree BMX Racing Club / Moto1 365 RT111326
12th17Jayden GREEN Blackpool5441346
13th2Ben LARKINS Gosport / Pure Bicycles3551347
14thE5Finley HOUGH Preston Pirates / ProStart BMX111317
15th6Eli SMITH Preston Pirates / Rabracing2261038
16th7XNoah EVERLY Derby / Hashtag 59233848
17th11XMyles WILDBORE Crucial BMX / Derby15285
18th20Jayden FAWCETT Hardknox Byke Coaching / Manchester433105
19th37Max BURGESS (u17) Preston Pirates337135
20th14Henry RAYNER North East / Odum765185
21st22Lucas WEBSTER Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club644146
22nd9Oliver COPPING Cardiff BMX Racing Club / Crucial BMX655166
23rd34Sean BROWN Birmingham / Birmingham NRT657186
24th27Kemi COOKE Crucial BMX / Doncaster BMX Racing766196
25th28Reece TOOLE Manchester / MCR552127
26th32Zak CHAPMAN Manchester / MCR14497
27th38Jono HARRADINE Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution576187
28th16Finlay COLLIS Absolute Bicycle Motocross / Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club573157
29th25Lewis COLLINS-NIMMO Western Titans667198
30th30Ted WARWICK Runnymede Rockets543128
31st27XEllis BERRY (u17) Mid Lancs BMX435128
32nd681Thomas KAY Manchester / MCR776208
33rd49Alex MACKIE Dragon Riders / Smiley's flight club88622
34th59Callum HEATH (u17) Redditch Premiers87722
35th18Cameron COX (bmx) Runnymede Rockets86822
36th51Zade FLINT Bruntwood Park77822
37th32XLouis PINDER Torbay BMX Racing Club68822
38th030Bodi WRIGHT Pendle Panthers88723
39th495Mati PAWELEC Birmingham78823
40th729William-Alfie HARRISON Manchester / MCR88824

° Rider racing out of category

Male: Expert: 17-29

22 competitors found

° Rider racing out of category

Male: 30+

9 competitors found

Male: Super Cruiser: 15+

27 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 2F 1F
1st15Luca MANSI Bournemouth211411st
2nd9Daniel WILSON (bmx) BMX Widow Photography / Preston Pirates121412nd
3rd5Rocky O'BRIEN Redditch Premiers111323rd
4th17Connor BLYTH Andover / DC Cycles111324th
5th18Matt MCHUGH BMX Widow Photography / Preston Pirates212535th
6th382Martin BROWN (elt) Mid Lancs BMX / Smiley's flight club123636th
7th310Harvey FRYER Crank BMX Coaching / Gosport5241147th
8th100Callum DALEY ICE Bikes UK Factory Team / Runnymede Rockets4331048th
9thW3Fraser WATSON (vet) Cumbernauld Centurions33395
10th44Jack HUDSON Royston Rockets BMX Racing Club732125
11th21Sean BROWN Birmingham / Birmingham NRT23276
12th8Max HENDERSON-GOODFELLOW BMX United / Runnymede Rockets442106
13th860Fintan COCKBURN Bath BMX355137
14th2Darren O'BRIEN Redditch Premiers543127
15th22XJono HARRADINE Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club / MK Evolution344118
16th22Kyle HILL Norwich Flyers BMX Racing Club / Pure Bicycles424108
17th19Louis PINDER Torbay BMX Racing Club26513
18th17XJensen LEDGERWOOD-BARR Smiley's flight club / Torbay BMX Racing Club55414
19th691Peter BUTLER North East36514
20th347Andy GROVES Bradford Bandits BMX Racing Club44614
21st221Lewis BARNES Birmingham65617
22nd353Ryan JONES (bmx) Mid Lancs BMX / Smiley's flight club67518
23rd13Tim DREW Gosport66618
24th20XChristos CHALKOS Manchester / Pure Bicycles75719
25th598Chris HEAPS Blackpool66719
26th131Cooper MCCRUM BMX Widow Photography / Cumbernauld Centurions57719
27th37Stephen NEEDHAM Nottingham Outlaws / Team Bunneys77620



Female: Superclass

11 competitors found

Female: Expert: 5-8

6 competitors found

Female: Expert: 9-10

14 competitors found

Female: Expert: 11-12

17 competitors found

Female: Expert: 13-14

13 competitors found

Female: Expert: 15+

22 competitors found

Female: Cruiser: 15+

12 competitors found

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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