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2023/24 Birmingham BMX Winter Series round 3

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Male: U7

7 competitors found

Male: 7-8

28 competitors found

Male: 9-10

31 competitors found

Male: 11-12

38 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1st17Jack PERKINS (12) Derby1113111st
2nd728Ethan CROOKES-MARTIN Runnymede Rockets3227232nd
3rd332Roland ELS Nuneaton1135243rd
4th11XXThomas HONEYWILL Decoy1113124th
5th606Archie BELL (CGR) Cheshire Ghostriders BMX1326345th
6th12Marcus MULLEN Manchester4116126th
7th236Max MCNULTY Nottingham Outlaws2114137th
8th9Ronnie PAIN Bexhill Bike Park3249218th
9th6Joe ROOKE Bideford BMX1451035
10th23Oliver TAYLOR (MK) Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club7231225
11th423Sebastian HEWITT Nottingham Outlaws5231046
12th29Emile CHALLENGER Brixton342946
13th32Oscar WALDING Nuneaton6321147
14th4Dakota TUCKER Decoy323837
15th881Finley MURPHY Nuneaton4521138
16th808Lucas STONEMAN Bath BMX2671548
17th709Lucas BELTON Decoy434115
18th144Noah BAGWELL Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club336126
19th173Louie KUCHARIK Derby435125
20th905Lucas LAURIE Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club656175
21st49Jawdan AJIBADE Brixton574166
22nd9XPoppy-May KIRBY Decoy543126
23rd37Callum GOOSTREY Cheshire Ghostriders BMX675186
24th11Oliver MERRON T.N.T.256135
25th11XHarry TYERS Braintree BMX Racing Club24178
26th24Elizabeth-Lola POOLE Manchester564157
27th827Dexter ELLIOTT Burnham557177
28th12XXIsabella RUTHERFORD Preston Pirates684187
29th27Percy LARGE Nuneaton467178
30th072Harrison DOE Decoy666188
31st442Elliot STRAWFORD Redditch Premiers855188
32nd12XHugo DEIGHTON Doncaster BMX Racing245117
33rd225Logan WATERHOUSE Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club78621
34th308Jake BABBINGTON Birmingham87722
35thM13.1Sam KNIGHT (u12) Birmingham78823
36th760Harrison BATSFORD Birmingham77822
37th889Jenson DONE Birmingham87722
38th598Toby SMITH (u13) Birmingham76821

Male: 13-14

38 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 4F 2F 1F
1st18Harvey TOMLINSON Merton Saints1113111st
2nd10Freddie ENTWISTLE Birmingham1113212nd
3rd7Bradley JAMES Decoy4228223rd
4th1.5Elvis LAWRENCE Runnymede Rockets2114124th
5th674Freddie FRANKLIN Cardiff BMX Racing Club3115135th
6thE7Oliver TYERS (BTREE) Braintree BMX Racing Club1225236th
7th23Tate KITSON Hayes Hawks1315247th
8thW4Emie SEWARD Blackpool3238348th
9th8Ned GUPPY Exeter Eagles BMX Racing Club213615
10th920Heath OSBORNE Birmingham144937
11th238Lucas TANDY Birmingham3251046
12th24Nathaniel EAMES Preston Pirates3621148
13th118Henry RADCLIFFE Decoy242836
14th727William CHAPLIN Mid Lancs BMX233837
15th30Olly KIRBY Decoy5331145
16th46Olly TERBLANCHE Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club6351448
17th347Noah BUTTERY Mid Lancs BMX462125
18th13Robin MATERN ALONSO Peckham Challengers453125
19th191Billy HARRISON Birmingham536146
20th166Jack WALFORD Manchester345125
21st836Tom MCGOVERN Decoy446146
22nd858Dylan POWELL (u15) Nuneaton854176
23rd46XMilo WELLER Bruntwood Park644145
24th337Ethan HOWELL Nottingham Outlaws557176
25th2.4Euan BEAT Manchester22487
26th48Max SURRIDGE Redditch Premiers865198
27th34Finlay CRANIDGE Nottingham Outlaws574167
28th422Stan MASON Birmingham755177
29th496Finley WILSON Birmingham576187
30th834Dylan BROWNE Derby467178
31st501Eddie MILLINGTON Bristol656178
32nd144Hari TAYLOR Birmingham866208
33rd800Logan RITCHIE Milton Keynes BMX Racing Club67720
34th015Maxymilian STASIAK Birmingham77721
35th359Jack MURPHY-PATTERSON Bath BMX78722
36th090Rasel SMUKLERZ Birmingham77822
37th808Thomas VARUTTI Peckham Challengers68822
38th511Ruby WALFORD ManchesterDNSDNSDNS29

Male: 15-16

27 competitors found

Male: 17-29

12 competitors found

° Riders racing out of category

Male: 30+

5 competitors found

Male: Cruiser: U17

8 competitors found

Male: Super Cruiser: 17+

14 competitors found

° Riders racing out of category



Female: Superclass

10 competitors found

Female: 5-8

6 competitors found

Female: 9-10

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 Pts 1F
1st3.4Ellie BEAT Manchester11131st
2nd003Eliza POWELL Preston Pirates21362nd
3rd17Georgia SURTEES ° Hayes Hawks11-12 Female33173rd
4th591Tyler DAVENPORT ° Preston Pirates11-12 Female12254th
5th004Ada WALDING Nuneaton22265th
6th669Clara SMITH Birmingham344116th
7th515Maisie SURTEES Hayes Hawks443117th
8th296Lauren SNELL Decoy434118th
9th381Rachel PRICHARD Hayes Hawks55515
10th529Florence KAY Bruntwood Park55616
11th10.5Abi GRAHAM Brixton66517
12thM1Freya KNIGHT BirminghamDNSDNSDNS24

° Riders racing out of category

Female: 15+

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Merged M1 M2 M3 M4 Pts
1st18Eleanor CURTIS Decoy11114
2nd506Rin Serafina JANOLINO ° Nottingham Outlaws13-14 Female332210
3rd484Matilda SACHARIEW ° Peckham Challengers13-14 Female243413
4th5Lexie CAIRNS ° Knowsley13-14 Female454316
5th22XMissy LARGE Nuneaton626519
6th102Ellie MOORE ° Nuneaton13-14 Female565622
7th302Jamie HIGHAM Blackpool777728

° Riders racing out of category

Female: Cruiser: 17+

4 competitors found



Mixed: Novice: U10

10 competitors found

Mixed: Novice: 10+

6 competitors found

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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