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Male: U11  Finish spread

20 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st1101Ryder BROOKS 2:40.641-
2nd1112Freddie COOTE 2:52.58211.94s
3rd1102Tristan HALL 2:53.14312.50s
4th1107Jake JEFFERS 3:01.34420.70s
5th1104Hudson MCKENZIE 3:02.65522.01s
6th1118Joshua SCHILLING 3:03.96623.32s
7th1103Lucas COMELLI 3:09.98729.34s
8th1106Will MURPHY 3:12.31831.67s
9th1105Max MOLIERE 3:22.02941.38s
10th1110Sam MCMILLAN 3:31.321050.68s
11th1111Maxon BUTLER 3:33.731153.09s
12th1108Ewan GOVAN 3:34.481253.84s
13th1117Tyler PARKER 3:41.61131:00.97
14th1109Archer FIRTH 3:48.40141:07.76
15th1113Foster JOHANSSON 3:49.06151:08.42
16th1115Angus LARKIN 3:54.54161:13.90
17th1116Ned PEART 4:00.97171:20.33
18th1114Eli LACEY 4:02.14181:21.50
19th1119Owen SCHIRMER 4:10.87191:30.23
20th1120Harry SHARP 4:12.45201:31.81

Male: U13  Finish spread

43 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st1301Liam STEINLAUF 2:34.391-
2nd1302Kobe SHEPHEARD 2:34.8520.46s
3rd1303Hugo HILL 2:40.1535.76s
4th1305Wiley FIRTH 2:42.0147.62s
5th1309Ben HUNTER 2:46.56512.17s
6th1316Luke CALVERT 2:48.35613.96s
7th1307Sonny BRASSIL 2:50.07715.68s
8th1308Deakan BURTON 2:50.75816.36s
9th1310Eliot BYE 2:51.90917.51s
10th1306Willem THOMPSON 2:54.211019.82s
11th1304Freddy DICKINSON 2:54.241119.85s
12th1334Emmett O'LOUGHLIN 2:54.361219.97s
13th1328Luke HAYES 2:57.171322.78s
14th1312Wade ANDERSON 2:57.491423.10s
15th1323Cole ELLISON 2:59.051524.66s
16th1317Keegan CARMAN 2:59.471625.08s
17th1339Sid SPRUNT 3:02.791728.40s
18th1338Harper SEALEY 3:03.391829.00s
19th1336Hunter ROSE 3:03.501929.11s
20th1335Mannix PECK 3:05.692031.30s
21st1333Coby MURNANE 3:06.112131.72s
22nd1319Felix COMPAGNINO 3:08.542234.15s
23rd1318Mason COMELLI 3:08.952334.56s
24th1342Ben WELLS 3:12.252437.86s
25th1332Cooper MAFFEI 3:12.762538.37s
26th1311Spencer ALLEN 3:14.162639.77s
27th1329Rufus HOLLOLE SANTWYK-ANDERSON 3:14.672740.28s
28th1343Hugo WRIGHT 3:14.862840.47s
29th1331Javier LAVIGNE PRESSER 3:17.792943.40s
30th1337Anderson SCOTT 3:25.843051.45s
31st1325Harry FEGGANS 3:30.403156.01s
32nd1321Daley DWYER 3:31.943257.55s
33rd1324Angus FEGGANS 3:32.373357.98s
34th1314Charlie BIGGART 3:38.76341:04.37
35th1322Kealan ELLIOTT 3:38.84351:04.45
36th1330Toby JARVIS 3:41.32361:06.93
37th1315Earnest BYRNE 3:41.72371:07.33
38th1320Morrissey COSTA 4:13.75381:39.36
39th1326Spencer GAYLOR 4:26.24391:51.85
1313Flynn BAKER      DNS
1327Fergus GOWAN      DNS
1340Ryder WAKELING      DNS
1341Grady WALKER      DNS

Male: U15  Finish spread

117 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st1501Harvey BROOKS 2:22.411-
2nd1502Reegan SCHAFTER 2:27.4625.05s
3rd1594Oliver RUSSELL 2:31.0538.64s
4th15103Jethro SPYRAKIS 2:31.0748.66s
5th1526Arlo COSTA 2:31.6259.21s
6th1506Tamas SPOKEVICIUS 2:32.2569.84s
7th1508Eli WRIGHT 2:32.59710.18s
8th1539Sam FREITAG 2:32.77810.36s
9th1593Zac ROWLAND 2:33.11910.70s
10th1515Henry BERRY 2:33.821011.41s
11th1505Archie FEGGANS 2:33.881111.47s
12th1507Angus EDWARDS 2:33.961211.55s
12th1595Kai SALSBURY 2:33.961211.55s
14th1527Yianni DAFINIS 2:34.071411.66s
15th15114Luca WHITE 2:34.491512.08s
16th1560William KLIPPEL 2:34.511612.10s
17th1546Lincoln GROVES 2:34.631712.22s
18th1504Charlie HILL 2:35.381812.97s
19th15108Kurtis TREACEY 2:35.411913.00s
20th1529Marlon DAMCHEV 2:36.112013.70s
21st15112Ned WEBSTER 2:36.962114.55s
22nd1569Liam MAHER 2:37.742215.33s
23rd15120Archie YOUNG 2:38.412316.00s
24th1530Will KENNEALY 2:38.892416.48s
25th1567Beau LUDLOW 2:39.352516.94s
26th1565Joel LIERSE 2:40.512618.10s
27th1588Thomas PRITCHETT 2:40.872718.46s
28th1571Kai MARRIOTT 2:41.002818.59s
29th1555River JONES 2:41.292918.88s
30th15116Fergus WIGGINS 2:41.343018.93s
31st1522Will CHAMBERLAIN 2:41.383118.97s
32nd1540James FREEMAN 2:41.773219.36s
33rd1576Will MINNIECE 2:42.403319.99s
34th15110Henry WALTON 2:42.543420.13s
35th1579Becken NELSON 2:42.853520.44s
36th1528Hamish DALGLEISH 2:43.203620.79s
37th1582Liam PALAMOUNTAIN 2:43.283720.87s
38th1531Cooper DANAHER 2:43.413821.00s
39th1585Mitch PLAYFAIR 2:44.713922.30s
40th15115James WHYTE 2:44.904022.49s
41st15109Xavier VAUGHAN 2:45.004122.59s
42nd1557Harlan KING 2:45.534223.12s
43rd1590Jack RICH 2:45.754323.34s
44th1545Charlie GOTCH 2:46.374423.96s
45th1566Tanner LOWE 2:46.834524.42s
46th1596Isaac SCOTT 2:46.854624.44s
47th1575Connor MCKENZIE 2:47.884725.47s
48th1586Marcus POLIANSKY 2:48.324825.91s
49th15102Kye SMITH 2:48.754926.34s
50th1581Angus PAGE 2:48.875026.46s
51st1518Phoenix BRIDGES 2:49.635127.22s
52nd1554Tyson JEFFERS 2:49.675227.26s
53rd1564Oscar LAWRENCE 2:50.075327.66s
54th1561Lachie KNIGHT 2:51.245428.83s
55th1524Jack CLEMENTS 2:52.325529.91s
56th1513Noah BROADBENT 2:52.525630.11s
57th1514Leo BAKER 2:52.885730.47s
58th1523Noah CHARBEL 2:53.275830.86s
59th1551Ben HALES 2:53.345930.93s
60th1587Jake PORTER 2:53.546031.13s
61st1570Zak MARASCO 2:54.636132.22s
62nd15100Hudson SINCLAIR 2:55.086232.67s
63rd15107Ziggy THOMAS 2:55.316332.90s
64th1519Matthew BROWN 2:56.216433.80s
65th1589Frederick RENOWDEN 2:57.246534.83s
66th1510Harry MILNE 2:57.506635.09s
67th1592Ewan ROGAN 2:58.156735.74s
68th1544Stephen GOONAN 2:58.406835.99s
69th1584Jack PHEASE 2:58.666936.25s
70th15111Jem WATERSON 3:00.157037.74s
71st1517Jimmy BLEKIC 3:00.567138.15s
72nd1580Joseph O'BRIEN 3:00.677238.26s
73rd1558Cooper KIRALY 3:01.057338.64s
74th15104Alex TANASKOVIC 3:01.827439.41s
75th1548Jack GWYN-AITKEN 3:02.307539.89s
76th1536Hudson ELSEGOOD 3:02.977640.56s
77th15119Harry WILLIAMS 3:03.637741.22s
78th1577Tyler MURNANE 3:03.817841.40s
79th1543Archer GIBSON 3:04.497942.08s
80th1553Ethan JAMIESON 3:05.778043.36s
81st1573Harry MELDRUM 3:08.878146.46s
82nd1511Taylor ALDENHOVEN 3:09.508247.09s
83rd1572Archie MASSEY 3:09.868347.45s
84th15121Dusty BOHN 3:10.908448.49s
85th15106Jacob TERRY 3:10.948548.53s
86th1562Kai KORNHOFER 3:11.678649.26s
87th1521Levi BYRNES 3:11.908749.49s
88th1568Caillin MAFFEI 3:14.288851.87s
89th1549Oliver HAINES 3:15.698953.28s
90th15113Ernie WESCOMBE 3:16.749054.33s
91st1547Charlie GUEST 3:16.779154.36s
92nd1520Campbell BUTLER 3:17.369254.95s
93rd1599Jake SIMS 3:18.439356.02s
94th15105Deagan TAYLOR 3:18.899456.48s
95th1525Tom COLLINS (VIC) 3:21.839559.42s
96th1538Oliver FLEET 3:21.899659.48s
97th15101Felix SMITH 3:26.80971:04.39
98th1563Jeremy LAWLER 3:27.72981:05.31
99th15117Bobby WILKINSON 3:30.78991:08.37
100th1535Lachlan EADES 3:36.211001:13.80
101st15122Grady WALKER 3:36.561011:14.15
102nd1598Elijah SHAW 3:37.101021:14.69
103rd1552Henry HEWITT 3:45.421031:23.01
104th1597Kobe SEMMENS 4:19.101041:56.69
105th1550Angus HALES 4:40.491052:18.08
1533William DONALD      DNF
1591Callum ROBINSON      DNF
1532Angus DARLING      DNS
1534Ben DUFTY      DNS
1537Leo FERMOR      DNS
1541Jack GASKELL      DNS
1542Flynn GAYLOR      DNS
1503Josh ISARD      DNS
1556Harley KELEHER      DNS
1559Nash KLEYNJANS      DNS
1574Jack MERRYLEES      DNS
1583Raphael PARSONS      DNS

Male: U17  Finish spread

79 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st1701Lachy ROBERTS 2:14.081-
2nd1702Leroy HARRISON 2:17.5323.45s
3rd1708Oscar DOW 2:23.4739.39s
4th1707Harvey ARIFOVIC 2:23.4849.40s
5th1703Lucas PALAGHIA 2:24.51510.43s
6th1710Flynn JOHNSON 2:24.76610.68s
7th1752Will LOFTING 2:26.48712.40s
8th1704Danny MURPHY 2:26.71812.63s
9th1737Jed ERICH 2:28.37914.29s
10th1705James BELL 2:29.031014.95s
11th1706Will SHIELDS 2:29.331115.25s
12th1757Tom MCVILLY 2:30.841216.76s
13th1769Jasper SYMONS 2:31.061316.98s
14th1751Zane LODGE 2:32.531418.45s
15th1728Charlie CORNELL 2:34.811520.73s
16th1750Dan LAKE 2:35.171621.09s
17th1763Ethan REILLY 2:35.651721.57s
18th1766Max SHINSKY 2:36.421822.34s
19th1729Harrison COULSTON 2:36.431922.35s
20th1779Callum DEAR 2:36.892022.81s
21st1738Ben FAVALORO 2:37.612123.53s
22nd1776Corey VERWOERD 2:38.232224.15s
23rd1773Max TURNER 2:38.682324.60s
24th1749Koby JONES 2:39.122425.04s
25th1755Nash LYTHGO 2:39.842525.76s
26th1759Liam OLSON 2:39.852625.77s
27th1777Oliver WILSON 2:40.092726.01s
28th1762Marcus REID 2:40.452826.37s
29th1717Dale BLACKMAN 2:40.502926.42s
30th1719Spencer CARMAN 2:40.753026.67s
31st1736Cooper ELLIOTT 2:41.183127.10s
32nd1712Samuel ASHBY 2:41.783227.70s
33rd1748Cooper JONES 2:42.533328.45s
34th1765Xander SALIBA 2:43.193429.11s
35th1761Taj PRITCHARD 2:43.283529.20s
36th1760Angus PASTUSZKA 2:43.813629.73s
37th1778Christian YOUNG 2:44.063729.98s
38th1753Xav LONG 2:44.393830.31s
39th1768Linc SPRUNT 2:45.563931.48s
40th1730Heath COULSTON 2:46.224032.14s
41st1758Jack MILNE 2:47.324133.24s
42nd1774Will TYLER 2:47.594233.51s
43rd1744Kody HEDIN 2:47.684333.60s
44th1771William TUCK 2:48.564434.48s
45th1713Lachlan BANFIELD 2:49.024534.94s
46th1726Billy COLLINS 2:49.234635.15s
47th1739Matthew FENWICK 2:50.334736.25s
48th1764Cade ROBERTSON 2:50.644836.56s
49th1745Lachie HOLBROOK 2:51.124937.04s
50th1731Mitch DE MARTINO 2:51.465037.38s
51st1724Aidan COCHRAN 2:51.505137.42s
52nd1711Ryan ANDERSON 2:51.615237.53s
53rd1727Josh COLLINS 2:52.445338.36s
54th1718Daniel BROOKS (u17) 2:52.685438.60s
55th1732Alex DE IONNO 2:53.385539.30s
56th1775Cambell VAN STEEG 2:54.545640.46s
57th1720Evan CHARBONNEAU 2:54.765740.68s
58th1741Harrison FRANCIS 2:55.255841.17s
59th1714Billy BENNETT 2:55.755941.67s
60th1747Stanley JEFFRIES 2:56.206042.12s
61st1723Phoenix CLANCY 2:56.576142.49s
62nd1740Luke FITZGERALD 3:01.566247.48s
63rd1756Cooper MCCALLUM 3:02.566348.48s
64th1735Ben EASTON 3:03.276449.19s
65th1772Cleveland TUCKER-YOUNG 3:05.296551.21s
66th1742Mitch GULBIN 3:06.866652.78s
67th1722Hudson CLANCY 3:07.406753.32s
68th1754Jai LORKIN 3:10.626856.54s
69th1716Spencer BIGGART 3:10.916956.83s
70th1746Lewis JEFFRIES 3:12.017057.93s
71st1715Jules BENNETT 3:13.677159.59s
72nd1725Caleb COLE 3:15.27721:01.19
73rd1734Aaron DOYLE 3:26.71731:12.63
74th1743Darcy HANCOCK 3:44.33741:30.25
75th1770Jonty TILLEY 7:04.76754:50.68
1709Oliver DONAT      DNF
1721Rio CHIRNSIDE      DNS
1733Hayden DOUGLAS      DNS
1767Archie SMITH      DNS



Female: U13  Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st301Claire MATTHEWS 2:59.141-
2nd302Remy YOUNG 3:25.58226.44s

Female: U15  Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st504Audrey GRAAFSMA 2:52.421-
2nd501Chloe MATTHEWS 2:54.5522.13s
3rd502Piper TIPPINS 2:57.9735.55s
4th505Grace GRAAFSMA 3:00.5248.10s
5th503Emma FRUECHTL 3:35.19542.77s

Female: U17  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st705Chloe TSIMIKLIS 2:46.301-
2nd701Quinn MOORE 2:47.5021.20s
3rd702Amelia FREEMAN 2:54.9938.69s
4th703Zoe LETHLEAN 2:59.65413.35s
5th704Liv CURTIS 3:13.93527.63s
6th706Stevie TANASKOVIC 3:30.90644.60s

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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