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Male: Elite  Spread

19 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st25Darcy WILKINSON 2:06.3312:06.561-
2nd3Dave HETHERINGTON 2:07.8522:07.6021.04s
3rd5Dylan LOMBARD 2:14.9172:11.2034.64s
4th18Jack BULSTRODE 2:09.4732:11.2344.67s
5th22Harper AHLBERG 2:14.2952:13.8657.30s
6th23Will ARBLASTER 2:16.1992:14.2067.64s
7th19Finn BUCKLEY 2:18.08132:14.8578.29s
8th20Will SPARK 2:16.98102:16.0389.47s
9th12Keharn DAVIS 2:15.6182:16.4099.84s
10th13Steve JOHNSON 2:17.49112:16.681010.12s
11th14Luke BARLOW 2:17.50122:17.541110.98s
12th24Connor SCHOLZ 2:21.58152:20.091213.53s
13th15Luka DODIG 2:38.07172:21.091314.53s
14th21Andy JEPHCOTT 2:24.18162:22.781416.22s
15th11Liam MCLENNAN 2:18.28142:28.321521.76s
16th4Flynn MCLUCKIE 2:11.6342:48.221641.66s
17th16Harry BACK 2:14.6369:17.77177:11.21
2Luke ELLISON       DNS     
880004Matt ELLISON       DNS     

Male: Expert  Spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st303Chhay WILLIAMS       2:17.671-
2nd302Thomas RIELLA       2:18.4420.77s
3rd301Matt CURRIE       2:19.1531.48s
4th307Jack DREVER       2:20.4942.82s
5th308Chris HALSHAW       2:21.3253.65s
6th309Travis CRYER       2:24.5666.89s
7th306Jesse CAMPBELL       2:33.19715.52s
8th305Sam PLATT       2:34.76817.09s
304Harvey MCKENZIE            DNS

Male: Sport  Spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st1003Adam LYNCH       2:24.111-
2nd1009Geoff BAYLDON       2:25.3421.23s
3rd1008Flynn BESTE       2:27.1533.04s
4th1001Brad JONES       2:28.2544.14s
5th1004Cody NYHOF       2:29.4755.36s
6th1010Artan DEMIROSKI       2:30.5666.45s
7th1002William BENNETT       2:30.9276.81s
8th1006Riley HOSKING       2:31.2987.18s
9th1007Jonathon NEWTON       2:50.58926.47s
1005Luke EAMES            DNS

Male: U15  Spread

49 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st1501Harvey BROOKS       2:15.251-
2nd1511Marlon DAMCHEV       2:21.8726.62s
3rd1508Fergus WIGGINS       2:22.7737.52s
4th1522Liam MAHER       2:23.4248.17s
5th1516Connor MCKENZIE       2:24.2759.02s
6th1503Rueben BATEUP       2:25.0469.79s
7th1518Hamish DALGLEISH       2:26.46711.21s
8th1502Kobe SHEPHEARD       2:26.62811.37s
9th1505Liam STEINLAUF       2:28.17912.92s
10th1526Ned WEBSTER       2:30.221014.97s
11th1523Mitch PLAYFAIR       2:30.311115.06s
12th1509Willem THOMPSON       2:31.341216.09s
13th1512Harry STUBBS       2:32.541317.29s
14th1543Kobi ELMS       2:32.591417.34s
15th1519Stephen GOONAN       2:33.431518.18s
16th1545Marlon CELAN       2:33.931618.68s
17th1517Bo MEGINLEY       2:34.181718.93s
18th1539Will BELL       2:35.401820.15s
19th1507Luke HAYES       2:36.431921.18s
20th1520Ethan TELFORD       2:36.502021.25s
21st1534Hudson SINCLAIR       2:36.522121.27s
22nd1514Tyler MURNANE       2:37.452222.20s
23rd1506Becken NELSON       2:37.702322.45s
24th1530Liam HALL (u15)       2:39.332424.08s
25th1549Brody LANGLEY       2:40.032524.78s
26th1538Sonny BRASSIL       2:40.902625.65s
27th1547Alex TANASKOVIC       2:41.012725.76s
28th1510Caillin MAFFEI       2:41.322826.07s
29th1536Ziggy THOMAS       2:41.862926.61s
30th1531Oscar VELLA       2:43.043027.79s
31st1541Rufus HOLLOLE SANTWYK-ANDERSON       2:43.383128.13s
32nd1529Keegan CARMAN       2:43.423228.17s
33rd1546Eliot BYE       2:43.543328.29s
34th1528Cruiz JOHNSTONE       2:44.833429.58s
35th1533Aleks STOJANOVIC       2:45.673530.42s
36th1532Taylor ALDENHOVEN       2:46.143630.89s
37th1540Javier LAVIGNE PRESSER       2:48.733733.48s
38th1527Coby MURNANE       2:49.023833.77s
39th1513Callum ROBINSON       2:52.903937.65s
40th1542Hunter ROSE       2:53.944038.69s
41st1525Sid SPRUNT       2:56.224140.97s
42nd1544James MORTON       2:59.194243.94s
43rd1537Jack GENT       5:10.00432:54.75
1524Isaac BROADBENT            DNF
1548Hamish DAKERS-HOCK            DNS
881518Lincoln GROVES            DNS
1535Ethan HAM            DNS
1521Joel LIERSE            DNS
1504Kurtis TREACEY            DNS

Male: U17  Spread

87 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st1705Archer BAILEY 2:17.2472:13.111-
2nd1702Ben BACK 2:15.4042:13.7720.66s
3rd1745Tamas SPOKEVICIUS 2:12.5112:13.9630.85s
4th1701Bailey KENDALL 2:14.6822:15.9842.87s
5th1704Sam FREITAG 2:14.8532:16.0952.98s
6th1707Kody HEDIN 2:17.6392:16.9363.82s
7th1737Zac ROWLAND 2:19.17122:17.2474.13s
8th1743Josh ISARD 2:20.86192:17.4084.29s
9th1725Ben DARLISON 2:17.5282:18.1295.01s
10th1757Tom MCVILLY 2:19.83132:18.20105.09s
11th1787Brooklyn LUCIEER 2:20.65182:18.26115.15s
12th1740Edward BRAY 2:20.09152:19.24126.13s
13th1765Nash LYTHGO 2:20.01142:19.79136.68s
14th1708Lucas PALAGHIA 2:18.99112:20.04146.93s
15th1730Spencer CARMAN 2:20.25162:20.25157.14s
16th1703Harry NELSON 2:15.5152:20.44167.33s
17th1741Cooper CUSACK 2:21.58222:20.75177.64s
18th1747Beau LUDLOW 2:23.93302:20.91187.80s
19th1776Fred FOLEY 2:21.28212:20.92197.81s
20th1753Samuel ASHBY 2:20.46172:21.25208.14s
21st1718Harrison COULSTON 2:21.02202:21.36218.25s
22nd1773Will CHAMBERLAIN 2:22.74262:21.49228.38s
23rd1726Archer CLAFFEY 2:22.37252:22.90239.79s
24th1774Henry LOELIGER 2:23.18282:23.02249.91s
25th1751Ethan REILLY 2:23.72292:23.04259.93s
26th1715Patrick HANSEN 2:22.27242:23.392610.28s
27th1716Will LOFTING 2:17.88102:25.472712.36s
28th1767Liam OLSON 2:22.79272:31.402818.29s
29th1752Kai SALSBURY 2:21.68232:53.592940.48s
30th1714Reegan SCHAFTER 2:17.2163:54.34301:41.23
1742Ned GREGORY 2:24.1631     
1731Angus LEACH 2:24.4532     
1780Dan LAKE 2:24.6833     
1735Thomas PRITCHETT 2:24.8134     
1710William KLIPPEL 2:24.8835     
1709Lewis HURLEY 2:24.9236     
9302Henry WALTON 2:25.0637     
1775Jacob PRIEST 2:25.1038     
1766Darcy LAWYER 2:25.3339     
1712Tarrant SCULTHORPE 2:25.5840     
1736Hank HORDPENKO 2:25.6741     
1720Luca WHITE 2:26.6842     
1777Fin FERRIER 2:26.7743     
1713James LONGMUIR 2:26.7844     
1784Lachlan BANFIELD 2:27.4045     
1739Cooper ELLIOTT 2:27.5446     
1732Phoenix BRIDGES 2:28.6947     
1749James WHYTE 2:29.0848     
1727Linc SPRUNT 2:29.2149     
1724Evan CHARBONNEAU 2:29.4250     
1734William DONALD 2:29.9951     
1768Jack WILLIAMS 2:29.9951     
1706Archie YOUNG 2:30.5353     
1728Noah BROADBENT 2:30.6554     
1770Hudson CLANCY 2:31.4255     
1711Ryan ANDERSON 2:33.7356     
1755Leo BAKER 2:33.8957     
1758Harrison FRANCIS 2:33.9958     
1719Jake SIMS 2:34.1859     
1750Luke FITZGERALD 2:34.6760     
1788James CAMPBELL 2:34.7161     
1754Henry ALLEN (u16) 2:36.7862     
1772Oscar LAWRENCE 2:36.9563     
1764Christian CRUZ 2:38.7564     
1738Jack PHEASE 2:38.8065     
1779Victor BOSCO 2:39.0066     
1748Lachie KNIGHT 2:39.6567     
1778Matthew NICOLIN 2:40.9568     
1763Tully TEW 2:41.3669     
1782Cameron CROWE 2:41.5370     
1781Seamus HILL 2:45.2271     
1771Ryder GRESHAM 2:49.0172     
1723Marcel PFLIEGER 2:49.3173     
1744Cameron RITCHIE 2:49.8274     
1769Henry HEWITT 2:50.6475     
1762Kirrit MANAL 3:05.5776     
1746Lachlan EADES 3:46.6277     
1756Bobby WILKINSON 4:37.0978     
881752Finn BAKER       DNS     
1717Matthew FENWICK       DNS     
1783Rylan FOX       DNS     
1760Harry HELM       DNS     
1786Nash KLEYNJANS       DNS     
1729Xav LONG       DNS     
1761Zeppelin NUTTALL       DNS     
1759Cade ROBERTSON       DNS     
1722Oliver RUSSELL       DNS     

Male: U19  Spread

58 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st1904Darcy NOONAN 2:10.2412:07.431-
2nd1903Rye CARLYON 2:10.7822:08.5921.16s
3rd1901Mitchell CLAXTON 2:12.5732:09.4231.99s
4th1915Lucas MEYER-SMITH 2:12.9042:11.3043.87s
5th1924Jack HERCZYKOWSKI 2:13.8472:11.5554.12s
6th1918Flynn JOHNSON 2:13.6862:12.2264.79s
7th1905Benjamin WILSON 2:13.3852:12.6175.18s
8th1910Xavier WILLIAMS 2:14.1382:12.9585.52s
9th1928James COX 2:17.1792:15.1797.74s
10th1942Harvey ARIFOVIC 2:20.64162:17.621010.19s
11th1952James BELL 2:19.53142:18.341110.91s
12th1956Lewis SMITH 2:24.10232:18.351210.92s
13th1907Hugh HAMILTON 2:18.60102:18.751311.32s
14th1931Max TURNER 2:18.94112:18.891411.46s
15th1920Zane LODGE 2:19.36132:19.881512.45s
16th1939Tyson KRSEVAN 2:19.76152:20.281612.85s
17th1925Chad GIRYS 2:22.62192:21.441714.01s
18th1930Noah ONG 2:24.92272:21.701814.27s
19th1923Ben FAVALORO 2:19.33122:21.891914.46s
20th1950Will WALKER 2:24.25252:22.072014.64s
21st1937Timothy SADLER 2:22.32172:22.272114.84s
22nd1946Flynn AHLBERG 2:24.21242:22.302214.87s
23rd1911Sal LA TORRE 2:24.04222:22.972315.54s
24th1909Bobby KANAVAN 2:22.90202:23.102415.67s
25th1906Noah JABLONSKI 2:24.40262:24.172516.74s
26th1922Jack MOLONEY 2:26.05302:24.442617.01s
27th1927Bailey DILLON 2:25.06282:25.082717.65s
28th1912Fraser ARMSTRONG 2:25.28292:25.152817.72s
29th1908Ryan NORTON (u19) 2:23.35212:26.422918.99s
1957Cato HOBSBAWN 2:22.3518     DNS
1917Thomas CONDIE 2:27.5031     
1916Tom LAZZARA 2:27.7832     
1935Jacob LEE (VIC) 2:28.3133     
1932Willem PETERS 2:28.8634     
1921Heath COULSTON 2:29.0535     
1955Andre CADOGAN 2:30.5636     
1953William BANFIELD 2:31.0237     
1945Jack KINNERSLEY 2:31.8438     
1944Niklas HYLAND 2:32.8939     
1947Jai THODEY 2:33.3040     
1951Will TYLER 2:33.7541     
1954Thomas BERRY 2:33.9242     
1913Jack CROSSMAN 2:34.3343     
1933Cooper MCCALLUM 2:34.9444     
1940Nels CZECHOWSKI 2:35.2945     
1948Jorris HOFSTRA 2:35.8746     
1926Dale BLACKMAN 2:36.0447     
1936William THOMAS 2:40.1348     
1949Leo BOSCO 2:45.1849     
1958Heath FLEMING 2:46.4550     
1919Oscar DOW 3:07.5151     
1914Ewan BURKE       DNS     
1941Leroy HARRISON       DNS     
1934Jackson HELM       DNS     
1938Danny MURPHY       DNS     
1929Jack NELSON (dh)       DNS     
1943Massimo STAROPOLI       DNS     
1902Hudson TARLING       DNS     

Male: 30-39  Spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st701Alex SWANN       2:15.841-
2nd703Barry LANGLEY       2:21.7725.93s
702Sam FILMER            DNS

Male: 40-49  Spread

19 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st816Jake ROYLE       2:13.651-
2nd801Andrew FIRTH       2:16.1622.51s
3rd813Lucas WALSH       2:21.6437.99s
4th810Mark GILLESPIE       2:22.8849.23s
5th802Ant BATEUP       2:23.1259.47s
5th806Steven SCHROEDER       2:23.1259.47s
7th817Simon GILLESPIE       2:26.31712.66s
8th821Ben LUCIEER       2:27.80814.15s
9th804John HUNTER       2:28.24914.59s
10th807Stuart SCULTHORPE       2:28.961015.31s
11th814Emmett ANDERSEN       2:31.231117.58s
12th808Andrew BARLOW       2:33.681220.03s
13th818Glen NEWLAND       2:35.491321.84s
14th812Tyson ANSKAITIS       2:37.431423.78s
15th809Jack SHORT       2:38.221524.57s
820Paul HURLEY            DNS
8100Robert MILLER            DNS
811Lionel SEQUERA            DNS
805David TARLING            DNS

Male: 50+  Spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st902Steven GREGORY       2:22.001-
2nd901Danny TAUGGE       2:23.6021.60s
3rd904Justin ROMANOWICZ       2:28.7036.70s
4th905Brendan NELSON       2:34.53412.53s
5th906Mark LONGMUIR       2:54.51532.51s
903Craig MOORE            DNS



Female: Elite  Spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st201Jessica SHERIDAN 2:37.8112:39.121-
2nd203Erin ALLANSON 2:49.7932:44.1525.03s
3rd202Julia VAN VUUREN 2:45.1622:44.7135.59s

Female: Expert  Spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st391Rebecca LOWERY       2:53.301-
2nd392Scarlett BAKER       2:54.4421.14s

Female: U15  Spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st1592Audrey GRAAFSMA       2:33.161-
2nd1595Claire MATTHEWS       2:55.27222.11s
3rd1593Piper TIPPINS       2:56.30323.14s
4th1594Remy YOUNG       3:00.90427.74s

Female: U17  Spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st1791Tilly BOADLE 2:23.7912:22.491-
2nd1794Quinn MOORE 2:31.3922:31.3828.89s
3rd1792Zoe LETHLEAN 2:36.1732:32.0439.55s
4th1793Zali HUNTER 2:36.6842:34.93412.44s
5th1795Chloe MATTHEWS 2:37.1052:36.50514.01s
6th1796Abigail VAN HALEN 3:01.3863:05.07642.58s

Female: U19  Spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st1991Chloe TSIMIKLIS 2:33.6212:32.591-
2nd1992Amelia FREEMAN 2:39.6622:37.7525.16s
3rd1993Ellie HARRISON 3:01.2742:56.32323.73s
4th1994Ashtyn WILLIAMS 2:57.7032:58.76426.17s
5th1995Gabby NEAL 4:58.4764:20.0951:47.50
1996Stevie TANASKOVIC 3:20.405     DNS

Female: 40-49  Spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st891Kellie CATANESE       2:35.781-
2nd893Renee TANASKOVIC       3:01.21225.43s
892Marnie WILLIAMS            DNS

Female: 50+

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st991Kaaren FREEMAN       3:56.741-

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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