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Male: Elite  Spread

26 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st1Dave HETHERINGTON 2:57.92812:54.0401-
2nd33Matthew EMPEY 2:59.20622:54.25220.212s
3rd15Jackson WHITE 2:59.66732:54.93230.892s
4th27Flynn MCLUCKIE 3:00.18152:56.84042.800s
5th3Dylan LOMBARD 3:02.25272:57.40453.364s
6th20Will SPARK 3:05.809102:58.92164.881s
7th23Keharn DAVIS 3:05.968112:59.47875.438s
8th26Harry COOK 3:03.92392:59.89785.857s
9th4Jack BULSTRODE 3:01.42463:00.22196.181s
10th30Lachlan GIBSON 3:02.91283:00.790106.750s
11th32Angus JACKSON 3:06.427123:01.060117.020s
12th12Luka DODIG 3:06.519133:02.294128.254s
13th18Elliot RIED 3:09.663143:08.7691314.729s
14th25Tom YOUNG 9:44.554223:08.9911414.951s
15th11Luke BARLOW 3:15.275173:09.5351515.495s
16th14Travis DAWKINS 3:51.833213:11.8231617.783s
17th28Connor SCHOLZ 3:16.685183:12.8081718.768s
18th16Oskar WHITE 3:13.940163:13.4131819.373s
19th31Felix MOORE 3:13.860153:15.9851921.945s
20th19Nathan SINTON 3:21.663193:17.2512023.211s
21st22Ruben NOLES 3:21.996203:17.2732123.233s
17Campbell TELFER 3:00.0024     DNF
24Harry BACK       DNS     
2Luke ELLISON       DNS     
29Dave HABICHT       DNS     
21Liam MCLENNAN       DNS     

Male: Expert  Spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st301Matt CURRIE       3:05.4361-
2nd303Chhay WILLIAMS       3:08.75423.318s
3rd309Joshua WATSON       3:10.83935.403s
4th307Nicolas BOHLE       3:11.47146.035s
5th302Thomas RIELLA       3:18.205512.769s
6th305James BARNES       3:21.132615.696s
7th313Hugh MAYER       3:27.625722.189s
8th312Ben BLOOMFIELD       3:28.630823.194s
9th308James STEELE       3:28.893923.457s
10th306Harvey MCKENZIE       3:41.0041035.568s
11th310James DEMPSTER       3:42.7551137.319s
12th311Sam PLATT       3:55.3571249.921s
304Jesse CAMPBELL            DNS

Male: Sport  Spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st1012Adam LYNCH       3:16.5181-
2nd1002William BENNETT       3:22.58826.070s
3rd1003Jarrod WALTERS       3:23.02136.503s
4th1001Brad JONES       3:25.99149.473s
5th1004John WELLS       3:26.01859.500s
6th1008Max TRELOAR       3:34.152617.634s
7th1006Craig WELLS       3:36.376719.858s
8th1005Geoff BAYLDON       3:48.931832.413s
9th1009Bryce GELLERT       3:50.008933.490s
10th1010Kerrin COLEMAN       3:50.9461034.428s
11th1007Lachie MARTIN       10:14.594116:58.076
1013Flynn BESTE            DNS
1011Luke MIDDLEMISS            DNS

Male: U15  Spread

31 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st1501Harvey BROOKS       3:10.4621-
2nd1522Liam MAHER       3:12.66022.198s
3rd1505Marlon DAMCHEV       3:18.92538.463s
4th1504Fergus WIGGINS       3:21.865411.403s
5th1502Rueben BATEUP       3:22.016511.554s
6th1507Ned WEBSTER       3:22.883612.421s
7th1503Liam STEINLAUF       3:29.464719.002s
8th1510Becken NELSON       3:32.371821.909s
9th1526Daniel ANDERSON (u15)       3:35.410924.948s
10th1520Will BELL       3:36.1451025.683s
11th1511Luke HAYES       3:40.7531130.291s
12th1515Caillin MAFFEI       3:41.3891230.927s
13th1509Bo MEGINLEY       3:42.4291331.967s
14th1508Willem THOMPSON       3:45.9161435.454s
15th1519Harry STUBBS       3:48.8401538.378s
16th1512Hudson SINCLAIR       3:48.8591638.397s
17th1521Ben WELLS       4:01.4611750.999s
18th1514Henri MOLIERE       4:01.9671851.505s
19th1530Harper SEALEY       4:02.5921952.130s
20th1527Keegan CARMAN       4:05.1282054.666s
21st1513Cruiz JOHNSTONE       4:08.8822158.420s
22nd1529Kobi ELMS       4:16.245221:05.783
23rd1532Hamish DAKERS-HOCK       4:19.134231:08.672
24th1516Isaac BROADBENT       4:40.872241:30.410
25th1524Cooper MAFFEI       4:42.878251:32.416
1517Wiley FIRTH            DNF
1523Lincoln GROVES            DNS
1518Javier LAVIGNE PRESSER            DNS
1528Kai MARRIOTT            DNS
1531Jake PORTER            DNS
1506Kurtis TREACEY            DNS

Male: U17  Spread

73 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st1704Archer BAILEY 3:03.62022:59.0181-
2nd1719Ben DARLISON 3:05.71852:59.04120.023s
3rd1702Bailey KENDALL 3:01.90512:59.70930.691s
4th1701Ben BACK 3:16.001183:02.04743.029s
5th1715Reegan SCHAFTER 3:05.31543:02.53053.512s
6th1709Reuben PFAHLERT 3:08.48173:03.47864.460s
7th1727Will LOFTING 3:09.333103:03.72674.708s
8th1711Lewis HURLEY 3:09.10693:03.90584.887s
9th1705Harry NELSON 3:10.204123:05.49596.477s
10th1753Kinta GONZALEZ 3:08.73583:05.697106.679s
11th1707Kody HEDIN 3:07.84963:06.368117.350s
12th1746Luca MORTIMER 3:10.079113:07.397128.379s
13th1706Tamas SPOKEVICIUS 3:05.24733:07.512138.494s
14th1729Edward BRAY 3:12.629153:07.826148.808s
15th1745Harrison COULSTON 3:14.459163:09.8371510.819s
16th1738Blake TAYLOR 3:12.502143:10.1341611.116s
17th1737Josh ISARD 3:18.913253:11.7661712.748s
18th1721Patrick HANSEN 3:15.865173:11.8571812.839s
19th1750Kai SALSBURY 3:16.709203:12.1971913.179s
20th1708Zac ROWLAND 3:16.358193:13.1052014.087s
21st1760Lucas PALAGHIA 3:18.754243:13.3362114.318s
22nd1732Hank HORDPENKO 3:21.453263:14.4942215.476s
23rd1726Koby JONES 3:17.556233:15.5442316.526s
24th1765Tom RALSTON 3:22.881303:16.7142417.696s
25th1771Spencer CARMAN 3:21.974283:17.8682518.850s
26th1766Arlo COSTA 3:17.003223:19.8512620.833s
27th1716Archie YOUNG 3:10.5451310:48.705277:49.687
28th1752Luca WHITE 3:16.8332113:58.1422810:59.124
29th1714Tarrant SCULTHORPE 3:21.6062721:40.7882918:41.770
1744Will CHAMBERLAIN 3:22.39729     DNS
1769Nash LYTHGO 3:24.82931     
1731Billy HALL 3:25.03032     
1724Matthew FENWICK 3:25.94033     
1754Archie SMITH 3:26.30134     
1733Archer CLAFFEY 3:26.69935     
1743Max SHINSKY 3:26.73136     
1755Dan LAKE 3:28.10437     
1768Angus LEACH 3:28.32538     
1763Ned SHERIDAN 3:29.06339     
1762Buzz VALMORBIDA 3:29.53340     
1735Ned GREGORY 3:29.64841     
1759Samuel ASHBY 3:31.49642     
1722Tully TEW 3:31.86443     
1756Henry LOELIGER 3:32.26044     
1742Darcy LAWYER 3:35.69145     
1747Judd MCGENNISKEN 3:40.75346     
1739Max ROBERTSON 3:43.16547     
1751Patrick BURT 3:43.29148     
1725Noah BROADBENT 3:45.41349     
1734Alex KORAB 3:50.06650     
1723Leo BAKER 3:50.53351     
1761Jasper HUTCHINSON 3:51.31652     
1770Temu TRIES 3:51.48953     
1758Joseph O'BRIEN 3:51.56454     
1772Rory MCKINLEY 3:55.74355     
1757Ash KLEIN 4:04.61956     
1764Ryder GRESHAM 4:10.59457     
1773Cade ROBERTSON 4:16.32058     
1713Ryan ANDERSON 4:20.42459     
1730Luke FITZGERALD 4:23.31160     
1720Jack PHEASE 4:23.98461     
1767Seamus HILL 4:41.09162     
1728Toby BLACKBURN 4:45.03963     
1748Andreas RASCHELLA 5:41.40064     
1736Fin FERRIER       DNF     
1710Tom MCVILLY       DNF     
1749Marcel PFLIEGER       DNF     
1718Ethan REILLY       DNF     
1741Luca THAVARASAH       DNF     
1740Billy BENNETT       DNS     
1703Sam FREITAG       DNS     
1712William KLIPPEL       DNS     
1717James LONGMUIR       DNS     

Male: U19  Spread

60 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st1914Rye CARLYON 2:54.54612:51.8291-
2nd1903Hudson TARLING 2:56.45022:52.47720.648s
3rd1901Mitchell CLAXTON 2:56.81532:53.07831.249s
4th1928Oscar DOW 3:02.23642:56.76744.938s
5th1920Bailey TELFER 3:07.65783:01.06159.232s
6th1904Lucas MEYER-SMITH 3:02.97453:01.16869.339s
7th1944Cooper HALL 3:08.292103:01.78379.954s
8th1949Lewis SMITH 3:05.88863:05.005813.176s
9th1929Chad GIRYS 3:11.557133:06.480914.651s
10th1945Callum HINES 3:12.428143:07.8651016.036s
11th1939Angus TAKACS 3:13.902153:08.2271116.398s
12th1913Bobby KANAVAN 3:18.900213:08.4521216.623s
13th1924Mitchell POWER 3:08.21793:09.3851317.556s
14th1961Wilson CRANAGE 3:17.541183:09.5431417.714s
15th1930Tyson KRSEVAN 3:09.181123:09.5461517.717s
16th1960Will SHIELDS 3:14.929163:09.9491618.120s
17th1931Ben FAVALORO 3:08.744113:10.5571718.728s
18th1905Jack HERCZYKOWSKI 3:17.870193:11.2181819.389s
19th1943Max TURNER 3:17.962203:13.4611921.632s
20th1921Flynn JOHNSON 3:06.31673:13.5012021.672s
21st1941Charlie BRUNELLI 3:27.181293:15.5792123.750s
22nd1922Zander WILLS 3:21.901233:18.1262226.297s
23rd1933Heath COULSTON 3:19.824223:19.3132327.484s
24th1962Joshua BROWN 3:24.356273:19.8992428.070s
25th1934Cooper JONES 3:24.176263:23.3252531.496s
26th1963Dale BLACKMAN 3:25.847283:25.5162633.687s
27th1950Jed ERICH 3:27.556303:26.3082734.479s
28th1946Jasper SYMONS 3:22.443243:26.4652834.636s
1932James BELL 3:15.98417     DNF
1953Liam BURT 3:23.72425     DNF
1938Conor MCKENZIE 3:28.14831     
1935Oliver WILSON 3:29.53432     
1957Corey VERWOERD 3:29.56833     
1940Noah ONG 3:31.82534     
1911Hugh HAMILTON 3:32.44335     
1918Jack CROSSMAN 3:34.82336     
1925Nick KEANY 3:39.99037     
1912Ryan NORTON (u19) 3:44.56538     
1958Will WALKER 3:44.76439     
1954Will TYLER 3:47.91040     
1952Bailey DILLON 3:48.10241     
1917Fraser ARMSTRONG 3:57.77842     
1956Rylan WALTER 4:15.28543     
1964Thomas CONDIE 4:32.64644     
1937Cooper THOMPSON 4:36.90845     
1942Noah JABLONSKI 9:04.36946     
1959Nels CZECHOWSKI       DNF     
1948Heath FLEMING       DNF     
1927Zane LODGE       DNF     
1902Lachy ROBERTS       DNF     
1919Ewan BURKE       DNS     
1947Zachary COPELAND       DNS     
1955James COX       DNS     
1926Jake FARRANCE       DNS     
1915Leroy HARRISON       DNS     
1916Sal LA TORRE       DNS     
1923Jack MOLONEY       DNS     
1951Taj PRITCHARD       DNS     
1936Massimo STAROPOLI       DNS     
1906Xavier WILLIAMS       DNS     

Male: 30-39  Spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st702Guillaume COURVILLE       3:13.2511-
2nd703Sam FILMER       3:25.008211.757s
3rd705Bryan MONKHOUSE       3:33.403320.152s
4th704Michael SLOMAN       4:00.080446.829s
5th706Dwayne CHEESEMAN       4:02.131548.880s
701Alex SWANN            DNS

Male: 40-49  Spread

19 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st810Chris HALSHAW       3:16.0821-
2nd819Mark GILLESPIE       3:16.62120.539s
3rd817Matt MOLIJN       3:17.55831.476s
4th803John HUNTER       3:20.84144.759s
5th807Stuart SCULTHORPE       3:25.01658.934s
6th802Ant BATEUP       3:27.444611.362s
7th814Travis CRYER       3:27.471711.389s
8th804Steven SCHROEDER       3:28.772812.690s
9th818Simon GILLESPIE       3:29.054912.972s
10th808Andrew BARLOW       3:31.1431015.061s
11th805Sam STEINLAUF       3:33.6591117.577s
12th815Tyson ANSKAITIS       3:50.9761234.894s
13th811Jack SHORT       3:52.0131335.931s
14th816Paul TIPPINS       4:08.9231452.841s
801Andrew FIRTH            DNF
813Emmett ANDERSEN            DNS
809Michael KINNANE            DNS
812Robert MILLER            DNS
806David TARLING            DNS

Male: 50+  Spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st901Danny TAUGGE       3:20.7981-
2nd902Steven GREGORY       3:26.55025.752s
3rd903Peter CRANAGE       3:31.505310.707s
4th911Sean POWER       3:34.288413.490s
5th909Justin ROMANOWICZ       3:34.740513.942s
6th904Craig MOORE       3:38.719617.921s
7th913Hector HENRIQUEZ       3:44.760723.962s
8th907Adam WHITE       3:45.782824.984s
9th905Brendan NELSON       3:48.934928.136s
10th912Mike BROSNAN (VIC)       4:16.2051055.407s
908David BARNES            DNS
910Scott FREITAG            DNS
906Mark LONGMUIR            DNS



Female: Elite  Spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st201Jessica SHERIDAN 3:21.92213:23.1961-
2nd203Erin ALLANSON 4:06.80123:48.314225.118s
3rd202Julia VAN VUUREN 4:31.15033:57.210334.014s

Female: Expert

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st391Scarlett BAKER       4:11.7521-

Female: U15  Spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st1592Audrey GRAAFSMA       3:52.3401-
2nd1595Claire MATTHEWS       4:31.140238.800s
3rd1594Remy YOUNG       4:39.336346.996s
4th1593Piper TIPPINS       4:43.162450.822s

Female: U17  Spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st1791Tilly BOADLE 3:35.02623:24.0241-
2nd1794Quinn MOORE 3:28.62913:24.03520.011s
3rd1793Zali HUNTER 3:36.11033:37.461313.437s
4th1795Chloe MATTHEWS 3:51.06843:48.365424.341s

Female: U19  Spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
1st1991Chloe TSIMIKLIS 3:45.48113:34.8611-
2nd1992Amelia FREEMAN 3:50.35823:37.13522.274s
3rd1993Ellie HARRISON 4:17.21934:12.113337.252s
4th1994Ashtyn WILLIAMS 4:39.76844:13.824438.963s
5th1995Monique HALL 5:19.00755:21.36251:46.501

Female: 40-49

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Seed Run 1 Diff
891Kellie CATANESE            DNS

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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