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Male: Pro  Spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st1Tobin WALKER 558680Leavenworth, WABell Helmets / Deity / DHaRCO / Finish Line / Hayes / Maxxis / MONDRAKER / reynolds2:38.6962:29.701-
2nd2Tor WEILAND 529745Bellingham, WA2:34.8312:31.6021.90s
3rd6Dylan BROWN (pro) 458932Carnation, WADHaRCO / Norco / Sweetlines2:36.5722:32.7033.00s
4th11Joshua KAHN 261583Ashland, ORKahnman vans / Sporthill apparel2:40.7492:35.6745.97s
5th10Ethan HENSHAW 600422Buckley, WAFluidride2:40.4082:35.8956.19s
6th9Austin HEMPERLEY 576528Bend, ORPivot / Sagebrush cycles / Schwalbe / Smith2:46.28142:36.2666.56s
7th15Braydon SHIELDS 632706Yakima, WAFasttrack / Sporthaus Ski and Bike / TLD2:41.22112:36.4876.78s
8th16Woodruff SKINNER 294580Kennewick, WADeity / Looseriders / Revgrips2:37.4232:37.3187.61s
9th4Ethan BERGDOLT 653669Pagosa Springs, COWestern Colorado University2:37.6142:37.6897.98s
10th12Treyton MASKALY 604543Carson City, NVMichelin / OUTDOORRESEARCH / Sensus / Specialized2:41.21102:37.72108.02s
11th8Lantz HARRINGTON 574982Steamboat Springs, COFSA / Öhlins / Savage Factory Connection / Schwalbe / TRP2:39.7972:42.451112.75s
12th14Riley PLUMMER 524408Welches, ORLHH Recruitment Solutions2:37.8852:43.661213.96s
13th3Coleton BAILEY 571775Portland, OR100% / Lenny's Bike Shop / Shell Bike / TRP2:46.03132:47.271317.57s
14th7Teren GERBER Calgary, AB2:43.64122:51.591421.89s
5Conor BODDY 604711San Diego, CA      DNS     DNS
13Wyatt PARSONS 639890Bend, ORCascade Armory / Deity / Ryno Power / The Hub Cyclery      DNS     DNS

Male: Cat 1: 16U  Spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st66Sully NOTARO 593899Thousand Oaks, CACrankbrothers / Maxxis / O'Neal / Sensus2:36.6812:35.801-
2nd68Chase RIGGS 655636Bend, OR2:44.36122:36.6520.85s
3rd61Damien COMEAU 530170Snoqualmie, WAMt Si MTB2:38.6362:37.5931.79s
4th63Austin GIBBONS 655629Issaquah, WASweetlines2:37.4432:37.6741.87s
5th59Eli BUNDY 576382Fort Collins, COOutlaw Bike Team2:36.7622:39.3653.56s
6th111Carter OXFORD 636541Sammamish, WAMt Si2:37.9942:40.7064.90s
7th70Ivan SKIVER 608264Bellingham, WACascade Racing Designs / GGR2:38.9972:41.1875.38s
8th64Kiger HOLMER 614419Bend, ORDeity / Mt Bachelor / Sagebrush cycles2:38.5152:43.0887.28s
9th62Travis GAUVIN 558961Fort Collins, CO2:41.00102:43.8598.05s
10th60Nathan COLE 604036Eagle, IDDeity / Kore Bicycles2:43.30112:49.231013.43s
11th67Camron RATKOVIAK 657460Washougal, WADeity / Magura / Sensus / Spy / The Urban Wheeler2:39.6682:52.881117.08s
12th71Lukas SMITH (u17) 643776Fort Collins, COOutlaw Bike Team2:57.88142:54.871219.07s
13th65Trey MARSHALL 653274San Diego, CAAccounting2:50.75132:55.501319.70s
14th69Curren SAINI 751525Roseville, CA2:40.0992:56.111420.31s
72Chandler UNICK 599840Bellingham, WACRD / Galbraith Gravity Racing      DNS     DNS
73Quinn WARNER 655731Duvall, WA      DNS     DNS

Male: Cat 1: 17-18  Spread

18 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st37Bodie MASON 507004Bigfork, MTCrown Gravity2:29.8412:32.651-
2nd28Brody CLARK 651172Bend, OR2:33.3732:36.3523.70s
3rd42Payden SALLIOTTE 614800Medford, ORRogue DeSenders2:38.8382:36.9334.28s
4th109Shay KONIECZKA 753479Sammamish, WASweetlines2:40.93132:37.7045.05s
5th31Reid FARMER 576533Bend, OR2:35.4242:39.6156.96s
6th34Talan HEMANS 614571Lake Stevens, WAATLAS / Fasthouse / Mission6ix Racing2:40.14122:39.8067.15s
7th43Isaac THOMPSON (west) 753230Everson, WAGalbraith Gravity Racing2:42.61142:40.0377.38s
8th35Ryley LYNN 599881Spokane Valley, WAPrecision Wall LLC2:39.3492:40.3187.66s
9th38Bentley MOORE 604308North Bend, WASweetlines Elite Gravity2:37.8852:40.9898.33s
10th32Tristan GAUVIN 556797Fort Collins, CO2:50.72182:41.29108.64s
11th36Parker MANZO 614554Seattle, WASweetlines Gravity Elite2:39.43102:41.47118.82s
12th29Braden DELZER 403733Gresham, ORFSA / Öhlins / Savage Factory Connection / Schwalbe / TLD2:37.9662:43.241210.59s
13th40Grayson PIKE 601083Mount Vernon, WAGalbraith Gravity Racing2:43.70152:45.261312.61s
14th39Logan MOXEY 617494Sheridan, WYSBC Racing2:38.6272:46.251413.60s
15th41Dagan RESTUCCIA 664252Victor, ID2:49.41172:49.131516.48s
16th33Brandon HANENBERG 517962Maple Valley, WASweetlines2:39.47112:52.371619.72s
17th27Jagger BUCY 530092Snoqualmie, WAThe Line MTB2:32.0223:20.791748.14s
30Max DURAND 635031Bellingham, WACRD Racing / GGR2:47.6216     DNS

Male: Cat 1: 19-29  Spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st97Isaac PAULSON 665118Redmond, WAAspire Racerwear / booked out till January      2:36.981-
2nd95Leighton MACDONALD Kalispell, MT      2:39.9422.96s
3rd92William LANDREY Bozeman, MT      2:42.6935.71s
4th106Nathanael TUGMAN 655598Bellingham, WALenny's Bike Shop / NW Gardening      2:46.2649.28s
5th84Chris FITZPATRICK 658644Portland, ORThe Urban Wheeler      2:46.8359.85s
6th104Aidan SCHUH 627695Missoula, MTLegacy Bike Park / Lenny's Bike Shop / Missoula Bicycle Works      2:46.9469.96s
7th86Christian (Moose) GROVE 576517Salem, OR      2:52.30715.32s
8th80Billy DROSKOSKI 664897Spokane, WA      2:55.06818.08s
8th93Aidan LEITEL 752854San Diego, CABIKES ONLINE RACING      2:55.06818.08s
10th83Caleb FINKLE 649041Kalispell, MTLegacy Bike Park      2:55.651018.67s
11th78Matthew CROFT 614390Pocatello, IDBanshee / DVO suspension and Barriers ski and sports / Rogue DeSenders      2:55.831118.85s
12th88Matt HERMANSON 651333Spokane, WAProject Motion      4:33.92121:56.94
13th99Lain PESEK 615617Bremerton, WAMission6ix Racing FASTHOUSE Deity Atlas      6:28.74133:51.76
102Wyatt ROGERS 574532Missoula, MTSavage Factory Connection           DNS

Male: Cat 1: 30-39  Spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st101Nathan POWERS 634607Carnation, WAMission6ix Racing / Tim's Bike Shop      2:43.481-
2nd87Kyle HANLEY 269395Bellevue, WA      2:50.2826.80s
76Don BROCKETT 554106Sammamish, WA           DNS
105Brian SWEAT 385339Driggs, ID           DNS

Male: Cat 1: 40-49  Spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st90Scott KEMP 191554Fall City, WARide Bicycles / Shock Howse / Sweetlines      2:39.401-
2nd103Justin RUTH 577374Snohomish, WAFasttrack Racing / Shock Howes      2:40.5221.12s
3rd100Tony PIERONI 655610Anacortes, WALenny's Bike Shop / NW Gardening      2:43.7934.39s
4th85Randy GILBERT 751713Monroe, WASweetlines BKR      2:45.6346.23s
5th89Brandon HINTZ 636444Seabeck, WALenny's Factory RT      2:45.8556.45s
6th94Matthew MACARTNEY 253249Fall City, WASweetlines BKR      2:48.7069.30s
7th110Arthur SYKES 375086Lolo, MTTeam Semper Fi / Transition Bikes      2:50.72711.32s
8th91Daniel KLEIN 636648Redmond, WARide Bicycles / Sweetlines BKR      2:51.64812.24s
98Rodney PEART 766045Pagosa Springs, COPagosa Mountain Sports           DNS
107Kiel WRIGHT 660707Glacier, WALenny's Bike Shop           DNS

Male: Cat 1: 50+  Spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st81Tige EAKIN 172001Tacoma, WA100Percent bike / Eakin Bros.      2:45.121-
2nd75Christiaan BOURDREZ 184070North Bend, WARide Bicycles      2:48.6223.50s
3rd79Brad DELZER 137087Gresham, ORSavage factory connection ohlins fsa schwalbe      2:54.1339.01s
4th74Todd BERGDOLT Pagosa Springs, COFXR / Pagosa Mountain Sports      3:05.57420.45s

Male: Cat 2: 12U  Spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st211Nils STEVENSON 667896Sammamish, WASweetlines      3:01.261-
2nd204Myles NARDI Victor, IDTeton Passrats      3:01.7520.49s
3rd203Jackson LARSON 760411Whitefish, MTDarwin Designs / Deity / DHaRCO / Fox / Great Northern Cycles / Legacy Bike Park / Ride Concepts / Schwalbe      3:05.1833.92s
4th209Carter SINCLAIR Sweet Home, OR      3:05.7144.45s
5th207Dylan RAYNAK Bend, ORCascadia Junior Cycling      3:08.9557.69s
6th213Crosby ZIMMERMAN 576739Maple Valley, WACommencal / DHaRCO / Manitou / Smith      3:09.5568.29s
7th202Niko LANGLAND 636805Mountlake Terrace, WALenny's Bike Shop / Mazda of Everett      3:14.75713.49s
8th205Jonah PLATZ 627284Bellingham, WAGalbraith Gravity Racing      3:17.92816.66s
9th212Kai WAKEFIELD 762657Auburn, WA      3:18.27917.01s
10th208Trent SIMMONS Hayward, CA100% / Leatt / ODI / Ogio      3:21.241019.98s
11th201Brody HORTON 593849Snohomish, WAMission6ix Racing      3:22.601121.34s
12th206Toma PODOREAN 656570Bellingham, WAGGR      3:23.121221.86s
370Noah LIPSCOMB Whitefish, MTNational Comfort Institute           DNF

Male: Cat 2: 13-14  Spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st214Koa DIANICH 616502Carnation, WA100% / Magura Breaks / Samox Cranks      2:47.971-
2nd223Liam OTTO 639509Gig Harbor, WADad      2:48.5920.62s
3rd229Oakley TUNISON 638135Whitefish, MT      2:51.1733.20s
4th220Elliott KLEIN 554673Redmond, WASweetlines      2:51.6443.67s
5th217Reece HORTON 577047Snohomish, WAMission6ix Racing      2:58.31510.34s
6th226Grahame SHEPHERD 599781Bellingham, WAGalbraith Gravity Racing      2:59.83611.86s
7th228Jayden STANTON 752604White Salmon, WAMt. View Cycles / Smith      3:00.11712.14s
8th227Wyatt SIMMONS Hayward, CA100% / Leatt / Magura      3:00.64812.67s
9th225Carson RIGGS 655646Bend, OR      3:06.71918.74s
10th224Dylan RIGGS 655645Bend, OR      3:07.791019.82s
11th222Gauge LOGSTON 655296Bellingham, WAEvil      3:15.401127.43s
12th219Shilo JOHNS Columbia Falls, MTCrown Gravity Collective RT      3:19.631231.66s
13th216Charlie HOGAN 590529Whitefish, MTMiller School of Albemarle      3:21.171333.20s
14th221Riley LARSON 634398Whitefish, MTDarwin Designs / Deity / DHaRCO / Fox / Great Northern Cycles / Legacy Bike Park / Ride Concepts / Schwalbe      3:29.561441.59s
15th367Ryder MUSSELMAN Jackson, WYTeton Pass Rats      3:30.531542.56s
16th218Harlan JEFFRIES Victor, IDTeton Pass Rats      5:21.19162:33.22

Male: Cat 2: 15-16  Spread

32 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st252Max JONES 655621Bend, OR      2:41.501-
2nd230Truman ATKINS 611872Seattle, WASweetlines      2:41.8620.36s
3rd232Emmett BELL 667892Bend, OROutlaw      2:44.7233.22s
4th244Quinn GALBRAITH Calgary, ABRMCC AMP      2:46.9245.42s
5th259Rohan PATIL 576388Sammamish, WASweetlines      2:49.6458.14s
6th260Miles RIMMER 655661Seattle, WASweetlines      2:50.1268.62s
7th245Rye GEIGER 655659Seattle, WAMt. Si Racing / Polka Dot Jersey      2:54.25712.75s
8th255Jacoby MATTEO 630025Carnation, WA      2:57.58816.08s
9th242Edward FUNK Calgary, AB      2:57.77916.27s
10th250Nathan HAYS 761683Spokane, WA      2:58.541017.04s
11th253Jameson KRACHE 640497Monroe, WAGGR / Knolly Bikes      2:58.611117.11s
12th239Cade ETTERS 655650Issaquah, WAMt Si MTB / MTB HQ      2:59.471217.97s
13th235William CARROLL Donnelly, IDCarroll construction      3:00.671319.17s
14th256Owen MOORE (west) North Vancouver, MD      3:00.691419.19s
15th237Gavin CHRISTOPHER 614607Carnation, WALoam Lander      3:00.911519.41s
16th231Wyatt BEERS Whitefish, MTCrown Gravity      3:01.431619.93s
17th240Drake FANSELOW Donnelly, ID      3:01.461719.96s
18th241Torin FRAZIER 600871Bellingham, WAGalbraith Gravity Racing      3:04.541823.04s
19th233Gage BROCK Bainbridge Island, WA      3:07.871926.37s
20th234Liam BYRD 660963Coram, MTCrown Gravity      3:08.502027.00s
21st249Kody GRILL 753860Buckley, WAHighland Huckers      3:09.502128.00s
22nd254Jackson LEFLER 753572Spokane, WA      3:10.322228.82s
23rd261Jackson STEWART 753504Roseville, CA      3:10.662329.16s
24th247Noah GREEN Washougal, WALeatt / Mountain Groms / ODI / Ogio / Spy      3:11.632430.13s
25th238Charlie DOW Kalispell, MTCrown Gravity      3:12.452530.95s
26th262Derek TILLI Milton, GA      3:14.762633.26s
27th264Shane VON BRUCK 765779Meridian, ID      3:26.992745.49s
28th369Michael FURSHONG Bigfork, MTCrown Gravity      4:45.01282:03.51
263Schafer VANDEVOORT Whitefish, MTCrown Gravity           DNF
257Dylan OSBURN Whitefish, MTCrown Gravity           DNS
265Wyatt WHITON 752641Clyde Hill, WAMt Si MTB           DNS
266Dominic WILSON 655654Duvall, WAMt. Si Racing           DNS

Male: Cat 2: 17-18  Spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st269Finn CROMER Seattle, WASweetlines      2:42.461-
2nd279Zane RICHEY 655675Kent, WA      2:51.6729.21s
3rd280Josh RIGGS 755021Issaquah, WA      2:52.56310.10s
4th270Rhys FILOON 657916Ashland, ORAshland DEVO / Ashland Mountain Adventures / Rogue DeSenders      2:52.59410.13s
5th273Nicholas KALBACH 574620St George, UTPanhandle Bike Ranch      2:57.76515.30s
6th271Summit GREEN Oroville, CA      3:00.82618.36s
7th276Wally MADDREY 762919Driggs, ID      3:02.18719.72s
8th277Avinash MATTIKALLI 639337Issaquah, WASweetlines      3:04.49822.03s
9th278Quinn PARKS Bozeman, MT      3:05.95923.49s
10th248Ivor GRIFFITHS 659777Monroe, WAMt Si      3:07.261024.80s
11th272Elias HAMAR 755003Monroe, WAMTSI      3:20.701138.24s
267Noakea BEAN 753199Eugene, ORDirt Surfers DH           DNS
268Bryden CLARK Sammamish, WA           DNS
275Connor LIMERICK 753944Camas, WADirt Surfers           DNS
281Ian THORNBLADE Missoula, MT           DNS
282Nikolas TOKARCZYK Corvallis, ORDirt Surfers           DNS

Male: Cat 2: 19-29  Spread

19 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st293Arik MILLER 761095Haines, AK      2:44.411-
2nd299Cameron SMITH Missoula, MTTeam Cam      2:47.2122.80s
3rd300Ethan TOTH 655631Costa Mesa, CA      2:50.1535.74s
4th288Alex HERMANSON Spokane, WAProject Motion      2:50.4946.08s
5th289Lance KALBACH St George, UT      3:00.88516.47s
6th286Carter DURKIN Spokane, WA      3:04.22619.81s
7th285Evan BUTRUILLE Leavenworth, WA      3:06.41722.00s
8th290Jacob KRAUSE Pocatello, IDBarries Ski and Sports      3:08.68824.27s
9th294Tucker OSBURN 635724Bainbridge Island, WA      3:14.73930.32s
10th298Alex SINDLEDECKER Liberty Lake, WA      3:19.941035.53s
11th297Jeremy RICKS 751745Bozeman, MT      3:31.091146.68s
12th283Logan SOLTERBECK Butte, MT      3:34.451250.04s
13th303Miles COCKRELL 753882Tacoma, WA      3:49.06131:04.65
284Brae BERGDOLT Pagosa Springs, COFXR / Pagosa Mountain Sport           DNS
287Ted GUTTERUD 755019Black Diamond, WA           DNS
291Duncan MACK 614392Seattle, WA           DNS
292Blake MARTINEZ Bellingham, WALenny's Bike Shop / Mazda of Everett / RecoBrands           DNS
295Andrew PAGE 752805Bremerton, WA           DNS
301Chase WARRENS Bend, ORDirt Surfers           DNS

Male: Cat 2: 30-39  Spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st306Aaron LARSON 600204Whitefish, MTDarwin Designs / Deity / DHaRCO / Fox / Legacy Bike Park / Ride Concepts / Schwalbe      2:55.611-
2nd309Lucas ROBINSON (WA) 753526Portland, ORCyclePath Gravity      3:03.1427.53s
3rd308Bryan MILLER Jackson, WY      3:07.33311.72s
4th304Peter FARQUHAR Kalispell, MT      3:08.64413.03s
5th302Garret ALLISON Columbia Falls, MT      3:12.35516.74s
6th305Aleks KOLBERT 651087Bellingham, WALenny's Bike Shop      3:19.97624.36s
310Barrett UPDEGRAFF 752616Kirkland, WA           DNS

Male: Cat 2: 40-49  Spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st314Kevin DOYLE 656088Bellevue, WA      2:54.731-
2nd322Russell STEVENSON Sammamish, WASweetlines BKR      2:54.7820.05s
3rd315James HAMMER 761772Kirkland, WAMission6ix Racing      2:55.6230.89s
4th321Jordan STEPHENS 657245Port Orchard, WA360Tactics      3:00.9546.22s
5th313Chase DEHAN 761913Whitefish, MT      3:01.8157.08s
6th319Matt SHEPHERD 593771Bellingham, WAGalbraith Gravity Racing      3:06.75612.02s
7th317Loren MCWILLIAMS 655649Custer, WALenny's Bike Shop / Mazda of Everett      3:07.83713.10s
8th325Colin ZIMMERMAN Kent, WALenny's Bike Shop      3:12.54817.81s
9th318Jeff NOGAJ Missoula, MT      3:13.69918.96s
10th311Jeremy ADAMS Kalispell, MTCrown Gravity      3:14.141019.41s
11th323Dwayne TAYLOR (u50) Bozeman, MTScorp Squad      3:21.091126.36s
12th324Chris VILLA 751558Tacoma, WA      3:31.641236.91s
312Chris COLE 666396Eagle, IDKore Bicycles           DNS
316Dave HORTON Snohomish, WAMission6ix Racing / Tim's Bike Shop           DNS
366Andrew RATKOVIAK Washougal, WAThe Urban Wheeler           DNS
320Travis SIMMONS Hayward, CAReady Hoist           DNS

Male: Cat 2: 50-59  Spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st339Russell SKIVER 605853Bellingham, WACascade Racing Designs / GGR      2:55.701-
2nd341Scott TUNISON Whitefish, MT      2:56.6520.95s
3rd335Nathan MASTEL Bozeman, MT      3:00.0334.33s
4th327Josh BARRETT 598890Bellingham, WAGalbraith Gravity Racing      3:00.4044.70s
5th330Matt DURAND 637955Bellingham, WAGGR      3:00.7655.06s
6th337Markus PLATZ Bellingham, WAGalbraith Gravity Racing      3:00.7965.09s
7th340Greg THOMPSON 655851Everson, WAGalbraith Gravity Racing      3:06.53710.83s
8th326John ALASTRA East Helena, MTHeavy Metal Pedal      3:07.00811.30s
9th333Tim HACK 655619Sedro-Woolley, WALenny's Bike Shop / Mazda of Everett      3:09.07913.37s
10th331Todd ERICKSON Hayden, IDTWO WHEELER      3:16.171020.47s
11th338Sean SALLIOTTE 638116Medford, ORRogue DeSenders      3:20.751125.05s
12th329Brian CROMER 607570Seattle, WASweetlines BKR      3:50.071254.37s
13th334Drew LANGLAND 595083Mountlake Terrace, WALenny's Bike Shop      3:59.65131:03.95
332Seth GREEN 753885Snohomish, WABKR / Tim's Bike Shop           DNS

Male: Cat 3: 7U  Spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st480Ryder GOODSON 638078Hood River, ORSchool of Send      4:27.801-
2nd481Trey POWERS 753196Carnation, WAMission6ix Racing / Tim's Bike Shop      5:02.56234.76s

Male: Cat 3: 8-10  Spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st495Felix THIEL 657870Seattle, WANorco / SRAM / Sweetlines      3:53.601-
2nd490Olin LILLIE Whitefish, MTCrown Gravity      4:05.03211.43s
3rd493Gunnar SHEPHERD 599783Bellingham, WAGalbraith Gravity Racing      4:06.39312.79s
4th485Parker GRILL 753863Buckley, WAHighland Huckers      4:14.33420.73s
5th482Max BARNICK Bozeman, MT      4:29.19535.59s
6th489Brecken LARSON Whitefish, MTDarwin Designs / Deity / DHaRCO / Fox / Great Northern Cycles / Legacy Bike Park / Ride Concepts / Schwalbe      4:30.67637.07s
7th486Clyde HOUSER Columbia Falls, MTCrown Gravity      4:31.53737.93s
8th492Adrian NACHE 673153Calgary, AB      5:19.0681:25.46
9th432Finn COOLEY Sweet Home, OR      5:23.3991:29.79
10th491Iron MAYO 753640Sammamish, WA      5:26.49101:32.89
11th484Maxwell EVANS Bigfork, MTCrown Gravity      6:08.23112:14.63
12th488Easton KVANDUCH Halsey, OROuthouse racing      7:17.62123:24.02
487Harvey JASCOTT 754533Olympia, WAHarbor           DNS

Male: Cat 3: 11-14  Spread

26 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st408Hudson ELMENDORF Enumclaw, WA      3:45.781-
2nd418Ty PETTY 655892Woodinville, WAMission6ix Racing      3:50.4524.67s
3rd423Liam SCHULTZ 635718Snohomish, WAMission6ix Racing / Tim's Bike Shop      3:50.6834.90s
4th537Elias CASE Whitefish, MTCrown Gravity      3:52.6646.88s
5th534Tytan ROGERS 761892Bigfork, MTCrown Gravity      3:54.0958.31s
6th403Parker BARRETT 598892Bellingham, WAGalbraith Gravity Racing      3:54.7969.01s
7th428Cristiano WRIGHT Kalispell, MTLaw Office of Christopher T. Wright      3:55.1579.37s
8th404Landon BUOY 753596Sandpoint, IDLife Safety Solutions      3:59.15813.37s
9th426Max THIEL 657872Seattle, WANorco / SRAM / Sweetlines      3:59.79914.01s
10th410Cash HADLEY Kalispell, MT      4:03.731017.95s
11th406Gabe COBURN 660935Columbia Falls, MTCrown Gravity      4:05.461119.68s
12th424Griffin SHEPHERD 599782Bellingham, WAGalbraith Gravity Racing      4:05.991220.21s
13th409Jens FRAZIER 600872Bellingham, WAGalbraith Gravity Racing      4:07.351321.57s
14th425Jackson STEVENS 604180Elverta, CA      4:13.651427.87s
15th411Kaleb HANACEK Preston, WA      4:13.841528.06s
16th407Ryder COOLEY 658095Sweet Home, OR      4:20.781635.00s
17th417Isaiah NEVILL 656422Port Angeles, WA      4:25.551739.77s
18th421Weston RIMMER 762622Seattle, WA      4:27.401841.62s
19th419Dylan PETTY Woodinville, WAMission6ix Racing      4:43.901958.12s
20th420Henry PIKE Mount Vernon, WAGGR      4:47.15201:01.37
21st401Henry ANDERSON 655074Bellingham, WAGalbraith Gravity Racing      5:00.99211:15.21
22nd427Jackson TIGNER 753883Bend, OR      5:17.13221:31.35
23rd402Hugh ANDERSON 753483Bellingham, WAGalbraith Gravity Racing      5:35.95231:50.17
24th415Ewan MILLER Lake Forest Park, WA      6:47.63243:01.85
25th413Samuel LEWIN Sammamish, WASweetlines      7:31.21253:45.43
412Solen LANDWEHR Sandpoint, ID           DNS

Male: Cat 3: 15-18  Spread

20 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st442Dakota LANDWEHR Sandpoint, ID      3:33.421-
2nd527Ruhaan CHAWLA 642043Sammamish, WAMt Si MTB      3:38.8325.41s
3rd529Louden COREY 657615Snoqualmie, WAMount Si MTB      3:39.0035.58s
4th444Samuel MOORE (west) 637562North Bend, WASweetlines      3:40.2746.85s
5th447Myles WILLIAMS Priest River, ID      3:41.7958.37s
6th429Kai ADLAKHA Issaquah, WA      3:44.65611.23s
7th435Owen ELMENDORF Enumclaw, WA      3:47.15713.73s
8th438Connor GANNON 754891Bellevue, WA      3:47.26813.84s
9th440Sawyer GOULET 765924Middleton, IDKore North Bikes      3:50.25916.83s
10th446Oliver STEPHENSON Snoqualmie, WAMt. Si Racing      3:53.641020.22s
11th433Gerard DAHLSTROM Coram, MT      3:56.641123.22s
12th431Peyton CALHOUN 614205Port Orchard, WAOne Trak Mind      4:00.541227.12s
13th430Cash BARRON Roseburg, OR      4:10.241336.82s
14th443Camden MCWILLIAMS 656402Custer, WAGalbraith Gravity Racing / Lenny's Bike Shop / Mazda of Everett      4:13.071439.65s
15th434William DEPTFORD 753023Redmond, WAMt Si MTB Club      4:14.171540.75s
16th437Ryder FURSHONG Bigfork, MTCrown Gravity      4:16.751643.33s
17th445Sebastian PAULSON Boise, IDKore North Bikes      4:17.331743.91s
18th439Jacob GANNON Belleuve, WA      4:19.701846.28s
436Landon FELZ 759333Missoula, MTDeity           DNS
441Patrick KETTMAN 754728Issaquah, WASweetlines           DNS

Male: Cat 3: 19-39  Spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st448Nicolas JAMES Liberty Lake, WA      3:57.081-
2nd449Austin LILLIE 753570Whitefish, MTCrown Gravity      4:08.19211.11s
3rd532Dustin MCINNIS 658088Missoula, MTMind Drop Video      4:18.65321.57s
4th533Julian PRATT Layfette, COEvans brothers bikehub frameworks      4:21.93424.85s
5th535Boe TUTVEDT Kalispell, MT      4:23.93526.85s
6th450Benjamin LIPSCOMB Whitefish, MTCrown Gravity      4:37.59640.51s

Male: Cat 3: 40-49  Spread

18 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st457Eli HANACEK Preston, WA      3:50.861-
2nd466Florian THIEL 657873Seattle, WASweetlines BKR      3:59.1628.30s
3rd460Nolan MOXEY 654607Sheridan, WYSBC Racing      4:03.87313.01s
4th465Luke SCHULTZ 656420Snohomish, WAMission6ix Racing / Tim's Bike Shop      4:04.28413.42s
5th455Shane CHRISTOPHER 149454Carnation, WALoam Lander      4:04.58513.72s
6th467Daniel TIGNER 232930Bend, OR      4:05.97615.11s
7th463Derik PEDERSEN 754531Olympia, WA6 Eyed Tiger      4:06.28715.42s
8th531Seth PIKE Mount Vernon, WA      4:06.55815.69s
9th526Chris EVANS Bigfork, MTMax's      4:07.78916.92s
10th461Anthony NAVARRO 761934Bend, OR      4:10.131019.27s
11th456Jayme FURSHONG Bigfork, MTCrown Gravity      4:10.361119.50s
12th459John LEWIN Sammamish, WABKR      4:16.321225.46s
13th454Chad CALHOUN 657088Port Orchard, WAOne Trak Mind      4:37.821346.96s
14th452Branchley BEERS Whitefish, MTCrown Gravity      4:59.45141:08.59
15th453Luke BUOY Sandpoint, ID      5:05.70151:14.84
16th464Aaron RIMMER 657812Seattle, WASweetlines BKR      5:09.97161:19.11
458Gary JORGENSEN Puyallup, WA           DNS
462Sriharsha PATIL 576376Sammamish, WASweetlines BKR           DNS

Male: Cat 3: 50+  Spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st469Troy CASE Whitefish, MTCrown Gravity      3:56.831-
2nd476Erik MATTEO 666489Carnation, WA      4:08.05211.22s
3rd475Matthew LEFLER 760951Spokane, WA      4:16.54319.71s
4th530Steven FARMER Bend, OR      4:33.56436.73s
5th473Mike HERMANSON Spokane, WA      4:34.94538.11s
6th471Andy FLEMING 655717Athol, IDEast County Guns      4:47.16650.33s
7th468Justin BARRON Roseburg, OR      4:54.87758.04s
472Brad GOODSON 184881Hood River, OR           DNS
538Tom MAX Fall City, WA           DNS

Male: Cat 3: 60+  Spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st470David COMEAU Snoqualmie, WAMt Si MTB      4:17.081-
2nd478Jeff SWARENS Missoula, MT      5:17.7221:00.64
474Randy KATEN Clinton, MTN-Men Racing / Santa Cruz / Trail House           DNS



Female: Pro  Spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st21Julia LOFQVIST TRAUM 599986Issaquah, WADeity / DHaRCO / Norco / RockShox / Smith / SRAM / Sweetlines Elite Racing2:46.7712:50.611-
2nd20Ella ERICKSON 528104Bellingham, WACommencal USA2:56.7723:01.47210.86s
3rd22Michelle MACARTNEY 253252Fall City, WAFluidride / Giant / The Line3:28.4733:31.28340.67s
23Beky NICHOLAS 651088Bellingham, WALenny's Bike Shop      DNS     DNS
24Lucy SCHICK Gibsons, BC7mesh / Elphi cycles / Juliana Bicycles / Maxxis / North shore billet / Oneup / Smith      DNS     DNS
25Pella WARD 752766Telluride, CO      DNS     DNS

Female: Cat 1: 18U  Spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st58Alyana VAN HORN 663781Medford, ORAshland DEVO / MonsterArmy2:49.5212:52.491-
2nd57Kelly SWARENS 599791Bellingham, WAGalbraith Gravity Racing2:50.1722:52.9420.45s
3rd48Nory KLEIN 554672Redmond, WASweetlines Elite Racing      DNS2:53.2330.74s
4th56Jade SAVAGE 655693Jacksonville, ORAshlandDevo / MonsterArmy / Sweetlines Jr. Racing2:51.6232:53.6241.13s
5th52Amelia MASON 664402Bigfork, MTCrown Gravity2:57.8052:57.8955.40s
6th49Claire KUSHNICK 614162Seattle, WASweetlines Elite Racing3:03.7492:58.8066.31s
7th55Quinn RAYNAK 623405Bend, ORCascadia Junior Cycling / Mt Bachelor / Project Bike2:54.6442:59.0876.59s
8th51Leah MACARTNEY 636515Fall City, WASweetlines2:59.4763:04.90812.41s
9th54Jetta PORTER 502009Issaquah, WAMtSi MTB / Savage Factory Connection3:03.5583:12.11919.62s
10th47Riley HUDSON 507462Bothell, WAMount Si MTB3:12.44103:12.901020.41s
11th50Sydney LAUER 663786Athol, IDTwo Wheeler Dealer3:16.68113:13.201120.71s
12th46Mica ERICKSON 553260Hayden, IDTWO WHEELER3:02.3473:19.461226.97s
44Josephine AUBIN 577028Bainbridge Island, WAFSA / Öhlins / Savage Factory Connection / Specialized / TRP      DNS     DNS
45Molly BLAIR 502865North Bend, WAMt Si MTB      DNS     DNS
53Aletha OSTGAARD 555794Selah, WASram, Fastrack Racing, GoPro      DNS     

Female: Cat 1: 40+  Spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st82Jen ERICKSON 580839Hayden, IDTWO WHEELER      3:27.701-
2nd77Kat SWEET North Bend, WANorco / Ride Bicycles / Sweetlines      3:27.8420.14s

Female: Cat 2: 11-14  Spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st365Brielle BEOUGHER 766395Whitefish, MTCrown Junior Gravity      3:07.131-
2nd344Lilly EBERT 762733Whitehall, MT      3:09.5922.46s
3rd343Cleo BROWN 600625Bellingham, WAGalbraith Gravity Racing      3:14.6437.51s
4th346Macy HAMMER 761775Kirkland, WAMission6ix Racing      3:16.4649.33s
5th347Mayumi WAKEFIELD 762653Auburn, WASmith / Sweetlines / Transition Bikes      3:22.80515.67s
345Deborah GALLANAR 600500Preston, WASweetlines Jr. Racing           DNS

Female: Cat 2: 15-18  Spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st351Allie WARD 617391Leavenworth, WANorth Cascades Mountain Guides      3:03.711-
2nd349Zoe JONES 655623Bend, OR      3:18.03214.32s
3rd353Adeline WOODS Wawona, CA      3:19.30315.59s
4th352Hailey WESTON 655682Sisters, ORBend Endurance Acadamy      3:22.07418.36s
5th350Maya TAYLOR Sammamish, WAIssaquah MTB / Mt Si MTB / Sweetlines Jr. Racing      4:56.1051:52.39

Female: Cat 2: 19-39  Spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st355Hailee KADOW 646757Portland, ORCyclePath Gravity      3:32.451-
2nd354Jenny BRAND Whitefish, MTCrown Gravity      3:32.5020.05s
3rd356Kirstyn LUCHT 753889Yelm, WA      3:40.2537.80s
4th368Ellen JANTSCH Whitefish, MT      3:47.12414.67s
5th359Brittany RICKS 751743Bozeman, MTMap Brewing      3:58.78526.33s
357Kyla MEDINA 765197Salt Lake City, UT           DNS
358Devyn OST Portland, ORCyclePath Gravity           DNS
360Abigail SLATER Denver, CO           DNS

Female: Cat 2: 40+  Spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st362Christine HACK 751439Sedro-Woolley, WALenny's Bike Shop / Mazda of Everett      3:27.091-
2nd361Stephanie BERGDOLT Pagosa Springs, COFXR / Pagosa Mountain Sports      4:12.93245.84s
364Jessica TOBIN 659023Glacier, WALenny's Bike Shop           DNS

Female: Cat 3: 10U  Spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st496Kaylin HAMMER Kirkland, WAMission6ix Racing      4:42.011-
2nd497Annabelle MOORE 644017North Bend, WASweetlines Jr. Racing      4:48.5726.56s

Female: Cat 3: 11-14  Spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st505Lucy MILLS 658377Battle Ground, WASweetlines      4:01.511-
2nd509Savannah WESTON 753887Sisters, ORSweetlines      4:18.09216.58s
3rd504Josie MACARTNEY 636605Fall City, WASweetlines Jr. Racing      4:19.80318.29s
4th502Madailein DOYLE 754029Bellevue, WASweetlines Jr. Racing      4:23.52422.01s
5th499Charley BARRETT 598893Bellingham, WAGalbraith Gravity Racing      4:27.61526.10s
6th508Cadence SINCLAIR Sweet Home, OR      4:28.56627.05s
7th503Kimber HINTZ Seabeck, WALenny's Bike Shop      4:45.78744.27s
8th506Isha PATIL 751375Sammamish, WASweetlines Jr. Racing      5:11.0981:09.58
9th501Madison CALHOUN 614274Port Orchard, WAOne Trak Mind      5:12.8491:11.33
10th507Pearl PISCITELLI Issaquah, WASweetline Junior Racing      5:42.44101:40.93

Female: Cat 3: 15-18  Spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st510Haylee ANGEL 753912Sammamish, WASweetlines Jr. Racing      4:48.391-
2nd511Clementine PISCITELLI 753895Issaquah, WASweetlines Jr. Racing      4:52.8224.43s
3rd536Julia BYRD Coram, MTCrown Gravity      4:55.9737.58s

Female: Cat 3: 19-39  Spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st516Amanda SENATORE Portland, ORMoon Gravity Racing      4:44.431-
2nd517Caroline SHIELDS Yakima, WASporthaus Ski & Bike      4:46.2421.81s
3rd518Cassie STEPHENS 754868Port Orchard, WA360Tactics      4:46.5332.10s
4th514Tyann HINTZ 760707Seabeck, WALenny's Bike Shop      4:52.0847.65s
5th512Raelynn DARSOW Columbia Falls, MT      5:36.56552.13s
513Kristin DRANEY Sandpoint, ID           DNS

Female: Cat 3: 40+  Spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st521Candace MASTEL Bozeman, MT      4:49.011-
2nd525Alison WESTON Sisters, OR      4:56.7327.72s
3rd522Caryn MOXEY 654608Sheridan, WYSBC Racing      4:59.79310.78s
4th520Judy KLEIN 657437Redmond, WASweetlines BKR      5:01.92412.91s
5th524Carina PISCITELLI Issaquah, WAMsFits Gravity      5:21.87532.86s
519Renee DEVINE Seattle, WABKR Sweetlines           DNS
523Jessica PEART Pagosa Springs, COPagosa Mountain Sports           DNS



Mixed: Open: Cat 1

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st96Shawn NEEDHAM 431723Moses Lake, WASet Coaching      3:21.021-

Mixed: Present but not in the results  Spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Finish
N/C405Unknown rider 38887            
N/C336Unknown rider 40903            
N/C528Unknown rider 62535            
N/C422Unknown rider 63302            
N/CCOACH490Unknown rider 75902            
N/C451Unknown rider 84838            

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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