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Male: 16+ course Expert  Lap chart Spread

57 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Laps Lap 1 Lap 2 Spread Total time Diff
1st40Sean LUNDY UCD CC248:19150:5315.3%1h39:121-
2nd72Conor VERBRUGGEN Bray Wheelers248:53350:5724.2%1h39:51239s
3rd47Robert MCKENNA Bray Wheelers248:48251:1234.9%1h40:00348s
4th51Kevin MCCAMBRIDGE Inspired Cycling250:08453:1256.1%1h43:2144:09
5th66Geoffrey ROBINSON Bray Wheelers250:52552:3543.4%1h43:2754:15
6th60Paul OREILLY Roadman CC253:10754:4162.9%1h47:5268:40
7th57Glyn O'BRIEN Chain Reaction Cycles252:44656:0076.2%1h48:4479:32
8th19Dominik DRWAL Un-attached Connacht253:20856:5686.8%1h50:16811:04
9th7Ben BREACH epic mtb / Expert Cycles254:37957:3295.3%1h52:09912:57
10th50Billy MCSWEENEY Killarney CC255:581358:18114.2%1h54:161015:04
11th9Emmet BRIEN epic mtb / Expert Cycles256:211758:11103.3%1h54:331115:21
12th33Don LAPIERRE Blarney CC256:121658:26124.0%1h54:391215:27
13th10Donal BYRNE 255:411059:39147.1%1h55:201316:08
14th32Jaroslaw KINAL Shannonside CC256:001459:32136.3%1h55:331416:21
15th58Conor DALY Bray Wheelers255:53111h00:08157.6%1h56:011516:49
16th64Fergal POWER MTB Assoc of Dublin256:27181h00:23167.0%1h56:511617:39
17th16Marcus DAVIES MTB Assoc of Dublin257:06191h00:49186.5%1h57:551718:43
18th36Richard LENEHAN Lakeside Wheelers Mullingar CC257:53211h00:23164.3%1h58:161819:04
19th5Oisin BOYDELL epic mtb / Expert Cycles255:55121h02:522412.4%1h58:471919:35
20th20Daniel EASTWOOD Un-attached Ulster258:17231h01:15195.1%1h59:332020:21
20th52Michal METLICKA Un-attached Munster257:56221h01:25206.0%1h59:222020:10
21st150Ross ANDERSON 258:20241h01:45215.9%2h00:062120:54
22nd61Mark O SHEA epic mtb / Expert Cycles258:34251h02:35236.9%2h01:092221:57
23rd21Derrick EVANS South-East RC259:01261h02:15225.5%2h01:162322:04
24th13Barry CRONIN Orwell Wheelers CC257:52201h06:182814.6%2h04:112424:59
25th149Conor DALY 21h00:45281h03:45264.9%2h04:312525:19
26th148Rob TOBIN 256:08151h09:483624.3%2h05:572626:45
27th2Aidan BARRY MBCC21h00:44271h05:21277.6%2h06:052726:53
28th67Harry ROCHFORD Orwell Wheelers CC21h01:35311h08:293111.2%2h10:042830:52
29th70Stuart SUCKLING VC Glendale21h01:28301h09:183412.7%2h10:472931:35
30th11Jean Sergio CAMBRUZZI Team Worc21h02:17321h08:573310.7%2h11:143032:02
31st26Victor HERRANZ Un-attached Leinster21h03:08331h08:50329.0%2h11:583132:46
32nd4Andrew BENT 21h04:22361h07:37295.0%2h12:003232:48
33rd23David FOX Orwell Wheelers CC21h01:22291h11:183916.2%2h12:403333:28
34th3William BENNETT MTB Assoc of Dublin21h04:23371h08:28306.3%2h12:523433:40
35th73Sean WARD Lucan Cycling RC21h04:19351h09:40358.3%2h13:593534:47
36th35Piotr LECZYCKI Scott Racing IRL21h04:04341h09:56379.2%2h14:003634:48
37th45Terry MCDONAGH epic mtb / Expert Cycles21h04:58381h10:37388.7%2h15:353736:23
38th8Philip BRENNAN Maynooth CC21h05:33421h11:30419.1%2h17:033837:51
39th44Fergus MC CANN CUCHULAINN CC21h05:15401h12:084210.5%2h17:233938:11
40th15Sean DALY CUCHULAINN CC21h05:56431h11:29408.4%2h17:254038:13
41st37John LORD Breffni Wheelers21h05:18411h13:204312.3%2h18:394139:27
42nd68William ROCK South-East RC21h07:47461h13:24448.3%2h21:114241:59
43rd54Gareth MULDOWNEY Clondalkin CC21h06:06441h15:224514.0%2h21:294342:17
44th63Seán Ó TUATHAIL 21h05:11391h18:214820.2%2h23:334444:21
45th24Anthony HAMMOND Castlebar cc21h20:55521h03:102528.1%2h24:054544:53
46th6Billy BRAZIL epic mtb / Expert Cycles21h10:25491h15:39467.4%2h26:044646:52
47th53Robert MILNER 21h09:07471h18:054713.0%2h27:124748:00
48th56Piotr NOSKI MTB Assoc of Dublin21h07:15451h20:385119.9%2h27:534848:41
49th25Steven HAROLD epic mtb / Expert Cycles21h09:51481h20:154914.9%2h30:064950:54
50th22Ciaran FARRELL (exp) Navan RC21h10:32501h20:295014.1%2h31:015051:49
51st59Michael O DONNELL Un-attached Leinster21h20:42511h38:035221.5%2h58:46511h19:34
74Duncan WARNER Galway MTB11h21:5453     n/a     DNF
41Ryan MAHER 11h22:0654     n/a     DNF
147Unknown RIDER 11h23:3155     n/a     DNF
62Stephen O SULLIVAN 11h23:4356     n/a     DNF
71George TUTTY 11h43:0757     n/a     DNF

Male: 16+ course U18

1 competitor found

Male: 16+ course Novice  Spread

54 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Laps Lap 1 Diff
1st1029Rob JENNINGS Lucan Cycling RC158:271-
2nd1039Robert MAGEE Bray Wheelers159:09242s
3rd1057Pádraig RYAN Fermoy CC11h00:0031:33
4th1003Keith CARAVOUSANOS Usher Irish RC11h00:2842:01
5th1008Nick COUGHLAN Rossbury Racing11h01:3753:10
6th1002Joe BYRNE 11h02:3164:04
7th1013Jamie DEMPSEY IMBRC11h03:0874:41
8th1007Richard CORCORAN Dublin Wheelers11h04:0485:37
9th1027Colm HILL Un-attached Leinster11h04:4596:18
10th1058David RYAN (sen) Un-attached Leinster11h05:32107:05
11th1035Tamas KOVACS MTB Assoc of Dublin11h06:58118:31
12th1017Ciaran FARRELL (nov) epic mtb / Expert Cycles11h08:291210:02
13th1062Anthony WATKINS Un-attached Munster11h08:331310:06
14th1022Peter GALLAGHER DB CC11h09:071410:40
15th1030Daniel KAVANAGH 11h09:291511:02
16th1019Glenn FINNEGAN CUCHULAINN CC11h10:041611:37
17th1100Leon DIVINEY 11h11:441713:17
18th1028Jonathan HUDSON Orwell Wheelers CC11h13:021814:35
19th1063David WHELAN Ashbourne Wheelers CC11h14:221915:55
20th1016Philip EVANS Un-attached Leinster11h15:022016:35
21st1036Agris KRAMINS Cahir MTB11h15:192116:52
22nd1059Eamonn SHIVNAN 11h16:192217:52
23rd1018Colm FARRELL Navan RC11h17:082318:41
24th1150Barry KAVANAGH (vet) 11h17:192418:52
25th1042Paul MCSPADDEN Un-attached Leinster11h17:322519:05
26th1020Liam GAHAN 11h17:422619:15
27th1011Brian DAVOREN 11h18:392720:12
28th1040Al MAXWELL Gravity BC11h19:052820:38
29th1009Fergal CULLEN MTB Assoc of Dublin11h19:362921:09
30th1046Calum O'BRIEN 11h19:453021:18
31st1064Erkut YIGIT Un-attached Munster11h19:543121:27
32nd1147Syed RIZRU 11h20:313222:04
33rd1034Adam KIERNAN IMBRC11h20:353322:08
34th1031Martin KAVANAGH 11h20:593422:32
35th1041Chris MCFARLAND 11h21:313523:04
36th1025Keith GREENAN epic mtb / Expert Cycles11h21:463623:19
37th1032Mark KEATING Un-attached Leinster11h22:573724:30
38th1033Andrew KENNEDY 11h25:173826:50
39th1053Richard POWER Un-attached Leinster11h27:253928:58
40th1149Ian MCNULTY 11h27:334029:06
41st1010Shane DANIEL 11h27:504129:23
42nd1050Eoin O NEILL 11h28:084229:41
43rd1049Daragh O NEILL 11h28:364330:09
44th1054John POWER Un-attached Leinster11h28:594430:32
45th1052Barry PENDER CUCHULAINN CC11h29:074530:40
46th1048Jon O NEILL Un-attached Leinster11h32:064633:39
47th1060Karl SLOAN Un-attached Munster11h32:374734:10
48th1044Noel NOLAN IMBRC11h33:094834:42
49th1055Chris ROGERS CUCHULAINN CC11h39:244940:57
50th1012David DEEGAN 11h40:105041:43
51st1056Gavin ROGERS CUCHULAINN CC11h47:525149:25
52nd1015John DUNNE Un-attached Leinster11h53:245254:57
53rd1023Daniel GOVAN 12h03:35531h05:08
1148Sean DOUGLAS 1     DNF



Female: 16+ course Expert  Lap chart Spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Laps Lap 1 Lap 2 Spread Total time Diff
1st501Caoimhe MAY Orwell Wheelers CC258:3911h03:3718.5%2h02:161-
2nd502Leah MC CARTHY K Capital Rocky Mountain21h09:4621h20:21215.2%2h30:08227:52
3rd506Sinead RYAN The ML Syndicate21h21:3831h32:40313.5%2h54:19352:03
4th530Francis JOY 21h25:3341h40:55418.0%3h06:2941h04:13
5th500Rachel CINNSEALACH MTB Assoc of Dublin21h34:4751h56:13522.6%3h31:0151h28:45

Female: 16+ course U18

1 competitor found

Female: 16+ course Novice  Spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Laps Lap 1 Diff
1st1508Fiona LALLY epic mtb / Expert Cycles11h07:131-
2nd1517Jean WILSON Orwell Wheelers CC11h09:1722:04
3rd1515Catriona WHEELER Agivey CC11h10:0732:54
4th1509Aine MAC CARTHY Sorrento CC11h14:2647:13
5th1516Suzanne WHITE Sorrento CC11h14:4757:34
6th1513Aishling O CONNOR Orwell Wheelers CC11h17:47610:34
7th1504Sinead GREENAN Un-attached Leinster11h22:53715:40
8th1507Olivia KIELY epic mtb / Expert Cycles11h23:12815:59
9th1502Louise DALY Scott Racing IRL11h24:54917:41
10th1503Trish DOYLE (elt) Gravity BC11h25:561018:43
11th1500Joelene BROWNING 11h30:431123:30
12th1506Tara KERINS epic mtb / Expert Cycles11h31:491224:36
13th1512Ciara NOLAN Team Giant Dublin11h34:071326:54
14th1501Kirsty DALY IMBRC11h34:471427:34
15th1505Lorraine HARRINGTON South-East RC11h40:401533:27



Mixed: 16+ course Present but not in the results  Spread

21 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Laps Finish
N/C2302Unknown rider 14415      
N/C2500Unknown rider 14417      
N/C2401Unknown rider 16565      
N/C2505Unknown rider 23445      
N/C2300Unknown rider 28143      
N/C2303Unknown rider 38185      
N/C2209Unknown rider 41983      
N/C2400Unknown rider 42431      
N/C2301Unknown rider 44959      
N/C2501Unknown rider 48416      
N/C2579Unknown rider 57051      
N/C2306Unknown rider 59040      
N/C2480Unknown rider 63226      
N/C2304Unknown rider 63354      
N/C2502Unknown rider 65587      
N/C2580Unknown rider 69434      
N/C2102Unknown rider 70747      
N/C2305Unknown rider 74691      
N/C2479Unknown rider 75692      
N/C2402Unknown rider 98863      
N/C2380Unknown rider 99134      

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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