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Mixed: 10U  Spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Run 2 Best run Diff
1st148Jude ROBERTS (u10) 1:04.9921:03.0311:03.031-
2nd143Olly ADAMS 1:04.6211:04.7721:04.6221.59s
3rd144Sebby LEE 1:09.8541:06.1831:06.1833.15s
4th78Jack CLARK (u11) 1:08.5731:09.2441:08.5745.54s
5th77Frank PARKINSON 1:12.0951:11.1151:11.1158.08s
6th103Tommy WESTON 1:25.2191:11.2261:11.2268.19s
7th111Preston HOWARD 1:13.9661:13.2371:13.23710.20s
8th134Alice THOMAS 1:15.737     1:15.73812.70s
9th133Nellie UNWIN 1:16.7581:17.9081:16.75913.72s
10th70Jamie JONES (u11)      1:58.5991:58.591055.56s

Mixed: 12U  Spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Run 2 Best run Diff
1st92Chace ROSSER 53.31s152.73s152.73s1-
2nd113Edward JONES (u13) 55.10s253.25s253.25s20.52s
3rd116Seb LOXAM 55.28s355.43s355.28s32.55s
4th86Talan HARBOUR 56.78s456.57s456.57s43.84s
5th89Oliver EVANS (u12) 1:01.7151:23.24101:01.7158.98s
6th129Blake RANSOM 1:05.1571:03.3151:03.31610.58s
7th139Charlotte SILVA 1:04.2261:05.5561:04.22711.49s
8th122Luke PRICE (u13) 1:07.7481:07.1971:07.19814.46s
9th87Morgan GRIFFITHS 1:13.70101:09.5181:09.51916.78s
10th83Bobby EDWARDS 1:11.8391:12.5791:11.831019.10s

Mixed: 13-14  Spread

21 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Run 2 Best run Diff
1st137Ethan MORRIS 49.59s150.68s149.59s1-
2nd97Charlie MORRIS 51.46s250.77s250.77s21.18s
3rd112Adam VINES 2:30.242152.25s352.25s32.66s
4th132Jack UNWIN 52.62s353.09s652.62s43.03s
5th76Mayson PUGH 54.02s452.74s452.74s53.15s
6th131Rhory CASSON 56.07s853.02s553.02s63.43s
7th90Achileas BATEMAN 54.14s555.17s854.14s74.55s
8th106Kai TURPIN 54.38s654.60s754.38s84.79s
9th98Lloyd BENNETT (juv) 57.02s955.35s955.35s95.76s
10th88Josh WILSON 55.75s756.04s1055.75s106.16s
11th110Oli SWANN 57.86s1057.17s1157.17s117.58s
12th147Ioan FITTON 58.88s11     58.88s129.29s
13th85Rhys GOULDING 59.43s1259.93s1359.43s139.84s
14th138Owain JONES (juv) 59.67s1359.51s1259.51s149.92s
15th84Ffion PICKSTOCK 1:00.33141:00.82141:00.331510.74s
16th108Alfie SKEET 1:00.78151:12.10191:00.781611.19s
17th79Leo STEVENS 1:06.17171:04.16151:04.161714.57s
18th82Toby CLIFF 1:05.58161:04.60161:04.601815.01s
19th72Oli KIELAN 1:32.83201:07.52171:07.521917.93s
20th146Lawrence BARRAT 1:13.29191:10.99181:10.992021.40s
21st81Hugo GILL 1:12.99181:17.13201:12.992123.40s

Mixed: 15-16  Spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Run 2 Best run Diff
1st95Tyler EDWARDS 47.40s147.29s147.29s1-
2nd136Barnaby TUCKER 50.38s250.37s250.37s23.08s
3rd149Charlie HARRISON (yth) 51.49s350.47s350.47s33.18s
4th93Cole ROSSER 51.68s450.90s450.90s43.61s
5th74Henry FARR 54.00s557.15s754.00s56.71s
6th141Toby HOVING 54.46s654.25s554.25s66.96s
7th145Cai FITTON 56.14s756.08s656.08s78.79s
8th123Ted MACKMAN 58.28s957.25s857.25s89.96s
9th73Jack BRADSHAW 57.41s8     57.41s910.12s
10th118Reuben LINSCOTT 58.46s10     58.46s1011.17s
11th117Frank FLEMING 59.88s111:01.241159.88s1112.59s
12th71Rowan DALEY 1:00.11121:00.73101:00.111212.82s
13th75Bradley TALBOT 1:04.28141:00.5091:00.501313.21s
14th80Freddie BURRAGE 1:01.92131:01.52121:01.521414.23s

Mixed: 17-18

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Run 1 Run 2 Best run Diff
1st104Zain YOUNG 1:01.21157.22s157.22s1-

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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