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Bealach Beag Sportive, Bealach Mor

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Since this event was a sportive—with the aim to complete, rather than to win—the default results view is sorted by rider name rather than their time or finishing position.

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Male: Open

166 competitors found

Pos Bib Name Sponsors Age Climb Finish
100th1Michael ANDERSON (sen) Moray Firth CC543h41:07100
41st2Craig ANDREW 532h59:2241
21st4Robin ASTLEY REVCT522h44:2521
33rd5Robert BACON 4839:552h52:1733
57th6Keiron BAILLIE East Fife Triathlon Club533h10:5757
103rd8Patrick BALFOUR 7158:473h43:37103
148th10Stuart BARR 491:05:404h39:15148
129th11Mark BATE Team Ecosse Northboats6057:584h02:45129
109th207Jonathan BLACK 573h47:59109
32nd13Charlie BORTHWICK 5438:022h51:5032
74th15Freddie BULL East Fife Triathlon Club2249:133h14:2674
92nd16Fernando CAAMANO 5154:213h35:4192
65th17Henry CAIRNS West Highland Wheelers3051:163h13:0165
49th210Alasdair CAMERON 5249:333h05:4149
87th20Neil CAMPBELL (opn) Fife Cycles4859:273h33:0987
62nd23Graham CARTER 6244:453h12:5062
16th24Kyle CATTANACH MFCC272h41:2716
72nd25James COLLINS 223h14:2572
101st28Matthew COOK (mas) 3150:053h41:11101
9th208Alan COPE 452h27:059
93rd29Andrew COWIE Moray Firth CC5747:593h35:5293
20th30Bobby COWSILL 3836:162h44:1520
135th31Andy CRAIG 581:05:434h09:57135
102nd32Alastair CRERAR 5753:583h41:45102
45th33Jean-Christophe CRONIN University of St. Andrews (Alumni)5443:363h01:2145
48th34Mark DEACON (rd) Portovelo / Ronde6645:233h04:5348
133rd35Simon DENLEY Glasgow Green CC (GGCC)4753:374h09:28133
88th36Mark DEWHURST 4053:433h33:5388
72nd37Mike DICKINSON Craigrossie CC5951:173h14:2572
47th204John DOUGAN RRCC633h02:3747
1st40Robin DOWNIE 2828:192h08:191
15th38Hugh DOWNIE 3138:572h40:5915
77th39Ian DOWNIE Lochcarron623h17:0277
56th41Neil DUFF RRCC3153:113h10:4556
79th42David DUGUID RRCC3451:103h18:3379
67th43Simon EVANS (svet) Spoke Clinic6945:073h13:1067
36th45Craig FINDLAY Highland Firefighters Cycling Team4845:532h55:1536
158th47Ross FINN 421:01:324h55:51158
5th48Jonathan FORBES RRCC3632:372h19:135
143rd49Craig FRASER 5148:044h31:18143
30th50Sam FROST 1941:542h51:0930
144th51Chris GALE 4548:274h33:00144
22nd52Steven GALLAGHER Moray Firth CC382h44:3222
66th53Adrian GAUGHAN Ben Wyvis CC6248:083h13:0666
152nd55Jonathan GETLIFF 611:09:244h52:33152
85th56Steve GILBERT West Highland Wheelers6254:113h32:0085
39th57Neil GLOVER ERC4442:102h56:4839
70th59Douglas GORDON 5249:443h13:3770
4th58Ben GORDON Moray Firth CC282h15:464
29th61John GRANT (vet) Moray Firth CC5244:082h50:2629
85th199Tom GRANT 3052:133h32:0085
146th60Alexander GRANT Stirling Bike Club671:03:364h33:05146
105th62Paul GRANT (gvet) DSC Racing553h44:58105
98th63Stephen GREEN 5151:023h39:5898
26th67Euan HEADRICK Moray Firth CC302h47:1626
166th69Thibaut HEINRICH 525h40:45166
44th70Colin HENDERSON 5444:183h00:5044
84th71Stuart HODGE 4754:523h29:1584
51st206John HUSTON Deeside Thistle CC433h07:4651
45th75Alistair JENKINS 6542:433h01:2145
91st76Mateusz KAPUSTKA 2246:013h34:5491
151st77Nick KELLY 531:11:034h48:59151
10th78Douglas KELSALL University of St. Andrews222h28:3310
124th80Martin KERR 561:02:533h58:59124
121st81Stephen KERR 593h56:22121
136th79Christopher KERR 574h14:11136
63rd205James KILLINGBECK 3537:443h12:5463
140th82Alisdair KINNIBURGH DSC Racing611:04:574h23:00140
50th83Martin LUGG REVCT6647:173h07:1750
127th84Tom MACARTNEY INVERURIE594h01:29127
54th85Craig MACDIARMID MFCC3253:053h09:1354
89th86Hec MACDIARMID Moray Firth CC6059:383h34:0389
68th89Norman MACDONALD 5949:183h13:1568
111th87Daniel MACDONALD 2855:443h49:03111
132nd88Niall MACDONALD (vet) 481:06:454h07:21132
12th90Scott MACDONALD (rd) 352h34:3012
59th91Olly MACDONALD-HAIG 463h11:4859
141st93Jim MACKAY Glasgow Ivy CC581:06:524h26:44141
95th94Craig MACKENZIE 4853:323h36:5495
126th95David MACKIE DTCC684h00:48126
161st96Stuart MACKINNON 581:03:545h05:08161
37th202David MACLENNAN (1) 4444:102h56:1637
81st203Ruairidh MACLENNAN Sheildaig413h23:4281
42nd101Niall MACLEOD Hebridean CC5041:563h00:1042
58th100Mark MACLEOD 4850:133h11:3658
122nd99Alex MACLEOD 5953:183h57:11122
123rd104Thomas MATON 2952:483h58:17123
108th103John MATON 273h47:44108
82nd105Campbell MATTHEWS 4455:203h27:4282
53rd106Ian MCALLISTER 3843:253h09:1153
142nd107Iain MCARTHUR 511:04:154h31:12142
157th109Stuart MCDONALD 481:14:314h55:00157
119th111Paul MCGREEVY 671:03:283h56:04119
23rd112Michael MCINNES Moray Firth CC422h45:0923
115th113Maurice MCKEOWN Triathlon Inverness543h54:16115
114th115Ross MCLEAN DSC Racing5552:493h51:19114
8th114Calum MCLEAN MFCC322h24:228
117th116Michael MCMANUS REVCT3059:553h54:50117
112th117Paul MCMILLAN 5458:043h49:41112
19th118Hamish MCNEILL MFCC362h42:0119
139th119Niall MCTEAGUE 6159:044h22:57139
61st120Chic MEDLEY Dunfermline CC653h12:0761
13th122James MELVILLE (mas) 3338:132h37:5513
75th123David MILLER (emtb) Indecisive Racing3753:163h15:1175
40th124Drew MILNE 432h57:0640
153rd126Neil MITCHELL 5653:124h52:34153
162nd125Alex MITCHELL (mas) 331:24:435h22:56162
160th127Paolo MONACHELLO 531:20:555h04:56160
78th128Sean MONAGHAN Pedal Power Cycle Centre5655:423h17:5378
149th130Vernon MONAGHAN 771:02:214h47:35149
150th129Steven MONAGHAN 504h48:28150
27th131Myles MORELLI 2942:382h48:3527
113th132Tudor MORGAN 521:01:423h50:39113
24th134Stuart MORRISON (gvet) Moray Firth CC5744:252h46:1724
71st133Duncan MORRISON 2349:473h13:3871
80th135Ian MORTON 433h19:0080
69th137James MULGREW 3749:453h13:2969
116th138Michael MULGREW 401:07:213h54:34116
154th139Michael MURPHY (gvet) 591:19:354h52:42154
52nd141Liam MURRAY Moray Firth CC3150:283h08:1052
147th144Ameetkumar PATEL 421:19:514h36:50147
3rd145Krzysztof PATER MFCC382h15:423
28th146Bruce PATERSON Moray Firth CC292h50:2328
106th147Davie PAUL RRCC5758:103h45:38106
35th148Tom PEARSON-COLLINS 3040:182h54:4035
55th149Marc PEART 5150:123h09:3055
2nd150Oliver PEMBERTON 3331:452h13:252
38th152Stuart PIRIE 5044:222h56:2838
43rd151Oliver PIRIE 4745:243h00:1743
145th153Alex PIRMOHAMED 501:10:584h33:02145
104th154Will PORTER 2951:073h44:22104
130th155Kev PRICE Team Shieldaig481:06:374h03:41130
63rd157Gavin PRISE DTCC623h12:5463
83rd158Alex RATCLIFFE 5150:173h28:1683
14th200Matthew REID Three Peaks4040:022h38:5614
60th159Duncan RIMMER Morden CRC4846:323h12:0660
96th160David RITCHIE (vet) 4853:233h36:5796
137th161Andy ROCKALL 591:08:424h21:39137
25th162Alexander ROGER MFCC482h46:4625
99th165Robert ROSS 2947:493h40:3899
118th166Ruairidh ROSS REVCT481:01:223h55:49118
131st163Martin ROSS (rd2) Barclays Glasgow CC391:03:584h03:52131
134th167James SALDANHA 4653:434h09:42134
110th169Richard SCOBLE (svet) 611:02:493h48:56110
17th170Lewis SCOTT Moray Firth CC292h41:4317
94th172Michael SHEDDEN VC Glasgow South5150:483h36:0494
18th174James SHEWAN Moray Firth CC362h41:4918
107th175Mark Patrick SLATTERY 5353:443h47:39107
125th176Grigor SMITH Alpkit Inverness3257:463h59:58125
155th177Harry SMITH (svet) 611:12:264h54:09155
156th178Ron SMITH Ben Wyvis CC851:23:004h54:31156
138th179Colin STEELE 4157:404h22:35138
128th180Alan STEWART (mas) Sherrifmuir CC4057:274h01:56128
97th182Graeme STOTT OC Triathlon533h37:2197
7th184William SUTHERLAND (mas) Indecisive Racing3734:502h23:197
76th183Alastair SUTHERLAND Moray Firth CC6955:133h16:5176
120th186Stirling TAYLOR 641:00:023h56:11120
90th187Kevin TOLMIE RRCC343h34:1290
163rd188Billy TOSH 3442:595h23:01163
159th190Graham WADDELL 6056:495h04:16159
31st192Stephen WHISTON Mid Argyll Tri & CC6040:182h51:4631
34th193Graham WHYTE MFCC662h54:2734
11th194Greg WILLIAMSON 3133:062h29:0811
164th197Raymond WRIGHTSON 4450:245h23:14164
165th196Eric WRIGHTSON 825h26:56165
6th198Mark YOUNG (gvet) Elgin CC562h20:046



Female: Open

29 competitors found

Pos Bib Name Sponsors Age Climb Finish
28th9Jenny BALLANTYNE 551:17:055h03:2228
10th12Megan BEE Highland Hill Runners3650:113h17:1810
13th14Helen BUDD CC London561:07:393h26:5513
2nd19Claire CAMPBELL Fife Cycles4944:582h53:292
15th21Skye CAMPBELL 1859:213h33:1215
14th44Julie FAWCETT Lost the Plot5155:063h27:3014
27th46Carrie FINN 381:23:314h56:0427
26th54Frances GETLIFF 601:10:004h52:4626
25th64Audrey GUNN Pentland Triathletes341:10:034h25:5125
6th66Lesley HANSEN 4146:053h05:166
24th68Katy HEIDENREICH 5359:114h22:5124
29th72Ros JAMIESON 555h03:2929
22nd73Yvonne JARDINE 4859:564h15:2222
7th74Ruth JEAYS REVCT4247:383h07:147
8th209Eileen MACDONALD MFCC3848:213h08:468
18th98Jillian MACLENNAN 371:01:473h56:5918
20th102Kathryn MARLEY Nevis Triathlon Club301:00:364h00:1120
4th110Erin MCFADDEN Nevis Triathlon Club353h00:014
11th136Seonaid MORTON 4048:103h18:5711
23rd142Rachael MURRAY Team Shieldaig4559:464h16:0723
21st143Joanne OLEARY 4356:154h15:2021
1st156Eilidh PRISE 2840:062h38:121
16th164Paula ROSS 5256:493h39:5116
17th168Freya SAMUEL REVCT2759:523h55:0117
5th171Laura SHEARER Moray Firth CC4344:453h01:015
12th173Freya SHEPHERD 2451:443h25:3912
3rd191Kirsty WATSON 4246:362h58:103
19th195Bronagh WISHART Nevis Triathlon Club281:00:344h00:0619
9th201Estera ZAK Fleet Feet3843:473h12:479

Present but not in the results

2 competitors found

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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