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2024 IDMS round 1, Carrick, Co. Wicklow

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Male: Elite  Spread

27 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st100Oisin O'CALLAGHAN YT Mob1:52.0011:49.251-
2nd2Jacob DICKSON MS INTENSE RACING1:57.0031:53.1723.92s
3rd255Josh BRYCELAND 50to012:04.0061:58.0938.84s
4th8Niall CLERKIN Rostrevor Mountain Bike Club2:03.0051:58.1248.87s
5th16Conor BATE 50to12:09.00122:00.57511.32s
6th7Gavin CARROLL K Capital Rocky Mountain2:05.0072:04.35615.10s
7th15Jonathan MAUNSELL 2:07.00102:04.37715.12s
8th9Tommy MAGNENAT Lisburn BMX Club2:07.00102:04.65815.40s
9th5Rob DAVIS 2:06.0082:04.68915.43s
10th14Joel HAMILTON SHIMNA WHEELERS CC2:09.00122:04.691015.44s
11th26Chris MURPHY (mas) GAP MTB2:12.00192:04.721115.47s
12th19Oliver DAVY GAP MTB2:11.00172:05.641216.39s
13th203Sam HOCKENHULL 50to012:06.0082:06.111316.86s
14th10Jake KAVANAGH Bree Mountain Biking2:09.00122:06.831417.58s
15th4Anthony DUNNE Gravity BC2:13.00212:07.191517.94s
16th24Darragh SWEENY Limerick Mountain Biking Club2:10.00152:07.221617.97s
17th6Alan CONNOLLY Rebel MTB2:12.00192:07.801718.55s
18th11Jim O'NEILL Stage One MTB2:10.00152:09.851820.60s
19th21Sam COFANO 2:11.00172:09.991920.74s
20th13Emmet CALLAGHAN Stage One MTB2:13.00212:10.522021.27s
21st20Max SCHONE Bree Mountain Biking2:18.00242:11.332122.08s
22nd17Ross CALLAGHAN Stage One MTB2:19.00252:13.412224.16s
23rd1Rónán DUNNE Mondraker Factory1:56.0022:49.91231:00.66
3Chris CUMMING Continental GT Racing1:57.003     
22Scott ROBERTS Un-attached Ulster2:13.0021     
25Tadhg QUIRKE Team Ballyhoura2:27.0026     
12Jamie WALL GAP MTB9:47.0027     

Male: Sport  Spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st238Ryan ROBINSON Cycleology Racing Team2:29.0012:21.661-
2nd231Heitor SEVERO GAP MTB2:33.0032:28.1926.53s
3rd233Dylan ROBINSON Cycleology Racing Team2:29.0012:29.6537.99s
4th237Steven NASH Bree Mountain Biking2:38.0052:29.9848.32s
5th241Conor MC GAUGHEY 2:36.0042:31.6259.96s
6th243James GASTON 2:48.0082:38.71617.05s
7th240Denver HICKS       DNF2:38.81717.15s
8th239Conal MCCARTAN 2:47.0072:40.94819.28s
9th234Stephen MCMANUS Un-attached Ulster2:58.00112:45.65923.99s
10th236Adrian RAFFERTY Sperrin Mountain Bike Club2:48.0082:46.591024.93s
11th232Frank CLEERE MTB Assoc of Dublin2:46.0062:47.351125.69s
12th235Barry HEANEY CUCHULAINN CC2:54.00102:51.651229.99s
242Brad BRADY       DNF     DNF
230Dominic SCHONE Bree Mountain Biking2:59.0012     

Male: 13-14  Spread

20 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st101Diarmuid O'SEALBHAIGH Gravity BC2:13.0012:10.601-
2nd102Ross MCGOWAN GAP MTB2:15.0022:13.4122.81s
3rd121Matthew KELLY (juv) Un-attached Leinster2:24.0032:18.0337.43s
4th112Freddie SIMMONS Un-attached Ulster2:33.0092:22.89412.29s
5th107Charlie KAVANAGH GAP MTB2:31.0082:24.89514.29s
6th118Rory GROVE Wicklow Mountain Bike Club (Wicklow MTB)2:35.00112:26.04615.44s
7th117Conor LENNON Un-attached Leinster2:27.0042:26.70716.10s
8th105Ross FANNING Wicklow Mountain Bike Club (Wicklow MTB)2:36.00132:27.19816.59s
9th110Jayden ERWIN Horizon MTB Club2:35.00112:28.23917.63s
10th106Charlie LYONS GAP MTB2:28.0052:28.641018.04s
11th108Luca DUFF GAP MTB2:34.00102:29.121118.52s
12th104Jamie KENNEDY Lucan BMX Club2:37.00142:29.561218.96s
13th103Brodie HULL Un-attached Ulster2:29.0062:38.931328.33s
14th120Adam CAŁUŃ 2:57.00172:45.421434.82s
15th109Will O CALLAGHAN Hush mtb3:15.00182:47.471536.87s
16th116Seán GILES GAP MTB      2:48.501637.90s
111Jamie HARRON Belfast City BMX Club2:30.007     DNF
115Archie WAKEFORD Un-attached Leinster2:44.0015     DNF
113Christian BASSE GAP MTB2:54.0016     
114Lochlann STEELE Un-attached Ulster      DNF     

Male: 15-16  Spread

40 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st135Darragh RYAN Biking.ie2:06.0012:00.071-
2nd160Aaron MEREDITH Un-attached Leinster2:13.0062:07.8127.74s
3rd130Michal MICHNIACKI GAP MTB2:12.0052:07.8537.78s
4th137Cailan LANCASHIRE Lisburn BMX Club2:11.0032:07.9447.87s
5th151Herkus VITAS Un-attached Leinster2:21.00112:10.15510.08s
6th131Jamie DUFFY GAP MTB2:11.0032:10.16610.09s
7th133Luke JENNINGS GAP MTB2:24.00142:12.04711.97s
8th134Kyle MURRAY GAP MTB2:06.0012:12.18812.11s
9th172Danny MCCOY Bray Wheelers2:20.0092:12.76912.69s
10th139Freddie CONNOLLY GAP MTB3:22.00322:12.941012.87s
11th140Kayden COSTA HOLMES MBCC2:18.0082:14.531114.46s
12th150Scott MURPHY GAP MTB2:26.00172:15.461215.39s
13th144Brody CUMMING Un-attached Ulster2:25.00152:17.401317.33s
14th148Rowan STUART GAP MTB2:23.00132:17.651417.58s
15th166Max O'REILLY Un-attached Munster2:26.00172:18.701518.63s
16th169Harry SMITH Un-attached Leinster2:20.0092:18.951618.88s
17th132Alex BARRETT MBCC2:25.00152:19.711719.64s
18th141Chris ROCK GAP MTB3:20.00312:20.071820.00s
19th147Max HAMILTON 3:46.00362:21.831921.76s
20th165Glenn MC GLASHAN GAP MTB16:54.00372:25.632025.56s
21st143Johnny HOLDEN GAP MTB2:33.00212:25.822125.75s
22nd159Matthew TURLEY Un-attached Ulster2:52.00282:30.522230.45s
23rd167Oliver PURVES Belfast City BMX Club2:44.00252:34.402334.33s
24th142Chris CHIUZBAIAN GAP MTB2:40.00222:34.502434.43s
25th149Thomas BOYCE Un-attached Ulster3:31.00342:35.012534.94s
26th158Leo BARTON MBCC2:46.00262:38.332638.26s
27th168Ryan SHANNON GAP MTB2:43.00242:38.412738.34s
28th164Jamie CLARKE The ML Syndicate2:51.00272:46.002845.93s
29th170Luke ASTIN first tracks3:08.00292:47.472947.40s
30th145Dylan MCCONNOLOGUE Gravity BC3:41.00352:50.333050.26s
31st138Tom RAHER GAP MTB2:32.00193:01.36311:01.29
32nd152Evan CASH GAP MTB3:19.00303:10.43321:10.36
33rd156Charlie MC MANUS Un-attached Ulster2:13.0064:47.64332:47.57
162Logan REDDIN MBCC2:32.0019     DNF
154Harry TUTTY Un-attached Leinster3:28.0033     DNF
161Lucas DUNNE IMBRC2:21.0011     
153Luke MOLLOY Callan CC2:42.0023     
163Andrew MCCANN Un-attached Ulster      DNF     
136Ros O KEEFFE Bree Mountain Biking      DNF     
171Fionn ONEILL       DNF     

Male: 17-18  Spread

20 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st44Ben FITZSIMON Mighty Irish Intense2:12.0032:06.101-
2nd41Oscar DURSTON Un-attached Leinster2:08.0012:06.6720.57s
3rd53Alex HICKEY Bree Mountain Biking      DNF2:06.8330.73s
4th42Calum RICE Un-attached Ulster2:13.0052:08.7642.66s
5th43Felim COFFEY Mighty Irish Intense2:12.0032:09.4353.33s
6th40Conor CARTWRIGHT GAP MTB2:11.0022:09.8663.76s
7th47Joel GIRVAN Un-attached Ulster2:17.0072:12.9676.86s
8th59Cian FLAHERTY Clonmel MTB Club2:18.0092:13.3687.26s
9th61Joshua DUDDY Un-attached Ulster2:17.0072:14.9598.85s
10th50Jack GREGORY CUCHULAINN CC2:24.00112:15.57109.47s
11th52Jonathan KILROY GAP MTB2:22.00102:15.73119.63s
12th45Daragh FARRELLY GAP MTB2:29.00142:16.861210.76s
13th58Pádraic BYRNE Clonmel MTB Club2:27.00132:22.571316.47s
14th46Fionn O'CONNOR GAP MTB      DNF2:22.941416.84s
15th57Jack CARTWRIGHT GAP MTB2:35.00162:24.401518.30s
16th54Jack DWYER GAP MTB2:25.00122:24.981618.88s
17th49Noah MASTERSON Gravity BC2:32.00152:27.381721.28s
48Cody LAWLOR Bree Mountain Biking2:14.006     DNF
51Luke JOYNT Un-attached Leinster2:44.0017     
60Louis ISDELL Mullaghmeen Mountain Biking Club      DNF     

Male: 19-29  Spread

22 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st206Isaac SCOTT Un-attached Leinster2:08.0022:06.051-
2nd222David O REILLY MOYNIHAN 2:14.0042:06.1920.14s
3rd205Rory O'KELLY 2:03.0012:07.8031.75s
4th209Caolan SAMMON Bree Mountain Biking2:10.0032:09.4143.36s
5th202Josh MACKREL Un-attached Ulster2:16.0052:11.6955.64s
6th217Thomas CALLAGHAN 2:17.0072:12.7566.70s
7th219Ruari O'BRIEN Mullaghmeen Mountain Biking Club3:20.00192:13.1877.13s
8th200Jamie O CALLAGHAN MBCC2:16.0052:14.1888.13s
9th213Paddy FURLONG Bree Mountain Biking2:17.0072:15.6299.57s
10th207Daragh O'SEALBHAIGH Gravity BC      DNF2:15.93109.88s
11th215Caleb JEFFARES Un-attached Leinster2:21.0092:17.171111.12s
12th208Adam MOFFETT Un-attached Ulster2:29.00152:18.091212.04s
13th216Callum QUIGG Un-attached Ulster2:24.00102:18.191312.14s
14th221Dylan BRADY 2:24.00102:20.181414.13s
15th214Deividas RAVAITIS GAP MTB2:26.00142:21.641515.59s
16th220Jamie MOTTRAM 2:25.00132:22.781616.73s
17th210Joseph O'BOYLE 2:32.00162:26.041719.99s
18th218Caleb SULLIVAN 2:24.00102:29.091823.04s
19th212Gareth KERR 2:32.00162:31.131925.08s
20th211Colm GRANT 2:39.00182:33.752027.70s
321Eamon HOGAN Bree Mountain Biking           DSQ
204Arron CAMPBELL Biking Dirty      DNF     

Male: 30-39  Spread

25 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st250James MAC FERRAN Cycleology Racing Team2:10.0012:07.241-
2nd265Steven SMYTH Un-attached Ulster2:11.0032:07.8420.60s
3rd254Michael LEE Un-attached Leinster2:10.0012:10.0632.82s
4th262Connor WORTHINGTON 2:16.0042:11.3844.14s
5th256Conor DUFFY (mas) 2:18.0052:14.4257.18s
6th261Luc BONNARGENT 2:23.0092:16.2168.97s
7th252Cian PEARSON Saint Annes BMX Co-op2:21.0062:16.8879.64s
8th267Wallace ERWIN Horizon MTB Club2:25.00102:17.36810.12s
9th263Lindsay NEWELL 2:21.0062:18.07910.83s
10th253Daire PEARSON Saint Annes BMX Co-op2:22.0082:18.301011.06s
11th259Damien MCCORMICK Mullaghmeen Mountain Biking Club2:27.00112:19.861112.62s
12th268Hugh DESMOND MBCC2:29.00122:24.691217.45s
13th257Ciaran DONNELLAN (1) Bree Mountain Biking2:34.00172:25.671318.43s
14th266William GAFFNEY MTB Assoc of Dublin2:30.00132:27.141419.90s
15th258Brendan SLUDDS Bree Mountain Biking2:31.00142:28.351521.11s
16th275Daniel DYSON 2:31.00142:28.421621.18s
17th274Andy O NEILL 2:53.00252:29.151721.91s
18th271Karl DALY Un-attached Leinster2:43.00192:31.191823.95s
19th273James O'REILLY 2:45.00222:33.701926.46s
20th264Gary RYNHART Un-attached Leinster2:36.00182:37.992030.75s
21st269Paul FURLONG Bree Mountain Biking2:44.00212:40.752133.51s
22nd270Mark MOORE Un-attached Leinster2:46.00232:58.392251.15s
23rd276Adam BEHAN GAP MTB2:51.00242:58.832351.59s
260Dan BYRNE Bree Mountain Biking2:32.0016     DNF
272Barry KAVANAGH (mas) GAP MTB2:43.0019     

Male: 40-49  Spread

21 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st310Ian COATES (vet) Un-attached Leinster2:14.0012:11.491-
2nd314Dale MCMULLAN first tracks2:14.0012:12.4620.97s
3rd311Glyn O'BRIEN first tracks2:18.0032:15.5534.06s
4th313Michael COWAN first tracks2:19.0042:16.2944.80s
5th318Rob QUINN Bree Mountain Biking2:23.0062:17.2255.73s
6th316Declan BRADY GAP MTB2:23.0062:19.6868.19s
7th320Simon ANDREUCETTI Bree Mountain Biking2:26.0092:20.3778.88s
8th312James HARRISON Un-attached Ulster2:24.0082:22.16810.67s
9th315Rory O'DONNELL (vet2) Biking Dirty2:28.00112:24.19912.70s
10th330Alan TODD 2:29.00122:24.851013.36s
11th319Richard THORNHILL Rebel MTB2:27.00102:25.381113.89s
12th325Aaron MCENHILL Gortin MTB2:33.00132:26.971215.48s
13th317Martin CROWLEY (vet) MTB Assoc of Dublin2:33.00132:30.961319.47s
14th329Ryan MCKEOWN 2:36.00152:35.361423.87s
15th328Eugene MURPHY GAP MTB3:07.00212:38.221526.73s
16th323Eamonn O'REILLY 3:05.00202:57.651646.16s
17th326Graham GIRVAN Un-attached Ulster2:59.00193:00.561749.07s
327Roland KATONA Un-attached Munster2:22.005     DNF
322Fergal O'KEEFFE Bree Mountain Biking2:44.0017     DNF
321P.J. EGAN Bree Mountain Biking2:37.0016     
324Paul MOLLOY Callan CC2:46.0018     

Male: 50+  Spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st281Brian STEELE SHIMNA WHEELERS CC2:12.0012:11.561-
2nd283Brendan MASTERSON Matt Davy Fan Club2:30.0022:26.31214.75s
3rd284Mark BYRNE Bree Mountain Biking2:37.0042:29.15317.59s
4th282Matt DAVY Faster Than Bren2:33.0032:32.97421.41s
5th300Luke ASKINS 2:48.00112:38.14526.58s
6th287John LAMBERT 2:41.0072:38.57627.01s
7th286Paul MCCUSKER 2:40.0062:39.21727.65s
8th288Malachy O'BOYLE Borderline DH Club2:39.0052:40.69829.13s
9th290Michael WHITE (gvet) 2:47.00102:40.80929.24s
10th280Vinnie FITZSIMON Team Worc2:44.0092:48.111036.55s
289Ken KELLY Kildare Mountain Bike Club (KMBC)2:43.008     
285Andy BEATTIE Un-attached Ulster      DNF     
299Craig ELLIOTT Gravity BC      DNF     



Female: Elite  Spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st192Lilian TOBIN GAP MTB2:29.0012:22.481-
2nd194Blaithin SWEENY Limerick Mountain Biking Club2:30.0022:23.8221.34s
3rd180Leah MAUNSELL Team Ballyhoura2:32.0032:26.8234.34s
4th181Cat BRADY GAP MTB2:45.0042:32.2349.75s
5th193Simone O KELLY GAP MTB2:56.0082:36.58514.10s
6th183Chloe TRAYNOR MTB Assoc of Dublin2:54.0072:36.77614.29s
7th182Shenna MCKIVERIGAN Cycleology Racing Team2:53.0062:39.18716.70s
8th184Niamh MCKIVERIGAN Cycleology Racing Team2:47.0052:43.68821.20s

Female: Open  Spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Run 1 Diff
1st185Iris IHDE Hush mtb3:01.0022:47.421-
2nd195Lucy LEGGE GAP MTB3:23.0052:58.88211.46s
3rd191Melissa ANDERSON 2:55.0013:03.85316.43s
4th189Marie FARRELL MTB Assoc of Dublin3:17.0043:04.47417.05s
5th187Jacqui ERSKINE Gravity BC3:10.0033:09.68522.26s
6th186Katrina MAGILL 3:59.0063:36.60649.18s
7th188Sarah HALLIWELL 4:31.0074:10.1771:22.75

Present but not in the results  Spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Finish
N/C155Unknown rider 36468            
N/C201Unknown rider 62834            
N/C119Zac BEATTIE            
N/C223Alex NOWOTYNSKI            

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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