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Male: Open  Event progression Spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Stage 1 Stage 2 Total time Diff
1st360Kevin BRODSKY 2:36.312:34.615:10.91-
2nd345Joshua FOSTER (east) AL's Gravity Pals2:42.122:42.035:24.1213.2s
3rd348Jonathan BROUGHTON SiCo mtb2:42.122:42.955:25.0314.1s
4th389Mason CHERRIX CYT2:45.742:45.475:31.1420.2s
5th263Ryder DAVIDSON Hub City Cycles of Hagerstown2:47.052:45.165:32.0521.1s
6th278Brandon GIBBONS Jimmy?S Mobil - Jz The Man2:48.872:47.885:36.7625.8s
7th371Logan MILLER Log2:48.262:48.595:36.7725.8s
8th370Jameson WORKMAN TakeAim2:49.182:49.2105:38.3827.4s
9th376Luke MARTIN 2:56.3112:42.845:39.1928.2s
10th388Drew CARLSON CYT RACING2:50.792:51.0115:41.61030.7s
11th283Jeffrey HELLNER Jimmyz Mobil2:54.8102:53.8125:48.61137.7s
12th269Wesley BLOECHLE Jimmyz Mobil - Jz The Man2:57.5122:54.4135:51.91241.0s
13th366Will WRIGHT (VA) 3:13.5132:41.125:54.61343.7s
14th355Jim LONG Blackwater Bike Shop RT3:26.7143:27.8146:54.5141:43.6

Male: Cat 1: U18  Event progression Spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Stage 1 Stage 2 Total time Diff
1st362Jameson QUICK Dirt Rooster Racing2:41.712:40.915:22.51-
2nd303Aiden MCBRIDE Take Aim2:44.822:43.525:28.425.9s
3rd374John GYPSON TakeAim2:45.832:43.935:29.737.2s

Male: Cat 2/3: 0-18  Event progression Spread

18 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Stage 1 Stage 2 Total time Diff
1st352Caden HAN Dirt Rooster Racing / TakeAim Devo2:44.412:45.015:29.41-
2nd372Charles HERLIHY 2:47.222:46.325:33.624.2s
3rd353Gavin ATKINS Dirt Rooster Racing2:48.742:49.335:38.038.6s
4th316Travis POOLE (east) Dirt Rooster Racing2:52.872:52.445:45.1415.7s
5th312Owen REEN Dirt Rooster Racing2:52.052:54.255:46.2516.8s
6th260Cohen VAN ROY CCA2:52.982:54.975:47.7618.3s
7th330Aiden PLOTKIN Sponsord By MOM2:53.692:54.465:48.0718.6s
8th307Wyatt EVANS 2:52.762:57.6105:50.3820.9s
9th325Luke RADOMSKY 2:59.1112:56.585:55.6926.2s
10th305Bryson SNAKENBERG TRAILWERKS CYCLERY2:59.5122:57.395:56.71027.3s
11th326Chase KENNEDY Dirt Rooster Racing2:57.3102:59.6115:56.91127.5s
12th274Caleb PURCELL Dirt Rooster Racing3:02.2143:02.0136:04.21234.8s
13th340Nathan CRESS Dirt Rooster Racing3:01.2133:05.2166:06.51337.1s
14th318Aiden KIRKPATRICK Dirt Rooster Racing3:05.9173:00.7126:06.71437.3s
15th314Asher KACHURA Dirt Rooster Racing3:03.8153:03.0146:06.81537.4s
16th338Lucas MARSH Mt. Laurel Rockets3:04.1163:04.2156:08.31638.9s
284Joshua PEPIN Dirt Rooster Racing2:47.33          DNF
289Joseph PURCELL Dirt Rooster Racing4:10.818          DNF

Male: Cat 2/3: 19-34  Event progression Spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Stage 1 Stage 2 Total time Diff
1st343Tyler ONEAL 2:49.612:49.915:39.41-
2nd261Mike BOHNERT Flow2:51.422:51.125:42.423.0s
3rd319Will POOLE Dirt Rooster Racing2:57.332:54.735:52.0312.6s
4th369Matt SIMMS Dirt Rooster Racing2:58.242:58.465:56.5417.1s
5th295Benjamin SNYDER 3:00.452:57.355:57.7518.3s
6th267Victor VILLANUEVA Bacon Boyz3:01.763:01.776:03.4624.0s
7th290Justin RUIZ 3:09.492:56.146:05.4726.0s
8th258Daniel RUBIO Bacon Boyz3:04.673:05.196:09.7830.3s
9th347Rowan MILNOR 3:05.683:05.086:10.7931.3s
10th288Josue VILLANUEVA Bacon Boiz3:15.8103:08.6106:24.41045.0s

Male: Cat 2/3: 35+  Event progression Spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Stage 1 Stage 2 Total time Diff
1st270Kray JONES 2:42.112:41.215:23.31-
2nd375Chris GAUL Rare Disease2:47.222:44.125:31.227.9s
3rd262Jimmy DEATON Jimmy'z Mobile Bike Repair2:50.542:50.835:41.3318.0s
4th304Joey OLAES 2:50.232:53.145:43.3420.0s
5th259Brandin ORT 2:53.752:54.565:48.2524.9s
6th324Marc CALDERONE Merritt Clubs Eldersburg2:56.362:54.355:50.7627.4s
7th279Kyle DRUMMOND 2:58.772:57.495:56.1732.8s
8th282Juan SILVA 2:58.992:57.275:56.2832.9s
9th337Joseph DUNN Pocahontas Racing2:58.882:58.0105:56.8933.5s
10th342Nick STESHKO Beard & Blonde Adventures3:00.4102:58.3115:58.71035.4s
11th257Michael O'DEA Zeroday3:01.7112:57.275:58.91135.6s
12th329Dylan KLEIN Dirt Rooster Racing3:02.9122:58.7136:01.61238.3s
13th365Tommy FRANCIS 3:03.8142:58.4126:02.21338.9s
14th333Erin CLONEY Qwest3:22.6153:14.1146:36.7141:13.4
272Jim FLETCHER Square One3:03.713          DNF

Male: U12  Event progression Spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Stage 1 Stage 2 Total time Diff
1st339Mah'ki JEFFERSON 3:12.713:11.316:24.01-
2nd293Ethan ROGERS 3:19.023:22.326:41.3217.3s
3rd308Maksymilian LOSZEWSKI 3:24.433:27.146:51.5327.5s
4th363Micah JONES Dirt Rooster Racing3:28.243:29.856:58.0434.0s
5th341Pablo QUEVEDO I Dont Have A Team3:34.953:24.236:59.1535.1s
6th331Baer SHERMAN Bank of Dad / Little Bryce Baddies3:41.563:41.667:23.1659.1s
7th354Silas WEST Go West Racing4:03.574:00.978:04.471:40.4

Male: U15  Event progression Spread

27 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Stage 1 Stage 2 Total time Diff
1st292Andrew PARROTT TakeAim Devo2:53.422:49.415:42.81-
2nd275Henry BULL 7 Rivers / Take Aim2:51.612:54.735:46.223.4s
3rd332Silas FEINER Blue Wheel off road / Take Aim2:55.332:55.145:50.537.7s
4th350Alejandro LAGUNA Dirt Rooster Racing2:56.442:56.255:52.649.8s
5th377John FRANCIS 2:57.752:58.985:56.7513.9s
6th285Ryan CULLINAN Take Aim Devo Shred3:01.382:57.765:59.0616.2s
7th309Daniel BUKALO 3:06.4102:52.825:59.2716.4s
8th315Jared CHANEY 2:59.863:00.696:00.4817.6s
9th320Caleb PORTER Dirt Rooster Racing3:02.492:58.276:00.6917.8s
10th306Finn SNAKENBERG TRAILWERKS CYCLERY3:00.273:08.9156:09.11026.3s
11th349Mccall FEHD Seven Rivers / Take Aim3:06.7113:03.5106:10.31127.5s
12th264Brody PALMER Ghost National Team3:08.2153:04.5116:12.71229.9s
13th294Mikey MACERI 3:07.0123:05.7136:12.71329.9s
14th276Axel HIGHFILL Dirt roosters3:07.8143:05.3126:13.11430.3s
15th328Quentin BOWMAN 3:07.7133:07.8146:15.51532.7s
16th364Alexander ZNACHONOK Cutaway3:10.3163:11.0166:21.31638.5s
17th266Cruz HANSBERGER Gunner3:11.2173:12.1196:23.41740.6s
18th358Eli JONES Dirt Rooster Racing3:12.7193:11.4176:24.11841.3s
19th357Benjamin BENEDICT Balti Smores3:14.4203:11.9186:26.21943.4s
20th299Maximus YOUNG dirtrooster3:12.4183:18.0206:30.52047.7s
21st336Aleksander LOSZEWSKI 3:14.6213:20.5226:35.12152.3s
22nd346Cam LAKATOS Dirt Rooster Racing3:18.8223:20.3216:39.12256.3s
23rd359River SHAW 3:25.2253:20.8236:46.1231:03.3
24th367Eli ZAWACKI Dirt Rooster Racing3:20.2233:26.4246:46.7241:03.9
25th344Finn FOWLER Dirt Rooster Racing3:22.6243:28.6256:51.2251:08.4
26th249Benjamin DRUMMOND Dirt Rooster Racing3:29.2263:30.0266:59.1261:16.3
27th335Cameron KLEIN Dirt Rooster Racing3:35.9273:36.0277:12.0271:29.2



Female: Open  Event progression Spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Stage 1 Stage 2 Total time Diff
1st302Brecklyn SNAKENBERG Dirt Rooster Racing2:46.612:44.915:31.51-
2nd298Shantae TAYLOR Takeaim Women's Gravity Racing Team3:03.723:00.026:03.7232.2s
3rd368Diana ALLEN Revel Community Collective3:11.633:05.636:17.2345.7s
4th310Maria LOGAN NOVA MTB3:15.243:26.946:42.141:10.6
5th273Micha SHINES Takeaim Women's Gravity Racing Team3:27.353:27.556:54.851:23.3
6th281Jessica BUCH bikeman.com go to site3:32.163:28.067:00.161:28.6

Female: Cat 2/3  Event progression Spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Stage 1 Stage 2 Total time Diff
1st256Katie GEARY 3:07.313:06.116:13.41-
2nd300Courtney BEUGELMANS Takeaim Women's Gravity Racing Team3:09.223:07.126:16.423.0s
3rd327Aubrey MASSMANN Takeaim Women's Gravity Racing Team3:15.433:10.636:26.0312.6s
4th265Carolyn BERRY TakeAim Women's Gravity Racing3:17.643:18.256:35.9422.5s
5th311Chrissy KUTASSY Blue Ridge Cyclery3:21.783:16.946:38.5525.1s
6th280Stephanie GOODWIN Takeaim Women's Gravity Racing Team3:20.963:18.966:39.8626.4s
7th356Sylvia MCLAIN TakeAim Women's Gravity Racing / TBL3:20.653:19.776:40.4727.0s
8th323Lucy DUNAWAY TakeAim Women's Gravity Racing3:20.963:20.086:40.9827.5s
9th286Sydney SALTSMAN TakeAim Women's Gravity Racing3:23.793:23.596:47.2933.8s
10th296Annemarie MOUNTJOY Team Sticky Fingers3:34.2123:26.9107:01.11047.7s
11th322Kristin CARPENTER 3:33.9103:27.7117:01.61148.2s
12th361Rie SASAKI Takeaim Women's Gravity Racing Team3:33.9103:36.4137:10.31256.9s
13th297Holly FILIPIAK TakeAim Women's Gravity Racing3:42.0133:33.3127:15.3131:01.9

Female: U12  Event progression Spread

3 competitors found

Female: U18  Event progression Spread

2 competitors found

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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