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2024 Phat Kids round 3, Whistler, BC

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Male: Pappas  Spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st99Tobias LONFAT 1:53.201-
2nd79Dane TOUCHET 1:55.0521.85s
3rd85Mathieu RICIGNUOLO 1:55.2732.07s
4th10Callum MACLEOD (40+) 1:57.8944.69s
5th27Chris WINTER 2:09.79516.59s
6th54Eric KISSINGER 2:20.66627.46s
7th111Kane GRAY 2:22.23729.03s
8th113Omar HAQUE 2:25.36832.16s
9th14Tim WATT 2:26.31933.11s
10th43Alan GOLDS 2:53.21101:00.01
11th45Ryan NEWTON 3:05.65111:12.45
12th96Mike FACCIO 4:03.32122:10.12
13th90Bentley GAIKIS 11:32.05139:38.85

Male: 7-8  Spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st5Ryan LAI 2:40.561-
2nd42Ari GOLDS 2:50.62210.06s
3rd93Luke WRIGHT 3:01.40320.84s
4th105Logan GIROUX 3:30.07449.51s
5th1Finnley RAMPF 8:24.0655:43.50
6th89Welland GAIKIS 11:34.1768:53.61

Male: 9-10  Spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st12Miller MACLEOD 2:13.071-
2nd37Holden ROY 2:13.2520.18s
3rd51Raimundo HIDALGO 2:19.6536.58s
4th78Nixon TOUCHET 2:22.3749.30s
5th55Evan KISSINGER 2:27.03513.96s
6th40Sullivan KING 2:30.54617.47s
7th77Felix MCCLOSKEY 2:32.15719.08s
8th71Theo BAZLEY 2:37.40824.33s
9th60Harvey GORDON 2:38.63925.56s
10th110Nikau GRAY 2:40.661027.59s
11th82Sasha HAMM 2:44.721131.65s
12th106Elijah JUEN 2:46.471233.40s
13th88Lincoln GAIKIS 2:57.421344.35s
14th31Bodie MOMY 2:58.171445.10s
15th20Jesse MITCHELL 2:59.081546.01s
16th44Koa NEWTON 3:06.231653.16s

Male: 11-12  Spread

35 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st25Thomas BROWN 1:50.511-
2nd9Max DARLOW 1:51.7821.27s
3rd11Kyan MACLEOD 1:53.6733.16s
4th50Pedro HIDALGO 2:00.73410.22s
5th59Grey BUCHANAN 2:00.88510.37s
6th34Max GAUDET 2:01.07610.56s
7th67Jackson BELIVEAU 2:01.36710.85s
8th47Kelyn HORSLEY 2:03.73813.22s
9th114Lars ZEILBERGER 2:03.75913.24s
10th72Jose Tomas GOMEZ 2:06.281015.77s
11th29Owen POLLOCK (u13) 2:10.911120.40s
12th26Ethan WINTER 2:12.421221.91s
13th68Eli PECK 2:13.111322.60s
14th53Easton KISSINGER 2:13.561423.05s
15th115Axel ZEILBERGER 2:13.711523.20s
16th69Max ALEXANDER 2:14.211623.70s
17th13Koston WATT 2:14.731724.22s
18th23Slater MCDOUGALL 2:16.951826.44s
19th57Lennox KEAM 2:17.001926.49s
20th18Riddley PHARIS 2:18.752028.24s
21st61Theodore HAY 2:19.012128.50s
22nd62Jai-Dee WENGEL 2:19.622229.11s
23rd92Benicio PALACIO 2:19.742329.23s
24th97Lochlan WHITE 2:20.002429.49s
25th98Loic LONFAT 2:21.812531.30s
26th104Jack GIROUX 2:23.022632.51s
27th65Andrew SIMPSON 2:25.782735.27s
28th103Flynn FREESE 2:26.362835.85s
29th102Abdullah HAQUE 2:28.062937.55s
30th64Kai EVERETT 2:33.303042.79s
31st6Alpen STROUD 2:38.203147.69s
32nd19Ognen KONO 2:39.963249.45s
33rd58Lachlan HAY 2:44.893354.38s
34th70Hamish LAWTHER 2:49.673459.16s
35th22Jeronimo GOMEZ 2:58.78351:08.27

Male: 13-15  Spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st73Owen WHITE 1:48.231-
2nd112Markus VAN DER WERFF 1:54.4826.25s
3rd75Jesse REID 1:55.5637.33s
4th76Hayden KEAM 1:57.7949.56s
5th74Seth ADDARIO 1:59.02510.79s
6th109Gabriel LEBLANC 1:59.24611.01s
7th81Austin MAILE 1:59.68711.45s
8th80Bodhi MORRISSEY 1:59.78811.55s
9th94Jackson PERKEL 2:03.26915.03s
10th108Cohen CLENDENING 2:03.321015.09s
11th48Thomson BYTHELL 2:11.831123.60s
12th63Oliver WACKER 2:17.031228.80s
13th21Cooper MITCHELL 2:21.301333.07s
14th107Lochlun WARREN 3:27.19141:38.96



Female: Mammas  Spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st84Tara RICIGNUOLO 2:13.311-
2nd56Heather KISSINGER 2:32.60219.29s
3rd66Angela SIMPSON 2:33.41320.10s
4th83Karine HAMM 2:53.28439.97s

Female: 7-8  Spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st38Karis ROY 3:08.671-
2nd15Amelie MCKAY HUCK 3:08.8920.22s
3rd8Ruby HOWARD 3:17.0638.39s
4th95Aurora FACCIO 4:03.84455.17s

Female: 9-10  Spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st30Olivia POLLOCK 2:28.601-
2nd4Ava RIGEL 2:54.94226.34s
3rd41Isabel HOWARD 2:57.26328.66s
4th86Mia Jane RICIGNUOLO 3:01.68433.08s
5th39Waverly KING 3:45.9751:17.37

Female: 11-12  Spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st28Zoe KNIGHT 2:11.161-
2nd36Amy HORSWILL 2:14.0622.90s
3rd32Summer HOWARD 2:15.3034.14s
4th100Ella GILBERT 2:26.08414.92s
5th49Elias NEWBY 2:29.62518.46s
6th101Quinn PHILLIPSON 2:38.08626.92s
7th35Indy TOMIC 2:38.42727.26s

Female: 13-15  Spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st16Skye SHERMAN 2:03.561-
2nd52Maryjane KISSINGER 2:06.1622.60s
3rd91Ailyn FERRIS 2:47.16343.60s



Mixed: Present but not in the results

1 competitor found

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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