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Pro men  Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st31Geritt BEYTAGH 188092University of New Hampshire2:09.951-
2nd27Brandon BLAKELY 3267762:10.6620.71s
3rd28Jimmy LESLIE 337692Grom Racing2:10.8030.85s
4th24Kyle GRAU 351694Core Optix / Santa Cruz2:13.8343.88s
5th32Daniel ENNIS 202600brevard college2:16.7456.79s
6th23Eric VEST 256983Grom Racing / Vans2:17.5767.62s
7th33Alex DAWSON 359025SEI Racing2:19.5879.63s
8th29Ben CALHOUN 2767332:19.8789.92s
9th26Greg NELSON 264054Billy Goat Bikes2:21.35911.40s
10th30Michael THOMAS (elt) 187985SEI Racing5:28.88103:18.93

Cat 1: 0-29 men  Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st114Matthew FITZGERALD (u23) 3196002:15.211-
2nd108Dwayne MAYNARD 4104442:23.6028.39s
3rd121Asher BLACKMORE 325586brevard college2:23.7338.52s
4th109Matthew CLEMENTS (east) 288741Lees Mcrae College2:23.9148.70s
5th123Jimmy AWAD 343972Paul's Cycling & Fitness Inc. / Paul's Racing2:24.8859.67s
6th101Robert MONJURE 2477642:25.1269.91s
7th105Anthony (Ace) SAVARESE 1905362:25.33710.12s
8th119Derek MAIDEN 3455002:28.92813.71s
9th107Andrew MUELLER 264186SEI Racing2:29.13913.92s
10th126Hunter BUDD 2689472:30.081014.87s
11th102Ben HOBBS Weevil-Racing2:32.141116.93s
12th125Kevin QUILLAN 277033SEI Racing2:32.181216.97s
13th110Michael SPIERER 1795962:33.941318.73s
14th124Zach MILLER 375946Brevard Cycling2:35.001419.79s
15th106James GUIDRY 357626Billy Goat Bikes3:02.561547.35s

Cat 1: 30-39 men  Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st118Chuck PITTS 111838Atlanta Trek2:20.951-
2nd115Will MURRAY 1748202:23.1022.15s
3rd100J. Shane O'SHURA 1192492:23.7232.77s
4th117Harley ADDAIR 171146959 Racing2:26.9846.03s
5th104Coy MILLER 270672Coast 2 Coast Racing2:30.4759.52s
6th122Jason SHERRILL 167426BikeSource2:31.92610.97s
7th113Matt GRIFFIN 148978SEI / Yeti Racing2:34.70713.75s
8th111Brad BLACKWELL 359806Abby Construction / Boone Bike / Specialized2:41.22820.27s
9th112Jeremy RANEY 102866SEI Racing2:42.69921.74s
10th103Scott BESST 2797402:50.061029.11s

Cat 2: 18-29 men  Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st216Drew DICKSON 3582642:29.101-
2nd213Nick KANDL 2:33.8624.76s
3rd224Jacob BAILEY 4135562:36.3837.28s
4th225Andrew INGRAM 341684Monster2:36.5547.45s
5th208David DREHER 1622292:38.1559.05s
6th228Alex JEROME 388411Abby Construction / Boone Bike / Specialized2:41.48612.38s
7th220Corey WILLARD Paul's Cycling & Fitness Inc. / Paul's Racing2:42.52713.42s
8th214Will ROUSE 381882Lees Mcrae College2:43.76814.66s
9th227Blake STEPHENSON 378092Brevard Cycling2:44.00914.90s
10th222Michael HENSON 3782622:49.101020.00s
11th207Tyler HUTCHINSON 281348Village Volkswagen Elite Cycling Team2:51.331122.23s
12th203Jason EATON 2001372:52.321223.22s
13th201Zachary HUTELIN 3746623:00.341331.24s
14th202Zack HINTON 358366Atlanta Trek3:07.881438.78s
15th226Russel FANKHAUSER 4131733:13.221544.12s

Cat 2: 30-39 men  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st215Matt TRAPNELL 3586542:46.881-
2nd211Chris BRAMLAGE 2:50.9924.11s
3rd206Charles DUCKETT 358363Team Billy Goat Bikes2:51.0934.21s
4th212Richard EVANS 3901982:51.4844.60s
5th200Adam DARLING 3777312:54.1457.26s
6th218Andrew FARRIS 96731Lot 2 Mampers2:59.14612.26s
7th223Eric NEEDHAM 361800CYCLE CENTER2:59.89713.01s
8th205Brad NEWBY 374481Cycletherapy - Zimmer3:02.35815.47s
9th209Jay THOMAS (u40) 402956Coast 2 Coast Racing3:17.05930.17s

Cat 3: 18-29 men  Finish spread

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st308Ray HAILEY 2:47.301-
2nd304Kevin SCHMENK 410544Speedgoat.com go to site2:47.9420.64s
3rd301Shawn TYRA 4019372:48.4531.15s
4th310Alan NOLTING 359447Live it Exteme Sports2:48.5541.25s
5th309Jacob NAYLOR 2932572:49.3152.01s
6th311Adam FORCUM 2:49.7262.42s
7th319Rafael FERREIRA 359461Ciclo Juca2:52.0574.75s
8th306Paul NORRIS 4161053:03.24815.94s
9th318Jeff PARKE 3:07.02919.72s
10th312Brent HENDERSON 3:13.691026.39s
11th314Carter JENSEN 4059103:16.031128.73s
12th305Adam DAVIS 3:19.721232.42s

Cat 3: 30-39 men  Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st302Mark WARD 2:43.611-
2nd317Jonathan SCHANEWOLF 2:49.7726.16s
3rd307Josh KRYNOCK 2:56.23312.62s
4th316Bryan GRANT Billy Goat Bikes3:02.59418.98s
5th303Jeff BURNS 2934433:07.05523.44s
6th315Michael BLANKENSHIP 254357Hearts Racing Club3:23.14639.53s
7th313Steven RUPRECHT 4078353:49.3771:05.76
8th300Shane JACKSON 843726:22.6083:38.99

10-12 boys  Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st74Charlie HERDKLOTZ 5:01.601-
2nd55Wolf MELANG 5:11.3029.70s
3rd76Alex SHAHBAZI 5:21.82320.22s
4th75Maddox PEPIN 6:26.1041:24.50
5th54Max MELANG 6:46.9651:45.36

13-17 boys  Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st84Joshua ROGERS 3821622:24.501-
2nd81Owen WITCHER 377719Snyder Cycles2:39.54215.04s
3rd82Ethan BURNS 3833612:48.93324.43s
4th79Clancy LOORHAM 381224Cycle-Therapy GA2:56.81432.31s
5th77Bergen KHARE 2979322:59.57535.07s
6th85Jordan TUNKS Evolution3:07.59643.09s
7th78Ben RICHTER ° 3811493:13.25748.75s
8th80Aiden LOORHAM 381222Cycle-Therapy GA3:20.61856.11s
9th86Brendan MARTIN 415131Evolution3:49.3091:24.80
10th83Sam KARZEN 3938835:48.93103:24.43

° Rider racing out of category

40+ men  Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st279Randy ARNOLD 1767732:33.741-
2nd286Andy DEVAULT 133063SEI Racing2:36.1422.40s
3rd288Jerry MAILLOUX 3596372:36.2832.54s
4th282David PEREZ 259494Billy Goat Bikes2:40.2446.50s
5th291Mike SUDDETH 753312:43.3459.60s
6th285Edward BUCHAN 2227552:43.4869.74s
7th294Clealan WATTS 3713782:44.56710.82s
8th290David PETUTSKY 3605682:50.50816.76s
9th280Steven KAUFMAN 1517492:51.96918.22s
10th289William MILLER 90656Mountain Cycle2:54.961021.22s
11th284Andrew RICHTER 3811492:59.831126.09s
12th283Russ FRANKHOUSER 4161633:14.621240.88s
278Jerry (Butch) GREENE 97780Yo MammaDNF



Open women  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Sponsors Race Diff
1st53Erica ZAVETA 230062Brevard Cycling3:18.361-
2nd51Scout CLARK 4044573:31.49213.13s
3rd52Megan HOPKINS 3970304:02.12343.76s
4th50Christina FAUST 374735Cycletherapy - Zimmer5:59.4942:41.13
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