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2013 Ontario Cup round 4 & Provincial Champs, Sir Sam's, Halliburton, ON

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Male: Elite  Spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st10Tom KAKAMOUSIAS Toronto56.768s1-
2nd2Taylor ROWLANDS NottawaSilent Sports57.587s20.819s
3rd12Rob CARMICHAEL NewmarketSilent Sports58.811s32.043s
4th11Kristofer EVOY AyrTuf Rack Racing59.940s43.172s
5th23Mark BATTISTON TorontoBike Zone Racing1:01.05554.287s
6th4Jeff FAULDS PeterboroughSilent Sports1:01.81065.042s
7th3Mike HERMANOVSKY Richmond HillSilent Sports1:03.11376.345s
8th14Brad ZDRILUK BeamsvilleAdrenalineracer / ToWheels1:19.032822.264s

Male: Expert: Junior  Spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st215Isaac MARANGONI Eastside Cycle Racing57.590s1-
2nd201Patrick GAUCI TorontoAdrenalineracer / ToWheels59.965s22.375s
3rd211Oskar ANDERSEN TorontoTuf Rack Racing1:00.21032.620s
4th210Daniel TOLENAARS BramptonEastside Cycle Racing1:01.25643.666s
5th217Raith WOODS TorontoCycle Solutions1:02.62555.035s
6th213Braedyn KOZMAN DundasTuf Rack Racing1:02.96165.371s
7th216Elliott WATSON TorontoCycle Solutions1:03.30875.718s
8th206Kyle GARLAND Pickering1:05.33187.741s
9th203Graham TAYLOR Ottawa1:06.30898.718s

Male: Expert: Senior  Spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st67Radney PRITCHARD ListowelAdrenalineracer / ToWheels58.563s1-
2nd65Sam WINTER OakvilleTuf Rack Racing1:00.11521.552s
3rd60Brandon MCQUAID BowmanvilleBike Zone Racing1:00.19731.634s
4th50Steven ABELL AylmerSweet Pete's-Primary1:00.31541.752s
5th59Victor ADDIS LondonAdrenalineracer / ToWheels1:00.32951.766s
6th55Tyler PRATT (1) AuroraProCycle / Rocky Mountain1:01.17362.610s
7th63David KLAVER KitchenerSilent Sports1:01.22172.658s
8th62Nick OUTRAM KitchenerEastside Cycle Racing1:01.41682.853s
9th46Alex ROSE WellandAdrenalineracer / ToWheels1:02.37693.813s
10th56Matt CUMMINGS St. ThomasAdrenalineracer / ToWheels1:04.139105.576s
11th58Jason BAYENS PhelpstonTotal Sports the Bike Shop1:06.031117.468s
12th76Peter GLASSFORD CollingwoodTrek Canada Mountain Bike Team1:09.0711210.508s
66Devon SMITH Cambridge     DNF

Male: Hardtail: Senior  Spread

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st74Nick OUTRAM KitchenerEastside Cycle Racing1:03.8351-
2nd290Andrew ROBINSON KendalImpala Bicycles1:04.74520.910s
3rd284Jason BAYENS PhelpstonTotal Sports the Bike Shop1:05.41831.583s
4th264Kyle BAKELAAR Listowel1:05.98042.145s
5th422Tom NAFZIGER WellesleyEastside Cycle Racing1:06.77952.944s
6th157Colin MACINTOSH AyrEastside Cycle Racing1:08.35364.518s
7th260Colby MATTHEWS MidlandTotal Sports the Bike Shop1:08.38174.546s
8th282Mark MATTHEWS (pro) MidlandTotal Sports the Bike Shop1:12.74688.911s
9th263Mike PIEKARZ MidlandTotal Sports the Bike Shop1:13.18199.346s
10th281Vaughn SHARPE Beaverton1:16.0891012.254s
11th325Jeremy LAVIGNE Mississauga1:19.9951116.160s
12th285David SEIBOLD ScarboroughCycle Solutions1:20.6571216.822s

Male: Mini-me  Spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st901Joshua MARANGONI Eastside Cycle Racing1:04.0201-
2nd902Tanner HURST HamiltonTuf Rack Racing1:11.20627.186s
3rd904Dustin WHETSTONE MonktonTeam Totally Spoke'd1:11.56037.540s
4th903Max BREESE FergusEastside Cycle Racing1:11.74547.725s
5th905Ben BISSON Ridgeville1:15.431511.411s
6th1077Evan NICOL TorontoTuf Rack Racing1:16.337612.317s

Male: Cadet  Spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st601Adam ROBBINS LondonAdrenalineracer / ToWheels1:00.1841-
2nd605Colby MATTHEWS MidlandTotal Sports the Bike Shop1:02.58422.400s
3rd609Andrew GOLABEK Richmond Hill1:02.65432.470s
4th997Shawnessy BORDEN Cavan1:03.40243.218s
5th604Liam MCINNIS WaterlooEastside Cycle Racing1:05.67355.489s
6th602Jack MACKENZIE Mississauga1:09.32069.136s
7th996Daniel BAKER Toronto1:10.946710.762s
8th612Mike MARKOV Markham1:12.169811.985s
9th998Sam HAVES London1:16.848916.664s

Male: Sport: Junior  Spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st506Chris HERON Nobel1:02.7851-
2nd1074Ryan ADJEY Toronto1:03.06120.276s
3rd508Josh WHETSTONE MonktonTeam Totally Spoke'd1:03.32930.544s
4th517Jordan ANDERSON OakvilleTuf Rack Racing1:03.38540.600s
5th509Joel WHETSTONE MonktonTeam Totally Spoke'd1:03.93151.146s
6th507Kevin BIGGS CambridgeTuf Rack Racing1:04.10461.319s
7th514Alec SURIYUTH KingstonJ&J Cycle1:04.17471.389s
8th1090Jack HOGARTH Eagle Lake1:06.03783.252s
9th516Austin FLOYD ThornhillChameleonaires Club1:06.52993.744s
10th515Daniel WALTER Cavan1:09.740106.955s
11th1091Ben SLUTE Oshawa1:09.757116.972s
12th1075Brandon WILSON Brampton1:11.840129.055s
510Kyle BAKELAAR Listowel     DNF

Male: Sport: Senior  Spread

27 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st1081Trevor COOK Bracebridge1:01.0211-
2nd435Steven WELLS Thornton1:01.09320.072s
3rd1073Jeff SEVENSON Woodlawn1:01.55330.532s
4th403Stephan HAYES Aurora1:01.96240.941s
5th408Brock REINHART BreslauCove Racing / Cressman1:02.33651.315s
6th422Tom NAFZIGER WellesleyEastside Cycle Racing1:02.65961.638s
7th412Chris SINCLAIR (u40) Kanataphat Moose / Privateer Mtb1:02.93771.916s
8th407Sean HARWOOD MiltonBike Zone Racing1:03.04682.025s
9th405Quinn WIGLE LindsayDown to Earth1:03.31392.292s
10th411Tyler NICOL Toronto1:03.592102.571s
11th444David MACLEAN Ajax1:03.624112.603s
12th1072Antoine MORTON Barrie1:03.713122.692s
13th410Hung LAM KitchenerCove Racing / Cressman1:04.610133.589s
14th1079Alek CAMPBELL St-Jérome, Quebec1:05.796144.775s
15th1080Ben GRATTON New Dundee1:06.166155.145s
16th1083Nikolaus TKACHUK WyevaleTotal Sports the Bike Shop1:06.371165.350s
17th1086Adam KERR Ottawa1:06.962175.941s
18th443Marc-Eric NADEAU Guelph1:07.536186.515s
19th1076Greg FOSTER Atgonguin Highlands1:08.278197.257s
20th425Alex RIEGER Port Carling1:09.436208.415s
21st1084Chris MACLEOD Strathroy1:09.761218.740s
22nd436Ben TELLERD OakvilleTuf Rack Racing1:10.000228.979s
23rd413Travis WRIGHT BurlingtonTuf Rack Racing1:10.724239.703s
24th432Vaughn SHARPE Beaverton1:11.4892410.468s
25th401Julian WIGLE LindsayDown to Earth1:11.6922510.671s
26th1087Amar MURTHI Woodstock1:17.8662616.845s
27th1070Kody CRABB Tecumseh1:55.6232754.602s

Male: 30-39  Spread

20 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st13Brandon CASSELL StrathroyAdrenalineracer / ToWheels58.355s1-
2nd318Ken BRAKE Barrie59.779s21.424s
3rd322Joe BAUCKHAM CollingwoodKamikaze Racing1:00.12631.771s
4th303Bradley TURNER BarrieBike Zone Racing1:00.81842.463s
5th311Kyle EASBY Barrie1:01.37653.021s
6th309Kyle STASIUK AngusSweet Pete's-Primary1:01.62163.266s
7th312Colin MACINTOSH AyrEastside Cycle Racing1:02.99474.639s
8th302Grant NICHOL OttawaSweet Pete's-Primary1:03.07184.716s
9th304Jonathan PALFRAMAN OttawaEuro-Sports1:03.28994.934s
10th325Jeremy LAVIGNE Mississauga1:03.510105.155s
11th1085Brian CHIPMAN New Lowell1:04.282115.927s
12th306Bill GRAHAM BowmanvilleImpala Bicycles1:04.739126.384s
13th307Mike ANDRUSZKIW BarrieCycle Solutions1:07.046138.691s
14th310Matthew SIMS Brantford1:08.028149.673s
15th324Christopher DUNLOP Kingston1:09.0631510.708s
16th326Ken CASSELMAN KingstonAdrenalineracer / ToWheels1:09.3581611.003s
17th1089Fabiano DE SOUZA Brampton1:09.7461711.391s
18th1071Steven MOON Alliston1:11.3021812.947s
19th319Jared RUTLEDGE Shanty Bay1:12.0781913.723s
20th320Graham CARNEGIE Barrie1:13.0262014.671s

Male: 40+  Spread

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st713Shane JOACHIM River Drive ParkTuf Rack Racing1:02.4501-
2nd701Derek ABRAHAM BurlingtonAdrenalineracer / ToWheels1:02.95220.502s
3rd801Greg KARGES PuslinchAdrenalineracer / ToWheels1:03.30230.852s
4th702Paul MEIKLEJOHN Turkey PointAdrenalineracer / ToWheels1:03.33740.887s
5th710John DANYLUK PeterboroughTuf Rack Racing1:05.32052.870s
6th711Mark MATTHEWS (pro) MidlandTotal Sports the Bike Shop1:05.98263.532s
7th803Danny GRANT Georgetown1:09.24776.797s
8th802Claude LARUE Breslau1:10.10887.658s
9th705Mike HURST HamiltonTuf Rack Racing1:10.64798.197s
10th709David SEIBOLD ScarboroughCycle Solutions1:13.9721011.522s
11th1082John TAYLOR 1:16.7121114.262s
12th1078Garry ROBBINS LondonAdrenalineracer / ToWheels1:23.5311221.081s



Female: Elite/Expert  Spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st103Arianna VEGTER AngusSweet Pete's-Primary1:08.8471-
2nd107Monika LUEBKE MississaugaSilent Sports1:09.24220.395s
3rd100Tifenn VIALATTE OttawaEuro-Sports1:10.78831.941s
4th101Jenny LEBLANC TottenhamSilent Sports1:12.05443.207s
5th105Amanda SIN CollingwoodScott - 3 Rox Racing1:12.43153.584s
6th102Jennifer VALENTINE Wasaga BeachEastside Cycle Racing1:14.09265.245s

Female: Sport  Spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st1088Heather MCGEE Lindsay1:21.0611-
2nd120Emily ROBERTS EgbertTuf Rack Racing1:29.18728.126s

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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