2014 NW Cup round 5 at Stevens Pass, WA

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Pro men  dialpad Finish spread

42 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st8Charlie SPONSEL 230753Lake Oswego, ORGravity Components3:01.071-
emoji_events2nd370Kyle THOMAS 262613Bellevue, WADB3:03.1522.08s
emoji_events3rd3Luke STROBEL 0181052Issaquah, WAEvil Bikes3:03.9732.90s
 4th78Cameron PORTEOUS 10251992Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles3:04.4543.38s
 5th755Ben FURBEE 215234Las Oses, CAE13 / Maxxis / Transition Bikes3:04.5753.50s
 6th28Corey HATCH 0344132Newhall, CADUO / Royal / Trek3:06.8865.81s
 7th5Kevin LITTLEFIELD 311006Auburn, WAEvil Bikes / gravity / Stevens Pass Bike Park3:07.5676.49s
 8th49Parker ROBINSON 360404Antioch, CA100% / Factory Novatec / Renthal / Scott3:07.9286.85s
 9th77Ben PORTEOUS CAN19900320Vancouver, BCDunbar Cycles3:08.1497.07s
 10th88Anthony EVANS CAN19900118Penchland, BCDissent Labs / Savereign / THE CLAN3:08.85107.78s
 11th54Jake GROB 265425Kirkland, WAgravity3:09.35118.28s
 12th604Cody MACARTHUR CAN19870805Cranbrook, BCBike & Ski3:09.43128.36s
 13th7Matt ORLANDO 0295526Gig Harbor, WAFreehub mag. / Transition Bikes3:09.74138.67s
 14th682Ken FAUBERT CAN19890603W. Vancouver, WADunbar Cycles3:10.16149.09s
 15th91Spencer GRAF CAN19911104Kelowna, BCDeity / Dissent Labs / Fox / Knolly Bikes / SCC3:10.47159.40s
 16th317Nikolas CLARKE 334728Redmond, WA3:10.67169.60s
 17th369Adam RANSAVAGE 292601Ellensburg, WA3:10.68179.61s
 18th76Aaron DOBIE CAN19900103Cycles, WADunbar Cycles3:11.231810.16s
 19th436Alec WATTS 375721Cheney, WA3:11.841910.77s
 20th98Harrison PHELPS 261547Sammamish, WA3:11.912010.84s
 21st748Chris FIELD GBR19861209Worcester, UK3:12.302111.23s
 22nd66Mike HADERER B0190065Concord, CAMarzocchi / Schwalbe / Shimano / Zerode USA3:12.392211.32s
 23rd751Christian GONZALEZ 358579Santa Clarita, CADUO / Leatt / Oakley / Trek3:12.562311.49s
 24th79Adriano DIGIACINTO 141022North Vancouver, BCBicycle Hub / Marzocchi / Race Face3:13.032411.96s
 25th52Cameron HOEFER 302528Bothell, go to site / Pivot3:13.692512.62s
 26th757Trevor THEW CAN19930617Duncan Bc, WAExperience Cycling3:14.152613.08s
 27th50Alex COCCO 322850Kirkland, go to site / Pivot3:14.192713.12s
 28th53Anthony BROWNRIGG 0209401Seattle, WAGHY3:14.772813.70s
 29th74Guy GIBBS GBR19900318Cardiff, / Schwalbe3:15.522914.45s
 30th456Keith THOMPSON 35447Issaquah, WATMC3:16.063014.99s
 31st444Corey CRAIG 358070Sherood, ORBell Helmets / Royal / Single Track Minds / Transition Bikes3:16.083115.01s
 32nd84Kole WETHERELL 310603Clutskanie, ORAlias / ATLAS / Hi-5 / Transition Bikes3:16.523215.45s
 33rd785Kent BILLINGSLEY 327768Missoula, MTODI / Terra Sports3:17.323316.25s
 34th806Tim COLEMAN CAN19820513Coquitlam, BCJohn Henry Bikes3:17.493416.42s
 35th452Patrick HENNESSEY 0247032Leavenworth, WAStevens Pass Bike Park3:18.003516.93s
 36th21Bryan CRUM 114586Spokane, WA509 / LfDJ / West Coast Racing / WST3:19.333618.26s
 37th417Scott KEMP 191554Shoreline, WAFSA / gravity3:19.893718.82s
 38th69Robert STENSON 279077Shoreline, go to site / Pivot3:48.933847.86s
 39th486Nathan HOCH 0171210Seattle, WABanshee / Fox / Hi-5 Bikes8:18.73395:17.66
 364Jonathan ALLYN 310191Kent, WABanshee / Hi-5 BikesDNF
 831Steve MEZA Bothel, WAWoodinville BikesDNF
 44Todd RENWICK 0359655Sonora, CARide Giant Ride NorthstarDNS

Cat 1: 0-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st113Magnus MANSON CAN19980319Sechelt, BCDunbar Cycles3:03.461-
emoji_events2nd281Alex WYNAKOS 0428544Monroe, WAAll Out Racing3:14.40210.94s
emoji_events3rd366Luke CARROLL 408224Florence, ORFlow Cup Racing / Norco3:15.17311.71s
 4th205Louis MOLLETT 385250Ashland, OR100% / Ashland Mtn Adventure / Monster3:15.51412.05s
 5th261Kasper DEAN 403318Olympia, WAGreenline Six3:15.65512.19s
 6th285Joseph RAGER II 292284Amboy, WASingle Track Minds / Transition Bikes3:15.84612.38s
 7th271Trevor ALTIZER 0371953Kirkland, WAAll Out Racing3:16.60713.14s
 8th482Zachary JONES 339308Auburn, WAtigatu dh racing3:17.99814.53s
 9th329Ben JOHANSEN 382103Welches, ORSantiam Bikes / Smith3:18.75915.29s
 10th202Austin LANCASTER (cat1) 424651Central Point, ORCane Creek / DVO Suspension / Kona / Schwalbe3:19.111015.65s
 11th316Eli MURPHY 438972North Bend, WA3:21.501118.04s
 12th580Christian BAILEY 431957Clatskanie, ORAxo3:29.661226.20s
 13th489Ryan MILLER (cat1) 310272Auburn, WAtigatu dh racing3:31.951328.49s
 14th325Benjamin VAN VEEN 0424421Bellingham, WAFanatik Bike Co. / Norco / Terrain Gym5:53.55142:50.09

Cat 1: 19-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

24 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st213Rhys EWING 286964Eugene, ORDeity3:11.971-
emoji_events2nd789Dylan BIBBINS Bothell, WAEvil Bikes3:15.2523.28s
emoji_events3rd105Kody CLARKE 0418330Duvall, WAAll Out Racing3:15.5633.59s
 4th231Kris CHRISTENSEN 259558Seattle, WAMojo Wheels3:15.8743.90s
 5th448Nate CHEYNE 400644Leavenworth, WADas Rad Haus / vitaline3:16.3054.33s
 6th684Eben KIEHL 287787Seattle, WA3:17.2165.24s
 7th210Jack HILL 293720Eugene, WANW Riders3:19.2277.25s
 8th406Michael KLENZ 410331Hillsbo, OR3:19.2987.32s
 9th442Jesse RANSAVAGE 303895Seattle, WAPurple Unicorn3:23.69911.72s
 10th421Jared KUENZI 403914Independence, WABikes Plus / Flowcup3:24.001012.03s
 11th199Cory YALOWICKI 399729Lynnwood, WAgravity / MOD3:24.111112.14s
 12th368Chris SANCHEZ 375624Camus, WA3:26.091214.12s
 13th511Nicholas ANZALONE 309355Battle Ground, WA3:26.521314.55s
 14th336Eric SCHNECK 293162Spokane, WABear Creek Racing3:26.811414.84s
 15th167Alex ZBARAZKY 283841Seattle, WADWB / Recycled Cycles3:27.211515.24s
 16th274Dan ZELLER 375106Snohomish, WATeam Necessary Evil3:27.831615.86s
 17th471Alex William FLOYD 289645Spokane, WABike Hub / Purple Unicorn3:29.541717.57s
 18th234Andrew FRINK 244580Redmond, WAMojo Wheels3:30.941818.97s
 19th412Clinton OVERMAN 292852Bellingham, WA3:32.471920.50s
 20th337Casey HOFFMAN 262706Portland, WABear Creek Racing3:34.182022.21s
 21st190Brian FLYNN 375030Seattle, WAEpic Racing / Knolly Knation3:37.702125.73s
 22nd310Forrest TAYLOR 333198Spokane, WAThe Bike Hub3:47.662235.69s
 23rd721Alex ELEY 289633Tacoma, WAPurple Unicorn4:03.012351.04s
 239Jacob CARMICHAEL 343998Bellevue, WADNF

Cat 1: 30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st217Sam LARSON 314976Sacramento, CACurry Club3:18.191-
emoji_events2nd227Travis ERICKSON 228147Seattle, WAGHY / go to site3:19.3021.11s
emoji_events3rd583Kris MELTON 428939Leavenworth, WA3:23.3935.20s
 4th605Nicholas DUMAS 412174Leavenworth, WABGR / Das Rad Haus / Stevens Pass Bike Park3:23.4045.21s
 5th328Andrew KNOTT 312446Enimclaw, WAcenter cycles3:23.6055.41s
 6th390Mike BRAWLEY 397515Leavenworht, WAKAVU / NWRacePhotos.c / go to site3:23.8465.65s
 7th344Patrick FUNK 230741Portland, ORFat Tire Farm3:25.0676.87s
 8th139Jeff REES 93452Spokane, WABike Hub3:31.49813.30s
 9th343Killian FUNK 265538Portland, OR3:38.80920.61s
 10th807Dan WEBSTER Coquitlam, BC3:45.351027.16s
 11th141Patrick WHEELOCK 154779Snohomish, WA3:57.281139.09s
 12th218Jess KIEFFER 100850Puyallup, WAPsycho Evs3:58.751240.56s
 560Joseph RAGER 277946Amboy, WARoyal / Single Track Minds / Transition BikesDNS
 291Daniel FALCONI 376787Bellevue, WADNS

Cat 1: 40+ men  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st193Bryan CONNOLLY 85868Kent, WA509 / Butchard / DVO Suspension / Specialized3:18.841-
emoji_events2nd242Jason QUEEN 180096Port Townsend, WABroken Spoke Racing3:23.9125.07s
emoji_events3rd101Brad DELZER 137087Greshem, ORShiloh Bike Repair3:27.4838.64s
 4th645Joe MURPHY 160829North Bend, WA3:27.6448.80s
 5th200Ralph HAVENS 15456Seattle, WAKnolly Knation3:36.66517.82s
 6th123Rich DENSMORE 198986Spokane, WAWest Coast Racing3:41.64622.80s
 130Ed REILLY 150153Greshem, OR509 / LfDJ / West CoastDNS

Cat 2: 0-14 boys  dialpad Finish spread

21 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st634Sylas LINNEMANN 412138Issaquah, WA3:40.761-
emoji_events2nd131Joey RODRIGUEZ Greshem, ORWest Coast Racing3:45.3524.59s
emoji_events3rd396Ethan LIEB Bellevue, WADirt Corps3:45.9935.23s
 4th784Austin HORNISH Sammamish, WA3:55.80415.04s
 5th311Jack RYAN 431365Bellingham, WAMom & Dad4:05.17524.41s
 6th273Andre STROM 316444Whitefish, MTGreat Northern Cycles4:11.44630.68s
 7th764Dawson YOUNG Libby, MT5:45.0172:04.25
 8th481Ezra NORTHERN Port Angeles, WANW Cup5:47.0982:06.33
 9th778Nick FASANO Sammamish, WA5:53.2692:12.50
 10th773Morris VASSER Seattle, WA6:04.11102:23.35
 11th777Louie BLAIR North Bend, WA6:05.15112:24.39
 12th459Shawn NEEDHAM Jr. Moses Lake, WAVicious Cycle6:08.25122:27.49
 13th480Talon NORTHERN Port Angeles, WANW Cup6:16.13132:35.37
 14th460Jordan NEEDHAM Moses Lake, WAVicious Cycle6:24.48142:43.72
 15th272Kyle STROM 430015Whitefish, WAGreat Northern Cycles6:36.10152:55.34
 16th149Colton SANDERS 407491Ninemilefalls, WA6:53.11163:12.35
 17th102Braden DELZER 4403733Greshem, ORLil Shredder Bikes7:10.54173:29.78
 18th633Michael BUCKLEY Woodinville, WA7:47.67184:06.91
 19th816Jacob JONES (u21) Longview, WA8:59.07195:18.31
 20th750Jared MELVIN Sammamish, WA9:28.28205:47.52
 21st803Colton WILLIAMS Snohomish, WA13:05.28219:24.52

Cat 2: 15-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

28 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st252Harry HEAD CAN19970702Squamish, BC3:18.241-
emoji_events2nd253Bailey VILLALOVOS Federal Way, WAMonster / tigatu dh racing3:21.2623.02s
emoji_events3rd582Grant SCHNELL Lake Oswego, WANovik Gloves3:22.7034.46s
 4th351Dylan BROWN (u20) Bothell, WAgravity / MOD3:23.9745.73s
 5th770Bryan MITCHELL Cashmere, WASpy3:25.0056.76s
 6th440Daven SHARMA Camas, WASingle Track Minds3:26.1167.87s
 7th447Cole TOWNSEND Mukilteo, WAMOD3:27.3079.06s
 8th177Colton WIERSUM 431725Anacortes, WACanfield Brothers3:30.35812.11s
 9th453Stephen MATTHES 432204Bellingham, WAFanatik Bike Co.3:33.01914.77s
 10th431Spencer SUMPTER Bellingham, WA3:33.191014.95s
 11th219Colton HAGUE Mupie Valley, WAGHY3:35.411117.17s
 12th624Andrew SEMANSKEE Shohomish, WA3:35.731217.49s
 13th355Peter BUCKLEY 432205Woodinville, WA3:35.781317.54s
 14th394Andrew WILEY Bellingham, WAPillsbury Doughboy Racing3:36.271418.03s
 15th441Steven STILES Camas, WASingle Track Minds / Transition Bikes3:37.811519.57s
 16th642Matt SANCHEZ Camus, WA3:37.931619.69s
 17th594Dominick VAN VEEN Bellingham, WA3:40.121721.88s
 18th450Jacob GERVAIS 425183Bellingham, WAFanatik Bike Co.3:40.851822.61s
 19th397Jevin HOLLEMAN 429398Lynden, WAKnolly Knation / Prodigy Bike Ap3:45.661927.42s
 20th754Kristian OLBERG Sammamish, WA3:50.332032.09s
 21st451Jake COON 432152Bellingham, WAFanatik Bike Co.3:52.802134.56s
 22nd457Dalton NELSON Lynden, WAPinch Flat Racing3:56.342238.10s
 23rd808Brent PARKER Post Falls, IDTwo Wheeler Dealer4:02.912344.67s
 24th476Nicholas PAPADAKIS 430222Anacortes, WA4:13.902455.66s
 25th237Kevin SINFIELD Woodiville, WAKriuland Bike Racing4:51.88251:33.64
 331Nick LOCKE 427775Brush Prarie, WADNF
 255Fan ROLOINSON 403742Auburn, WAtigatu dh racingDNS
 756Niko HOL Leavenworth, WADas Rad HausDNS

Cat 2: 19-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

35 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st747Ed THOMSETT Osmotherley, UK3:13.621-
emoji_events2nd115Dylan EVANGER Bellingham, WAButchrd3:23.3329.71s
emoji_events3rd795Jeff WEBER Bellingham, WA3:23.4839.86s
 4th717Steven SIMPSON Sumner, WA3:23.76410.14s
 5th282Jared WATSON 432208Portland, ORHi-5 Bikes3:24.85511.23s
 6th159Noah EROS 375680Olypmia, WATruFit Fitness3:25.52611.90s
 7th425Ian WEBSTER Bellingham, WABear Fast Productions3:26.57712.95s
 8th414Jeremy FETSKO Maple Valley, WAKnolly Knation3:26.79813.17s
 9th373Anthony MARSIANO Renton, WAGamutUSA / GHY / Steel MX / Tri-F3:27.27913.65s
 10th767Justin LIND Issaquah, WA3:28.451014.83s
 11th809Tim STATON Seattle, WATim's Bike Shop3:30.481116.86s
 12th769James ROBERTS Portland, OR3:31.321217.70s
 13th287Jordan RECCHIA 281442Sammamish, WA3:31.691318.07s
 14th422Matt RITTER Renton, WAGHY3:32.301418.68s
 15th350Tyler BOOTH Bellingham, WAAll Out Racing / Canfield Brothers3:34.431520.81s
 16th797Shawn FREDRICKSON St.Hellens, OR3:35.441621.82s
 17th815Ernest LAGAHIT Lake Stevens, WA3:35.761722.14s
 18th659Kyle BARRETT Duvall, WAAll Out Racing3:36.111822.49s
 19th802Michael SMITH (WA) Seattle, WA3:37.051923.43s
 20th745Chase MYERS Lynden, WAMantis United / Pinch Flat Racing3:38.532024.91s
 21st376Ronald HO 140299Vancouver, BC3:38.992125.37s
 22nd506Spencer BREWER Seattle, WA3:39.802226.18s
 23rd596Garrett SHIVELY Bellevue, WASchards & Wurke3:39.922326.30s
 24th660Philip SCHNEIDER Seattle, WA3:41.552427.93s
 25th650Scott GALLAGHER Olympia, WAMojo Wheels3:44.872531.25s
 26th646Bryan BOLIEK Carnation, WA3:48.612634.99s
 27th798Nick COYLE Seattle, WA3:54.192740.57s
 28th759Josh ROETER Leavenworth, WA4:05.232851.61s
 29th730John DAVIS Hillsboro, OR4:12.022958.40s
 30th116Yannick METS Tempe, AZ4:12.143058.52s
 31st779Robert LAVROKAS Kent, WA4:19.32311:05.70
 32nd345Cody NORTH Bellingham, WA6:10.67322:57.05
 33rd758Spencer EWING Bend, OR7:54.80334:41.18
 333Zach FRASER Port Angeles, WADNF
 424Mike LAWLESS Mukilteo, WAgravityDNS

Cat 2: 30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

25 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st260Andrew CLAIBORNE 428991Olympia, WA6L6 Racing3:26.341-
emoji_events2nd254Jerry VILLALOVOS Lynwood, WAtigatu dh racing3:27.1120.77s
emoji_events3rd407Patrik ZUEST Seattle, WAgravity3:31.8935.55s
 4th800Pip MASION Seattle, WADirty Birds / DWB / Recycled Cycles3:34.0047.66s
 5th243Paul SCHMIERER Poulsbo, WABroken Spoke Racing3:35.3158.97s
 6th725Kyle CERKONEY Portland, OR3:35.3569.01s
 7th388Rory MCLEOD Seattle, WAMSR3:36.90710.56s
 8th493Phil LEWIS 397520Leavenworth, WAFull circle cycle3:37.80811.46s
 9th296Brian GISLE Lake Stevens, WA3:38.28911.94s
 10th783Scott HOLM Kirkland, WAchainline brewing co.3:38.761012.42s
 11th443Ray DOTTERER Seattle, WANuun3:39.021112.68s
 12th288Eric VAN STEEN Mercer Island, WA3:39.971213.63s
 13th781Steve EATON Seattle, WA3:42.231315.89s
 14th146Justin VANCE 429019Seattle, WA3:42.781416.44s
 15th124Pete KINSEY Spokane, WAWest Coast Racing3:46.971520.63s
 16th262Dante RUIZ Port Angeles, WA3:47.951621.61s
 17th127Lance COGLEY 376279Spokane, WAWest Coast Racing3:51.881725.54s
 18th283Adam DAY Bellevue, WAGravity Pirates Racing3:53.481827.14s
 19th791William TRICE Seattle, WA3:55.851929.51s
 20th229Jeff SCHERER Richland, WA3:56.312029.97s
 21st799Ron CHANG Kirkland, WABellevue Cycles / Gregg's Cycles4:02.632136.29s
 22nd339Ben SANDALL Seattle, WA4:06.682240.34s
 164Mitch FALKNER Camano Island, WADNF
 743Tanner HENSLEY Vancouver, WACalgonDNS
 303Jesse GRIFFEN Blum, WADNS

Cat 2: 40-49 men  dialpad Finish spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st276Kelly MELVIN Sammamish, WA3:30.971-
emoji_events2nd359Lance WOODKE Gig Harbor, WA3:34.9023.93s
emoji_events3rd379James POELKER Olympia, WANorco3:35.5634.59s
 4th378Matthiew DENVILLE Olympia, WAJoy Ride Bicycles3:39.8748.90s
 5th265Michael NASELOW Seattle, WARock Your Face Off Racing3:41.54510.57s
 6th761Nolan BYERS Seattle, WADWB / Recycled Cycles3:41.98611.01s
 7th157Zebediah BURKE Joseph, ORWest Coast Racing3:43.72712.75s
 8th794Chris CASHBAUGH Seattle, go to site3:49.18818.21s
 9th399Tim LIEB Bellevue, WA4:00.43929.46s
 10th125Mitch SCHMIDT 150667Portland, WAWest Coast Racing4:03.051032.08s
 11th488William RYAN Bellingham, WA4:05.121134.15s
 12th768Lance VAN LOON Seattle, WA4:07.341236.37s
 13th811Marco COLELLA Peshastin, WAStevens Pass Bike Park4:09.971339.00s
 14th766David CHEN Snohomish, WA4:18.991448.02s
 15th814Jeff MERGLER Spokompton, WAMergs4:28.331557.36s
 16th776Elvis CANIDO Marysville, WATim's Bike Shop4:33.62161:02.65

Cat 2: 50+ men  dialpad Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st318Andrew CLARKE 400809Redmond, WA3:43.141-
emoji_events2nd786Bruce BIBBINS Bothell, WA3:48.1324.99s
emoji_events3rd555Bill KIEFFER 19075Puyallup, WATeam Psycho3:50.0536.91s
 4th155Todd MCCARTHY 295169Portland, ORHi-5 Bikes / One Industries / US Army3:51.8848.74s
 5th385Will STEVENSON (cat2) Port Angeles, WANW Cup3:58.27515.13s
 6th250Ian RUDD CAN19620325North Vancouver, BC3:58.52615.38s
 7th573Jim DENISON Seattle, WABig Tree Bikes4:05.62722.48s
 8th410Dan OVERMAN 118584Bellingham, WATrailhead Racing4:13.14830.00s

Cat 3: 15-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st694Julien DESPLANCHES Seattle, WA5:34.711-
emoji_events2nd622Thatcher NIXON Carnation, WAAll Out Racing5:45.64210.93s
emoji_events3rd760Pierce KLINKE Sammamish, WA5:47.15312.44s
 4th341Jack DONAHUE 431278Kenmore, WADWB / Recycled Cycles5:59.02424.31s
 5th792Colton CONNER East Wenatchee, WAEastmont Mountain Bike Club6:32.98558.27s

Cat 3: 19-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

17 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st649Aaron WILKINSON 188493Port Orchard, WA5:18.691-
emoji_events2nd775Michael MCLANE 388581Bellevue, WANemesis Racing5:30.39211.70s
emoji_events3rd309Drew TRAPNELL Camas, WACamas Bikes5:30.65311.96s
 4th763Connor BARROWS Wenatchee, WAWIM Sports5:34.24415.55s
 5th793Craig VANDER HART 430075Wenatchee, WACWEMBA / Cycle Central5:39.86521.17s
 6th132Kyle MOSER Pasco, WA5:45.04626.35s
 7th804Tyler WILLIAMS Snohomish, WA5:49.97731.28s
 8th787Todd HUHMAN Bontell, WA5:52.99834.30s
 9th623Maxwell MERKLE Portland, ORRuckus Test Team5:53.07934.38s
 10th774Ben GRIMM Wenatchee, WA6:02.891044.20s
 11th753Keith DEVEREUX Marysville, WA6:04.341145.65s
 12th729Paul NGUYEN 6212963Pdx, WA6:04.591245.90s
 13th788Colin MALTBY Everett, WA6:18.431359.74s
 14th810Travis STRATTON Seattle, WATim's Bike Shop7:06.65141:47.96
 15th790Robert DYKTRA Lynwood, WA7908:32.69153:14.00
 813Kory BILLINGTON Kennewick, WADNS
 -Mitchell KLUNGLE USA19880216Rockford, MIDNS

Cat 3: 40-49 men  dialpad Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st695Francois DESPLANCHES Seattle, WA5:40.881-
emoji_events2nd801Ted EVERSON Leavenworth, WAStevens Pass Bike Park5:47.1926.31s
emoji_events3rd458Shawn NEEDHAM Moses Lake, WAVicious Cycle5:48.4937.61s
 4th269Todd MASER 430375Spokane Valley, WA5:59.22418.34s
 5th771Mathew GILBERTSON Nine Mile Falls, WA6:05.80524.92s
 6th357Kelly AMSBRY Kirkland, WATeam Dad6:10.69629.81s
 7th772Jeff ENGLES Pasco, WAGoPro / Renthal6:32.88752.00s
 474Scott GRAVERSEN 432013Puyallup, WADNS

Cat 3: 50+ men  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st473Scott WIPPERMANN Mercer Island, WAEpic / Knolly Bikes5:37.361-
emoji_events2nd749Michael LAWRENCE Merritt, WAStevens Pass Bike Park / Team Psycho5:48.70211.34s
emoji_events3rd752Dennis EORD Spanaway, WA5:56.28318.92s
 4th569Steve KAKACECILA Marysville, WATim's Bike Shop5:56.61419.25s
 5th723Mike WYNAKOS Monroe, WAwynakos machine inc6:14.50537.14s
 780Bruce LAING Maple Valley, WADNS



Pro women  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st805Abigail HIPPELY 184801Santa Cruz, CAJuliana Bicycles3:30.991-
emoji_events2nd26Jaime REES 228046Spokane, WABike Hub3:31.3320.34s
emoji_events3rd80Adrian HOPKINS 362102Snoqualmie, WABanshee / Hi-5 Bikes / Race Face3:43.19312.20s
 4th639Chelsey HENRY 268172Spokane, WABike Hub / Evil Bikes3:48.94417.95s
 5th334Karen O'CONNELL 312430Seattle, WADirt Corps3:54.82523.83s

Cat 1 women  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st235Kjersti CHRISTENSEN 434250Kirkland, WAteam Rawesome3:43.631-
emoji_events2nd289Darcie GRAY Seattle, WADirt Corps4:00.09216.46s
emoji_events3rd169Hannah JOHNSON 413637Seattle, WA100% / Knolly Bikes / Maxxis / O'Neal4:00.98317.35s
 4th327Katie JACKSON 430596Seattle, WASturdy Bitch Racing4:05.49421.86s

Cat 2: 0-18 girls

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st148Katie SANDERS 407490Nine Mile Falls, WAOff road vixen5:00.061-

Cat 2: 19+ women  dialpad Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st198Trish LIAU 429483Seattle, WAKnolly Knation4:02.771-
emoji_events2nd275Kaytlin MELVIN ° USA20000803Sammamish, WABurlington Bike Park / Evil Bikes4:07.8225.05s
emoji_events3rd266Leigh WOODY Seattle, WARock Your Face Off Racing4:11.3438.57s
 4th236Linnea ROOKE Seattle, WAMFR4:11.7248.95s
 5th568Lisa MUGGLI Lake Stevens, WA10 barrel brewing / Mud Bunnies4:22.10519.33s
 6th782Marti BRUCE Bellingham, WA4:23.47620.70s
 7th304Trish GRIFFEN Bellingham, WA4:24.18721.41s
 8th423Alycia MAGGARD 432133Portland, ORVeal bikes4:30.86828.09s
 9th796Sadie RABENER JUSTICE Belingham, WA4:58.49955.72s

° Rider racing out of category

Cat 3: 0-18 girls  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st710Katie SINFIELD Woodinville, WAKBR7:56.571-
emoji_events2nd765Nyla STEPHENS North Bend, WA8:37.72241.15s
emoji_events3rd746Talulla AMSBRY Kirkland, WAEvergreen Education Team8:54.63358.06s

Cat 3: 19+ women  dialpad Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st812Andrea NESBITT Ellensburg, WA6:15.571-
emoji_events2nd744Karen METCALFE Edmonds, WANemesis Racing6:19.9524.38s
emoji_events3rd742Elaina STROM Whitefish, MTGreat Northern Cycles6:33.52317.95s
 4th734Jacilyn HAYDEN Seattle, WA6:52.48436.91s
 5th470Andrea JOHNSON Seattle, WAcycle dogs7:03.22547.65s
 6th270Kirsten MASER Spokane, WA7:03.72648.15s
 7th264Madeline SCHULTZ Carnation, WAAll Out Racing7:35.2471:19.67
 8th832Jettrell STETNER Ellensburg, WA7:57.5781:42.00
Niner RIM 9 RDO
Niner RIM 9 RDO
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