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The original results are available at http://www.qldmtb.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/2014-DH-Rd3-Results.pdf

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Elite men  Finish spread

36 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st14Ben FORBES 2:39.2111-
2nd2Max WARSHAWSKY 2:41.89422.683s
3rd34Isaac GOONBOT 2:42.04232.831s
4th5Liam PAIARO 2:42.65843.447s
5th10Timothy MCCULLOUGH 2:42.79153.580s
6th6Jesse SUTTON 2:43.92764.716s
7th1Ben POWER 2:45.11775.906s
8th11Jack WRIGHT 2:48.18988.978s
9th4Darcy MURRELL 2:48.78099.569s
10th24Harrison REIBELT 2:49.117109.906s
11th13Jarrah DAVIES 2:50.4051111.194s
12th18Hayden BRISTOW 2:50.5871211.376s
13th9Ryan LEUTTON 2:50.7991311.588s
14th7Tim RICHMOND 2:51.4521412.241s
15th12Stuart WOOD 2:51.4781512.267s
16th20Loughlin MURPHY 2:51.9021612.691s
17th36Sam FRASER 2:52.3841713.173s
18th19Hayden POPTIE 2:52.9271813.716s
19th27Brendan KOVARIK 2:53.8811914.670s
20th15Kim BISHOP 2:54.3322015.121s
21st21Sam ROHDMANN 2:54.7672115.556s
22nd17Justin GRAY 2:55.0912215.880s
23rd23Jackson BELL 2:56.0612316.850s
24th31Daniel NEUMANN 2:58.0922418.881s
25th25Andrew ASHTON 2:59.7862520.575s
26th30Joshua NEUMANN 2:59.8482620.637s
27th35Jake KELEHER 3:00.9222721.711s
28th33Joseph LESTER 3:01.7432822.532s
29th26Justin PASTEUR 3:02.0882922.877s
30th28Cameron TOMLINSON 3:04.0963024.885s
31st29Chris O'DOWD 3:05.1163125.905s
32nd8Sunni CHANDRA 3:07.6633228.452s
33rd16Chris STARRETT 3:08.4553329.244s
34th37Darryn SEYMOUR 3:20.4593441.248s
35th32Jared MCKEEMAN 4:00.973351:21.762
36th3Lindsay KLEIN 4:50.993362:11.782

Expert men  Finish spread

30 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st203Rob GARDNER 2:51.9801-
2nd218Reece CARTER 2:55.87923.899s
3rd201Adam GILES 2:56.45734.477s
4th208Kyle EVANS 2:57.67745.697s
5th214Ben HARLOW 2:57.79955.819s
6th220Stuart LYMAN 2:57.85865.878s
7th205Nathan LEECH 2:58.79276.812s
8th207Joshua HOWES 2:59.31187.331s
9th202Brad WHITTAKER 2:59.67897.698s
10th211Sean CAMPBELL 2:59.740107.760s
11th204Taylor WILSON 3:00.277118.297s
12th200Oliver HOCKEY 3:01.597129.617s
13th217Chris PLUMMER 3:01.930139.950s
14th209Richard PEASEY 3:02.2891410.309s
15th229Colby ROSSELL 3:03.3351511.355s
16th228Simon BARBER 3:04.2251612.245s
17th210Philip ADAMS 3:04.8751712.895s
18th221Brett HAUSMANN 3:05.7731813.793s
19th227Zac BUCKLEY 3:07.6281915.648s
20th212Dan FARREN 3:08.4822016.502s
21st224Nathan VAN NEK 3:08.5042116.524s
22nd216Jeff BURNS 3:09.5352217.555s
23rd225Bobby COOPER 3:11.9142319.934s
24th213Nic MACGREGOR 3:11.9562419.976s
25th222Shane GARRETT 3:14.9372522.957s
26th215Kieran ROONEY 3:16.1452624.165s
27th219Jake MITCHELL 3:19.2502727.270s
28th223Kerrin BASSETT 3:23.6402831.660s
226Mike ROSS DNS

Sport men  Finish spread

33 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st306Carl MCINTOSH 3:02.9081-
2nd300Richard BARNES 3:04.51621.608s
3rd303Scott LEINSTER 3:05.30532.397s
4th312Jason GREER 3:06.65843.750s
5th328Jake PARKER 3:09.08256.174s
6th325Kostas MAROULIS 3:10.65167.743s
7th314Ben WRIGHT 3:11.62578.717s
8th307Chris ERASMUS 3:11.74588.837s
9th323David PATTINSON 3:14.383911.475s
10th315Andrew DEAN 3:14.6211011.713s
11th302Gerard BYRNE 3:16.7811113.873s
12th330William CAMERON 3:17.3831214.475s
13th319Matt BREAKSPEAR 3:19.6301316.722s
14th327Michael WEBER 3:20.0411417.133s
15th304Andrew PRIEST 3:21.1031518.195s
16th322Matthew VAN GILST 3:23.9311621.023s
17th309Mitchell THOMPSON 3:24.6391721.731s
18th324Sam CRAWFORD 3:25.3691822.461s
19th321Lance WEATHERBURN 3:25.8511922.943s
20th301Warrick MCNAB 3:26.9362024.028s
21st320James STONE 3:29.3382126.430s
22nd329Andrew HEALEY 3:31.0862228.178s
23rd310Luke SHERMAN 3:31.4802328.572s
24th331Linden RUMBALL 3:31.6152428.707s
25th318Thor MORGAN 3:34.1512531.243s
26th317Michael FARREN 3:38.2362635.328s
27th313Mike CAMPBELL 3:44.9652742.057s
28th311Alex ROSE 4:20.269281:17.361
29th326Lachlan ROBERTSON 4:29.365291:26.457
332Connor NICHOL DNS

U15 boys  Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st900Niki BARBER 3:19.3451-
2nd901Nathan CUBIT 3:35.770216.425s
3rd902Jack APEL 3:37.414318.069s
4th904Caleb REES 3:55.776436.431s
5th903Hugh JOHNSTON 4:10.990551.645s
6th906Geordan LARGE 4:11.462652.117s
7th907Harrison RYAN 6:16.35472:57.009
8th908Kai FLOWER 8:13.28284:53.937

U17 boys  Finish spread

21 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st816Reece DRUERY 2:52.6511-
2nd800Jeremy ARMSTRONG 2:55.75823.107s
3rd801Cameron CUBIT 3:02.853310.202s
4th817Loic FERRY 3:03.466410.815s
5th805Aaron SUTER 3:03.656511.005s
6th802Jordan CLEMENTS 3:18.503625.852s
7th803Chris SCOTT 3:19.654727.003s
8th813Michael NILAND 3:19.941827.290s
9th809Angus DURACK 3:20.102927.451s
10th811Alex SOUTHERN 3:21.7301029.079s
11th819Scott QUINLAN-WARD 3:22.4281129.777s
12th804Jack ARMSTRONG 3:24.8481232.197s
13th807Dylan SLABBERT 3:25.8501333.199s
14th818Ryan BIGGS 3:26.4331433.782s
15th806Noah SELLERS 3:29.1861536.535s
16th815Rhys SHIELDS 3:29.6381636.987s
17th812Joshua SCHMIDT 3:39.2461746.595s
18th820Trent ORCHARD 3:40.2451847.594s
19th808Alex BRAGG 3:40.8411948.190s
20th814Dalton BELL 4:44.531201:51.880
21st810Dougal STALLMAN 5:32.937212:40.286

U19 men  Finish spread

18 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st704Andrew CAVAYE 2:47.2791-
2nd700Harry BUSH 2:51.00623.727s
3rd709Lachlan HARVEY 2:52.62535.346s
4th705Adam LUNT 2:55.24647.967s
5th701Akira YAMADA 2:55.25757.978s
6th710Jacob NEUMANN 2:55.83968.560s
7th707Luke BUTCHER 2:58.248710.969s
8th715Tim PENBERTHY 2:58.572811.293s
9th708Isaac MAKELAINEN 2:59.729912.450s
10th718Jack DRUERY 2:59.7381012.459s
11th712Damon ISAACS 3:01.2871114.008s
12th706Patrick RAMM 3:02.6781215.399s
13th713Robin BISHOP 3:03.3621316.083s
14th702Callum HESSION 3:05.3431418.064s
15th711Mathias BUTCHER 3:11.4701524.191s
16th714Samuel FREEMAN 3:14.0551626.776s
17th703Harri JONES 3:15.1011727.822s
18th717Matt SEARLE 3:27.0961839.817s

Master men  Finish spread

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st601Graeme REID 2:57.9631-
2nd600Michael DOPSON 3:01.97324.010s
3rd604Stuart DEAN 3:16.109318.146s
4th608Michael HAYHOE 3:18.283420.320s
5th602Chris KEEGAN 3:19.007521.044s
6th607Paul VAUTIER 3:19.792621.829s
7th606Daina WELLS 3:20.077722.114s
8th611David EASTDOWN 3:20.991823.028s
9th603Lee TREASURE 3:23.328925.365s
10th605Aaron LAWRENCE 3:36.3071038.344s
11th610Graham GODDARD 4:03.953111:05.990
609Robert DAVIS (60+) DNS

Veteran men  Finish spread

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st500Peter YOUNG 3:00.4691-
2nd501Steve BARTLETT 3:03.47523.006s
3rd502Simon KRELLE 3:05.52335.054s
4th510Eddie CUTHERS 3:06.25845.789s
5th511Shane FLOWER 3:08.66558.196s
6th504Paddy LYNCH 3:10.710610.241s
7th509Stephen CLEARY 3:14.848714.379s
8th506Craig O'SULLIVAN 3:19.036818.567s
9th505Fraser CRAIG 3:19.806919.337s
10th508Chris GIBSON 3:25.6241025.155s
11th503Rhys ELLISON 7:24.448114:23.979

Hardtail men

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st950Roy KELLETT 4:28.1291-



Elite women  Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st102Jodie HARRIS 3:40.7861-
2nd100Tracey KNIGHT 3:45.10624.320s
3rd101Jaz ROSA 3:47.73236.946s

Sport women  Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st400Victoria FOSTER 4:16.7651-
2nd401Amanda LAWRENCE 4:48.337231.572s
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