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Male: Elite  Spread

17 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st25Samuel THIBAULT ChamblyLama Cycles / NS Bikes2:09.0571-
2nd29Kyle SANGERS KingstonPerformX - Commencal2:10.87021.813s
3rd28Benjamin DESPRÉS-MORIN QuebecABC Cycles et Sports2:12.41833.361s
4th9Taylor ROWLANDS NottawaSilent Sports2:13.95844.901s
5th2Mike HERMANOVSKY Richmond HillNorco Evolution2:15.75956.702s
6th7Josh TOOHILL EloraSilent Sports2:16.88967.832s
7th4James FROST Singhampton2:17.73678.679s
8th15Joe JENKINS London2:17.81988.762s
9th24Jeff FAULDS PeterboroughNorco Evolution2:17.86798.810s
10th22Alexandre CARBONNEAU Quebec2:18.181109.124s
11th3Rob CARMICHAEL NewmarketSilent Sports2:18.919119.862s
12th26Patrick PARÉ-MARTIN Gatineauphat Moose / Privateer Mtb2:20.1871211.130s
13th23Simon CHAPDELAINE QuebecCycles Performance / Niquet2:20.9261311.869s
14th11Mark BATTISTON TorontoBike Zone Racing2:32.8821423.825s
15th18Ken BRAKE Barrie2:33.5761524.519s
16th27Etienne HEYBURN QuebecABC Cycles et Sports2:35.4921626.435s
19Radney PRITCHARD TorontoBCC / EpicSport / ToWheels     DNS

Male: Expert: 17-18  Spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st203Samuel CHAINE Quebec2:20.0811-
2nd207Félix LECLERC QuebecCycles Performance / Niquet2:21.10521.024s
3rd206Francis PERRON QuebecXPREZO-BORSAO2:21.38631.305s
4th208Loucas CORBEIL-BRACONNIER QuebecGiant2:24.36844.287s
5th205Andrew GOLABEK Richmond HillSilent Sports2:28.97058.889s
6th204Colby MATTHEWS MidlandTotal Sports the Bike Shop2:30.286610.205s
7th201Joel WHETSTONE MonktonTeam Totally Spoke`d2:49.155729.074s

Male: Expert: 19-29  Spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st65Mark PEDERSON Almonte2:21.5681-
2nd64Marc-André PHANEUF QuebecCycles Performance / Niquet2:25.43223.864s
3rd88Tyler PRATT (1) AuroraRocky Mountain Factory Team2:25.78534.217s
4th53Nick OUTRAM KitchenerEast Side Riders Race Club2:25.89944.331s
5th47Brandon MCQUAID BowmanvilleBike Zone Racing2:31.02059.452s
6th66David KLAVER KitchenerNorco Evolution2:31.03869.470s
7th49Devon SMITH Cambridge2:31.07379.505s
8th55Steven ABELL Aylmer2:31.07889.510s
9th45Jon ACKER North Bay2:32.860911.292s
10th68Jean-Yvan TESSIER QuebecMegavolt / messier Bicyclette2:33.5101011.942s
11th51Brian LANGLOIS Woodstock2:34.3051112.737s
12th48Alec SURIYUTH KingstonJ&J Cycle2:34.4811212.913s
13th52Kristofer EVOY AyrTuf Rack Racing2:43.6211322.053s
81Daniel TOLENAARS BramptonEast Side Riders Race Club     DNF
67Sean HARWOOD MiltonBike Zone Racing     DNS

Male: Mini-me

1 competitor found

Male: Cadet  Spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st611Kaleb HELLREICH ThorntonTUF RACK Racing : Next Wave Cycling Team2:28.3301-
2nd614Liam ROURKE RawdonLaferte Bicycles / Troudu Diable2:29.51221.182s
3rd615Anthony POULSON QuebecABC Cycles et Sports2:30.65732.327s
4th613Lucas REY-SIERRO QuebecLama Cycles / NS Bikes2:37.42149.091s
5th605Jacob THOMPSON MidlandTotal Sports the Bike Shop2:41.549513.219s
6th1019Olivier DEMERS 2:45.519617.189s
7th612Zachary SINCENNES Orleans2:46.419718.089s
8th607Dustin WHETSTONE MonktonTeam Totally Spoke`d2:48.197819.867s
9th609Mike MARKOV Markham3:02.703934.373s
10th610Dylan SILVER 3:04.2191035.889s
11th1025Nikolas BLENKIRON 3:07.0941138.764s
12th604Ben BISSON Ridgeville4:03.096121:34.766
603Jack MACKENZIE MississaugaBike Zone Racing     DNS

Male: Sport: 17-18  Spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st507Peter SILINS Ottawa2:30.5241-
2nd505Lukas FLECK Ottawa2:35.78825.264s
3rd1024Oliver NOEL 2:40.44239.918s
4th501Ryan IRVING Ancaster2:43.602413.078s
5th1028Brennan BRADLEY 2:47.484516.960s
6th506Will FLETCHER Ottawa2:48.618618.094s

Male: Sport: 19-29  Spread

31 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st1010Keith GRANT Georgetown2:19.2001-
2nd418Jeff SEVENSON Woodlawn2:22.39623.196s
3rd420Quinn WIGLE LindsayDown to Earth2:26.00436.804s
4th1008Zach HELLREICH ThorntonTuf Rack Racing2:26.30447.104s
5th1014Chris CISZEWSKI Elizabethtown2:30.272511.072s
6th407Stephan HAYES AuroraSilent Sports2:30.620611.420s
7th413Codey MAY TorontoTotal Sports the Bike Shop2:37.758718.558s
8th1016Nic THOMS 2:39.354820.154s
9th409Hung LAM KitchenerCove Ontario2:40.850921.650s
10th416Brock REINHART BreslauCove Ontario2:41.1951021.995s
11th1020Michael BRUNET 2:41.5791122.379s
12th1017Ryan DAMEN OttawaEuro-Sports2:42.3081223.108s
13th402Tyler NICOL Toronto2:42.5861323.386s
14th426Jordan CRANDALL 2:43.7301424.530s
15th1012Corry BEMISTER Pembroke2:44.3671525.167s
16th425Andrew ROBINSON KendalImpala Bicycles2:45.8141626.614s
17th427Evan ISRAEL Elora2:46.1811726.981s
18th411Michael BATTISTON WoodbridgeBike Zone Racing2:46.4581827.258s
19th419Julian WIGLE LindsayDown to Earth2:53.4291934.229s
20th421Vaughn SHARPE BeavertonCycle Solutions2:55.6662036.466s
21st415Kevin BIGGS CambridgeTuf Rack Racing2:56.3172137.117s
22nd1013Parker CLOW Brockville2:56.5482237.348s
23rd428Jamie LYNCH Cove Ontario2:58.7212339.521s
24th1015Dylan RIPPI 3:07.1952447.995s
25th410Travis WRIGHT BurlingtonTuf Rack Racing3:09.4122550.212s
26th417Stephen OCHOTTA Pickering3:11.2102652.010s
27th405Yohann PRINTER Markham3:17.4102758.210s
28th406Jakob ROBINSON-HOFFMANN Toronto3:21.705281:02.505
29th424Vasily SOKOLOV TorontoCycle Solutions4:09.290291:50.090
1021Adam ARTYMOWICZ      DNF
1011Chris FEHR Sudbury     DNS

Male: 30-39  Spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st306Bradley TURNER BarrieBike Zone Racing2:27.0121-
2nd313Éric BEAUCHAMP-LACHAPELLE QuebecMegavolt / messier Bicyclette2:29.68122.669s
3rd303Colin MACINTOSH AyrEast Side Riders Race Club2:31.55234.540s
4th1022Jonathan PALFRAMAN Ottawa2:35.17648.164s
5th305Peter-John WEGRYNOWSKI MississaugaBike Zone Racing2:36.27259.260s
6th311David MARCHAND-SMITH 2:39.595612.583s
7th301Greg ZAFFARANO East York2:40.294713.282s
8th1026Fabiano MOGALH ES Brampton3:31.41881:04.406
312Grant NICHOL Ottawa     DNF

Male: 40+  Spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st714Patrick PRATTE QuebecLaferte Bicycles / Troudu Diable2:29.5441-
2nd1023Brien WHALEN Ottawa2:36.11026.566s
3rd716Jared ANDERSON Ottawa2:41.076311.532s
4th715Scott MCEACHERN La Conception2:48.165418.621s
5th706Danny GRANT Georgetown2:48.741519.197s
6th710John DANYLUK PeterboroughTuf Rack Racing2:48.989619.445s
7th707Mark MATTHEWS (pro) MidlandTotal Sports the Bike Shop2:51.665722.121s
8th701Dan MACDONALD Horseshoe ValleyTeam Hardwood Trek2:52.527822.983s
9th704Jared RUTLEDGE Shanty Bay2:53.033923.489s
10th713Vince CHABOT Barrie2:54.2481024.704s
11th703David SEIBOLD ScarboroughCycle Solutions3:06.9881137.444s



Female: Women  Spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Area Sponsors Run 1 Diff
1st101Arianna VEGTER Angus2:42.9481-
2nd1007Diane MCCULLAGH The Blue MountainsTuf Rack Racing2:56.491213.543s
3rd1006Paula DROZDZAL TorontoTuf Rack Racing2:57.063314.115s
4th103Monika LUEBKE MississaugaSilent Sports2:59.124416.176s
5th1018Rebecca HUMPHRIES 4:06.64151:23.693

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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