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2015 IDMS round 3 at Bree, Co. Wexford

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Male: Elite  Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st1Colin ROSS 1:30.2921-
2nd9James MAC FERRAN 1:32.45622.164s
3rd6Michael LEE 1:37.32437.032s
4th542Ben IRWIN 1:38.14847.856s
5th19Brian O'SULLIVAN (sen) 1:42.692512.400s
6th17Conor DUFFY (elt) 1:51.146620.854s
7th7Fiachra DOHERTY 1:54.249723.957s
8th3Seppie LYSAGHT 1:56.699826.407s

Male: Sport  Finish spread

33 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st527Bob MCMULLAN 1:46.8051-
2nd512Eoin CONNELL 1:47.24120.436s
3rd555Erwan GHESQUIERE 1:47.49730.692s
4th523Conor MCGINN 1:49.09442.289s
5th515Ivan RAJKOV 1:50.65953.854s
6th514Ben DRUMMOND 1:51.55164.746s
7th576Matthew KELLEHER 1:52.01875.213s
8th538John MCSHANE 1:52.36085.555s
9th504Richard KELLY 1:52.63295.827s
10th509Mick BYRNE 1:52.639105.834s
11th560Michiel HOGERZEIL 1:54.551117.746s
12th536Matthew MULLAN 1:56.059129.254s
13th539Tadhg SANDS 1:59.0101312.205s
14th552Tomasz ZOCHOWSKI 2:00.0201413.215s
15th562William WHEALAN 2:01.2201514.415s
16th556Keith MCIVOR 2:01.9561615.151s
17th519Jack BREHONY 2:02.0751715.270s
18th577Luke BYRNE 2:02.7471815.942s
19th553Dawid OLENDER 2:03.0161916.211s
20th548Davy GRAHAM 2:04.9552018.150s
21st530Ross BARBOUR 2:06.2562119.451s
22nd537Shane BONNAR 2:06.7302219.925s
23rd500John BELL 2:07.5562320.751s
24th531Kenny BRADLEY 2:09.0862422.281s
25th551Marcin GRAWIEC 2:10.4922523.687s
26th508Robbie SWEENEY 2:15.0152628.210s
27th501Colin KEEGAN 2:15.6092728.804s
28th557Shane MURPHY (gvet) 2:16.2472829.442s
29th634William GAFFNEY 2:18.6682931.863s
30th547Stefan FINLAY 2:41.9873055.182s
31st540Robbie O'MAHONY 2:49.270311:02.465
32nd561Gary AYRES 3:06.911321:20.106
558Darren HUGHES DNF

Male: Super Veteran  Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st300Tony MARSHALL 2:20.3871-
2nd303Kieran SHANAHAN 2:31.530211.143s

Male: 12-14  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st102Christopher CUMMING 1:47.5651-
2nd239Ruairi O CONNOR 1:54.53126.966s
3rd101Charlie KERR 1:58.341310.776s
4th105Rory WALSH (u19) 2:15.129427.564s
5th104Tiarnán TINNELLY 2:18.757531.192s
6th124Ross ENNIS 2:25.552637.987s

Male: 15-16  Finish spread

19 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st223Jack DEVLIN 1:36.6631-
2nd205Conor BATE 1:38.52321.860s
3rd206Archie AXTEN 1:41.36034.697s
4th220Ben CLERKIN 1:43.30146.638s
5th202Joseph O'BOYLE 1:44.62357.960s
6th203Liam WOLFE 1:45.64568.982s
7th214Darragh WALSH 1:47.570710.907s
8th207Sean DI FIORE 1:47.999811.336s
9th213David EVANS (sen) 1:49.715913.052s
10th209Ben DAVIS 1:52.3891015.726s
11th218Callum COOGAN 1:52.9591116.296s
12th211Peter CAMPBELL (elt) 1:55.1951218.532s
13th219Cathal FITZPATRICK 1:55.2941318.631s
14th215Bryce MCDOWELL 1:55.4981418.835s
15th240Cormac O'CONNOR 1:58.9991522.336s
16th212Gearóid PARKER 2:02.7491626.086s
17th222Kristof RAEL 2:10.6641734.001s
18th108Ruairi KERNAN 2:15.8421839.179s
19th216Cian O'NEILL 2:20.4451943.782s

Male: 17-18  Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st909Daniel PRIESTLEY 1:37.8211-
2nd914Jack CROWLEY 1:38.89121.070s
3rd902Rory O'KELLY 1:41.99234.171s
4th918Shane O'NEILL 1:45.00847.187s
5th913Eddie BYRNE 1:47.40559.584s
6th900Benji O'NEILL 1:49.225611.404s
7th905Donal BROPHY 1:51.274713.453s
8th911Conor LAWLESS 1:52.288814.467s
9th906Dylan MCKAY 1:54.322916.501s
10th106Andrew FLEMING 1:57.6301019.809s
11th907Stephen CULLEN 2:01.3281123.507s
12th923David FINN 2:04.9641227.143s
13th926Shane BOYLAN 2:13.1251335.304s
14th917Alistair BARON 2:26.1341448.313s
15th949Michael MURPHY (u40) 6:48.176155:10.355

Male: 19-29  Finish spread

23 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st658Eoin GRANT 1:37.1931-
2nd617Ryan SHAW 1:39.07921.886s
3rd614Dan MAGENNIS 1:39.43032.237s
4th601Craig RYAN 1:39.95342.760s
5th15Jordan KELLY 1:40.45353.260s
6th608Joe FLANAGAN 1:42.71365.520s
7th626Keelim RYAN 1:42.89175.698s
8th603Aymen MCGONIGLE 1:43.26586.072s
9th635Eoghan PRIESTLEY 1:44.23697.043s
10th619Oisin SHANAHAN 1:44.246107.053s
11th605Darren STANLEY 1:44.380117.187s
12th612David FOX 1:44.784127.591s
13th602Marty MULLAN 1:46.285139.092s
14th630Ryan FITZPATRICK 1:46.451149.258s
15th623Mark KELLY (mas) 1:46.499159.306s
16th637Oliver HEGARTY 1:48.9721611.779s
17th622Paul LENIHAN 1:50.0811712.888s
18th600Victor BELL 1:50.7931813.600s
19th611Kevin BRANNIGAN 1:50.8091913.616s
20th607Andrew WATSON 1:51.9102014.717s
21st633Darragh O'MAHONEY 1:53.0352115.842s
22nd628Hugh DESMOND 1:59.4642222.271s
23rd638Dermot BARRY 2:00.8422323.649s

Male: 30-39  Finish spread

29 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st857Ian COATES (elt) 1:36.0561-
2nd811Glyn O'BRIEN 1:36.68620.630s
3rd802Rob QUINNE 1:36.80830.752s
4th824Colm BRADLEY 1:37.09941.043s
5th815Steven JAMISON 1:39.49653.440s
6th819Dale MCMULLAN 1:39.72163.665s
7th801Michael COWAN 1:39.86073.804s
8th835Jamie SCOTT 1:40.26384.207s
9th841Mark TIERNAN 1:41.75395.697s
10th820Brendan SLUDDS 1:45.113109.057s
11th822Bobby ST LEDGER 1:45.422119.366s
12th817Daniel COLE 1:46.0701210.014s
13th809Barry LANGRELL 1:47.5481311.492s
14th800Wesley O'CONNOR 1:47.9591411.903s
15th821Mikey CULLEN 1:49.3081513.252s
16th828Paul FITZGERALD 1:51.4171615.361s
17th818James MCLAUGHLIN 1:53.1051717.049s
18th832Richard THORNHILL 1:54.2521818.196s
19th827Ryan HURSON 1:54.3981918.342s
20th829Ken MURPHY 1:54.5332018.477s
21st805Andrew DEMPSEY 1:55.6662119.610s
22nd812Eamonn O LOUGHLIN 1:56.3512220.295s
23rd826Rory O KEEFFE 1:56.5502320.494s
24th816David BROWN 2:00.8542424.798s
25th804Barry DORAN 2:04.6922528.636s
26th833David WALSH (vet) 2:09.1512633.095s
27th838Michael HALLISSEY 2:09.5022733.446s
28th834Keith STACK 2:20.5802844.524s
29th840Will HANLEY 3:18.922291:42.866

Male: 40+  Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st409Ian MCINTYRE 1:42.0061-
2nd410Joe WARD (gvet) 1:46.63024.624s
3rd419Brendan MOORE 1:48.57036.564s
4th408David LENEHAN 1:49.61947.613s
5th302Steven GRAHAM (gvet) 1:51.14359.137s
6th407Marcus MCKAY 1:52.407610.401s
7th417Unknown RIDER (M) 1:53.790711.784s
8th411Sean HOLLAND 1:57.315815.309s
9th404Craig ELLIOTT 2:19.999937.993s
10th401Robert MCANDREW 3:10.666101:28.660



Female: Women  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Run 1 Diff
1st701Sacha BICKERSTAFF 1:43.6441-
2nd700Tara O'BOYLE 2:01.786218.142s
3rd703Ruth MCGINN 2:15.004331.360s
4th705Chloe CUMMING 2:20.770437.126s
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