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Male: Shortened U9  Lap chart Spread

18 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Laps Lap 1 Lap 2 Spread Total time Diff
1st235Ben COPPOLA Four4th22:5413:0315.2%5:581-
2nd278Rohan GRAY 23:0323:26512.6%6:29231s
3rd238Sam TALENT 23:1133:2547.3%6:37339s
4th275Ben DONALD (u18) Summit MTB23:2043:2221.0%6:42444s
5th232Riley-Ray SANDFORD 23:2753:3764.8%7:0551:07
6th266Thomas CRACKNELL Pedalon23:5183:24313.2%7:1561:17
7th282William FLATAU Charlotteville Rascals23:4863:5070.9%7:3971:41
8th307Jude MCGREEVY Team Darenth23:5073:56102.6%7:4781:49
9th268Thomas NEWALL VC Meudon24:0593:5484.7%7:5992:01
10th287Alix BARTHELEMY HHYCC24:19114:07114.9%8:26102:28
11th236Finn TALENT 24:18104:19120.4%8:38112:40
12th175Edward CHARLES (u18) Charlotteville CC24:47123:55922.1%8:42122:44
13th274Peter DONALD Summit MTB25:02144:40137.9%9:42133:44
14th260Adam JONES (u16) Jones Racing25:07154:50145.9%9:58144:00
15th176Leo ROBERTS (jun) 24:59135:02151.0%10:02154:04
16th245Jay LLOYD Slipstreamers25:14165:03163.6%10:18164:20
17th250Morgan SANDFORD 25:55175:44183.2%11:39175:41
18th241Luke ONSLOW Pedalon26:05185:34179.3%11:40185:42

Male: Shortened U11  Lap chart Spread

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Laps Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Lap 4 Spread Total time Diff
1st163Connor GREENWOOD Cycleguides.co.uk go to site43:0912:5413:0312:5928.6%12:061-
2nd253Patrick LEAR Bedgebury Boars43:1132:5413:0542:5619.8%12:0822s
3rd301Shrish BAKRANIA Team Darenth43:1452:5633:0313:00310.2%12:1337s
4th237Reuben TALENT 43:1563:0343:0433:0746.6%12:29423s
5th305Gus MEADOWELL Bournemouth Jubilee Wheelers43:2093:1253:0543:0858.1%12:47541s
6th234Daniel BUTLER Cycology Bikes43:1023:1563:2773:1978.9%13:1261:06
7th243Kai LLOYD J R Bikes / Slipstreamers43:1563:2283:2263:1364.7%13:1471:08
8th277Hayden GRAY 43:1343:30113:2773:24108.8%13:3581:29
9th280Benjamin FLATAU Charlotteville Rascals43:27113:2173:28103:1974.5%13:3691:30
10th264Nathan CRACKNELL Pedalon43:1983:2893:2773:2294.5%13:38101:32
11th300Alex GLAYSHER Sutton CC43:25103:32123:31113:33113.9%14:03111:57
12th281Mason JOHNSON-STENNING Team Darenth43:29123:29103:34123:43126.7%14:17122:11



Female: Shortened U9  Lap chart Spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Laps Lap 1 Lap 2 Spread Total time Diff
1st173Gracie FOX Frog Bikes24:1614:2633.9%8:431-
2nd258Elise HAWKINS AW Cycles.co.uk go to site / PPV24:5554:03221.4%8:59216s
3rd298Tulsi BAKRANIA Team Darenth24:5234:2849.0%9:20337s
4th263Elsa VIRGOE 24:5124:4851.0%9:39456s
5th174Nicole ROBERTS 24:5445:0463.4%9:5951:16
6th233Sophie BUTLER 25:1965:2070.3%10:3961:56
7th247Katie ALLSOP Summit MTB210:1483:381181.7%13:5275:09
8th296Lizzy WARD 27:4677:2285.4%15:0986:26

Female: Shortened U11  Lap chart Spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Laps Lap 1 Lap 2 Lap 3 Lap 4 Spread Total time Diff
1st257Emily HUTT 42:5313:1113:0913:14112.1%12:281-
2nd162Lucy ALLSOP Summit All*Stars43:0723:3423:3723:41218.2%14:0121:33
3rd262Polly VIRGOE 44:1834:4034:5934:55315.9%18:5336:25

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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