2015 NW Cup round 2 at Port Angeles, WA

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Pro men  dialpad Finish spread

31 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st1Luke STROBEL 0181052Issaquah, WAEvil Bikes2:36.351-
emoji_events2nd2Charlie SPONSEL 230753Lake Oswego, ORgravity2:39.5623.21s
emoji_events3rd643Bryce STIRLING AUS19900807Nanaimo, BCOak Bay Bikes2:41.3034.95s
 4th4Jake GROB 0265425Renton, WAgravity / Transition Bikes2:41.6945.34s
 5th94Weston POTTER 0424874E. Wenatchee, WADeity / streamline2:41.8855.53s
 6th8Kevin LITTLEFIELD 311006Auburn, WAgravity / Specialized / Stevens Pass Bike Park2:44.6868.33s
 7th83Dale RUSSELL (elt) Manchester, UKStevePeatSyndicate2:45.5679.21s
 8th13Trevor THEW CAN19930617Duncan, BCDunbar Cycles2:45.6689.31s
 9th55Alec WATTS 375721Spokane, WAPBR / Streamline Bike2:45.8799.52s
 10th5Matt ORLANDO 0235526Gig Harbor, WAgravity / Transition Bikes2:45.96109.61s
 11th220Kole WETHERELL 310603Snoqualmie, WAButchard / Deity / DVO Suspension / Transition Bikes2:46.631110.28s
 12th64Kent BILLINGSLEY 327768Missoula, MTMISSOULA BIKE SOURCE2:46.931210.58s
 13th581Colin GRANT CAN19960601Victoria, BCCowichan Cycles2:48.111311.76s
 14th90Eben KIEHL 287787Seattle, WA2:48.351412.00s
 15th84Cameron HOEFER 302528Bothell, go to site / Pivot2:48.421512.07s
 16th602Lucas CHALCRAFT 368537Renton, WAGHY / Gravity Components2:49.261612.91s
 17th295Takoda CRAWFORD CAN19950830Coombs, BCArrowsmith Bikes / Spank Ind.2:49.571713.22s
 18th640Nikolas CLARKE 334728Redmond, go to site / Pivot2:50.021813.67s
 19th681Boe MCGEE 193517Bellevue, WA2:53.091916.74s
 20th635Adam RANSAVAGE 292601Ellensburg, WA2:54.192017.84s
 21st243Tyler GILSDORF 228041Sammamish, WADHZ seattle racing2:54.852118.50s
 22nd549Luke CARROLL 0408224Florence, ORNatures quest / Norco Cycles / Veal bikes2:54.972218.62s
 23rd645Jared HOBBS 104216Portland, ORFox / Oakley / River City Bicycles2:55.282318.93s
 24th299Rhys EWING 286964Ashland, ORDeity2:55.602419.25s
 25th67Gabe STARKE 0430893Bow, WAKona2:56.402520.05s
 26th650Hayden GENOUD CAN19960612Calgary, ABDerailed Sports / Santa Cruz2:58.252621.90s
 27th221Geoff AYR 267185Sammamish, WATrek Renthal Nelson Treehouse2:59.492723.14s
 28th93Bryan CRUM 114586Spokane, WA509 / Bike Hub / Fox Racing Shox / Gravity Cartel / LfDJ / West Coast Racing3:01.672825.32s
 29th390Trevor ALTIZER 0371953Kirkland, WA3:01.722925.37s
 30th65Kasper DEAN 403318Olympia, WABell Helmets / Giro / Gravity Components4:57.26302:20.91
 639Robert STENSON 279077Shoreline, WA1oo% / go to site / PivotDNF

Cat 1: 0-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

21 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st160Magnus MANSON CAN19980319Sechelt, BCNorco2:42.541-
emoji_events2nd597Henry FITZGERALD CAN19980813West Vancouver, BCStevePeatSyndicate2:46.8924.35s
emoji_events3rd583Daniel SHAW CAN19970807North Vancouver, BCBanshee / major Cycles2:47.4934.95s
 4th294Simon TELLIER CAN19980529Victoria, BCtrek pro city shop2:47.8145.27s
 5th107Nic RODGERS CAN19970202Delta, BCDunbar Cycles2:49.1156.57s
 6th546Jason EISWALD 468093Bellingham, WAANVL / Tim's Bike Shop2:52.70610.16s
 7th253Eli MURPHY 438972North Bend, WAJr Progression Racing2:53.20710.66s
 8th649Nicholas COURT Duncan, BCExperience cycling clubn2:54.67812.13s
 9th125Josh GIBB 375690Redmond, WAIntense / Palmer projects2:54.77912.23s
 10th246Benjamin VAN VEEN 0424421Bellingham, WADisidual / Fanatik Bike Co. / Norco / Race Face / Terrain Gym2:56.411013.87s
 11th166Cole MOONEY CAN19990614North Vancouver, BCC4 Rider Training2:56.421113.88s
 12th621Nikolai KILIK 399742San Jose, CA2:56.741214.20s
 13th172Joseph RAGER II 292284Amboy, WAiXS / Single Track Minds / transition royal2:59.801317.26s
 14th647Ben JOHANSEN 382103Welches, ORSantiam Bikes / Smith2:59.921417.38s
 15th196Dylan BROWN (u20) 458932Bothell, WAMonster / Tigatu3:02.411519.87s
 16th134Bailey VILLALOVOS 470329Federal Way, WAMonster / Tigatu3:03.651621.11s
 17th209Colton HAGUE 397066Maple Valley, WAFly / rently / Ryno / streamline3:07.831725.29s
 18th152Sylas LINNEMANN 412138Issaquah, WAJr Progression Racing3:11.591829.05s
 19th261Ian ROBINSON 403742Auburn, WATigatu3:12.631930.09s
 20th162Austin LANCASTER (cat1) 424651Central Point, OR7idp / Ashland Mountain Adventures / DVO Suspension / Industry Nine / Kona / Roayal Racing / Schwalbe / Unreal Cycles4:03.68201:21.14
 129Sky DUNN-SARVIS CAN19970309Argenta, BCDNS

Cat 1: 19-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

30 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st215Nate CHEYNE Leavenworth, WADas Rad Haus / Vitalire2:51.091-
emoji_events2nd665Kody CLARKE 418330Duvall, WAAll Out Racing2:51.6420.55s
emoji_events3rd192Wood SKINNER 294580Hermiston, ORTeam no brakes2:54.4033.31s
 4th490Spencer BALDWIN 476500Bellingham, WAYo Mama Racing2:56.6245.53s
 5th435Jesse RANSAVAGE 303895Seattle, WAwhiskey throttle2:57.8756.78s
 6th648Connor CARSON CAN19960715Ladysmith, BCDeity / Derailed Sports / Loudenterprise2:58.8467.75s
 7th348Steven SIMPSON 437997Sumner, WA2:59.2078.11s
 8th318Kris CHRISTENSEN 259558Kirkland, WAMojo Wheels2:59.3288.23s
 9th154Chris SANCHEZ 375624Camas, WA3:00.6799.58s
 10th568Michael KLENZ 410331Hillsboro, OR3:00.85109.76s
 11th429Brian DAVISON 379122Bellingham, WA3:02.201111.11s
 12th642Jayden GISBORNE CAN19930730Sailtair, BCCowichan Cycles3:02.361211.27s
 13th634Owen DUDLEY 312452Bozeman, MTAlleycat Bike Shop3:02.501311.41s
 14th431Jack HILL 293720Eugene, ORLifecycle Bike Shop3:06.011414.92s
 15th580Alex William FLOYD 289645Tacoma, WAJesse Ransavage3:06.431515.34s
 16th488Forrest TAYLOR 333198Spokane, WAThe Bike Hub3:06.711615.62s
 17th633Jeremy FETSKO 390717Maple Valley, WAKnolly Bikes3:07.081715.99s
 18th381Brian SAHLIN 430919Auburn, WA3:08.001816.91s
 19th445Alex ZBARAZKY 283841Seattle, WARecycled Cycles / Squirrel Army3:08.101917.01s
 20th350Ian WEBSTER 198692Bellingham, WAButchard / Deity / DVO Suspension / iXS / Spank3:09.052017.96s
 21st565Jeremy CHANDLER 253105Tuscon, AZBens bikes3:10.102119.01s
 22nd437Nick WEINSTEIN 279959Bellevue, WAParadise Creek Bikes3:10.552219.46s
 23rd566Anthony MARSIANO 401395Renton, WA661 / ATLAS / Canfield Brothers / GHY / Ogio3:10.792319.70s
 24th393Eric SCHNECK 293162Spokane, WABear Creek Racing3:11.062419.97s
 25th432Eric EVANS (u40) 288604Bellingham, WA3:15.542524.45s
 26th306Steve TAUSCHECK 236508Anacortes, WA3:15.862624.77s
 27th501Dylan EVANGER 476487Bham, WAYo Mama Racing3:18.852727.76s
 28th331Brian FLYNN 375030Seattle, WAKnolly Knation3:22.312831.22s
 29th177Alex WYNAKOS 428544Monroe, WAAll Out Racing3:23.032931.94s
 30th676Alex ELEY 289633Tacoma, WA3:40.363049.27s

Cat 1: 30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st493Scott KEMP 191554Shoreline, WAgravity / Transition Bikes2:59.681-
emoji_events2nd317Andrew FRINK 244580Redmond, WAMojo Wheels2:59.7020.02s
emoji_events3rd292Justin FERNANDES 201699Hood River, OR100% / Banshee / Fox / High5 / I9 / Race Face3:02.8233.14s
 4th287Carlisle DANIEL 467954Portland, ORiXS / Kona / Santiam Bikes / Smith3:05.9846.30s
 5th637Patrick FUNK 230741Portland, ORFat Tire Farm3:06.2956.61s
 6th619Mike VAUGHAN Seattle, WA3:07.3367.65s
 7th322Mike BRAWLEY 397515Leavenworht, WAKAVU / go to site3:08.9379.25s
 8th293Andrew KNOTT 312446Enumclaw, WACenter Cycle3:09.6489.96s
 9th309Andrew CLAIBORNE 428991Olympia, WAGreenline Six3:10.42910.74s
 10th308Charlie SHIVEL 352842Amboy, WAStumptown Wrecking Crew3:11.821012.14s
 11th519Jeremy DIRK Sandy, OR10 Barrel Brewery / Dirty Boogers / Hi-5 Bikes3:20.641120.96s
 12th325Paul SCHMIERER 452678Poulsbo, WAMore Cowbell!3:24.201224.52s
 13th171Joseph RAGER 277946Amboy, WASingle Track Minds / Transition Bikes3:28.061328.38s
 14th335Jess KIEFFER 100850Puyallup, WAEVS Psycho3:41.751442.07s

Cat 1: 40+ men  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st105Bryan CONNOLLY 85868Kent, WAButchrd / DVO Suspension / Specialized3:00.781-
emoji_events2nd103Brad DELZER 137087Gresham, ORShiloh Bike Repair3:04.6223.84s
emoji_events3rd646Brad WATT 199561Cornelius, OR3:10.84310.06s
 4th371Ralph HAVENS USA19691207Seattle, WAiXS / Knolly Knation / O'Neal / Suntour3:24.29423.51s

Cat 2: 0-14 boys  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st278Ethan LIEB 460616Bellevue, WADeity / Fanatik Bike Co. / Jr Progression Racing / TLD2:57.831-
emoji_events2nd276Zach MCCRACKEN Snoqualmie, WA3:00.2822.45s
emoji_events3rd614Dawson INGRAM Washougal, WACamas Freedom Riders3:08.38310.55s
 4th132Jack RYAN 431365Bellingham, WAJr Progression Racing3:14.49416.66s
 5th609Declan ERVIN Bellevue, WA3:15.46517.63s
 6th367Ezra NORTHERN Port Angeles, WANdub3:20.28622.45s
 7th310Andre STROM 316444Whitefish, MTEspresso Chalet / Great Northern Cycle3:24.23726.40s

Cat 2: 15-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

19 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st150Caleb HARAPNUIK CAN19980210North Vancouver, BCGT Bikes2:45.411-
emoji_events2nd531Sebastian BELKIN Bainbridge Island, WA2:54.8829.47s
emoji_events3rd358Jacob GERVAIS 425183Bellingham, WAFanatik Bike Co.2:55.0239.61s
 4th626Peter BUCKLEY 432205Monroe, WAAll Out Racing2:58.10412.69s
 5th528Jake BASSETT (u40) 473801Wenatchee, WAArlberg Sports2:58.50513.09s
 6th204Ruandy ALBISUREZ Vancouver, WAHi-5 Bikes2:58.60613.19s
 7th248Dominick VAN VEEN Bellingham, WA3:01.17715.76s
 8th362Colton WIERSUM 431725Anacortes, WACanfield Brothers3:01.75816.34s
 9th282Andrew GORE 466259Amboy, WAiXS / Royal / Single Track Minds / Spank / Transition Bikes3:04.23918.82s
 10th653Spencer SUMPTER Bellingham, WA3:05.221019.81s
 11th355Jake COON 432152Bellingham, WAFanatik Bike Co.3:07.701122.29s
 12th564Nathan MOORE (u25) Issaquah, WAIssaquah composite3:08.031222.62s
 13th361Stephen MATTHES 432204Bellingham, WAFanatik Bike Co.3:17.891332.48s
 14th503Simon PATAMIA Normandy Park, WA3:20.071434.66s
 15th119Joey RODRIGUEZ Gresham, ORWest Coast Racing3:23.891538.48s
 16th509Adam SIMPSON Port Orchard, WA3:28.401642.99s
 17th551Nick FASANO 473168Sammamish, WA3:32.441747.03s
 18th188Quinlan JORDAN 468989Deer Park, WAKnolly Bikes3:42.191856.78s
 19th161Sam STEVENSON 428861Port Angeles, WABike Garage / NWCup6:13.00193:27.59

Cat 2: 19-29 men  dialpad Finish spread

44 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st630Arnaud BUFFAT SUI19880112Dardagny, Genf, SwitzerlandChuck Norris2:40.511-
emoji_events2nd149Levi HARAPNUIK CAN19960507North Vancouver, BCCrank Brothers / FiveTen / GT Bikes / Obsession Bikes2:42.3121.80s
emoji_events3rd669Carson EISWALD Bellingham, WAAnvil components / Tim's Bike Shop2:43.2032.69s
 4th545Jordan WATTS 472724Livingston, MTTimber Trails The Outdoor Company2:45.3744.86s
 5th530Bryan MITCHELL Cashmere, WAArlberg Sports2:47.0656.55s
 6th376Sergii SEMENOV 470385Kirkland, WA2:50.3269.81s
 7th454Rye LIVINGSTON Corvallis, OR2:51.37710.86s
 8th351Sean BELOUSSOW Portland, OR2:52.57812.06s
 9th333Zach FRASER Mill Creek, WAFSA / gravity / ODS2:52.88912.37s
 10th515Logan FEENEY 458890Seattle, WACyclepath2:56.011015.50s
 11th330Cody NORTH Bellingham, WAWheres Bryson?2:56.751116.24s
 12th526Tim STATON Seattle, WADVO Suspension / Kona / Tim's Bike Shop2:57.181216.67s
 13th472Griffin BEESTON 429005Camano Island, WAArlington Velo Sport2:58.051317.54s
 14th622Nick LOCKE Brush Prarie, WA2:58.741418.23s
 15th497Brendan BOYER 473116Bellingham, WA2:59.961519.45s
 16th588Yannick METS Redmond, WA3:00.161619.65s
 17th508Tyler LOEBER Snohomish, WAAirborne3:02.751722.24s
 18th611Ian MCNISH Seattle, WAEastern States Paving3:03.631823.12s
 19th629Ryan HAYLES Kirkland, WA3:03.981923.47s
 20th632Ryan SHERBECK Port Angeles, WA3:04.672024.16s
 21st505Ben ATON 471896Portland, ORCyclepath3:04.902124.39s
 22nd604Ian MORGAN Bozeman, WA3:05.472224.96s
 23rd620Austin LITTLEFIELD Auburn, WA3:06.512326.00s
 24th349Michael HOWE 392963Bellingham, WA3:06.882426.37s
 25th533James KAUFFMAN Port Angeles, WABike Garage / Thomas Cole Racing3:06.912526.40s
 26th375Iegor DENYSOV 428967Bellevue, WA3:08.302627.79s
 27th480Devon SIMS Marysville, WATim's Bike Shop3:08.942728.43s
 28th670Jon LAMB Sammamish, WA3:10.962830.45s
 29th616Cody CHRISTOPHERSEN Issaquah, WA3:11.132930.62s
 30th353Zach ZINTER Richmond, WA3:13.873033.36s
 31st657John DAVIS Hillsboro, OR3:17.633137.12s
 32nd469Adam CAROSSINO Olympia, WA3:17.803237.29s
 33rd659Rylan HERDT Spokane, WANIA3:18.593338.08s
 34th660Philip SCHNEIDER Seattle, WA3:20.443439.93s
 35th656Manuel FRIAS Seattle, WA3:20.843540.33s
 36th661Scott GALLAGHER Steilacoom, WA3:23.673643.16s
 37th506Conor MURNANE Olalla, WA3:25.783745.27s
 38th391Bryan BOLIEK Carnation, WA3:26.153845.64s
 39th612David SCHULMAN Bellevue, WA3:27.003946.49s
 40th664Kyle DOMINICK USA19870102WA3:34.154053.64s
 41st627Kurt VAN NESS Port Ludlow, WA3:46.97411:06.46
 42nd631Michael CHAMSERLAIN Sequim, WA3:47.37421:06.86
 43rd608Chris SELLERS 403741Snoqualmie, WA3:55.44431:14.93
 337Bryan KIEFFER Puyallup, WATeam PsychoDNS

Cat 2: 30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

29 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st342George SMILOV Seattle, WA2:57.101-
emoji_events2nd525Chris SHALBOT Seattle, WA2:57.2520.15s
emoji_events3rd347Glenn WADE Port Angeles, WANW Cup2:58.2231.12s
 4th422Brian GISLE 470412Lake Stevens, WA3:00.1843.08s
 5th339Cameron PIERCY Everett, WATim's Bike Shop3:04.1957.09s
 6th662Paul GANNON Maple Valley, WAG.H.Y Bikes3:04.9867.88s
 7th211Aaron BUCK Rochester, WA3:05.4078.30s
 8th323Phil LEWIS 397520Wenatchee, WAFull circle cycle3:05.7588.65s
 9th513Pete KINSEY Kennenick, WAWest Coast Racing3:06.3099.20s
 10th603Jesse MURDOCK Vancouver, WA3:08.641011.54s
 11th496Ray DOTTERER Seattle, WANuun3:09.041111.94s
 12th500Patrik ZUEST Seattle, WAgravity3:09.091211.99s
 13th424Travis KLAAS Shorelin, WARubberknucks3:09.171312.07s
 14th458Eric VAN STEEN Seattle, WA3:12.191415.09s
 15th539Mitch FALKNER 371031Camano Island, WA3:12.601515.50s
 16th641Stuart PERILLO 474143Marysville, WA3:14.841617.74s
 17th398Adam DAY Kirkland, WAGPR3:15.211718.11s
 18th584Bryan CAMPBELL Carlsborg, WA3:15.371818.27s
 19th623Roger MURPHY 279246Portland, ORWALKEN ENDURO3:16.511919.41s
 20th644Kent PERILLO 474145Marysville, WA3:19.962022.86s
 21st540Todd HUHMAN USA19850401WA3:21.972124.87s
 22nd208Brett PORTER 366895Camano Island, WATim's Bike Shop3:24.662227.56s
 23rd610David WISSIKLE Ashland, ORSlag Clothing3:25.322328.22s
 24th262Dante RUIZ Port Angeles, WAOlympic Dirt Society3:25.662428.56s
 25th460Maxwell MERKLE 458523Portland, ORRuckus Test Team3:28.462531.36s
 26th405Jesse BRIFFEN 423549Bellingham, WA3:28.972631.87s
 27th394Ian HUME Spokane, WABear Creek Racing3:39.652742.55s
 28th589Scott ECKERT Port Orchard, WA3:44.612847.51s
 210Matt OVERBY Renton, WAGHYDNF

Cat 2: 40-49 men  dialpad Finish spread

22 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st167Darren LARSON CAN19700717Port Moody, BCDifferent Bikes / Emperica / Race Face / Rippers Lounge Racing2:58.261-
emoji_events2nd625David OVERMAN Vancouver, WAStumptown Wrecking Crew2:59.7921.53s
emoji_events3rd628Kevin FOWLIE CAN19721202Port Moody, BCRippers Lounge Racing3:02.5134.25s
 4th613Jason MCFARLAND Boise, IDFly / Kore North Bikes3:02.7444.48s
 5th319Michael NASELOW 473331Bellinhgam, WACascadia Huckers3:05.4457.18s
 6th468Anthony BARLOW 391731Marysville, WAEverett Bicycle Center3:07.1868.92s
 7th658Mattieu DENUELLE Olympia, WAJoy Ride Bike Shop3:09.73711.47s
 8th352Lance WOODKE Gig Harbor, WA3:12.52814.26s
 9th470Justin SELF Olympia, WABike Garage PA3:13.85915.59s
 10th481Guy SIMS Marysville, WATim's Bike Shop3:14.541016.28s
 11th120Brent SMITH Washougal, WAHi-53:14.821116.56s
 12th651Tim LIEB 4680981Bellevue, WA3:17.521219.26s
 13th363Todd WIERSUM 473468Anacortes, WAEncompass3:17.831319.57s
 14th410Brett CARELS CAN19750919Vancouver, BCDifferent Bikes / Empirica / Race Face / Rippers Lounge Racing3:18.601420.34s
 15th574Jason HIESTER Everett, WATim's Bike Shop3:19.831521.57s
 16th336Jay NAYLOR 460963Everett, WATim's Bike Shop3:24.831626.57s
 17th121Mitch SCHMIDT 150667Portland, ORWest Coast Racing3:28.911730.65s
 18th131William RYAN 473279Bellingham, WA3:29.951831.69s
 19th520Alex ALTIZER Bothel, WA3:30.091931.83s
 20th668Brian STILL 362255Renton, WASolo3:36.152037.89s
 21st652Andy LEVEQUE Everett, WA3:42.022143.76s
 274Matthew MACARTNEY 253249Fall City, WADNS

Cat 2: 50+ men  dialpad Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st165Michael MOONEY CAN19630101North Vancouver, BCTeam Darkhorse2:58.871-
emoji_events2nd277Jim MCCRACKEN Snoqualmie, WADozer3:06.3227.45s
emoji_events3rd258Ian RUDD CAN19620325N. Vancouver, go to site3:12.50313.63s
 4th163Russell LANCASTER 43641Central Point, ORUnreal Cycles3:13.21414.34s
 5th364Jim DENISON Seattle, WA3:19.99521.12s
 6th279Paul FIDRYCH Portland, ORCycle Dog3:20.21621.34s
 7th555Bill KIEFFER 19075Puyallup, WATeam Psycho3:23.06724.19s
 8th332Keith POOL 119867Duval, WAKnolly Bikes3:26.56827.69s
 9th254Gary GOODSPEED North Bend, WA3:36.58937.71s

Cat 3: 0-14 boys  dialpad Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st624Dawson YOUNG Libby, MT3:54.781-
emoji_events2nd617Kai SPAFFORD Bend, OR4:06.60211.82s
emoji_events3rd369Talon NORTHERN Port Angeles, WANdub4:09.40314.62s
 4th680Matt MANGANO Pa, WA4:11.78417.00s
 5th544Michael BUCKLEY 473755Monroe, WA4:13.56518.78s
 6th311Kyle STROM 430015Whitefish, MTEspresso Chalet / Great Northern Bike Shop4:23.99629.21s
 7th576Morris VASSER Seattle, WA4:32.67737.89s
 8th575Zach COHEN Seattle, WA4:34.86840.08s
 9th104Braden DELZER 403733Gresham, WALil Shredder Bikes / LOD4:49.65954.87s
 10th654Cam GIBB Redmond, WAGibb Nation4:50.491055.71s
 11th672Carter RUSSELL Brier, WATransition Bikes5:10.95111:16.17

Cat 3: 15-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st618Blaise HUTCHESON Bend, ORSagebrush cycles4:19.031-
emoji_events2nd534Lukas MCWILLIAM Bainbridge Island, WA4:20.9421.91s
emoji_events3rd678Orrick WADDELL 476595Port Angeles, WA4:38.61319.58s
 4th682Cooper TREADWELL Oak Harbor, WA5:03.08444.05s

Cat 3: 19-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st674Jonathan GLASSON Stanwood, WA3:49.491-
emoji_events2nd667Thomas COLE Port Angeles, WA4:03.22213.73s
emoji_events3rd606Andy WADE Hobart, WA4:10.13320.64s
 4th679Mitchell KLUNGLE Rockford, MI4:13.73424.24s
 5th677Erik ZOBA Woodinville, WA4:14.38524.89s
 6th673Nicholas OMTA Bellingham, WA4:48.24658.75s
 7th675Guru SUNDER Seattle, WA6:15.6472:26.15
 605Christopher WOODARD Portland, ORDNS

Cat 3: 40-49 men  dialpad Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st201Marc GAROUTTE 418149Auburn, WAEpic Racing3:50.261-
emoji_events2nd507Keith LOEBER Snohomish, WA4:01.37211.11s
emoji_events3rd671Douglas RUSSELL Brier, WARussell sign company4:01.70311.44s
 4th560Scott GRAVERSEN 432013Puyallup, WA4:12.09421.83s
 5th655Mike SUMPTER Bellingham, WA4:20.26530.00s
 6th255Paul BUTORAJAC Lake Tapps, WA4:28.57638.31s
 7th207Aaron SEUFERT Snohomish, WATim's Bike Shop4:31.76741.50s
 8th200Peter SZENASI Seattle, WA4:52.5681:02.30



Pro women  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st53Jill KINTNER 186217Bellingham, WANorco / Red Bull2:58.401-
emoji_events2nd91Kjersti CHRISTENSEN 434250Kirkland, WAKnolly Bikes3:18.91220.51s
emoji_events3rd92Karen O'CONNELL 312430Seattle, WADirt Corps / Greggs cycles / Trek3:22.34323.94s
 4th636Christy GRAVES 0400491Winter Park, COiXS / Spank3:37.62439.22s

Cat 1 women  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st128Linnea ROOKE 472495Seattle, WAMaxxis / MFR / Nuun / One Industries3:35.401-
emoji_events2nd455Darcie GRAY 422642Mercer Island, WADirt Corps3:37.3821.98s
emoji_events3rd598Becca PARISH 268934Seattle, WASquirrel Army3:38.6633.26s
 4th451Kerstin HOLSTER 456788Corvalis, OR100% / Hi-5 Bikes / Royal3:41.9046.50s
 5th193Hannah JOHNSON 413637Seattle, WAMaxxis / Tigatu3:45.40510.00s
 6th127Kaytlin MELVIN USA20000803Sammamish, WABurlington Bike Park / Evil Bikes / Sombrio3:51.70616.30s
 7th372Trish LIAU 429483Seattle, WAKnolly Knation4:02.75727.35s

Cat 2 women  dialpad Finish spread

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st320Leigh WOODY 473333Bellinhgam, WACascadia Huckers3:26.331-
emoji_events2nd280Lanette FIDRYCH Portland, ORCycle Dog3:29.4223.09s
emoji_events3rd428Alycia MAGGARD 432133Eugene, ORSantiam Bikes / Smith3:35.8839.55s
 4th421Lisa MUGGLI 473367Lake Stevens, WA3:39.98413.65s
 5th343Amy JOSEFCZYK Seattle, WAEpic Racing / Knolly Knation3:40.49514.16s
 6th536Hailey STARR Everett, WATim's Bike Shop3:41.09614.76s
 7th404Trish GRIFFEN 473547Bellingham, WA3:43.66717.33s
 8th168Kate ATHA 473671Whitefish, MT3:50.24823.91s
 9th663Hilary MOSICH Bellingham, WA4:01.42935.09s
 10th615Elaine BOTHE 337050Portland, ORSorella Forte / Specialized / St. Honore bakery4:04.551038.22s
 11th517Rachel JONES Sandy, ORHi-54:23.441157.11s
 12th550Jacilyn HAYDEN Seattle, WA4:27.42121:01.09
 13th433Andrea JOHNSON Seattle, WAcycle dogs4:28.31131:01.98

Cat 3: 0-18 girls  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st206Samantha SEUFERT Snohomish, WATim's Bike Shop5:10.411-
emoji_events2nd303Nyla STEPHENS 466433North Bend, WA5:11.4921.08s

Cat 3: 19+ women  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st307Cherish TAUSCHECK Anacortes, WA4:13.721-
emoji_events2nd594Laura DELONG Bremerton, WA4:14.8621.14s
emoji_events3rd273Susan WALSH Burien, WAEpic Racing4:15.7532.03s
 4th607Melissa BUCK Rochester, WA4:19.0445.32s
 5th213Kseniia MINSKA 473359Bellevue, WA4:52.11538.39s
 524Colette BUTORAJAC Lake Tapps, WADNS
WTB Judge tyre
WTB Judge tyre
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