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Elite men  Finish spread

32 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st5Oliver ZWAR Beechworth Chain Gang3:09.89933:06.2501-
2nd27Thomas CRIMMINS (elt) CORC3:06.84613:07.46521.215s
3rd26Andrew CRIMMINS CORC3:07.67923:07.66631.416s
4th1Aiden VARLEY 3:10.09743:08.93942.689s
5th16Jackson FREW CORC3:11.04153:09.23652.986s
6th18James KELLY 3:13.52483:10.96164.711s
7th2Liam PANOZZO Team Mt Beauty3:16.411103:11.45475.204s
8th3Joel PANOZZO Team Mt Beauty3:12.30663:12.86986.619s
9th19Shannon HEWETSON FTF DH3:12.93973:14.23897.988s
10th17Richard KREUZER Team Mt Beauty3:13.95193:15.863109.613s
11th8Jesse BEARE Cairns3:22.269143:19.2421112.992s
12th4Tom WYATT FTF DH3:21.206123:19.8371213.587s
13th14Hayden STEAD Gippsland MTB3:21.963133:19.9511313.701s
14th31Dru BERRYMAN 3:28.347163:20.1021413.852s
15th28Sam HOCKEN Gippsland MTB3:19.707113:20.1311513.881s
16th30Taran GOIRIS FTF DH4:17.421293:22.6831616.433s
17th22Daniel WILSON You Yangs MTB3:29.090173:23.0691716.819s
18th32Matt SWANN FTF DH3:29.313183:27.4321821.182s
19th36Aaron ANDREWS Red Hill Riders3:29.446193:27.5391921.289s
20th15Thomas BOOTH dirt devil6:25.454303:27.7532021.503s
21st34Tyler VAN GILS 3:26.661153:29.7592123.509s
22nd35Nick SWAYN Geelong MTBC3:31.111213:30.0602223.810s
23rd13Angus JACKSON You Yangs MTB3:30.848203:33.9512327.701s
24th33Andrew JEPHCOTT FTF DH3:43.235273:37.0712430.821s
25th21Samuel O'SHEA Team Mt Beauty3:33.957243:39.0342532.784s
26th23Pat KLEIN Red Hill Riders3:40.311263:39.5912633.341s
27th24James WILKINSON Club Mud3:33.767233:44.3542738.104s
28th12Jake ADAMS (u30) Inside Line3:48.629283:47.6842841.434s
29th29Elliot RIED Albury Wodonga MTB Club3:31.140224:37.545291:31.295
20Lachlan TACTOR Gippsland MTB3:39.30825DNF

Expert men  Finish spread

33 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st304Chris SINIS 3:28.0121-
2nd301Angus MACAULAY Team Mt Beauty3:32.67124.659s
3rd334Haydn WILLIAMS 3:33.15835.146s
4th330Matt CURRIE FTF DH3:34.33646.324s
5th328Brad KENNEDY 3:34.61056.598s
6th313Robbie GOODFELLOW FTF DH3:35.90067.888s
7th331Calvin BARTLE 3:36.61278.600s
8th307Steve JOHNSON FTF DH3:37.97789.965s
9th329Carl HANSEN 3:38.895910.883s
10th310Christopher RICHARDS FTF DH3:39.8921011.880s
11th305Luke BARLING FTF DH3:40.7921112.780s
12th315Tom MORGAN Club Mud3:42.8591214.847s
13th303Tryfan HUNTER FTF DH3:45.8051317.793s
14th319Lloyd MANKS GVMTBC3:46.6521418.640s
15th323Tyson BROGDEN Club Mud3:47.6571519.645s
16th311Sean FRITH 3:47.7001619.688s
17th308Tom ANDERSON FTF DH3:50.7601722.748s
18th321Bryce PAVEY 3:51.6661823.654s
19th318Thomas FRANCE Red Hill Riders3:53.1041925.092s
20th306Travis CRYER FTF DH3:54.0122026.000s
21st332Jack LENTON Red Hill Riders3:54.4542126.442s
22nd325Marcus FRIZZA 3:57.6462229.634s
23rd317Thomas PLOVER Club Mud3:59.3852331.373s
24th324Brad JONES Gippsland MTB4:00.3552432.343s
25th327Menzie HARRIS Club Mud4:01.5552533.543s
26th314James GRIERSON Red Hill Riders4:05.5352637.523s
27th312Brett BARRETT Team Mt Beauty4:11.2952743.283s
28th322Chris MACAULAY Red Hill Riders4:12.5932844.581s
29th320Sean KUZYK Wombat MTB4:20.3472952.335s
326Nicholas MANN DNS
333Jackson DAKIN DNS

Sport men  Finish spread

35 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st1008Marc PETULLA 3:39.8091-
2nd1004Sam VINCENT 3:45.41325.604s
3rd1013Kris KOPER FTF DH3:45.62635.817s
4th1020Dylan LAMBERT 3:47.82348.014s
5th1023Dwayne CHEESEMAN Club Mud3:48.47458.665s
6th1002Travis MARCHIORO 3:52.829613.020s
7th1022Simon WALLIS Club Mud3:52.831713.022s
8th1035Daniel SALMERON 3:55.666815.857s
9th1016Hugh BRENNAN FTF DH3:56.669916.860s
10th1007Bradley COAD 3:58.9461019.137s
11th1018Valentine WARD Inside Line4:01.2021121.393s
12th1026Scott THOMSON 4:04.2151224.406s
13th1037Luke CLARKE GVMTBC4:04.7721324.963s
14th1009Tom GIBSON You Yangs MTB4:07.1441427.335s
15th1025Joseph GRIERSON 4:08.0741528.265s
16th1036David BROWN 4:08.7471628.938s
17th1031Anthony ANTONIOU 4:09.0111729.202s
18th1005Brendan STEADMAN FTF DH4:09.3371829.528s
19th1034Nick CRAWFORD 4:11.1431931.334s
20th1021Tom LINDSAY Gippsland MTB4:16.8112037.002s
21st1032Matthew BODLEY FTF DH4:16.8802137.071s
22nd1014Brad RICHMOND FTF DH4:22.1992242.390s
23rd1015Alex FERGUSON Club Mud4:24.7722344.963s
24th1019Darcy CRIPPS 4:26.4992446.690s
25th1006Lachlan ROWLANDS GVMTBC4:29.1492549.340s
26th1030Lachlan DEAR 4:47.274261:07.465
1010Tanner KEAT DNS
1011Marcus NEAL You Yangs MTBDNS
1012John LEONARD Inside LineDNS
1017Trevor GRAHAM You Yangs MTBDNS
1024Andrew BARLOW DNS
1027Jordan DEAR DNS
1029Robert KARASZ DNS

U15 boys  Finish spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st1502Jackson CONNELLY Team Mt Beauty3:37.7171-
2nd1514Jack HODGSON Inside Line3:47.65829.941s
3rd1511Charlie JONES Mansfield / Mt Buller Cycling C3:55.618317.901s
4th1513Matthew EMPEY Mansfield / Mt Buller Cycling C3:56.280418.563s
5th1508Jack TAYLOR Gippsland MTB3:57.495519.778s
6th1501Max WOOD Club Mud3:58.105620.388s
7th1515Heath HODGSON Inside Line4:08.353730.636s
8th1503Kaia ELLIS Alpine Cycling Club4:14.552836.835s
9th1507Eddie BURN 4:15.883938.166s
10th1517Lou CHIDIAC FTF DH4:28.1521050.435s
11th1516Jake HORN Inside Line4:34.0641156.347s
12th1506Marcus MOLLOY 4:38.162121:00.445
13th1505Will ARBLASTER You Yangs MTB4:41.524131:03.807
14th1512Andre HORNE 4:57.046141:19.329
15th1509Fergus DRENDEL Club Mud5:08.278151:30.561
1510Jack MCCOSKER Club MudDNS

U17 boys  Finish spread

21 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st1704Cooper DOWNEY FTF DH3:31.67223:26.0611-
2nd1703Oskar WHITE Albury Wodonga MTB Club3:32.08433:28.13022.069s
3rd1711Harrison WRIGHT FTF DH3:33.79943:31.00834.947s
4th1714Jay COTTRELL Team Mt Beauty3:42.61963:35.44649.385s
5th1701Aaron GUNGL Alpine Cycling Club3:21.99013:35.46559.404s
6th1709Louis TANCREDI Red Hill Riders3:43.63073:38.020611.959s
7th1717Jay SUTHERLAND You Yangs MTB4:11.758143:38.981712.920s
8th1724Rhys DOLEY 3:54.085103:47.754821.693s
9th1723Luke BRADLEY Inside Line3:41.27153:48.103922.042s
10th1710Jack DREVER Wombat MTB3:55.175113:50.0181023.957s
11th1708Connor WARD 4:04.614124:06.9101140.849s
12th1706Eddie HERFT Inside Line4:21.818174:12.8281246.767s
13th1718Thomas MALOTA You Yangs MTB4:24.431184:13.1911347.130s
14th1720Josh LIVESLEY 4:41.010194:23.1421457.081s
15th1715Sinclair LAIRD Red Hill Riders4:06.099134:24.2391558.178s
16th1721Jeremy HENDERSON You Yangs MTB4:15.308164:24.6551658.594s
17th1719Chase HOBSON Red Hill Riders4:13.806155:14.275171:48.214
1705Clay CAMBRIDGE-DILLON Team Mt Beauty3:45.9218DNF
1716Will MCCALLUM Red Hill Riders3:52.3119DNF
1722Michael KOFLER DNS

U19 men  Finish spread

33 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st1905Benjamin ZWAR KVIST Beechworth Chain Gang3:20.34833:16.0001-
2nd1901Baxter MAIWALD FTF DH3:17.69213:16.71220.712s
3rd1902Jackson WHITE Albury Wodonga MTB Club3:18.64023:17.94931.949s
4th1921Nicholas TANCREDI Red Hill Riders3:24.29443:18.60242.602s
5th1903Darcy COUTTS Club Mud3:25.69053:19.33053.330s
6th1909Dylan LOMBARD You Yangs MTB3:28.41173:23.49767.497s
7th1914Tom SNOWDON GVMTBC3:32.79293:28.461712.461s
8th1927Oakley MARTIN Gippsland MTB3:30.31683:30.842814.842s
9th1931Jordon BYRNE Inside Line3:38.242143:30.852914.852s
10th1918Tristan HEFFERMAN FTF DH3:38.478153:34.3581018.358s
11th1930Luke PEARCE 3:27.53863:35.6131119.613s
12th1912Jack NICOLAS Wombat MTB3:39.559193:35.7481219.748s
13th1925Oliver NICHOLAS You Yangs MTB3:36.176133:36.0691320.069s
14th1928Lochie CAREY 3:39.009163:36.3611420.361s
15th1924Jesse CATTANACH You Yangs MTB3:34.527103:37.2881521.288s
16th1910Harry NICHOLS 3:35.121113:43.3321627.332s
17th1929Matt DONOVAN FTF DH3:39.549183:48.6891732.689s
18th1932Leyton BARKER Inside Line3:35.302123:50.8841834.884s
19th1907Rhys MURDOCH FTF DH3:45.022203:56.6041940.604s
1913Jacob SCHELLEN Gippsland MTB3:39.29117DNF
1911Will PHIPPS 3:48.82121DNS
1926Luke VIVONA You Yangs MTB3:50.56822DNS
1923Dylan RASMUSSEN FTF DH3:51.83123DNS
1908Joel TANCREDI Red Hill Riders3:51.98524DNS
1915James DOSSER FTF DH3:53.61325DNS
1917Jake REEVE-SINGLES Wombat MTB3:55.48626DNS
1916Addison FLETT 3:55.65427DNS
1904Lachlan GIBSON Gippsland MTB3:56.27428DNS
1906Tom LEE (VIC) GVMTBC3:57.58629DNS
1920Cameron WALE Red Hill Riders4:15.83030DNS
1922Liam BREMNER 4:29.07731
1919Kyle MCBRIDE FTF DH10:19.91832
1933Julian TRELANI DNS

Master men  Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st801Matt WISE You Yangs MTB3:30.1671-
2nd812Juan RONCALLO 3:37.69027.523s
3rd802Nick MARTIN FTF DH3:37.93337.766s
4th807Mathew MOLIJN FTF DH3:41.066410.899s
5th810Adrian SCHELLEN Gippsland MTB3:43.755513.588s
6th805Justin ROMANOWICZ FTF DH3:43.907613.740s
7th811Ty CUNNINGHAM 3:45.666715.499s
8th808Toloumu MALOTA You Yangs MTB4:03.188833.021s
803Anthony MITCHELL Gippsland MTBDNS
806Wayne ADAMS Inside LineDNS
809Stephen STEAD DNS

Veteran men  Finish spread

18 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st702David FERRONI FTF DH3:24.8331-
2nd720Alex HAY FTF DH3:24.86520.032s
3rd703Shannon RADEMAKER Mansfield / Mt Buller Cycling C3:25.28630.453s
4th717Jake ROYLE 3:25.91241.079s
5th712Benjamin ROHLOFF Red Hill Riders3:30.18255.349s
6th701Cameron BRADBURY Albury Wodonga MTB Club3:32.81267.979s
7th704David LEACH Red Hill Riders3:35.870711.037s
8th718James LEWIS 3:41.695816.862s
9th719Rhys DOWSETT Red Hill Riders3:44.148919.315s
10th705Christophe CHAN KIN Red Hill Riders3:58.1021033.269s
11th715Alex GUNN Red Hill Riders3:58.9611134.128s
12th714Phillip HOSKINS FTF DH4:07.2511242.418s
13th708Todd CALDWELL 4:20.8711356.038s
14th716Matt ATTIWILL Club Mud4:41.549141:16.716
15th711Phillip ADAMS Bendigo MTB Club5:02.422151:37.589
16th713Andrew JARVIS 8:54.589165:29.756
706Daniel BROOKS Red Hill RidersDNS
709Jarrod BIRCH You Yangs MTBDNS

Super Master men  Finish spread

3 competitors found

Hardtail men  Finish spread

2 competitors found



Elite women  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st204Tegan MOLLOY CORC3:40.78413:37.7771-
2nd205Ellie WALE Red Hill Riders3:59.65424:00.822223.045s
3rd202Victoria ARMSTRONG 4:07.31234:02.833325.056s
4th201Amanda HEWETSON FTF DH4:28.06544:16.502438.725s
5th203Sarah SILVERLOCK FTF DH4:28.29254:27.379549.602s
206Tori BILNEY Club MudDNF
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