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Elite men  Finish spread

61 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st5Graeme MUDD 4:38.721-
2nd4Jared GRAVES 4:40.2821.56s
3rd13Thomas CRIMMINS (elt) 4:42.7534.03s
4th22Tim EATON 4:44.2045.48s
5th6Jordan PROCHYRA 4:44.6755.95s
6th21Oliver ZWAR 4:44.8466.12s
7th19Aiden VARLEY 4:45.1276.40s
8th8Joel WILLIS 4:46.0087.28s
9th23Ben CORY 4:46.3997.67s
10th18Joshua BUTTON 4:46.64107.92s
11th9Liam PANOZZO 4:49.031110.31s
12th7David MCMILLAN 4:49.191210.47s
13th38Brent SMITH 4:50.251311.53s
14th15Matthew MCCORKELL 4:50.781412.06s
15th57Luke ELLISON 4:51.711512.99s
16th20Adrian DAWSON 4:51.981613.26s
17th16Jackson DAVIS 4:53.611714.89s
18th11Benjamin DENGATE 4:53.831815.11s
19th28Cameron ALLONBY 4:54.031915.31s
20th24Richard KREUZER 4:54.082015.36s
21st41Michael WILLIS 4:54.302115.58s
22nd10Carl PICKERSGILL 4:55.142216.42s
23rd49Luke BALL 4:55.192316.47s
24th33Jesse BEARE 4:55.862417.14s
25th17Ryan LEUTTON 4:57.102518.38s
26th48Mark CONLIFFE 4:58.212619.49s
27th25Callum MORRISON 4:59.062720.34s
28th12Rhys ATKINSON 5:00.052821.33s
29th59Dylan PROHM 5:00.602921.88s
30th29Angus MADDERN 5:01.653022.93s
31st62Samuel BROWNLIE 5:02.303123.58s
32nd47Joshua LEA 5:05.603226.88s
33rd14Jake NEWELL 5:08.063329.34s
34th30Daniel BENDER 5:11.653432.93s
35th34Charlie COQUILLARD 5:12.923534.20s
36th45Jake SIMPSON 5:14.573635.85s
37th35Elliot RIED 5:15.223736.50s
38th37Bill CARRUTHERS 5:15.773837.05s
39th43Ryan SEVERS 5:16.113937.39s
40th56Liam THOMAS (elt) 5:16.974038.25s
41st3Andrew CRIMMINS 5:17.444138.72s
42nd31Conor CLANCY 5:22.364243.64s
43rd60Thomas STEELE-MCLAREN 5:24.234345.51s
44th42Alex JAEGER 5:26.524447.80s
45th39Zak WILSHER 5:26.674547.95s
46th61Kye HORE 5:26.964648.24s
47th53Angus JACKSON 5:27.554748.83s
48th50Dustin MICHNA 5:27.984849.26s
49th40Luke WALSH 5:28.014949.29s
50th36Terence HALL 5:42.99501:04.27
51st46Quinn TURNER 6:00.30511:21.58
52nd55Damon COUTTS 6:00.50521:21.78
53rd54Kyle COUTTS 9:21.20534:42.48
54th27Peter KNOTT 9:59.63545:20.91
55th44Daniel HALLAM 13:38.27558:59.55
58Curtis KEENE DNS

Sport men  Finish spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st806Brett NEMEC 5:23.011-
2nd801Brett BARRETT 5:23.7720.76s
3rd812Ben BLOOMFIELD 5:27.0534.04s
4th807Mitchell HORE 5:27.6144.60s
5th805Mathias BUTCHER 5:28.1755.16s
6th815Steven GRIFFITHS 5:35.94612.93s
7th813Daniel MCCOMB 5:38.37715.36s
8th804Tim FORSYTHE 5:44.95821.94s
9th809Sean FRITH 5:46.34923.33s
10th814Jerome STAELENS 5:46.421023.41s
11th803Tom ANDERSON 5:47.641124.63s
12th802Tryfan HUNTER 5:52.221229.21s
13th816Daniel SALMERON RODRIGUEZ 5:55.991332.98s
14th810Kevin DONOGHUE 6:02.771439.76s
15th808Andrew WALDRON 9:50.06154:27.05

U13 boys  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st781Jackson CONNELLY 5:25.451-
2nd784Angus FALCONER 6:10.01244.56s
3rd783Jackson LLOYD 6:28.6331:03.18
4th782Wil STOCKTON 7:21.1941:55.74
5th785Rennie FALCONER 7:23.9951:58.54
6th786Kane DAVIS 7:24.1561:58.70

U15 boys  Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st745Lincoln DAVIS 5:40.111-
2nd747Thomas KRPAN 5:49.5329.42s
3rd744Jayden SMITH 5:52.46312.35s
4th743Tom HEANEY 5:56.97416.86s
5th746Samuel CASH 6:35.85555.74s
742Finnigan ROSSER DNS

U17 boys  Finish spread

23 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st706Patrick BUTLER 4:53.441-
2nd704Kye A'HERN 5:01.5228.08s
3rd701Matthew DINHAM 5:06.41312.97s
4th703Zack HUTCHISON 5:09.44416.00s
5th702Aaron GUNGL 5:13.70520.26s
6th719James FINDLAY 5:13.96620.52s
7th709Harry ALFORD 5:15.00721.56s
8th708Ethan CORNEY 5:15.38821.94s
9th718Zachary INGRAM 5:17.56924.12s
10th705Oskar WHITE 5:20.311026.87s
11th707Jay COTTRELL 5:22.251128.81s
12th720Christopher PALSER 5:22.291228.85s
13th715Caleb REES 5:22.761329.32s
14th722Tom HANSEN 5:26.051432.61s
15th717Niki BARBER 5:26.331532.89s
16th711Jay SUTHERLAND 5:35.591642.15s
17th713Noah WATSON 5:38.881745.44s
18th721Billy CARTWRIGHT 5:46.201852.76s
19th723Jaden MANN 5:48.251954.81s
20th714Nathan CUBIT 5:50.952057.51s
21st716Nicholas HEANEY 6:03.06211:09.62
22nd712Andy BEER 6:12.66221:19.22

17-18 boys  Finish spread

27 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st201Jackson FREW 4:42.621-
2nd203Baxter MAIWALD 4:48.9726.35s
3rd202Joshua CLARK 4:49.1236.50s
4th204Harry PARSONS 4:51.8549.23s
5th218Harry BUSH 4:53.43510.81s
6th208Matt ELLISON 4:55.41612.79s
7th206Benjamin ZWAR KVIST 4:55.58712.96s
8th207Jackson WHITE 4:57.72815.10s
9th221Jeremy ARMSTRONG 4:58.32915.70s
10th219Aaron LEAGAS 5:01.931019.31s
11th224Duke MILLINGTON 5:02.851120.23s
12th205Darcy COUTTS 5:03.091220.47s
13th225Luke BUTCHER 5:03.351320.73s
14th210Dylan LOMBARD 5:05.401422.78s
15th227Lachlan GIBSON 5:08.861526.24s
16th213Tim HUGHES 5:09.241626.62s
17th216Matt KELLY (u19) 5:16.531733.91s
18th223Isaac RIDLEY 5:17.051834.43s
19th215Jacob SCHELLEN 5:27.191944.57s
20th217Rhys MURDOCH 5:30.032047.41s
21st214Cameron CUBIT 5:36.012153.39s
22nd222Sean VEITCH 5:44.95221:02.33
23rd226Joel KRISTENSEN 5:50.31231:07.69
24th220Thomas WARTON 6:08.98241:26.36
25th209Harry DONALD 7:19.76252:37.14
211Aiden PAFF DNS
212Callum DAWES DNS

30-39 men  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st410Daniel SEIDEL 5:13.891-
2nd406David SHARP 5:18.1824.29s
3rd409Brendon CRAGG 5:22.1038.21s
4th402Sean MARTIN 5:32.66418.77s
5th407Reece CARTER 5:38.23524.34s
6th403David FERRONI 5:41.51627.62s
7th404Andrew PENNINGTON 6:01.22747.33s
405Alex HAY DNS
408Anthony HAY DNS

40-49 men  Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st508Daniel TALIANA 5:15.051-
2nd506Paul ROWNEY 5:31.03215.98s
3rd501Tom GILFEDDER 5:37.16322.11s
4th502Paul WALTON 5:38.01422.96s
5th503Adrian SCHELLEN 5:46.17531.12s
6th505Geoff WEINERT 5:54.52639.47s
7th510Corey STOCKTON 6:22.6771:07.62
8th504Paul HEANEY 6:44.7581:29.70

50+ men  Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st604Greg MOLLOY 6:09.231-
2nd603Peter INGRAM 6:09.2420.01s
3rd602Stephen COLES 6:48.72339.49s



Elite women  Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st2Tegan MOLLOY 5:17.321-
2nd1Danielle BEECROFT 5:25.7828.46s
3rd4Kellie WEINERT 5:37.53320.21s
4th6Sarah BOOTH 5:40.69423.37s
5th5Michelle CRISP 5:49.67532.35s
6th3Victoria ARMSTRONG 5:54.75637.43s
7th7Christel DALL'OZZO 6:10.19752.87s

Sport women  Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st801Tash BONNEY 6:46.241-
2nd802Catherine BONNET 7:01.69215.45s

U15 girls  Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st741Cassie VOYSEY 6:52.131-
2nd742Ashleigh WEINERT 6:59.4327.30s

U17 girls  Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st701Ellie SMITH 6:03.461-
2nd702Mackenzie DIVER 6:29.48226.02s

17-18 girls

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st202Sian A'HERN 5:46.981-

50+ women

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st601Coleen BOYES 6:16.531-
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