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Elite men  dialpad Finish spread

79 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st2Nathan RENNIE Santa Cruz6:47.211-
emoji_events2nd1Amiel CAVALIER Giant / Spearman Cycles6:55.5228.31s
emoji_events3rd52Will RISCHBIETH Aldgate Bikes / Drizabone / Giant / Ogio7:03.23316.02s
 4th24Jared RANDO 7:05.41418.20s
 5th11Rick BOYER Royal7:10.89523.68s
 6th55Ben CORY 7:15.64628.43s
 7th9Joshua BUTTON 7:15.69728.48s
 8th15Cody EICHHORN EVS / Spearman Cycles / Spy7:16.27829.06s
 9th33James MALTMAN For the Ridders / RaceElements / Santa Cruz7:17.74930.53s
 10th13Dave WEST Giant / inform health / Maxxis / RockShox7:17.841030.63s
 11th7Shane WODE Elite cycle imports / Funn / Intense Tyre Systems7:20.861133.65s
 12th5Alex SWANN Kona Mt Buller Factory Team / Marzocchi / Mavic7:21.691234.48s
 13th25Cillian KENNEDY 7:22.301335.09s
 14th6Dennis BEARE 7:22.631435.42s
 15th17Deon BAKER 7:23.951536.74s
 16th67Andrew MILLS 7:27.441640.23s
 17th16Luke GARNHAM Raw NRG7:27.961740.75s
 18th4Craig YATES Fox / Giant / SRAM7:28.021840.81s
 19th72Brad KELLY 7:30.251943.04s
 20th19Brendan WOOD Yarra Valley Cycles7:31.702044.49s
 21st81Rhys ATKINSON 7:31.942144.73s
 22nd28Tom LEWIS Ufo7:33.012245.80s
 23rd21Darcy MURRELL Bikes & Beans7:33.302346.09s
 24th8Kaine CANNAN 4Shaw Agencies / Mcbain Cycles / Monza Imports7:36.392449.18s
 25th12Richard LEE avid / Iron Horse / Raw NRG / RockShox / SRAM7:38.142550.93s
 26th57Brad OIEN 7:38.162650.95s
 27th39Jarah BREESE Scott / Swift Strength and Conditioning7:38.512751.30s
 28th10Adam SMITHSON Fox / GT Bikes / Ogio7:40.242853.03s
 29th14Chris WHITELOCK 7:40.402953.19s
 30th47Lindsay KLEIN go to site / go to site / Santa Cruz7:41.513054.30s
 31st30Miikael KINNUNEN Hi-Way Cycles / Maxxis7:41.993154.78s
 32nd46David HETHERINGTON Maxxis / XXIV7:43.263256.05s
 33rd23Michael KEARTON Adidas / Crank Brothers / Maxxis / Mongoose / SRAM7:45.743358.53s
 34th70Allan CRISP 7:47.43341:00.22
 35th45Jamie GREEN 7:49.85351:02.64
 36th18Tim COX Gateshead Cycles7:50.34361:03.13
 37th43Dean DAVIES Ashgrove Cycles / Health Fusion Natural Therapy / neezy pty ltd7:53.30371:06.09
 38th36Dylan WOLSKY Speaman Cycles7:54.03381:06.82
 39th20Stuart MACDONALD 7:55.25391:08.04
 40th56Luke GOWEN 7:57.12401:09.91
 41st68Chris BARLIN 7:58.35411:11.14
 42nd22Cameron ALLONBY go to site7:59.44421:12.23
 43rd40James COLLINS Bontrager / Trek Australia8:02.17431:14.96
 44th65Damien REEVE 8:07.88441:20.67
 45th80Ryan MANDER 8:08.48451:21.27
 46th79Lincoln VERASS 8:08.49461:21.28
 47th35James MCMILLAN Spearman Cycles8:10.98471:23.77
 48th26Mark BEEKSMA cycle logic / Freelap / Rotec Cycles8:14.70481:27.49
 49th77Isaac HEPPELL 8:14.87491:27.66
 50th53Nicholas CRUICKSHANK 8:15.36501:28.15
 51st38Andrew BLAIR Giant / Maxxis / Spearman Cycles8:15.41511:28.20
 52nd27Damien BOGATEK Azonic / Fuel Clothing / Hayes / O'Neal / Turner / Utopia Optics8:17.99521:30.78
 53rd60Tom CRANSTON 8:19.16531:31.95
 54th34Andrew ROESLER 8:22.81541:35.60
 55th44Andrew ECKETT 8:26.94551:39.73
 55th54James FRENCH 8:26.94551:39.73
 57th3Tim EATON Fox / Gamut / Hayes / ODI / Raw NRG / Yeti8:30.33571:43.12
 58th71Scott GRAHAM 8:38.70581:51.49
 59th62Chris PERGER 8:39.41591:52.20
 60th75Adam DOSSETOR 8:40.38601:53.17
 61st58Gareth BLOWER 8:40.70611:53.49
 62nd31Regan ARTHUR Hillbillie Racing...YAAAWWWW!!!8:56.06622:08.85
 63rd73Garreth PATON 9:00.30632:13.09
 64th51Jake PENDLETON erina bikeworx9:09.18642:21.97
 65th49Craig PALMER The Bike Shed Mortdale9:53.34653:06.13
 66th74Thomas KERNEY 9:53.60663:06.39
 67th64Kent HAMILTON 10:01.20673:13.99
 68th78Brock MCROBB Redi-Agencies building equipment / Townsville11:35.76684:48.55
 41Angus COOMBE The Bike Shed Mortdale / go to siteDNS
 29Chris COOMBE The Bike Shed Mortdale / go to siteDNS
 37Ben MORRISON Cropthorn / mongoose BikesDNS
 50Lachlan PATON Canberra Off Road CyclesDNS
 63Jeremy POWELL DNS

Expert men  dialpad Finish spread

44 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st116Randal HUNTINGTON go to site / Norco / SRAM / Trivativ8:33.561-
emoji_events2nd102Aaron CAIRNS MTBcut.Tv8:34.2120.65s
emoji_events3rd137Martin CLARKE 8:36.1432.58s
 4th138Jonathan TAYLOR 8:46.02412.46s
 5th126Rob STOKES 8:46.25512.69s
 6th132Louis PIJPERS 8:46.43612.87s
 7th125Davi BIRKS 8:52.15718.59s
 8th112James PERKINS 8:56.97823.41s
 9th111Ryan HOLMBERG 8:57.99924.43s
 10th109Bram DUTTON Insane Cycles8:58.011024.45s
 11th140Michael JOYCE 9:02.081128.52s
 12th105Nicholas SHIELDS Embrace Gravity / Thomas and Coffey9:03.321229.76s
 13th117Grant JONES Mum9:03.371329.81s
 14th135Jake MARSHALL 9:04.811431.25s
 15th124Aden WALKER Go Left.9:04.891531.33s
 16th139Will SCHOFIELD 9:05.381631.82s
 17th103Jacob COLES 9:07.371733.81s
 18th101Tim CHADD Castech Timing / Raw NRG9:08.101834.54s
 19th141Ryan DE LA RUE 9:10.761937.20s
 20th127Luke FOX 9:17.612044.05s
 21st107Brett BLACKMAN 9:20.522146.96s
 22nd143Kane LOWE 9:26.552252.99s
 23rd115Lincoln HERTOGS 9:32.612359.05s
 24th114Brad SCOTT 9:37.14241:03.58
 25th146Michael MCLEAN 9:42.99251:09.43
 26th129Nicholas BAILLY 9:48.58261:15.02
 27th142Greg DOERKSEN 9:48.92271:15.36
 28th144Armando FLOREZ 9:57.55281:23.99
 29th121Jesse SUTTON Go Left.10:01.97291:28.41
 30th147Chris ADAMS 10:07.91301:34.35
 31st131Jiel CASE 10:12.69311:39.13
 32nd110Chris FLYNN 10:19.15321:45.59
 33rd136James PATTERSON 10:20.89331:47.33
 34th104Ben LUSCOMBE bikeology10:41.60342:08.04
 35th122Michael KLAVERS 11:11.61352:38.05
 36th133Aaron CAMPBELL 11:35.61363:02.05
 37th128David ANDREWS 12:13.20373:39.64
 113Jarred HANKINSON I love Big Buts and i can not lieDNS
 814Anthony LARDEN DNS
 118Andrew MARTIN DNS
 134David SHARPE DNS

U15 boys  dialpad Finish spread

30 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st801Connor FEARON Glen Osmond Cycles / Mum and Dad8:26.931-
emoji_events2nd888David MCMILLAN 8:53.69226.76s
emoji_events3rd803Henry BLAKE Maxxis / Mitcham Cycle Centre / Mum & Dad9:48.5431:21.61
 4th819Matthew SMITH CORC10:02.5341:35.60
 5th806Daniel BENDER 10:18.9251:51.99
 6th804Max HUGHES Chapman IGA / DH Direct / EBG and Mum10:23.0261:56.09
 7th807Lyndon NUGENT 10:26.0471:59.11
 8th822Joey VEJVODA 10:35.3882:08.45
 9th808Conor BULLARD CORC Junior DH Team10:48.5692:21.63
 10th813Nelson KREILIS 10:52.22102:25.29
 11th811Eli ERWIN 10:57.33112:30.40
 12th832Dean LUCAS 11:23.97122:57.04
 13th810Keiran DIXON 12:32.55134:05.62
 14th831Patrick O'CONNOR 12:37.01144:10.08
 15th825David MAGGS 12:48.92154:21.99
 16th816Jack MCCOSKER 13:05.63164:38.70
 17th824Benjamin DENGATE 13:12.69174:45.76
 18th834Tom PHILLIPS Raw NRG13:15.65184:48.72
 19th805Robin BISHOP 13:18.91194:51.98
 20th809Liam DALEY 14:10.77205:43.84
 21st821Joel WILLIS Insane Cycles14:16.43215:49.50
 22nd827Henry HOLDER 16:12.03227:45.10
 23rd817Alexander MCKINLAY 17:14.61238:47.68
 812David EDWARDS Ginger Bits Australia / The Bike Shed MortdaleDNS
 828Mitchell HARRISON DNS
 815Cameron LAWLIS DNS
 818Zac RANYARD Mum & DadDNS
 823David STRAIN DNS

U17 boys  dialpad Finish spread

55 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st702Troy BROSNAN Crank Brothers / Maxxis / Mongoose / RockShox / Trak7:58.041-
emoji_events2nd710Reece KUHN erina bikeworx / Giant / HIGH8:00.0321.99s
emoji_events3rd703Antony MOORE dakibomon roast8:00.4132.37s
 4th705Blake NIELSEN Cove / Lifecycles / SOUTHSHORE DIST8:09.86411.82s
 5th701James SHEPHERD Crime Cycles8:15.89517.85s
 6th750Chris LEAPER 8:19.17621.13s
 7th715Samuel JONES (sen) Spearman Cycles Mum and Dad8:31.54733.50s
 8th706Aaron OATES CYCLINGO BIKE SHOP / Gary Cannan Electrical Services8:34.65836.61s
 9th713Will GILES aldgate bike / Chromag / spectrum / Transition Bikes8:39.72941.68s
 10th749Aden WYBER 8:41.651043.61s
 11th709James GREEN (u19) 8:46.801148.76s
 12th714Phillip PIAZZA 8:54.431256.39s
 13th736Jesse WENT Mal-adjusted Bicycles8:58.84131:00.80
 14th735Keiran VOLK 9:09.01141:10.97
 15th712Ben BARRETT Dad9:13.84151:15.80
 16th741Graeme MUDD 9:16.97161:18.93
 17th732Matthew MULLINS Endeavor Cycles / M&D9:21.67171:23.63
 18th727Drew JONCESKI 9:26.51181:28.47
 19th730Aaron MILLARD Azonic / Kuringai Cycles / O'Neal / Utopia Optics9:27.78191:29.74
 20th724Wilson HALE 9:28.95201:30.91
 21st717Keiran SULLIVAN Bike Hub9:36.56211:38.52
 22nd743Brendan JONES (u30) 9:38.44221:40.40
 23rd719Marcus FAIRBANKS Fairbanks Eye Gallery9:40.69231:42.65
 24th707Joshua BLAKE Maxxis / Mitcham Cycle Centre / Mum & Dad9:47.50241:49.46
 25th716Matthew SCOTT bikeology9:54.00251:55.96
 26th752Dion THOMAS 9:54.22261:56.18
 27th726Jack HIDES mother9:54.57271:56.53
 28th708Jaxon ELLYARD C.R.I.M.E cycles9:58.32282:00.28
 29th733Lewis SHEFFER 10:00.82292:02.78
 30th745Max LOBIGS 10:05.42302:07.38
 31st753Ryan HUMPHRIS 10:10.28312:12.24
 32nd754Kris ZIDS 10:10.86322:12.82
 33rd744Brock HARRISON 10:12.42332:14.38
 34th738Darcy WILKINSON 10:16.63342:18.59
 35th751Jack ROACH 10:22.48352:24.44
 36th739Riley WILSON ILLAWARRA SPORTS ACADEMY / Mum & Dad10:27.58362:29.54
 37th718John GOLIK Raw NRG10:28.63372:30.59
 38th723Grady ERWIN 10:29.07382:31.03
 39th747Anthony FEDOROVITCH 10:34.13392:36.09
 40th830Joel LAWLIS 10:34.17402:36.13
 41st734Joshua SINCLAIR CORC10:35.31412:37.27
 42nd721Zac MCKENZIE 11:03.26423:05.22
 43rd729Ben LESLIE Sombrio11:08.32433:10.28
 44th711Tom NORTON-LAHENEY Maxxis / Mitcham Cycle Centre11:09.31443:11.27
 45th725Cody HALPIN 11:21.60453:23.56
 46th737Dan WHYTE Insane Cycles11:36.76463:38.72
 47th742Nicholas LUXFORD 12:07.34474:09.30
 48th748Zacherad LEWIS 12:14.69484:16.65
 49th720Lucas PITT 12:51.83494:53.79
 50th722David BROOKS 17:43.42509:45.38
 51st704Daniel LAVIS Allfab Constructions / SDG USA25:37.355117:39.31
 52nd731David MANTON Mum & Dad30:35.615222:37.57
 740Michael DARGAN DNF
 746Razza HAYDON DNS
 755Brycen TREVOR S&D transportDNS

Senior men  dialpad Finish spread

26 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st206Josh LYONS 8:47.761-
emoji_events2nd214Matthew WALKER Drift bike style newcastle / Sombrio8:55.5027.74s
emoji_events3rd203Jarrad CONNOLLY The Edge Cycles9:11.65323.89s
 4th226Matthew GEE 9:19.71431.95s
 5th201Leigh WEBSTER Crime Cycles9:51.2251:03.46
 6th219Kaiden MOORE 10:06.4461:18.68
 7th220Ben BAKON 10:16.9871:29.22
 8th224Joshua CURRALL 10:24.8081:37.04
 9th221Lachlan ELLIS 10:33.6691:45.90
 10th216Kyle HEDIGER 10:35.57101:47.81
 11th225Nick HAVIK 11:01.86112:14.10
 12th218Daniel MCLEAY 11:19.10122:31.34
 13th217Thomas NEWBURY 11:48.49133:00.73
 14th223Christopher ACOMB 11:55.43143:07.67
 15th202David CASEY 12:20.12153:32.36
 16th213John STEWART 13:09.30164:21.54
 17th215Simon ZHANG 14:13.78175:26.02
 18th222Shane FLINT 18:32.00189:44.24
 205Simon GLANVILLE The Bike Shed MortdaleDNS
 204Alistair GRICE Dakine / Lounge Clothing / TurnerDNS
 207Peter MUNTZ DNS
 209Christopher QUAIN DNS
 210Dane ROBSON cycle logicDNS

Master men  dialpad Finish spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st510Darren WILLIS Insane Cycles9:25.471-
emoji_events2nd501Geoff LOVIE 9:31.1025.63s
emoji_events3rd505Steven BULLARD 10:57.2631:31.79
 4th502David BADMAN Hunter Mountain Bike Association10:58.8341:33.36
 5th512Peter MAGGS 11:35.8052:10.33
 6th506Duncan SHEFFER 12:31.7763:06.30
 7th509Arlen VARTAZARIAN 14:13.0274:47.55
 8th504Peter JONES Lovely wife / Spearman Cycles16:19.9986:54.52
 503Shayne HADLEY DNS
 507Troy ROWELL Avanti Plus Specialized / Narrabeen / Supreme CyclesDNS
 514Laurence SMITH DNS

Veteran men  dialpad Finish spread

32 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st402Daniel TALIANA Raw NRG8:06.591-
emoji_events2nd405Dale THOMAS gatesead cycles8:21.14214.55s
emoji_events3rd414Daniel LYONS 8:40.45333.86s
 4th403Marc ELLIS Raw NRG8:46.64440.05s
 5th410Joel DAVIES 8:50.15543.56s
 6th401Jason ARCHER hiway cycles / k.j. johnson & co / Utopia Optics8:51.99645.40s
 7th411Scott EDWARDS Greengrocer Cycles9:10.1471:03.55
 8th432Chris MATHER 9:17.0681:10.47
 9th415Dereck MARTIN 9:24.6991:18.10
 10th416Daniel SEGERI 9:31.54101:24.95
 11th430Drew HAMILTON 9:35.78111:29.19
 12th429Daniel CHERMAK 9:40.53121:33.94
 13th424Michael CHANCE 9:42.65131:36.06
 14th406Joff MEDDER 4dh / Steep Descent9:55.01141:48.42
 15th409Joseph CAMPBELL VULCAN'S in BLACKHEATH9:56.81151:50.22
 16th408John PETERSEN Borsari Cycles & Lochinvar Landscapes9:56.96161:50.37
 17th404Michael STRATTON highway cycles10:12.99172:06.40
 18th427Chris HERRON 10:23.69182:17.10
 19th433Justin ARMSTRONG 10:41.31192:34.72
 20th422Nathan WEISS 11:11.88203:05.29
 21st412Brett EGAN Insane Cycles11:14.17213:07.58
 22nd421Marcelo CARDONA 11:29.90223:23.31
 23rd407Kym BOXALL Crime Cycles12:42.73234:36.14
 24th509Arlen VARTAZARIAN 14:13.02246:06.43
 420Paul BEGG DNS
 425Ross CLARK DNS
 419Andrew FAGG DNS
 417Mark KEEGAN Clcle Logic / Freelap / Manitou / Rotec Cycles / ShimanoDNS
 426Peter LOCKE DNS

Super Master men  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st553Tony HUNTER 11:16.721-
emoji_events2nd551Stephen COLES 12:21.7521:05.03
emoji_events3rd552Martin GRIFFITH SWITCHMODE POWER SUPPLIES13:54.4832:37.76
 555Ed (Hollywood) BREEN DNS
 554John WHITE DNS

Novice men  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st945Jason SONNEVELD 10:51.201-
emoji_events2nd944Christopher STRAKA 14:57.8824:06.68
 941Kaine TREVOR S&D transportDNS

Hardtail men  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st902Daniel PAINE 9:34.841-
emoji_events2nd903Adam MCINNES 10:09.45234.61s
emoji_events3rd904Ryan HEANEY 10:55.9531:21.11
 4th901Michael CALDWELL 11:13.4441:38.60
 5th905Pascal ZIMMERMANN 12:22.0052:47.16
 907Blair EWING DNS
 906Elijah MARINOV DNS

17-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

49 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st642Shaun O'CONNOR Raw NRG / Santa Cruz / Thor7:11.571-
emoji_events2nd606Matt VINCENT 7:12.5320.96s
emoji_events3rd601Dylan PROHM Astrix Bikes / endeavour cycles / IXS-Gravity7:15.0133.44s
 4th611Murray STEPHENS Bendigo Cycles7:28.39416.82s
 5th603Rhys WILLEMSE Cropthorn / Intense Tyre Systems / Santa Cruz7:30.54518.97s
 6th604Laurie DINHAM Cycleworx Adelaide7:32.02620.45s
 7th653Ben LEAPER 7:38.37726.80s
 8th608Austin HICKS avid / Fox / Intence / Monza Imports / rockshock / SRAM7:38.54826.97s
 9th634Clark HAWKE Nicolai / Rouler Imports / SRAM7:42.07930.50s
 10th602Tamryn MURRELL CBD robina7:42.541030.97s
 11th607David MAUD Bendigo Cycles7:43.161131.59s
 12th612Ben NYLEN Fox Racing Shox / Raw NRG / Yetti Australia7:45.941234.37s
 13th643Liam PAIARO 7:47.071335.50s
 14th610Mitch FORBES Raw NRG / Shimano / Thredbo7:50.081438.51s
 15th617Benjamin WILSON (20+) ILLAWARRA SPORTS ACADEMY / Mum & Dad7:51.741540.17s
 16th609Tommy ROWE Aldgate Bike Shop7:54.711643.14s
 17th615Raffi MOSS Raw NRG / Shimano / Thredbo7:55.541743.97s
 18th640James TAORMINA go to site / Maxxis7:57.151845.58s
 19th639Elliot SMITH 7:59.031947.46s
 20th605Dave HABICHT Downhill Direct / imperial products / Turner7:59.352047.78s
 21st630Jock FARRINGTON 8:02.232150.66s
 22nd633Llewellwyn GRIFFITH SWITCHMODE POWER SUPPLIES8:04.362252.79s
 23rd641Tim WINDSHUTTLE 8:07.752356.18s
 24th632David GNANY MTB STRENGTH PROGRAME / Spy8:18.76241:07.19
 25th647Pat YOUNG 8:29.12251:17.55
 26th626Jason CAPENECAS 8:29.34261:17.77
 27th618Hans HADLEY 8:32.53271:20.96
 28th652Tom FOGARTY Doubt it8:36.43281:24.86
 29th620Kim BISHOP 8:39.51291:27.94
 30th616Ryan HUNT Camden Cycles / Utopia Optics8:40.94301:29.37
 31st644Riaan SMITH 8:41.09311:29.52
 32nd625Chris BREBNER CBR / Duncon Bikes / Spirit Distributions / Trak cycles8:45.27321:33.70
 33rd637James SCOTT (ret.) bikeology / kevin 078:47.62331:36.05
 34th648Tom MALLETT 8:54.91341:43.34
 35th621Benjamin FAIRBANKS Fairbanks Eye Gallery8:55.73351:44.16
 36th628Andy DAY iRide go to site / go to site / Sportz9:00.05361:48.48
 37th645Obi NOBEL 9:20.46372:08.89
 38th613Jack PAYNE Aldgate Bikes9:21.33382:09.76
 39th649Ben THOMAS (u40) 9:21.46392:09.89
 40th651Joel KNIGHT 9:23.93402:12.36
 41st646Tim SMYTH 9:35.96412:24.39
 42nd629Jed ERWIN 9:39.67422:28.10
 43rd622Will ARNOTT 9:41.66432:30.09
 44th631Ian FORBES 12:36.56445:24.99
 623Oliver ASH DNS
 627Greg COOKE DNS
 650Anthony RODGERS DNS
 638Kyle SHIPP DNS



Elite women  dialpad Finish spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st304Tracey HANNAH Raw NRG7:47.891-
emoji_events2nd302Emma MCNAUGHTON Adidas / DRIFT / Kona Mt Buller / Marzochi / Shimano8:48.0421:00.15
emoji_events3rd303Caroline BUCHANAN Crank Brothers / KHS Bicycles Inc / The Bike Shed / Unit clothing8:53.1531:05.26
 4th301Claire WHITEMAN KONA MT BULLER FACTORY DH TEAM8:58.0341:10.14
 5th306Jayne RUTTER Biomechanics Cycles and Repairs9:25.5151:37.62
 6th305Sarah BOOTH Crime Cycles / Mace / Netti-atom9:30.0261:42.13
 7th308Shannon CHUGG 9:57.1172:09.22
 8th312Sarsha HUNTINGTON go to site / Norco10:22.7082:34.81
 9th309Rosemary BARNES Giant10:56.7693:08.87
 10th314Vanessa THOMPSON 11:01.74103:13.85
 11th313Kathleen BEGGS 11:02.20113:14.31
 310Fran CONNELL cycle logic / Freelap / Rotec Cycles / ShimanoDNS
 311Kelly HUGHES DNS
 307Cara SMITH On Ya Bike Civic & Belconnen / Paton PerformanceDNS

U17 girls  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st1751Emily HOCKEY Maxxis / Mitcham Cycle Centre / Mum & Dad11:25.891-
emoji_events2nd1752Jasmin ROSA Maxxis / metro car detailers / Mitcham Cycles12:04.55238.66s
emoji_events3rd1753Bec KIRSS Maxxis / Mum & Dad27:04.17315:38.28

Veteran women  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st481Susan FORRESTER cycle logic12:23.781-
emoji_events2nd483Margo PEART 14:23.4221:59.64
emoji_events3rd484Sarah REYNOLDS 15:39.8533:16.07
 4th485Rachelle MADDOCK 17:40.3345:16.55

Novice women

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Sponsors Race Diff
emoji_events1st943Petra TESAROVA 20:19.991-
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