2016 Phat Kids round 2 at Whistler, BC


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7-8 boys  dialpad Finish spread

17 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st431Devin LAEPPLE 4:04.7731-
emoji_events2nd413Rafe HUDSON 4:10.15625.383s
emoji_events3rd488Noah MILNER 4:13.16438.391s
 4th476Mateo QUIST 4:17.219412.446s
 5th484Kade GOSSMAN 4:22.139517.366s
 6th470Cole GAUTREY 4:23.570618.797s
 7th407Nate WILSON 4:33.871729.098s
 8th406Shepard WOOD 4:41.841837.068s
 9th400Diesel RIIBER 5:05.05591:00.282
 10th430Nolan CAMPBELL 5:06.098101:01.325
 11th456Cove WHITE 5:10.046111:05.273
 12th462Daniel ZURESKI 5:14.053121:09.280
 13th450Sean MACLEOD 5:24.654131:19.881
 14th461Riley DREVER 5:34.894141:30.121
 15th490Jack HAGUE 5:45.300151:40.527
 16th423Mason FOOSE 6:28.118162:23.345
 449Landon DEVALL

9-10 boys  dialpad Finish spread

26 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st460Jon MOZELL 3:49.5541-
emoji_events2nd442Ryan GRIFFITH 3:51.56822.014s
emoji_events3rd404Anthony SHELLY 3:53.16533.611s
 4th464Dane JEWETT 3:53.42943.875s
 5th444Dylan MARINO 3:57.27957.725s
 6th445Mikey SALLE 4:00.215610.661s
 7th448Benjamin DE VALL 4:04.721715.167s
 8th487Ethan DONOHOE 4:05.972816.418s
 9th419Landon MOLD 4:06.012916.458s
 10th447Rowan SAYERS 4:09.6041020.050s
 11th483Jake POLITO 4:10.4421120.888s
 12th433Cameron KEULING 4:11.6981222.144s
 13th403Griffin WOOD 4:13.8421324.288s
 14th473Jacob QUIST 4:21.0181431.464s
 15th468Sam TIERNEY 4:22.1331532.579s
 16th434Oliver MARSHALL 4:29.1161639.562s
 17th493Jesse-Fin GROOT 4:31.0071741.453s
 18th480Charlie MCLELLAN 4:31.6911842.137s
 19th429Liam CAMPBELL 4:37.5331947.979s
 20th451Jack MACLEOD 4:40.6252051.071s
 21st437Ben FISH 4:47.0882157.534s
 22nd440Cole CONSTANTINI 4:52.093221:02.539
 23rd496Jacob MAYO 4:55.365231:05.811
 24th408Gavin PENNOCK 4:58.041241:08.487
 25th498Rowan HARDIE 5:01.326251:11.772
 26th472Ryker RIVINIUS 5:04.447261:14.893

11-12 boys  dialpad Finish spread

20 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st422Wei Tien HO 3:44.7791-
emoji_events2nd459Jackson GOLDSTONE 3:44.86320.084s
emoji_events3rd471Mason GAUTREY 3:45.09230.313s
 4th457Tegan CRUZ 3:47.07642.297s
 5th409Marcus GOGUEN 3:53.88759.108s
 6th485Jacob COLEMAN 3:54.66269.883s
 7th401Sami TEITZEL 3:57.248712.469s
 8th446Garrett SAYERS 3:57.981813.202s
 9th474Lochlan WILSON 3:59.206914.427s
 10th455Frank HAMILTON 3:59.9151015.136s
 11th441Nicholas BODDY 4:04.0561119.277s
 12th435Sam MARSHALL 4:06.1321221.353s
 13th478Daniel CASTELLANOS 4:08.9611324.182s
 14th466Callum FARLANE 4:15.0651430.286s
 15th421Emerson RAFFLER 4:22.6891537.910s
 16th469Dax FRANCIS 4:22.7811638.002s
 17th418Daniel GALBRAITH 4:25.5071740.728s
 18th492Alfie CARBONELL 4:26.1071841.328s
 19th432Marco VEGA 4:35.9611951.182s
 20th426Owen REHEL 4:38.4852053.706s

13-17 boys  dialpad Finish spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st475Leif WILSON 3:38.0041-
emoji_events2nd443Matthew GRIFFITH 3:43.35225.348s
emoji_events3rd412William HUDSON 3:47.00839.004s
 4th454Ben RICHTER 3:48.415410.411s
 5th482Kai MARTIN 3:51.403513.399s
 6th439Nelson FISH 3:52.220614.216s
 7th417John GALBRAITH 3:53.082715.078s
 8th465Matteo ZUMPANO 3:56.560818.556s
 9th452Jose MUNOZ 4:00.043922.039s
 10th477Grae ROBERTSON 4:06.7351028.731s
 11th489Miles PHILLIPPI 4:07.6181129.614s
 12th467Ryan MCKINTOSH (u18) 4:13.4701235.466s
 13th481Stephen ROSS 4:18.5441340.540s
 14th428Guillermo JIMENEZ 4:24.7931446.789s



7-8 girls  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st427Isla INGLIS 4:50.4781-
emoji_events2nd414Riley LOWDON 5:48.752258.274s
emoji_events3rd416Nola PIPKEY 5:52.11531:01.637
 4th495Maggy SMITH 6:35.46341:44.985
 5th405Samantha SHELLY 7:29.74452:39.266
 6th402Liv TEITZEL 7:46.29262:55.814
 7th497Ella MAYO 10:09.27275:18.794

9-10 girls  dialpad Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st424Chanel Nelli WYLD 4:48.0211-
emoji_events2nd486Maya COLEMAN 4:49.72321.702s
emoji_events3rd436Kayla CONSTANTINI 4:56.55838.537s
 4th425Samarra WRIGHTSON 5:01.305413.284s
 5th494Lucy SMITH 5:10.306522.285s
 6th415Milah PIPKEY 5:23.721635.700s
 7th453Anna MUNOZ 5:47.634759.613s
 8th410Vanessa YOUNG 5:48.40781:00.386
 9th411Serena HUDSON 5:57.88591:09.864
 10th491Bruna DIAS 6:32.304101:44.283

13-17 girls  dialpad Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st458Bailey GOLDSTONE 4:09.4991-
emoji_events2nd438Amanda CONSTANTINI 4:27.866218.367s
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