2017 Australian National Series round 1 at Awaba, NSW

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The original results are available at http://www.mtba.asn.au/wp-content/uploads/2017-DHI-National-Series-Round-1-Final…

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Elite men  Finish spread

40 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st2Troy BROSNAN 3:30.911-
2nd38Jake NEWELL 3:36.0025.09s
3rd4Jackson FREW 3:36.9236.01s
4th16Brent SMITH 3:37.5546.64s
5th11Joel WILLIS 3:38.2757.36s
6th18Luke ELLISON 3:38.9868.07s
7th5Remy MORTON 3:41.84710.93s
8th13Matthew MCCORKELL 3:42.10811.19s
9th28Rick BOYER 3:42.53911.62s
10th6Harry BUSH 3:42.851011.94s
11th9Andrew CRIMMINS 3:42.971112.06s
12th14Benjamin DENGATE 3:43.561212.65s
13th3Oliver ZWAR 3:43.771312.86s
14th27Duke MILLINGTON 3:44.291413.38s
15th12Ben CORY 3:46.221515.31s
16th7Thomas CRIMMINS (elt) 3:48.211617.30s
17th10Chris KOVARIK 3:49.661718.75s
18th31Blake NIELSEN 3:49.941819.03s
19th26Hamish COWAN 3:50.711919.80s
20th15Ryan LEUTTON 3:51.152020.24s
21st8Tim EATON 3:52.922122.01s
22nd33Dave HABICHT 3:54.032223.12s
23rd19Michael WILLIS 3:55.802324.89s
24th36Jeremy ARMSTRONG 3:56.872425.96s
25th35Jackson WHITE 3:57.042526.13s
26th24Murray STEPHENS 3:58.042627.13s
27th17Daniel BENDER 3:58.582727.67s
28th32Jacob MOSSNER 3:59.802828.89s
29th34Callum DAWES 4:04.842933.93s
30th39Phillip PIAZZA 4:11.133040.22s
31st23Thomas STEELE-MCLAREN 4:12.603141.69s
32nd20Ashlee GOLDING 4:38.58321:07.67
33rd25Thomas HORN 4:39.43331:08.52
34th21Jacob CROSS 4:54.71341:23.80
1Graeme MUDD
22Elliot RIED
40Daniel SMITH (u35)

Expert men  Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st104Simon CAMPBELL 4:24.831-
2nd103Justin MCELHENNY 4:41.17216.34s
3rd105Hamish MCDONALD 5:07.86343.03s
4th102Brendan BOND 5:19.27454.44s
5th101Mitchell FRASER 6:02.7951:37.96

U13 boys  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st904Felix ASHTON 5:53.811-
2nd901Rennie FALCONER 6:01.0927.28s
3rd903William IRELAND 6:18.74324.93s
4th902Lewis ALLBON 7:20.1641:26.35

U15 boys  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st801Troy WEINERT 4:11.631-
2nd809Jackson CONNELLY 4:30.69219.06s
3rd803Dylan KUIPER-GOW 4:34.54322.91s
4th804Remy MEIER-SMITH 4:34.60422.97s
5th808Charlie JONES 4:38.88527.25s
6th806Angus FALCONER 5:00.73649.10s
7th802Thomas KRPAN 5:04.80753.17s
8th807Jackson LLOYD 5:12.3381:00.70
805Alexander UNICOMB DNS

U17 boys  Finish spread

32 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st701Kye A'HERN 3:48.831-
2nd702Ethan CORNEY 3:56.9428.11s
3rd705Pacey STOCKTON 3:57.3838.55s
4th706Cooper DOWNEY 4:06.14417.31s
5th703Oskar WHITE 4:06.24517.41s
6th718Josh ARCUS 4:08.47619.64s
7th720Tyson RICHENS 4:11.92723.09s
8th721Keegan SMITH 4:17.44828.61s
9th731Lyndon KERR 4:20.52931.69s
10th713Jake HORN 4:24.071035.24s
11th711Luke MEIER-SMITH 4:26.821137.99s
12th728Kaden MUNSEI 4:28.041239.21s
13th727Will BAKER 4:28.981340.15s
14th724Lincoln DAVIS 4:30.481441.65s
15th719Oliver ARCUS 4:37.271548.44s
16th712Lachlan BATTY 4:39.231650.40s
17th730Joshua MCCRYSTAL 4:42.051753.22s
18th715Lachlan CLARKE 4:44.651855.82s
19th704Nathan CUBIT 4:48.121959.29s
20th725Stephan FICOVIC 4:50.12201:01.29
21st710Jayden DENNIS 4:50.67211:01.84
22nd717Nathan WRIGHT 4:52.29221:03.46
23rd722Tyler BEER 5:04.59231:15.76
24th708Kyle FOX 5:12.98241:24.15
25th723Charlie TRUE 5:13.45251:24.62
26th729Brian MITCHELL MACCABE 5:13.63261:24.80
27th707Hayden WITTINGSLOW 5:24.10271:35.27
28th726Wil WRIGHTSON 5:27.22281:38.39
29th714Thomas CALDERON 8:48.06294:59.23
732Ferdinando FAMELI

U19 men  Finish spread

24 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st211Patrick BUTLER 3:34.161-
2nd202Joshua CLARK 3:39.2525.09s
3rd203Harry PARSONS 3:43.8939.73s
4th201Baxter MAIWALD 3:47.41413.25s
5th205Darcy COUTTS 3:47.67513.51s
6th204Benjamin ZWAR KVIST 3:51.29617.13s
7th214Niki BARBER 3:53.22719.06s
8th210Bryce HEATHCOTE 3:55.14820.98s
9th206Dylan LOMBARD 3:59.43925.27s
10th220Zack HUTCHISON 4:01.951027.79s
11th218Christopher PALSER 4:06.781132.62s
12th224Tyson WISE 4:11.201237.04s
13th222Jonah DUNNE 4:14.571340.41s
14th207Cameron CUBIT 4:19.191445.03s
15th215Samuel HARDMAN 4:19.691545.53s
16th208Riley HORSMAN 4:22.661648.50s
17th216Sandy PARTON 4:22.821748.66s
18th221Jack SKEWES 4:31.341857.18s
19th213Sam BROWN 4:32.941958.78s
20th219Nick REDWIN 4:54.76201:20.60
21st217Andy BEER 4:57.09211:22.93
212Rohan TAIT DNS
223Aiden PAFF

30-34 men  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st303Aaron CAIRNS 4:19.471-
2nd305Kye HORE 4:25.0825.61s
3rd301Reece CARTER 4:26.3036.83s
4th302Joshua LAURIE 4:40.25420.78s

35-39 men  Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st402Brett POPLE 3:59.941-
2nd406Chris MARTIN 4:02.3122.37s
3rd401Daniel SEIDEL 4:17.10317.16s
4th403Michael CLARKE 4:37.48437.54s
5th404Paul BENNETT 5:13.6551:13.71
6th405James RUSSELL 7:44.7163:44.77
407Adrian BROGAN

40-44 men  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st506Rick KEHOE 4:12.221-
2nd502Paul WALTON 4:18.0125.79s
3rd505David SHARP 4:36.34324.12s
4th504Craig LYONS 5:34.2841:22.06

45-49 men  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st605Geoff WEINERT 4:51.081-
2nd603Craig COGGINS 4:54.8123.73s
3rd602Adam DENNIS 5:15.53324.45s
4th604Mark COLLINS 5:37.49446.41s
5th601Rob O'BRIEN 6:41.9251:50.84

50-54 men  Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st351Mark O'DONOHUE 5:14.011-
352Arthur LAPPAS DNS

60-64 men

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st551Stephen COLES 6:11.861-



Elite women  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st1002Danielle BEECROFT 4:19.781-
2nd1001Tegan MOLLOY 4:27.7027.92s
3rd1004Sarah BOOTH 4:55.27335.49s
1003Kellie WEINERT

U15 girls

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st1801Ashleigh WEINERT 5:44.581-

U17 girls  Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st1702Cassie VOYSEY 5:56.381-
2nd1701Emily O'BRIEN 16:13.79210:17.41

U19 women  Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st1202Ellie SMITH 4:31.151-
2nd1201Sally POTTER 6:07.7721:36.62

30-34 women

1 competitor found

50-54 women

1 competitor found

PosBib Name Race Diff
1st1351Coleen BOYES 5:00.171-
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