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2017 NZDHCo round 4, Fringed Hill, Nelson

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Male: Elite  Spread

20 competitors found

PosName Run 1 Diff
1stPhil ATWILL 4:39.041-
2ndWyn MASTERS 4:40.1121.07s
3rdKieran BENNETT 4:49.30310.26s
4thSam BLENKINSOP 4:51.45412.41s
5thBen KARALUS 4:51.85512.81s
6thKeegan WRIGHT 4:52.09613.05s
7thCole LUCAS 4:55.97716.93s
8thPeter BETHELL 4:57.11818.07s
9thRupert CHAPMAN 4:58.44919.40s
10thSam TODD 4:58.511019.47s
11thRod HALL 5:04.571125.53s
12thJack HUMPHRIES 5:16.481237.44s
13thMilan MYŠÍK 5:16.811337.77s
14thGareth BURGESS 5:16.821437.78s
15thLeonard SONNTAG 5:19.181540.14s
16thTom MATTHEWS 5:28.741649.70s
17thEthan BURGESS 5:29.051750.01s
18thMat PRIOR 5:34.281855.24s
19thJosh REILLY 5:41.04191:02.00
20thNicholas MCCONACHIE 9:14.95204:35.91

Male: Senior  Spread

18 competitors found

PosName Run 1 Diff
1stAidan LIMMER 5:05.791-
2ndAmani MCINTYRE 5:08.5922.80s
3rdOscar PERKS 5:09.4633.67s
4thLoui HARVEY 5:10.2344.44s
5thKim NEWTON 5:10.6754.88s
6thTroy STEWART 5:26.22620.43s
7thShaun BARCLAY 5:32.96727.17s
8thCaleb BURGESS 5:33.12827.33s
9thAnton WEATHERLY 5:44.10938.31s
10thMical WILSON 5:51.471045.68s
11thCameron RICHARDS 5:53.121147.33s
12thJosh CLARK 5:58.291252.50s
13thAlex KENNETT 5:59.841354.05s
14thTom SINCLAIR 6:10.88141:05.09
15thJake GLOVER 6:12.98151:07.19
16thCaelab DRUMMOND 7:58.18162:52.39
17thJake SHIRLEY 11:17.72176:11.93
18thZac PORTER 12:18.18187:12.39

Male: U15  Spread

6 competitors found

PosName Run 1 Diff
1stGuy JOHNSTON 5:41.531-
2ndJames MACDERMID 5:46.5325.00s
3rdCameron MARSHALL 6:16.20334.67s
4thRiley ADLAM 6:22.22440.69s
5thMax CAULTON 6:50.5051:08.97
6thMonty DAWSON 8:05.3962:23.86

Male: U17  Spread

15 competitors found

PosName Run 1 Diff
1stSam GALE 5:29.041-
2ndAlex BARKE 5:30.7721.73s
3rdFinn PARSONS 5:32.6933.65s
4thJayd ADLAM-KENNEDY 5:34.6445.60s
5thBlake ROSS 5:37.4858.44s
6thTodd BALLANCE 5:37.5668.52s
7thFinn HAWKESBY-BROWNE 5:41.88712.84s
8thIsaac EWEN 5:42.92813.88s
9thZante STONE 6:00.34931.30s
10thEthan GROVER 6:07.721038.68s
11thFinn RICHARDSON 6:16.241147.20s
12thFin STEWART 6:18.041249.00s
13thSeamus O'DONNELL 6:21.641352.60s
14thJack EDWARDS 6:56.35141:27.31
15thJack BATEUP 7:10.42151:41.38

Male: U19  Spread

24 competitors found

PosName Run 1 Diff
1stSam ROBBIE 4:59.621-
2ndBilly MEACLEM 5:09.2529.63s
3rdJosh OXENHAM 5:10.39310.77s
4thCalum BOOTH 5:15.11415.49s
5thNils HEINIGER 5:15.14515.52s
6thMax HIDES 5:17.06617.44s
7thBrady STONE 5:20.08720.46s
8thJonty VINK 5:35.80836.18s
9thHarry SANGSTER 5:39.89940.27s
10thLiam GOODWIN 5:47.211047.59s
11thJames CARLEY 5:48.241148.62s
12thAngus MEMEKINSTRY 5:48.901249.28s
13thCaleb OLIVER 5:48.921349.30s
14thJohn LAWS 5:49.471449.85s
15thHunter CHUNG 5:57.081557.46s
16thLiam BARCLAY 6:02.07161:02.45
17thWilliam MACDERMID 6:03.59171:03.97
18thJosh UMBERS 6:07.39181:07.77
19thZephyr MCGOWAN 6:31.95191:32.33
20thJordan CHARTERIS 6:34.20201:34.58
21stFletcher DAWSON 6:37.90211:38.28
Anton COUSINS      DNF

Male: 30-39  Spread

13 competitors found

PosName Run 1 Diff
1stNathan RANKIN 5:02.001-
2ndJase CHRISTIE 5:24.22222.22s
3rdMatt CABLE 5:35.85333.85s
4thHamish BERKETT 5:35.87433.87s
5thJan VANER 5:36.49534.49s
6thMike EVANS 5:42.96640.96s
7thLiam BATT 5:45.47743.47s
8thMark NEWTON 5:50.79848.79s
9thTristan RAWLENCE 5:51.31949.31s
10thJason GURR 6:32.26101:30.26
11thOliver WHALLEY 6:39.71111:37.71
12thDanijel DUVNJAK 7:35.17122:33.17
13thMorgan RIGBY 11:52.24136:50.24

Male: 40+  Spread

6 competitors found

PosName Run 1 Diff
1stKris LIMMER 5:53.211-
2ndKevin ENGLISH 6:00.0926.88s
3rdDaniel GANNAWAY 6:51.93358.72s
4thGlenn RICHARDSON 7:12.9141:19.70
5thJustin WALSH 7:43.3751:50.16



Female: Elite  Spread

3 competitors found

PosName Run 1 Diff
1stShania RAWSON 5:59.671-
2ndSarah ATKIN 6:06.6727.00s
3rdAgata BULSKA 7:55.8831:56.21

Female: Senior

1 competitor found

PosName Run 1 Diff
1stJess ENLUND 9:01.911-

Female: U17  Spread

2 competitors found

PosName Run 1 Diff
1stAmber WERENSTEYN 8:04.011-
Nikki CLARKE      DNF

Female: U19  Spread

2 competitors found

PosName Run 1 Diff
1stSkye FOLLAS 6:37.531-
2ndEmma BATEUP 6:41.0723.54s

Female: 30-34  Spread

5 competitors found

PosName Run 1 Diff
1stAmanda PEARCE 6:17.731-
2ndJo PERROTT 6:36.40218.67s
3rdAnja MCDONALD 6:46.79329.06s
4thDeanna ELVINES 7:01.40443.67s
5thKatie RODDIS 8:05.8751:48.14

Key:   DNS - did not start   DNF - did not finish   DSQ - disqualified   DNQ - did not qualify   DNP - did not proceed   NTR - no time recorded   CUT - did not make the cut-off   TBC - to be confirmed   N/C - not classified

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