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2017 NW Cup round 7 at Stevens Pass, WA

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Pro men  Finish spread

25 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st32Carson EISWALD 478276Bellingham, WAFairhaven Bicycles / Maxxis2:33.5692:26.191-
2nd769Luke STEVENS 10007880888Bevelstoke, BC2:31.3342:26.7820.59s
3rd5Weston POTTER 424874E. Wenatchee, WATransition EVO Racing2:28.3612:27.2031.01s
4th31Jason EISWALD 468093Bellingham, WADeity / GD / Leatt / Maxxis2:29.1522:27.9141.72s
5th8Nikolas CLARKE 334728Redmond, WA100% / Bikesale.com go to site / Picot cycles2:33.3682:28.2752.08s
6th49Kasper DEAN 403318Bellingham, WA2:31.5152:30.2764.08s
7th50Kevin LITTLEFIELD 311006Auburnb, WAPerfect descent MTB clinics2:34.12102:30.3174.12s
8th137Torsenn BROWN 511643Hood River, ORMountainview Cycles2:30.5632:30.3284.13s
9th3Matt ORLANDO 295526Gig Harbor, WAEVO / Transition Bikes3:07.89222:31.5695.37s
10th35Rhys EWING 286964Eugene, ORDeity / team scraper2:34.59112:31.70105.51s
11th69Trevor LEWIS 498769Renton, WAB-line racing2:32.9862:32.11115.92s
12th9Jesse RANSAVAGE 303895Seattle, WADevinci2:36.03132:32.17125.98s
13th45Wood SKINNER 294580Hermiston, ORAll Out Racing / Lost Bikes / Rev grips2:36.56142:32.33136.14s
14th23Brian DAVISON 379122Bellingham, WALost Bikes2:33.2672:35.43149.24s
15th41Kris CHRISTENSEN 259558Kirkland, WAMojo WheelsDNS2:35.59159.40s
16th665Kody CLARKE 418330Duvall, WAAll Out Racing2:35.54122:35.60169.41s
17th15Josh GIBB 375698Redmond, WADFT united2:43.07162:36.391710.20s
18th10Alex WYNAKOS 428544Monroe, WAAll Out Racing / YT Industries2:45.57182:39.381813.19s
19th534Adam RANSAVAGE 2192607Ellensberg, WA2:46.31192:40.631914.44s
20th13Bailey VILLALOVOS 470329Federal Way, WADFT united2:43.56172:41.152014.96s
21st932Steve MEZA 94417Kirkland, WAWoodinville BikesDNS2:48.362122.17s
22nd916Josh DE LA SALLE CAY00116Whitehorse, BC3:02.05212:55.802229.61s
23rd872Trevor ALTIZER 371953Bothell, WA2:54.10202:56.192330.00s
24th950Steven SIMPSON 437997Sumner, WA2:42.84152:58.902432.71s
27Cameron HOEFER 302528Bothell, WABikesale.com go to site / PivotDNSDNS

Cat 1: 0-18 boys  Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st178Declan ERVIN 478275Bellevue, WARide Fox / Schwalbe2:36.3832:30.351-
2nd101Dylan BROWN (u20) 458932Bothell, WAAll Out Racing / DVO Suspension / FSA / Tigatu2:33.6212:31.2820.93s
3rd229Gideon BENDER 271119Duvall, WARad racing NW2:38.1552:34.9134.56s
4th458Chris WHARTON 473475Sammamish, WAProgression Cycle2:40.3272:34.9344.58s
5th100Ethan LIEB 460616Bellevue, WADT Swiss / Fanatik Bike Co. / FiveTen / Leatt / Norco / Shimano / Smith2:36.6142:35.1654.81s
6th230Tyler BOMMARITO 492039Renton, WAB-line racing2:42.4982:36.3966.04s
7th428Bryce KANS 534553Maple Valley, WAB-line racing2:38.8662:40.0179.66s
8th644Simon PATAMIA 4836744Burien, WAKrispy Kreme Factory Racing2:50.88102:43.37813.02s
9th179Spencer ERVIN 504575Bellevue, WA6D Helmets / e*thirteen / Schwalbe2:46.7392:44.02913.67s
433Layton MEYERS 414457Maple Valley, WAKona2:34.692DNF

Cat 1: 19-29 men  Finish spread

17 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st185Marc SOELBERG 503776Valleyford, WAThe Bike Hub2:37.331-
2nd545Austin LANCASTER (cat1) 424651Central Point, OR2:39.4822.15s
3rd678Nick LOCKE 476505Moscow, IDParadise Creek Bikes2:40.9033.57s
4th668Rowan BATEMAN 382383Portland, ORCyclepath PDX2:40.9343.60s
5th784Forrest TAYLOR 507451Spokane, WASilver Valley Moon Dusters / SPP / The Bike Hub2:41.6154.28s
6th226Peter BUCKLEY 432205Snohomish, WAB-line racing2:41.6764.34s
7th208Rye LIVINGSTON 498560Portland, ORCyclepath PDX2:42.0674.73s
8th134Steve TAUSCHECK 236508Anacortes, WAEpic Racing2:44.5187.18s
9th442Chris SANCHEZ 375624Camas, WANorthwest Bicycle2:49.63912.30s
10th443Halvor NORRIS 501889Spokane, WANorthwest Bicycle / X-Fusion Shox2:50.421013.09s
11th460Nick LERMA 530102Portland, ORCyclepath PDX2:52.681115.35s
12th118Eric EVANS (u40) 288604Bellingham, WALost Bikes3:02.171224.84s
13th160Walter SORENSON 530099Eugene, ORDude3:07.491330.16s
447Cole TOWNSEND 455129Mukilteo, WAMaxxis / Spank / SpecializedDNF
823Frankie CULHNO 485831Kellog, IDAmazonDNS
-Brendan BOYER 473116Bellingham, WADNS
-Sergei LEONOV 522292Bellevue, WADNS

Cat 1: 30-39 men  Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st163Scott KEMP 191554Shoreline, WAEvil Bikes2:35.441-
2nd408Nick RYSER 512277Bellingham, WALennys bike shop / Lost Bikes2:41.2825.84s
3rd211Sam LARSON 314976Puyallup, WA2:43.1337.69s
4th223Michael KLENZ 410331Carlton, OR2:53.03417.59s
5th195Jesse MURDOCK 483314Vancouver, WAFiveTen / Fox / West Coast Racing2:55.24519.80s
6th416Andrew FRINK 244580Seattle, WAMojo Wheels3:26.06650.62s
7th603Mike WIESER 227734Boise, IDCanfield Brothers / Fly / Kali3:36.6371:01.19

Cat 1: 40+ men  Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st147Chris CANFIELD 172199Bellingham, WACanfield Brothers2:38.051-
2nd220Kris MELTON 428939Leavenworth, WARIDGE Cyclesport2:42.2324.18s
3rd577Keith THOMPSON 35447Tonasket, WACenter Cycle2:46.3038.25s
4th228Brad DELZER 137087Gresham, ORThe Govnor Todd Olsen2:48.62410.57s
5th167Troy BASSETT 498781Wenatchee, WAArlberg Sports / Pivot2:51.04512.99s
6th173Matthew MACARTNEY 253249Fall City, WAEpic Racing2:55.58617.53s
7th544Russell LANCASTER 430641Central Point, OR3:07.66729.61s
196Rich DENSMORE 198986Spokane, WAWest Coast RacingDNS

Cat 2: 0-14 boys  Finish spread

22 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st851Finn FINESTONE BC009083Whistler, BCChromag / FiveTen / Fox / Santa Cruz / Shimano / Spank / TLD3:22.851-
2nd657Jacob SMITH (u21) 407417Portland, ORPdx devo3:25.7122.86s
3rd260Blake RAUSCH 526890Rainier, WANem3:28.8536.00s
4th410Matt MANGANO 483883Port Angeles, WAOlymipic Dirt Society3:31.4048.55s
5th248Louie BLAIR 474255North Bend, WADFT united3:32.3159.46s
6th343Brandon DALY 529531North Bend, WANW Bicycles Rocky Mountain3:32.5769.72s
7th175Peyton PITTS 499838Bend, ORBend Endurance Academy / Spy and Ogio3:34.37711.52s
8th429Talon NORTHERN Port Angeles, WAOlympic Dity Society3:39.05816.20s
9th143Soren ULLRICH 530125Hood River, ORCooper Spur Race Team3:39.39916.54s
10th471Riley PLUMMER 524408Welches, ORDaddy!3:44.021021.17s
11th938Raymond JAMESON Bonney Lake, WA3:47.641124.79s
12th-Charlie YOOS Bellingham, WAMarch Northwest3:54.441231.59s
13th630Etan BRAVARD Portland, ORCyclepath PDX4:01.241338.39s
14th227Braden DELZER 403733Gresham, ORLegion of Dirt / Renthal4:07.851445.00s
15th933Kyle STROM Whitefsh, MTEspresso Chalet4:13.431550.58s
16th948Declan RITCHIE Seattle, WA#trees4:16.071653.22s
17th402Sebastian ROTHGEB Vancouver, WASingle Track Minds4:18.031755.18s
18th951Kevin RAHSAZ 10059978515Sammamish, WA4:18.811855.96s
19th930Caden GRAY Mukilteo, WATim's Bike Shop4:23.00191:00.15
20th434Cody MATZ Chehalis, WA4:24.37201:01.52
21st928Kevin JORGENSEN Mukilteo, WATim's Bike Shop4:36.49211:13.64
934Andre STROM Whitefish, MTEspresso ChaletDNF

Cat 2: 15-18 boys  Finish spread

29 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st906Garrett MADARAS Portland, ORCyclepath PDX3:08.941-
2nd142Gavin ULLRICH 530127Hood River, ORDIRTY FINGERS BIKES3:20.11211.17s
3rd467John FRISCHKORN 473555Sammamish, WANorthwest Bike3:20.65311.71s
4th743Cole HOLLAND 529646Kirkland, WAAll Mountain Style / Powder Posse3:20.87411.93s
5th910Liam GILLIKIN Cashmere, WAMom3:21.02512.08s
6th602Kai SPAFFORD 477751Bend, ORBend Endurance Academy3:23.78614.84s
7th451Henri VERGARA-GRINDELL Forest Grove, OR3:29.11720.17s
8th717Ezra NORTHERN Port Angeles, WAOlympic Dirt Society3:30.20821.26s
9th378Jake COON 432152Bellingham, WAFanatik Bike Co.3:30.58921.64s
10th404Jackson ZECHNICH 536353Portland, OR3:31.941023.00s
11th177Caleb ELY 533518Bend, ORGravity Cartel / Smith3:35.671126.73s
12th427Dylan SCHWENK Anacortes, WAYour Mom3:36.441227.50s
13th824Carl BUETER Issaquah, WAMom & Dad3:37.821328.88s
14th375Cullen PAILLE Seattle, WAJRA bicycles3:38.051429.11s
15th107Avery GRAY Yakima, WADesert Valley Racing3:38.701529.76s
16th413Wilfred PUGH 528255Enumclaw, WAKrispy Kreme Factory Racing / Mom and Dad3:39.991631.05s
17th235Teddy GUTTERUD 524476Black Diamond, WARotec Cycles3:42.691733.75s
18th356Graham COWLES 508213Bothell, WAKrispy Kreme Factory Racing3:44.151835.21s
19th307Nick FASANO 473168Sammamish, WASweetlines3:45.451936.51s
20th949Aidan RITCHIE Seattle, WA3:47.292038.35s
21st901Emerson BUSSE Wenatchee, WARidge Cycle Sport3:47.522138.58s
22nd587Collin WALLA Edmonds, WAKid Dynamite, / Xevo Optics3:57.662248.72s
23rd373Gavin BUCHANAN Everett, WATim's Bike Shop4:03.142354.20s
24th859Austin ROSE Anacortes, WAYour Mom4:09.04241:00.10
25th385Johnny POWNALL North Bend, WANorthwest Bicycle4:12.19251:03.25
26th358Quinlan JORDAN 468989Chattaroy, WAKnolly Bikes4:39.10261:30.16
27th643Jonathan WILLIAMS Chattaroy, WAIndian Trail Physical Therapy5:03.42271:54.48
635Michael BUCKLEY Monroe, WAB-line racing / Mom and DadDNF
896Alexander PERELMAN Duvall, WADNS

Cat 2: 19-29 men  Finish spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st409Max FORD West Richland, WADesert Velocity Racing3:21.571-
2nd695Jiayi SONG Burnaby, BC3:25.8424.27s
3rd215Tyler COURTRIGHT Moses Lake, WAPowder Posse3:26.7335.16s
4th-Llewellwyn GRIFFITH Seatac, WA3:27.2945.72s
5th739Mitchell SENOUR Beaverton, OR3:34.38512.81s
6th576Joel MATTECHECK Portland, ORATLAS / Evolution nutrition / O'Neal3:34.50612.93s
7th350Dillon SMITH Port Townsend, WA3:35.65714.08s
8th655Brandon ROSS Arlington, WAB-line racing3:38.16816.59s
9th672Michael WHITLEY 498692Puyallup, WAKnolly Bikes3:38.35916.78s
10th116Michael HOWE 392963Bellingham, WALost Bikes / Magna Tactics / REBel Riders3:38.951017.38s
11th761Stephen WHITLEY Puyallup, WA3:46.591125.02s
12th931Tanner CLARKE Monroe, WA3:50.831229.26s
13th946Andy CHAPMAN Redmond, WA3:54.371332.80s
14th673Cavin REWOLDT Enumclaw, WAK.T.K Aviation3:59.771438.20s
15th922Colton PETERSON Port Orchard, WA4:16.711555.14s
16th908Chris MEYERS Seattle, WA4:48.88161:27.31

Cat 2: 30-39 men  Finish spread

22 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st584Bryan CAMPBELL Port Angeles, WACasey / Scott3:28.351-
2nd696Bryson OTTO 530077Post Falls, ID3:29.0720.72s
3rd309Travis HOLMAN 524350Prineville, ORGood Bike Co. / Trek3:30.1331.78s
4th947Chad ATKINS Naches, WAAtkins Landscaping3:32.9644.61s
5th667Ben ATON 471897Portland, ORCyclepath PDX3:33.2554.90s
6th420Tim HEALY Whitefish, MTCanfield Brothers / SPP3:33.2764.92s
7th900Steve EATON Seattle, WA3:35.1276.77s
8th675Eugene KISHINEVSKY Beaverton, ORCyclepath PDX3:41.48813.13s
9th366Todd HUHMAN Bothell, WATodds Auto service3:42.57914.22s
10th384Kyle MORDEN Burien, WA3:44.211015.86s
11th389Sean STEWART 526499Vancouver, WA3:44.401116.05s
12th944Jason CHILDRESS Shoreline, WA3:47.501219.15s
13th681Jared FARIS Pasco, WA3:50.431322.08s
14th261Chris WALLER 530209Rainier, WANem3:50.561422.21s
15th207Brian WILSON (u40W) Spokane, WA509 / Bike Hub / FiveTen / Spank / West Coast Racing3:53.991525.64s
16th181Jesse KIEFFER Puyalup, WATeam Psycho3:58.251629.90s
17th860Marc MATTECHECK Arlington, WAJulianne and harley4:51.38171:23.03
18th236Lance COGLEY Spokane, WAWCR5:15.72181:47.37
19th920Carlo Luis MONTECELLO Dublin, CARyno Power / Spy5:33.96192:05.61
300Cory YALOWICKI Lynwood, WAProject 529 LegionDNF
187Malcolm SOELBERG 523791Valleyford, WAThe Bike HubDNS
-Geoff WALLA Edmonds, WAXevo OpticsDNS

Cat 2: 40-49 men  Finish spread

19 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st352Larry JACKSON Caldwell, IDJoyride Cycles3:36.301-
2nd106Erik GRAY 530213Yakima, WADesert Velocity Racing3:37.9121.61s
3rd395Jason FRANZ Silverton, ORamerican adrenaline / Fall Line / Fly / GT Bikes / hiball energy / oneballbike / Silver Falls Brewery / Tribe5033:38.7832.48s
4th401Randall ROTHGEB Vancouver, WASingle Track Minds3:40.0343.73s
5th206Zebediah BURKE Joseph, ORBike Hub / FiveTen / Fox / iXS / LfDJ / Spank / West Coast Racing3:42.4756.17s
6th348Ryan STERN 530245Chattaroy, WAIndian Trail Physical Therapy3:44.6268.32s
7th929Kris JORGENSEN Mukilteo, WATim's Bike Shop3:45.6179.31s
8th637John BRAVARD Portland, ORCyclepath PDX racing3:46.64810.34s
9th359Jeff JORDAN 509267Chattaroy, WA3:49.53913.23s
10th759Doug PARK Cda, IDWest Coast Racing3:51.691015.39s
11th204Brent SMITH (40+) Washougal, WAWest Coast Racing3:51.891115.59s
12th-Shawn NEEDHAM Moses Lake, WAVicious Cycle3:56.771220.47s
13th277Todd ERICKSON 528106Hayden, IDTwo Wheeler Dealer4:01.351325.05s
14th240Michael LASALATA Bellingham, WACanfield Brothers4:06.731430.43s
15th923Patrick ANDERSON North Bend, WA4:15.161538.86s
16th903Ronnie CALLAU Menifee, CA4:16.601640.30s
17th394Rodney HASTY West Linn, ORFall Line Racing / Tribe503.com go to site4:46.70171:10.40
130Anthony MYERS Vancouver, WADNF
831Scott GRAY 499979Roslyn, WARide RoslynDNS

Cat 2: 50+ men  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st386David OVERMAN Vancouver, WAStumptown Wrecking Crew3:46.941-
2nd377Monny WILLIAMS 533623Kennewick, WADVR3:50.2323.29s
3rd747Jason GIBB Redmond, WADFT united3:57.79310.85s
4th157Jason WEBBER 10051492634N. Vancouver, BC3:58.14411.20s
5th723Andrew CLARKE Redmond, WA3:58.41511.47s
7th555William KIEFFER 19075Puyallup, WATeam Psycho EVS4:25.72738.78s
8th221Mitch SCHMIDT 150667Portland, ORWest Coast Racing4:34.21847.27s
9th312Jim DENISON Seattle, WA6:50.8893:03.94

Cat 3: 0-10 boys  Finish spread

18 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st363Gavin STANTON 471850Troutdale, ORFiveTen / Lil Shredder Bikes / profile mtb / TLD5:23.121-
2nd315Max MCKENZIE 472974Clackamas, ORFiveTen / Gravity Cartel / Lil Shredder Bikes / Stikrd / TLD5:32.5429.42s
3rd632Eliot BRAVARD Portland, ORCyclepath PDX racing5:42.27319.15s
4th316Wyatt MCKENZIE (cat2) 472971Clackamas, ORFiveTen / Gravity Cartel / Lil Shredder Bikes / Stikrd / TLD5:43.87420.75s
5th936Nicholas CRIMMINS Leavenworth, WACrimmins Racing5:44.43521.31s
6th301Kellan GARY 522997Issaquah, WANorthwest Bicycle5:46.42623.30s
7th441Teddy EVERSON IV 532860Leavenworth, WAStevens Pass Bike Park5:58.62735.50s
8th777Boon CHAIJAROEN Portland, ORDad6:11.46848.34s
9th448Camron RATKOVIAK Vancouver, WAiXS / Single Track Minds / Spank6:16.16953.04s
10th449Noah GREEN Vancouver, WAiXS / Single Track Minds / Spank6:27.97101:04.85
11th-Peter HELLER Kirkland, WA6:39.16111:16.04
12th440Jorgen PALMER 532862Leavenworth, WAStevens Pass Bike Park6:39.22121:16.10
13th827Elliott KLEIN Redmond, WA6:51.18131:28.06
14th925Owen DIXON Bainbridge Island, WAMom & Dad6:54.25141:31.13
15th224Carter CRUM 530410Spokane, WA509 / Bike Hub / FiveTen / Fox / West Coast Racing7:02.29151:39.17
16th899Ian DOLMSETH Bellevue, WA7:09.59161:46.47
17th926Wyatt DIXON Bainbridge Island, WAMom & Dad8:19.60172:56.48
-Oliver HUBLER Hood River, ORCooper Spur Alpine TeamDNS

Cat 3: 11-14 boys  Finish spread

24 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st825Zachary ATKINS Naches, WAAtkins Landscaping4:53.551-
2nd342Carter LACEY 529488Bellevue, WARenthal / Royal4:53.6620.11s
3rd294Parker HUNTINGFORD 526955Rainier, WAFoothills Build and Remodel4:56.9333.38s
4th919Grant HOFF Bainbridge Island, WA5:08.60415.05s
5th912Harper ALLEN Bend, OR5:10.54516.99s
6th913Alec LAWRENCE North Bend, WA5:14.26620.71s
7th915Iain BRIXEY Seattle, WA5:14.93721.38s
8th927Troy SPURLOCK Newcastle, WA5:20.83827.28s
9th203Cody PARSONS Yakima, WABearded Monkey Cycles5:21.61928.06s
10th322Taylor DUNN 527185Ellensberg, WAFluidride5:22.401028.85s
11th953Jayce WINTER Arlington, WA5:26.091132.54s
12th822Michael YATES 537363Issaquah, WA5:26.341232.79s
13th268Oscar RUIZ Port Angeles, WAOlympic Dirt Society5:29.151335.60s
14th735Kai SHAYS Mosier, ORCooper Spur Alpine Team5:35.601442.05s
15th841Alex ROBERTS WAB-line racing5:37.551544.00s
16th709Matthew SUGG Seattle, WADad5:38.021644.47s
17th646Colby GROVES Port Angeles, WABike Garage / Groves Crane Company5:46.661753.11s
18th685Dylan PHIPPS Mcminnville, ORaunt and uncle / C and R racing / Fall Line Racing5:48.831855.28s
19th902Eli TURNER Battle Ground, WASingle Track Minds5:58.55191:05.00
20th943Tyler KUNIHOLM Shoreline, WA6:00.46201:06.91
21st935Garrett JENSEN West Richland, WAProTRAIN - Software and Career Development Training6:16.84211:23.29
22nd937Caleb EVANGER Bonney Lake, WA6:17.16221:23.61
23rd952Anthony BRIGANDI Port Angeles, WA6:30.41231:36.86
24th-Enzo ROLFE Seattle, WAalki rubicon racing6:44.67241:51.12

Cat 3: 15-18 boys  Finish spread

17 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st881Jakob FREUDENBERG Snoqualmie, WA4:55.651-
2nd649Lolo REYNOLDSON Tacoma, WAFlight Racing4:56.3020.65s
3rd445Logan FRITZ Snoqualmie, WANorthwest Bicycle4:56.8331.18s
4th355Jackson KELDERMAN 530002Issaquah, WAJoyride Cycles5:00.1344.48s
5th669Joshua LAUPMANIS Snoqualmie, WANorthwest Bicycle5:03.5657.91s
6th939Nate KEELEY 526695Bellingham, WA5:05.3969.74s
7th700Jake WEBBER Bainbridge Island, WA5:10.03714.38s
8th450Cole GOODNIGHT Edmonds, WA5:11.42815.77s
9th357Ansel HIGGINS Redmond, WAKrispy Kreme Factory Racing5:13.50917.85s
10th620Austin WALLER 526976Mill Creek, WATim's Bike Shop5:16.641020.99s
11th701Thomas SCHUELER (u30) Bainbridge Island, WAMi Madre5:19.021123.37s
12th876Lucas NALLEY Bainbridge Island, WA5:19.501223.85s
13th941Jackson WEST 526220Bellingham, WAShuksan Velo5:23.801328.15s
14th376Zachery MORRIS Seattle, WAJRA bicycles5:31.001435.35s
15th914Edward POWERS Bainbridge Island, WA5:39.651544.00s
16th292Bijan DANIALI Seattle, WA5:48.921653.27s
653Chayce WILLIAMS Auburn, WACenter CycleDNF

Cat 3: 19-39 men  Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st468Alexander NEWSTEAD Mercer Island, WACookie Monster4:44.341-
2nd380Lorant DOMOKOS 490953Seattle, WAProject 529 Legion4:55.93211.59s
3rd861Chuanqi SUN Seattle, WAProject 529 Legion4:59.99315.65s
4th295Brett HUNTINGFORD 530357Rainier, WAFoothills Build and Remodel5:02.96418.62s
5th874Jason BUCHANAN Vancouver, WA5:23.08538.74s
940Tanner STROBEL Snohomish, WADNS
-Kye COLE Bremerton, WADNS

Cat 3: 40+ men  Finish spread

15 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st466Brumas NEWSTEAD Mercer Island, WACookie Monster4:55.451-
2nd917Jake JENSEN Kirkand, WARock Bottom Tours5:01.6426.19s
3rd-Kevin FINERTY Issaquah, WADirt Justice Warriors5:02.1236.67s
4th254Andrew CAINE 523563Portland, OR5:07.00411.55s
5th231Marc GAROUTTE 418149Auburn, WAEpic Racing5:13.88518.43s
6th727Shannon MANGANO Port Angeles, WA5:16.76621.31s
7th439Ted EVERSON 532861Leavenworth, WAStevens Pass Bike Park5:17.74722.29s
8th297David BEVERLY 138824Coeur D Alene, IDVerticalEarth5:22.13826.68s
9th945Jeff MARSH Portland, OROlsons Bicycles5:27.41931.96s
10th326David THOMS Issaquah, WA5:27.701032.25s
11th452Gerardo VERGARA-MONROY Forest Grove, OR5:31.121135.67s
12th752Ron GIBBS Port Angeles, WA5:35.081239.63s
13th270Paul BUTORAJAC Lake Tapps, WAGHY5:41.191345.74s
14th811James HELBLING Midvale, UTDVO Suspension / Laketown Bicycles / TruckerCo5:43.121447.67s
15th768Timothy DRYSDALE Kirkland, WA6:03.10151:07.65



Pro women  Finish spread

2 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st513Kialani HINES 498898Seattle, WABox / Deity / FiveTen / Fox / Maxxis / ODI / Onyx / Tigatu / TLD2:50.0312:54.751-
2nd47Kerstin HOLSTER 456788Portland, ORCyclepath PDX3:15.6023:12.04217.29s

Cat 1: 0-29 women  Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st166Bryce BASSETT 503230Wenatchee, WAArlberg Sports / Pit Viper / Pivot2:55.881-
2nd462Sarah OLSEN 530254Portland, ORCyclepath PDX3:10.02214.14s
-Natalie VITALIE 526728San Francisco, CADirt Trail Riders / Rhythm Bikes / StikrdDNS

Cat 2: 0-18 girls  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st161Brynn BASSETT 498790Wenatchee, WAArlberg Sports / Fly / Pivot3:37.321-
2nd266Sydney HABERMAN 497899Redmond, WASweetlines Jr. Racing3:42.6625.34s
3rd275Ella ERICKSON 528104Hayden, IDNorthern Peaks Alliance / Two Wheeler Dealer3:53.66316.34s
4th264Gabby KEEN BC098367Port Moody, BCKinetik Cycles3:55.95418.63s
5th296Nyla STEPHENS North Bend, WASweetlines Jr. Racing4:15.65538.33s
6th302Makenna GARY 522996Issaquah, WASweetlines Jr. Racing4:20.73643.41s
7th894Rebecca SASTEN Duvall, WAB-line racing4:25.74748.42s
8th732Brielle STERN Spokane, WAIndian Trail Physical Therapy4:46.2481:08.92
9th606Riley AMSBRY 530175Kirkland, WASweetlines Jr. Racing5:36.8091:59.48

Cat 2: 19-39 women  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st682Kristen FARIS Pasco, WA3:59.831-
2nd601Ashley ST. PIERRE 537311Boise, ID4:02.8723.04s
3rd465Natasha WEISS Gig Harbor, WABetter Gym / Joy Ride / NWT3K4:04.3034.47s
4th406Tracy KENNELLEY 530149Glide, ORCanyon Creek Bicycles / EVL / Magura / ODI / Spy4:05.3945.56s
5th347Calli TOTH 492103Whitefish, MTSPP Canfield Brothers4:10.93511.10s
6th308Bethany HOLMAN 524383Prineville, ORGood Bike Co. / Trek4:16.68616.85s
7th819Samantha SEUFERT 474302Snohomish, WATim's Bike Shop4:22.54722.71s
8th574Sarah MATTECHECK Portland, OR4:32.44832.61s
9th832Melissa BOGERT 499910Moscow, ID5:01.2391:01.40

Cat 2: 40+ women  Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st174Michelle MACARTNEY 253252Fall City, WAEpic Racinjg4:07.371-
2nd631Virginie CALME Portland, ORCyclepath PDX racing4:46.84239.47s
3rd246Susan WALSH Burien, WAEpic Racing4:47.20339.83s

Cat 3: 0-10 girls  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st737Aletha OSTGAARD Selah, WAAblegate Homes5:40.451-
2nd278Sierra SEMSAK 497663Issaquah, WASweetlines Jr. Racing5:41.0120.56s
3rd249Molly BLAIR 502865North Bend, WASweetlines Jr. Racing6:20.13339.68s
4th276Mica ERICKSON 528107Hayden, IDNorthern Peaks Alliance / Two Wheeler Dealer6:31.44450.99s
5th337Riley HUDSON 507462Bothell, WASweetlines6:47.1251:06.67
6th924Josephine AUBIN Bainbridge Island, WAJomama6:47.5161:07.06
7th338Jetta PORTER 502009Bothell, WASweetlines Jr. Racing7:49.7872:09.33
8th829Nory KLEIN Redmond, WA8:47.7183:07.26
9th904Leah MACARTNEY Fall City, WAEpic Racing9:17.1793:36.72

Cat 3: 11-18 girls  Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st459Brooke ANDERSON 473371Portland, ORLil Shredder Bikes / Sweetlines Jr. Racing / TLD5:29.981-
2nd706Taylor OSTGAARD Selah, WAAblegate Homes5:31.4521.47s
3rd-Skylar MCLOUGHLIN Seattle, WAalki rubicon racing6:12.84342.86s
4th353Saylor JACKSON 532866Caldwell, IDJoyride Cycles6:12.96442.98s
5th921Jessi ANDERSON North Bend, WA6:42.2451:12.26
6th205Ashtyn LAMB Joseph, ORBike Hub / FiveTen / Fox / iXS / LfDJ / Spank / West Coast Racing6:46.2161:16.23
258Autumn PARHAM 524759Edmonds, WAEpic RacingDNF
645Julia LOFQVIST TRAUM Issaquah, WASweetlinesDNS

Cat 3: 19-39 women  Finish spread

11 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st907Jennifer BRIGGS Skykomish, WAStevens Pass Bike Park5:15.781-
2nd792Jenna NORRIS Spokane, WAZuster5:46.76230.98s
3rd905Alicia BRANNAN Skykomish, WASPMR5:52.79337.01s
4th869Jayme DAILEY Everett, WAB-line racing6:11.32455.54s
5th730Caitlan WHITLEY Puyallup, WA6:19.0451:03.26
6th431Shalamar HAYS Lebanon, ORChris hays6:49.1561:33.37
7th3836Shannon LELL Bellevue, WA7:14.3671:58.58
8th942Julianne MATTECHECK Arlington, WAHarley7:32.3082:16.52
9th852Lauren YAEGER Index, WASPMR8:30.6093:14.82
10th918Lydia DEESE 507733Seattle, WAfoxy moxy10:06.42104:50.64
849Courtenay BRIMER Bothell, WASisters in action SportsDNS

Cat 3: 40+ women  Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Licence Area Sponsors Seed Race Diff
1st165Erin BASSETT 529946Wenatchee, WAArlberg Sports / Pivot5:30.111-
2nd-Nicola ERBECK Seattle, WAalki rubicon racing5:35.6425.53s
3rd683Karen METCALFE Edmonds, WANemesis5:42.52312.41s
4th232Shannon SUTHERLAND 457882Auburn, WAEpic Racing5:56.10425.99s
5th351Grace JACKSON Caldwell, IDJoyride Cycles6:39.7151:09.60
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