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Elite men

22 competitors found

13-14 boys

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Final
1st361Zac HUDSON 1st
2nd260Louie PARTRIDGE 2nd
3rd334Fred HUNT 3rd
4th262William CHATER 4th
5th261Tyler PARTRIDGE

15-16 boys

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Final
1st222Declan WILLICOMBE 1st
2nd204Will MILLS 2nd
3rd395Harry FERNIHOUGH 3rd
4th360Tom BELL (4x) 4th
5th210Ruben MASI 1st-B
6th283Alex GRAY (sen2) 2nd-B
7th259William FUELL 3rd-B
8th274Ted DALLEYWATER 4th-B
9th328Gus MELDRUM
10th265Rhys MAHON

17-18 boys

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Final
1st101Oscar POWELL (sen) 1st
2nd169Fin KEOGH 2nd
3rd165Matthew GRIFFIN 3rd
4th124Alex PIPER 4th

19-29 men

13 competitors found

30-39 men

12 competitors found

PosBib Name Final
1st112Martin OGDEN ° 1st
2nd1MLee FEERY 2nd
3rd252David SIBLEY 3rd
4th999Marti PEARCE 4th
5th263Alastair KEEN 1st-B
6th266Chris CUMMING 2nd-B
7th268Mop HEAD 3rd-B
8th254Liam MUNN DNS-B
9th457Andy BRAY (mas)
10th305David JAQUIN
11th422Richard DOBSON
12th250Andrew CALLAND

° Rider racing out of category

40+ men

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Final
1st1VJason JESSOP 1st
2nd278Julian ALLEN 2nd
3rd344Mark WARFIELD 3rd
4th377Neil HARBOUR 4th
5th273Simon RICKETT 1st-B
6th327Nigel SMITH 2nd-B
7th333Paddy BAKER 3rd-B
8th412Philip GRAY 4th-B
9th255Duncan ROBINSON
10th454Paul SODEN
11th251Mick STOTT
12th271Jan STOCKLEY
13th374John LORD
14th272Andy BALLARD (vet)

Big Fun: 17+ men

13 competitors found

PosBib Name Final
2nd259Connor O'BRIAN 1st
3rd264Oliver TUSTAIN 2nd
4th267Martyn NICHOLAS 3rd
5th258Andrew CROSS 4th
6th277George LADLEY 1st-B
7th279Gary CANNON 2nd-B
8th270Jamie ASKEW DNF-B
9th257Simon ASHTON DNF-B
10th335Martin CHILD
11th269Scott JONES (sen)
12th275Will CARSTAIRS
13th332Angus CHILD
14th499Mark LEVETT



Open women

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Final
1st313Tyde D'SOUZA 1st
2nd9WMegan WHERRY 2nd
3rd253Leah CLINCH 3rd
4th362Kelli SALONE 4th
5th256Rona STRIVENS 1st-B
6th381Ami GRINDLEY 2nd-B
7th3WClaire CALLAND 3rd-B
8th382Melanie NICE
9th316Cheryl DEERY
10th500Rachel POWIS



10-12 mixed

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Final
1st350George MADLEY 1st
2nd417Jack HOARE 2nd
3rd450Luke MADLEY 3rd
4th99Jordi HART 4th
5th326Jack SKINNER 1st-B
6th399Oliver LESTER 2nd-B
7th329Pippa HOW 3rd-B
8th343Jake WARFIELD 4th-B
9th363Madison SALONE-HOWELL
10th394Louie FERNIHOUGH
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