2017 Inside Line SA Series round 2 at Fox Creek, SA

Fox Fast

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Gender Both

Elite men  dialpad Finish spread

21 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st2Callum MORRISON 2:27.171-
emoji_events2nd33Steven GEBERT 2:30.3123.14s
emoji_events3rd5Luke REYNOLDS 2:32.6535.48s
 4th8Craig YATES 2:33.6046.43s
 5th29Tyson SCHMIDT 2:36.1158.94s
 6th4Ngari JENKINS 2:36.2369.06s
 7th22Callum DAWES 2:37.33710.16s
 8th18Kieran POTTS 2:37.86810.69s
 9th3Cody BARKER 2:38.74911.57s
 10th27Bryce WING 2:41.351014.18s
 11th14Thomas HORN 2:41.451114.28s
 12th34Simon CAMPBELL 2:42.351215.18s
 13th20Terence HALL 2:42.681315.51s
 14th11Andy MURNANE 2:44.501417.33s
 15th15Jake ANDREWS 2:48.131520.96s
 16th25Lewis MILLHOUSE 2:48.361621.19s
 17th24Chad KAY 2:50.161722.99s
 18th32Zac NETTELBECK 2:52.461825.29s
 19th16Jake ALLAN 3:02.331935.16s
 20th35Tristan FORSTER-GRAY 3:08.772041.60s
 21st26Geoffrey BATTLE 3:37.43211:10.26

Open men  dialpad Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st346Sam NETTELBECK 2:33.071-
emoji_events2nd351Shelly FLOOD 2:51.49218.42s
emoji_events3rd349Lewis MILLHOUSE 2:56.66323.59s
 4th345Tyson ROE 2:57.41424.34s
 5th347Benjamin KILSBY 3:19.48546.41s
 6th350Craig MANUEL 3:24.62651.55s
 341Christopher SUMNER DNS
 342Sean SHAW DNS
 348John O'BRIEN DNS

Expert: 19+ men  dialpad Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st104Sam NETTELBECK 2:36.411-
emoji_events2nd107Justin DE JONG 2:41.9325.52s
emoji_events3rd103Lucas PITT 2:43.7937.38s
 4th111Ryan SIMON 2:50.97414.56s
 5th108Adam CHATTERTON 3:03.76527.35s
 6th112Peter BISHOP 3:17.42641.01s
 7th113Alexander SHERIDAN 4:25.0471:48.63
 106James FLACK DNS

U13 boys  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st854Kael FOALE 3:23.471-
emoji_events2nd855Lewis BILSTEIN 4:06.99243.52s
emoji_events3rd857Giles BUTTON 4:13.16349.69s
 4th856Jett HAKKINEN 4:25.4441:01.97

U15 boys  dialpad Finish spread

14 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st801Corey ACKERMAN 2:41.071-
emoji_events2nd803Heath HODGSON 2:47.8526.78s
emoji_events3rd806Thomas MATSON 2:53.01311.94s
 4th807Elijah BARNARD 3:06.98425.91s
 5th813Charlie FINNIS 3:10.14529.07s
 6th811Matthew ANDERSON 3:11.94630.87s
 7th804Samuel STEELE 3:19.63738.56s
 8th810Nick SAMPSON 3:24.21843.14s
 9th805Jonty DAVIDSON 3:37.82956.75s
 10th809Angus MCCOLL 3:38.371057.30s
 11th814Mac COWLING 3:52.76111:11.69
 12th815Will WASS 5:21.29122:40.22
 13th808Zac ANGEL 10:35.46137:54.39
 812Orlando GREER DNF

U17 boys  dialpad Finish spread

33 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st702Luke BRADEY 2:29.521-
emoji_events2nd721Rhys DOLEY 2:36.5627.04s
emoji_events3rd711Jack HODGSON 2:37.3137.79s
 4th705Cody MAN 2:37.4047.88s
 5th704Lachlan BATTY 2:41.76512.24s
 6th727Eddie HERFT 2:42.67613.15s
 7th720Kye FIELDER-IZZILLO 2:47.98718.46s
 8th729Jake HORN 2:48.61819.09s
 9th710Archie BARKER 2:49.78920.26s
 10th714Joshua EDWARDS 2:50.801021.28s
 11th723Henry SIOSTROM 2:51.491121.97s
 12th719Max BARNARD 2:53.251223.73s
 13th713Oliver BUTEFUER 2:57.751328.23s
 14th731Max HERBERT 2:57.971428.45s
 15th712Harry CHEESMAN 2:59.651530.13s
 16th735James ANDERSON 3:00.601631.08s
 17th725Jacob GLASER 3:03.811734.29s
 18th737Sid REEVES 3:07.101837.58s
 19th718Riley BILSTEIN 3:07.581938.06s
 20th734Jamie BREWSTER 3:11.032041.51s
 21st732Ryan KNIGHT 3:12.532143.01s
 22nd715Lachlan WARD 3:24.192254.67s
 23rd736Tristan ARCHER 3:33.09231:03.57
 24th733Thomas FOX 3:37.77241:08.25
 25th728Cooper CLARKE 3:49.31251:19.79
 26th726Jack TIBBY 3:53.34261:23.82
 27th708Ned HARRIS 3:57.40271:27.88
 28th709Kyle NEWHILL 4:13.35281:43.83
 29th706Oliver EGLINTON 4:46.66292:17.14
 30th724Tristan DAWES 4:51.04302:21.52
 707Jacob CRAIG DNS
 716Patrick HEWITT DNS

U19 men  dialpad Finish spread

19 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st621Luke BRADEY 2:30.041-
emoji_events2nd603Joel HAKKINEN 2:31.3421.30s
emoji_events3rd622Sam WALSH 2:33.8733.83s
 4th608Jack SKEWES 2:37.2047.16s
 5th616Cooper WEBB 2:38.2858.24s
 6th615Tyler DRURY 2:38.3968.35s
 7th605Sandy PARTON 2:41.92711.88s
 8th611Connor WARD 2:41.95811.91s
 9th606Dylan HORN 2:42.85912.81s
 10th612Bennett WYTHE 2:46.791016.75s
 11th607Ben SCOTT 2:46.921116.88s
 12th604Tom STRUDWICK 2:48.521218.48s
 13th623Max REEVES 2:48.571318.53s
 14th620Louis WAUCHOPE 2:49.461419.42s
 15th609Shane DEJONG 2:51.591521.55s
 16th618Nicolas HOWE 2:55.371625.33s
 17th617Tom HERBERT 2:58.471728.43s
 18th619Campbell BYRNE 2:59.161829.12s
 19th610Ethan FIELDER-IZZILLO 3:02.851932.81s

Sport: 15+ men  dialpad Finish spread

16 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st224Jordon BYRNE 2:49.481-
emoji_events2nd204Jak SORRELL 2:55.3025.82s
emoji_events3rd217Russell MATHIE 2:56.2736.79s
 4th218Tyson ROE 3:06.57417.09s
 5th215Keith HICKLING 3:21.84532.36s
 6th219Semion BUTOVSKIY 3:23.08633.60s
 7th206Luke KEIGHLEY 3:24.58735.10s
 8th221Benjamin KILSBY 3:32.05842.57s
 9th220Benjamin MULRANEY 3:36.50947.02s
 205Darren JENSEN DNS
 211Tennyson BOAG DNS
 213Mackenzie DUNN DNS
 216Thomas BAILEY DNS
 222Paul HERFT DNS

Novice men  dialpad Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st1005Marcus WILLIAMS 3:04.001-
emoji_events2nd1003William PATTERSON 3:08.8024.80s
emoji_events3rd1002Adrian ROWE 3:15.09311.09s
 4th1006Jarrad CORK 4:33.2441:29.24
 5th1007Sebastien BRETT 5:21.2252:17.22
 1004Alexander KARALIS DNS

Hardtail: 0-18 boys  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st935Eddie HERFT 2:59.601-
emoji_events2nd934Riley BILSTEIN 3:09.69210.09s
emoji_events3rd936Harry CHEESMAN 3:27.68328.08s

Hardtail: 19+ men  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st906Justin DE JONG 3:10.801-
emoji_events2nd909Andrew KUHLMANN 3:14.7223.92s
emoji_events3rd903Elton HIBBERD 3:17.0936.29s
 4th910Glenn HOLLOWAY 3:24.66413.86s
 5th905Luke KEIGHLEY 3:51.87541.07s

30-39 men  dialpad Finish spread

10 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st410Nathan NEWELL 2:37.881-
emoji_events2nd420Ben ANDERSON 2:51.74213.86s
emoji_events3rd405Andrew KUHLMANN 3:01.24323.36s
 4th415Tom BARNES 3:02.31424.43s
 5th407John O'BRIEN 3:06.73528.85s
 6th409Tom MASLIN 3:07.52629.64s
 7th401Rhys HEARD 3:09.53731.65s
 8th412Craig MANUEL 3:27.34849.46s

40-49 men  dialpad Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st511Shane ROGERS 2:48.061-
emoji_events2nd510Joff MEDDER 2:52.0023.94s
emoji_events3rd506Cain BRANSTON 2:55.6637.60s
 4th505Elton HIBBERD 2:57.3249.26s
 5th512James WHITEHEAD 3:03.75515.69s
 6th503Paul WAIN 3:18.58630.52s
 7th507Luke MATSON 3:32.56744.50s

50+ men  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st554Christopher SUMNER 3:16.721-
emoji_events2nd551Russell HORN 3:20.1423.42s
emoji_events3rd557Trevor FITZGERALD 3:56.53339.81s
 4th553Paul ECKERT 4:17.6741:00.95
 556Sean SHAW DNS

Chainless men  dialpad Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st301Callum MORRISON 2:36.011-
emoji_events2nd312Luke REYNOLDS 2:38.0722.06s
emoji_events3rd311Thomas HORN 2:41.8235.81s
 4th310Jack SKEWES 2:46.52410.51s
 5th306Geoffrey BATTLE 3:44.2051:08.19



Elite women  dialpad Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st83Shelly FLOOD 2:53.081-
emoji_events2nd82Phillippa NORTON 2:56.8423.76s
emoji_events3rd81Rebecca WILKINSON 3:17.66324.58s

Sport women  dialpad Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Race Diff
emoji_events1st686Louisa ROBINS 3:21.681-
emoji_events2nd681Yasmine RAMAGE 3:52.74231.06s
emoji_events3rd687Samantha FRYAR 4:06.89345.21s
 4th685Willowa ATKINS 4:32.1541:10.47
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