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Summer Classic at Cannock Chase

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Elite men  Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Lap 1 Diff
1st1125Phillip PEARCE Phillip PEARCE on Instagram BW Cycling / Scott1h15:47.01-
2nd1127Daniel TULETT Specialized Racing1h19:05.023:18.0
3rd1116Lee GRATTON Run & Ride1h21:45.035:58.0
4th1115William ARTHUR 1h30:57.0415:10.0
5th1123Pierre CARO

Enthusiast men  Finish spread

31 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Lap 1 Diff
1st948Aaron TOLLEY Swinnerton Cycles / TrailMaps.co.uk go to site1h09:19.01-
2nd964Matthew GREENSILL Rapid Racer Products1h10:55.021:36.0
3rd956Mariusz JASKOLSKI 1h11:00.031:41.0
4th951Jack MORRIS (fun) Bikeworks1h11:17.041:58.0
5th955Timothy ELSMORE-MARTIN Fossa Racing1h11:20.052:01.0
6th924Simon HINCHLIFFE Lyme Racing1h12:24.063:05.0
7th891Benjamin COLLEY Newport Shropshire CC1h12:42.073:23.0
8th915Matthew LARNER 1h13:26.084:07.0
9th869Tom KNIGHT Halo Wheels / Ison Distribution1h13:32.094:13.0
10th969Max GREENSILL Rapid Racer Products1h15:43.0106:24.0
11th925Steve HAYWARD Fishface Cycles - Yeti / Scott RT1h15:49.0116:30.0
12th1283Ben BARKER 1h18:48.0129:29.0
13th934Dave WADSWORTH Beeline Bicycles1h19:24.01310:05.0
14th899Tom COLLEY Run & Ride1h20:47.01411:28.0
15th902Jim MORRISON 1h22:27.01513:08.0
16th982Simon ORME 1h22:33.01613:14.0
17th973Christopher HEADLEY 1h22:54.01713:35.0
18th941Thomas CLARK Run & Ride1h23:24.01814:05.0
19th946Adam RILEY (vet) Bikeworks1h26:33.01917:14.0
20th3Lynn LINES 1h27:20.02018:01.0
21st882Alistair GORRIE 1h31:40.02122:21.0
22nd835Martin GAGOLA 1h42:11.02232:52.0
23rd840Richard LLOYD 1h42:51.02333:32.0
24th823Michael NORIE 2h03:06.02453:47.0
25th984Pete COOPER
26th822Stuart REEVES Mercia CC
27th918Piers COLLINS
28th935Joshua POWELL
29th871James GARRETT Rugby Velo
30th853Karl FISHER Fishface Cycles Yeti / Scott RT
31st983Hamish LINDSAY

Fat Bike men  Finish spread

2 competitors found

Fun men  Finish spread

71 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Lap 1 Diff
1st287Tim BISHOP 55:55.01-
2nd182Andrew DOWNING 58:00.022:05.0
3rd217Darren TIPPER Team strap on (Tso)58:34.032:39.0
4th135Tony CLARE Banbury MTB Riders - Ales 'n' Trails59:18.043:23.0
5th207James COOPER (opn) 1h00:06.054:11.0
6th276Gavin HAMILTON (opn) Lichfield CCC1h00:08.064:13.0
7th281Nick POWELL 1h02:05.076:10.0
8th300Sander GREVING 1h02:17.086:22.0
9th224Julian HAMMOND Urban foxs1h02:36.096:41.0
10th259Martin LESTER Huffers & Puffers1h03:05.0107:10.0
11th148Dave HIATT Run & Ride1h03:35.0117:40.0
12th1290Andy O'NEILL 1h04:11.0128:16.0
13th291Dave MARTIN Run & Ride1h04:40.0138:45.0
14th254Dan COOKE #TeamAwesome1h05:36.0149:41.0
15th240Karl ADAMS 1h06:00.01510:05.0
16th292Paul TOMKINSON 1h06:01.01610:06.0
17th278Tim WARRENDER 1h06:20.01710:25.0
18th269Tom DELLICOMPAGNI 1h06:43.01810:48.0
19th159Steven HIATT 1h07:41.01911:46.0
20th274Phil JEVONS Here Come The Belgians1h08:11.02012:16.0
21st241Andy BUCHER Team Cherwell1h08:51.02112:56.0
22nd245Chris STILGOE TRI561h09:01.02213:06.0
23rd297Chris WHEELER 1h09:03.02313:08.0
24th272Andrew FELEDZIAK 1h10:23.02414:28.0
25th192David JEVONS Dreaming Tyres1h11:04.02515:09.0
26th247Adrian BARRON 1h11:05.02615:10.0
27th103Jamie MOSS 1h11:09.02715:14.0
28th250Robert SHAW (gvet1) 1h11:33.02815:38.0
29th147Daniel PHILLIPS (vet) 1h12:16.02916:21.0
30th175Neil BATTISON 1h12:43.03016:48.0
31st283John STOKES (vet) Sherwood Pines Cycling Club1h12:59.03117:04.0
32nd282Jack HARRISON (dh) 1h13:01.03217:06.0
33rd226John WALKLEY 1h13:27.03317:32.0
34th257Kevin CLARKE Mountain Biking and beer appreciation society1h13:46.03417:51.0
35th263Jonathan LOCKLIN Wrekin Sport1h15:26.03519:31.0
36th132Kevin JONES (mas) Spiders from Mars1h15:29.03619:34.0
37th266Tim BALL Audlem CC / AUDLEM CYCLESPORT1h15:42.03719:47.0
38th141Ian JAMES 1h16:33.03820:38.0
39th170Graeme LEITHEAD 1h16:47.03920:52.0
40th284David KANE 1h16:49.04020:54.0
41st177Andrew LEM 1h17:30.04121:35.0
42nd149Richard BUNTING (fun) 1h17:32.04221:37.0
43rd299Ben STRATTON 1h17:50.04321:55.0
44th270John BRADBURY Jetlag Racing1h17:59.04422:04.0
45th101Chris MOSS 1h18:32.04522:37.0
46th262Anthony BOOTH 1h18:51.04622:56.0
47th301Joel SCOTT 1h20:48.04724:53.0
48th280Sean HOWARTH 1h21:24.04825:29.0
49th271Jonathan PAUL 1h21:32.04925:37.0
50th1291Simon MANIFOLD 1h22:43.05026:48.0
51st279Lee James DAVIES 1h23:10.05127:15.0
52nd184Leigh RILEY 1h23:25.05227:30.0
53rd630Glenn DAVISON 1h23:45.05327:50.0
54th123Dean RUFFLE One more time1h27:13.05431:18.0
55th122Neil RUFFLE One more time1h27:14.05531:19.0
56th210Scott POWELL 1h27:15.05631:20.0
57th273Richard BLENKIRON
58th293Simon LOVELL
59th183Anthony PARKES
60th129Paul HARRIS (fun)
61st264Jonnie WRAY
62nd290Adrian BARTON
63rd150Dave EGLINGTON Stafford Triathlon Club
64th286Mark SMITH (vet)
65th261Mark FORREST
66th153Graham REES Saracen Raw
68th268Andrew WRIGHT (fun)
69th154Valentino BRINDLEY
70th157Thomas HAYWOOD
71st106Ritchie WEBB

Singlespeed men  Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Lap 1 Diff
1st507Matthew WORRALLO Stourbridge CC57:08.01-
2nd610Ian JONES (gvt3) 58:38.021:30.0
3rd483Adam LEAPER 1h08:02.0310:54.0
4th614Nick POWELL 1h08:31.0411:23.0
5th484Andy BURDETT 1h13:42.0516:34.0

U16 boys  Finish spread

6 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Lap 1 Diff
1st1241Matthew BAPTISTA Nutcracker racing37:03.01-
2nd1232Oliver BAKER Wolverhampton Wheelers37:08.025.0s
3rd1288Josh CARTWRIGHT Stourbug48:36.0311:33.0
4th1243Tom FARMILOE Spokes mtb51:59.0414:56.0
5th1240Marcus LINDSAY Worcester Tri club junior54:59.0517:56.0
6th1231Jack LYNCH Burntwood Tri Club1h03:38.0626:35.0

Beginner men  Finish spread

21 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Lap 1 Diff
1st1000Martin BAXTER 46:35.01-
2nd1160Kevin PALMER 47:05.0230.0s
3rd1009Joe CARTER (sen) 47:44.031:09.0
4th1107Paul WHITEHOUSE 48:15.041:40.0
5th1081Gatis VOLDEMARS 50:02.053:27.0
6th1067Steve HARBORNE The Harbornes50:57.064:22.0
7th1099Lee HOBBINS Diggler Racing51:04.074:29.0
8th1102Niall PULLINGER Diggler Racing51:50.085:15.0
9th1094Luke POWELL 52:03.095:28.0
10th1108James LOVELL 53:29.0106:54.0
11th1079Andy CROSTON Huffers and Puffers racing53:48.0117:13.0
12th1098Mark LUCAS 56:04.0129:29.0
13th1048Kevin EWELL Ghostriders56:29.0139:54.0
14th1042Oliver HURST 57:05.01410:30.0
15th1109Phil SHEMWELL 58:31.01511:56.0
16th1111James STANLEY 1h01:18.01614:43.0
17th1071Glyn ROWLEY 1h02:20.01715:45.0
18th1083Craig MCGILL Diggler Racing1h07:23.01820:48.0
19th1112Jack BUTLER (beg)
20th1060Carl CUNNETT
21st1082David CUMING-BAILEY

U13 boys  Finish spread

8 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Lap 1 Diff
1st321Max GREENSILL Rapid Racer Products11:39.01-
2nd317Thomas WADSWORTH Beeline Bicycles13:14.021:35.0
3rd319Louis BARTON 16:20.034:41.0
4th315Adam GUCK 17:59.046:20.0
5th314Jamie GUCK 20:44.059:05.0
6th329Cameron O'NEILL 22:08.0610:29.0
7th324Vinny COOKE 23:06.0711:27.0
8th313Thomas MEREDITH 28:11.0816:32.0

U10 boys  Finish spread

25 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Lap 1 Diff
1st391Charlie COLLEY Newport CC12:47.91-
2nd2Oliver LARNER 12:48.320.4s
3rd386Murphy HAMILTON Lichfield CCC12:48.630.7s
4th372Cole LOCKLIN Newport CC12:48.740.8s
5th322Enys LLOYD 12:48.951.0s
6th397William BRUMWELL 12:49.561.6s
7th366Oliver WESTWOOD STAFFORD RC12:49.671.7s
8th442Finley COLLINS 12:49.781.8s
9th417William JARMAN 12:49.781.8s
10th400Wills COOKE 12:49.781.8s
11th399Ned JAMESON 12:49.8111.9s
12th388Nye WARRENDER 12:49.8111.9s
13th436Oliver HARLAND 12:49.9132.0s
14th359Zack BRADLEY 12:50.2142.3s
15th350Jack WEBB (xc) 12:50.3152.4s
16th393Flynn SRATTEN 12:50.3152.4s
17th361James KEMP (yth) 12:50.4172.5s
18th370Max CROSTON Huffers and Puffers racing12:50.4172.5s
19th323Charlie LATHAM 12:50.5192.6s
20th389Callum EDWARDS (u10) 12:50.6202.7s
21st446Logan COLLINS 12:51.4213.5s
22nd394George CARTER 12:52.6224.7s
23rd460Charlie LARNER 12:57.0239.1s
24th352Thomas CARTWRIGHT Stourbug
25th363Danny ROSE

U8 boys  Finish spread

26 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Lap 1 Diff
1st76Lewis COLLEY Newport CC12:22.31-
2nd70Harrison EDWARDS 12:22.820.5s
3rd74Jamie DODGE Stafford Road Club12:22.930.6s
4th85Joshua JARMAN 12:23.040.7s
5th62Jamie HAMMOND Urban foxs12:23.651.3s
6th59William KEMP 12:23.961.6s
7th69Kit WARRENDER 12:23.961.6s
8th60Jamie WESTWOOD (M) STAFFORD RC12:24.281.9s
9th86Jacob HARLAND 12:24.281.9s
10th63Harry CROSTON Huffers and Puffers racing12:24.3102.0s
11th75Benjamin WHITEHOUSE (u10) 12:24.4112.1s
12th41Louis NORIE 12:24.9122.6s
13th37Leo JONES (u13) 12:25.0132.7s
14th42Max NORIE 12:25.3143.0s
15th68Joshi WOOD Wolverhampton Wheelers12:25.5153.2s
16th61Clement JEVONS Dreaming Tyres12:25.6163.3s
17th44Dylan JAMES 12:25.9173.6s
18th32Rohan BRIDGE Lickey Hills MtB Club
19th79Ashton WALKLEY
20th67Thomas LEAPER
21st39Jaiden JONES
22nd54Ioan LEITHEAD
23rd81Jimi COOKE
24th45Jude JAMES
25th65Harley PITT
26th78Edison WALKLEY



Elite/Expert women  Finish spread

4 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Lap 1 Diff
1st1148Emily WADSWORTH 1h13:27.01-
2nd1147Kim BAPTISTA 1h19:32.026:05.0
3rd1151Maxine FLIBY 1h20:39.037:12.0
4th1139Melissa BAKER 1h28:02.0414:35.0

Enthusiast women  Finish spread

3 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Lap 1 Diff
1st1218Amelie WAYTE 1h09:23.01-
2nd1207Dorota BRYNKIEWICZ Fabryka Triathlonu1h27:44.0218:21.0
3rd1214Kate HALL Amazebirds1h34:21.0324:58.0

U16 girls  Finish spread

3 competitors found

Fun women  Finish spread

9 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Lap 1 Diff
1st1181Vikki JONES Bikeworks49:58.01-
2nd1172Nicola LOMAS 50:22.0224.0s
3rd1183Juliet FULLWOOD 55:23.035:25.0
4th1194Jutta KAISER 55:41.045:43.0
5th1182Isobel FULLWOOD 56:43.056:45.0
6th1166Hannah JEVONS Dreaming Tyres59:51.069:53.0
7th1184Joanne STOKES 1h03:14.0713:16.0
8th1162Jennifer NORIE 1h04:24.0814:26.0
9th1178Roxanne MCJEVONS Here Come The Belgians

Beginner women  Finish spread

5 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Lap 1 Diff
1st994Laura HARBORNE 34:25.01-
2nd990Fiona NICHOLLS 42:33.028:08.0
3rd988Kerry GRADY 43:48.039:23.0
4th993Naomi EDWARDS 43:57.049:32.0
5th989Charlotte EGLINGTON 49:27.0515:02.0

U10 girls  Finish spread

7 competitors found

PosBib Name Sponsors Lap 1 Diff
1st339Evie STRACHAN Stafford Road Club12:48.41-
2nd340Harriet GREENSILL Rapid Racer Products12:48.920.5s
3rd334Mia WHALLEY Team Lard12:50.732.3s
4th337Isabelle HARLEY Stafford Road Club12:51.242.8s
5th338Mai STOKES Stokes12:52.253.8s
6th341Emma O'NEILL 12:55.767.3s
7th335Rose FARMILOE Spokes mtb12:56.277.8s

U8 girls  Finish spread

8 competitors found

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